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Here at House Network, we want to make selling your home simple and easy, and we want to save you money. That's why we've created our savings calculator, so you can see how much you'll save on estate agency fees when you instruct us.

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What are Estate Agent Fees?

Estate agents have to make their money somehow, and traditional high street estate agents have been doing this for years by charging a percentage of the final sale price. The problem with this, is that each seller will pay a different amount depending on the value of their home for exactly the same service. We, on the other hand, charge our estate agency fees as a fixed fee for all - which means that you will save a huge amount on them. That seems fair….

How House Network Do Things

Quite simply if you are considering using a traditional estate agent you are going to be overcharged. Estate Agent Fees have been too high for too long and we are making a genuine difference to every seller. Whilst you could look at our fees as being a "Cheap Estate Agent", we much prefer the label of "Best Value Estate Agent".

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In 1983, the average price for a house was approximately £40k. In January 2015, the Land Registry state, it is £177k. That is roughly a 450% increase. As most local agents charge a percentage, they now get far more money per transaction and have not significantly reduced their commission rates. In addition, finding a buyer has now become much easier as the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla have centralised the buying market. Long gone are the days where an agent had to earn their money by trawling through their magical book of buyers. As a result they get more money for less work and simply want to get more. We think that traditional estate agents fees are unfair, so we have provided an alternative.

If you are looking to reduce your estate agent fees then you need to use a cheap estate agent. The benefit of using us is we also deliver a superior customer experience, as our 11,407 online reviews will testify to!