On 29th March 2019 House Network Limited trading as House Network entered administration, Universal Acquisitions Limited acquired the trading rights of House Network on 29th March 2019 and subsequently ceased the trading activities whilst the business is restructured.

Any customers of House Network Limited who paid a marketing fee before 29th March 2019 should contact the administrators of House Network Limited for further advice.

Questions and answers

To explain our service in more detail, we have listed our most frequently asked questions below. To expand on an answer, simply click on the plus sign next to the question.

Our business was launched nationwide, 0 years ago. This has enabled us to create custom made software to reduce the administrative duties required. This means we can handle vast volumes in comparison to conventional agents. Our costs are therefore much lower. In all honesty, we turn this question back to you and ask "why are you being overcharged so much?"... A good high street agent will be pleased to sell around 25% of stock, so when they do sell they have to overcharge by 400% to cover properties that did not sell. With us, you pay for your own marketing without being effected by other sellers!

The market has changed completely - 20 years ago a high street agent certainly had a winning business model because buyers had to contact them to learn of new properties on the market. The internet has changed the property industry - instead of calling up a local agent, buyers simply search on one of the main portals, particularly on rightmove.co.uk. This is the shop window for all estate agents, and we take advantage of this by creating fantastic property adverts. So to answer the question, even if a high street agent claimed to have a buyer, if they are serious about purchasing a property they will be searching on rightmove 3/4 times a day so will find your home anyway. In addition, most motivated buyers are members of the email alert systems on the property portals, and as soon as we upload your home, your details will be emailed instantly to matched buyers.

Experience is hugely important, not only in finding a buyer, but also maximising the sale price and the service received in general. We were the original online estate agent launched in 2004 and focus on the customer at all times. To prove this point we are the only online estate agent that offers a customer promise and if we let you down just once we will sell your home for free, that’s how confident we are. Ask other online agents to commit to thesame guarantee – they won’t!

Our business is powered by recommendations - every home we sell we gain another client. It is essential we sell as many homes as possible to grow the business. In addition, we are motivated to beat the service levels of any high street agent because if we do that with our fees being so competitive, we have a winning formula. We are consistently conducting surveys from our client base to improve the service. Our systems are now so advanced that we believe we have created a virtual estate agency brain to intelligently assist our staff members. From a monetary point of view we are charged by the portals for every home we market on a monthly basis, so we are motivated to keep our stock as low as possible to reduce our outgoing costs.

Firstly, we generally employ our agents as we want them to buy into our business ethos and passion. Our agents cover specific areas and will always be skilled in valuing in your location. This is proven by our nationwide statistic of achieving 98% of our valuation price stated at the original visit.

We highly advise that you consider our local agents opinion. The first 3 weeks of marketing is the most productive and for every week after this period the chances of selling reduce, unless you reduce your price. So, it really depends on how motivated you are to sell. We will allow you to select your price though.

As standard you receive unlimited marketing. You can pause and re-activate at your convenience, so for example, you could advertise for 3 months and then decide not to sell. In this instance, you could pause the marketing days and re-advertise in 3 year’s time and not have to instruct us again, simply login or call us to activate your marketing. It is a fair and flexible policy that represents fantastic value for money. For clients that opt for our no sale, no fee package, you are allocated 12 months marketing time but have to use 90 days before you can instruct another estate agent.

It varies on availability in your area, this changes throughout each day as appointments get booked up. As an average, we can normally conduct the home visit within 3-4 days of you booking. We recommend contacting us for live examples if you require a specific date.

Our local agent will prepare the details and send a confirmation email stating you are ready to begin marketing within 24 hours of the appointment – this is part of our money back customer promise.

Yes - we promote your home across our portal network whenever you have an active House Network account with valid marketing days

We are open 24 hours a day. Our Relationship Managers are available 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday but we have staff available to help outside of these hours.

Since 1st March 2004

We have been proud members of the National Association of Estate Agents (Propertymark) and the Property Ombudsman since 2005

Yes - It is all part of the service - your Relationship Manager will be heavily involved in all parts of your transaction and you will have a direct dial telephone number to speak to them for total support.

Yes we can. As standard our customers prefer to conduct their own viewings, but you can purchase an accompanied viewing service.

Absolutely - this is an important part and we gather full names, addresses, land line and mobile numbers, buying status and financial position.

Yes - your Relationship Manager will handle this process - all agents are vastl experienced and are familiar with the modern day buyer. Once a sale is agreed, sale memorandums will be sent to all parties, survey chasing will be undertaken and regular sales progression will be conducted.

We are registered estate agents ourselves, so it depends on the contract you have signed. If it is a sole agency contract, you will have to change this to either a joint or multiple agreement, or give notice according to the terms in the contract. Being on the market with another agent could mean you pay two fees if they sell your home so we advise marketing with us only as we advertise in the same places and have access to the same buyers.