Add complete management for only£75 PER MONTH?
Management service charged at £75 per month includes VAT and is deducted from the monthly income received by the tenant

Our unique management offers our bespoke eight-step solution ensuring your letting goes as smoothly as possible.

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  • We’ll do the inventory for you

    Before the tenant moves in our local agent will visit your property and conduct a full inventory, whereby they will check all rooms and create a document to show the condition to ensure the property is returned in the same state.

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  • We’ll carry out
    ‘right to rent’ checks

    Rules and regulations are constantly changing within the letting market. Recent changes mean every tenant has to be checked to ensure thet are allowed to rent a property. Our agent will complete these checks for you.

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  • We’ll check in the new tenants

    Our agent will check in the tenant and ensure all contracts are signed. The inventory, paperwork and keys will be handed to the tenant.

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  • We collect the rent
    every single month

    Our team will ensure your rent is paid every month and we will deduct our fee from this rental income. Therefore the tenant has a business to report to. Let us worry about the money! - we will also offer a rental guarantee scheme.

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  • We deal with tenants
    in all matters

    Any issues the tenant has whether its money or general queries, we handle. Screen yourself from direct contact and let us deal with the admin.

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  • We carry a mid-term

    Our agent will re-visit at the 6 month term to ensure the condition is in-line with the original inventory. The tenant will be informed before they move in of this inspection, and any issues will be reported and asked for resolution. Be happy knowing your home is being looked after.

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  • We will provide
    maintenance 24/7

    Our team will give your tenant online access to report any issues, with a full 24/7 service. We will arrange for an emergency fund agreement with you, but all reported problems will be logged into a system to ensure only 'true' emergencies occur a charge. All other issues will be relayed to you for a decision.

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  • We’ll check out the

    Our local agent will meet the tenant as they leave the property to collect the keys, inspect the property and sign them off. Ready for the next tenant.

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