Great Service Guarantee


Great customer service is at the heart of what we do. In fact, because we're so confident you'll be impressed by our fantastic service (with a 99.9% success rate so far), we offer every customer our 'Great Service Guarantee'. This ensures you are fully protected against poor communication and we put our fee at risk if we do not deliver on our promise.

Protect yourselves, instruct us and let our team of skilled people do everything for you - every step of the way!

How the 'Great Service Guarantee' works:

  1. When our agent visits your home to create your listing, we will get you ready to activate marketing within 24 hours
  2. We'll email you every Sunday asking you to select a date and time for your weekly call
  3. We'll allocate a time range for you, so 'AM' is between 9am and 12pm, whilst 'PM' is between 2pm and 5pm
  4. The call can be to discuss anything you want to; from general advice, to chatting about your upcoming viewings or even how your sale is progressing
  5. This process continues for every week your house remains on the market
  6. If we miss one single call throughout your journey, we'll either refund any upfront fees already paid, or waiver any fees due on completion. All of our clients automatically benefit from this guarantee – it's part of our standard service, which seems fair.

Full T&Cs contained within your contract

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