On 29th March 2019 House Network Limited trading as House Network entered administration, Universal Acquisitions Limited acquired the trading rights of House Network on 29th March 2019 and subsequently ceased the trading activities whilst the business is restructured.

Any customers of House Network Limited who paid a marketing fee before 29th March 2019 should contact the administrators of House Network Limited for further advice.

House Network is the online estate agent with a 20-point customer promise!

This means that if we let you down just once, we will sell your home for FREE!

In the unlikely event your dedicated Relationship Manager isn’t available to take your call, and you request an urgent call-back, we’ll return your call within one hour.
We will have actual people on our phones 24 hours a day.
To provide you with your very own dedicated Relationship Manager with a direct number to contact them on.
Your home will be ready to market and post online with all the top property websites within just 24 hours of our home visit. That’s a guarantee.
To avoid timewasters, every single person who views your home will be personally vetted by a human and all buyers are financially verified to ensure they’re serious.
We’ll always take our shoes off when we enter your home. Always.
We’ll be 100% honest with you and any potential buyers. Well, honesty is the best policy.
If we fail to deliver on any one of these points, we’ll give you your fee back in full… and then sell your home for FREE!
We’ll ask every single viewer of your home to provide detailed feedback (including both the good… and bad).
To show your home off in style, our Local Experts will work closely with you to take a minimum of 25 high-quality professional pictures of your home for you to choose from.

Book an in-home valuation with one of our friendly local experts

Book a FREE valuation
Our Relationship Managers will be with you from start to finish. So, even after negotiating your sale, they’ll liaise with all parties including buyers and solicitors right up until completion.
We’ll never pressure you to sell your home. No commission, no arm twisting.
To always be there. For advice, for reassurance, for the entire time you’re selling your home with us.
To always use plain language. Our office is a jargon-free zone.
If you decide you’d like a new Relationship Manager, you’ll have one within 24 hours. No questions asked.
To constantly monitor your ads’ performance and recommend any revisions that we think will maximise its performance.
To give you a number of options when it comes to paying us. Whatever’s easiest for you, is good for us.
If you have any problems during your sale, we’ll put you in direct contact with our big boss man Mark (he’s the guy who personally set up House Network back in 2003).
All our staff are full time employees of House Network. And we promise to look after them as well as we look after you. Just ask them.
You can request a weekly sales update call with your dedicated Relationship Manager, at a time set by you. And we’ll call you on time every week, guaranteed.

The following terms, conditions and explanations apply to our promises, our lawyers insisted! Applicable for clients from 9th February 2018 onwards.

Specific Promises

Point 1: Property details will be compiled and ready for your approval within 24 hours of our agent leaving your property for the final time with all required information, at which point you will be able to set your property listing live, subject to Anti-Money Laundering approval.

Point 4: Urgent call-back requests must be made within Business Hours using your online account. A call-back will not be considered urgent unless: you have previously requested a call from your Relationship Manager and you have not received a call-back within 4 Business Hours; you have raised a ticket using your online account and you have not been contacted within 4 Business Hours; your property has been valued by the buyer’s surveyor at less than the price you agreed with the buyer or the home buyer’s survey has identified serious issues with the property; searches carried out against your property reveal a breach of building regulations or absence of necessary planning permission that were previously unknown to you; the buyer has pulled out (or threatened to) of the proposed sale of your property or the seller of the property you intend to buy pulls out of the sale; the buyer has set a deadline for exchange of contracts for your property within the next 5 Business Days; you have received an offer for your property in excess of that offered by the current buyer.

Point 5: All potential buyers who make an offer are passed through to our mortgage partner to make enquiries about their finances. If the buyer refuses to consent to these enquiries, we will inform you and you can decide if you wish to proceed.

Point 6: Our Local Experts will always remove their shoes or put on protective overshoes during a visit to the interior of your property. If an agent believes his or her health or safety may be put at risk by removing their footwear (such as at a property undergoing renovation) we reserve the right for them to leave footwear on.

Point 8: Whilst you are on the market, under offer or “sold subject to contract” we will offer you a weekly call back from your Relationship Manager. This will be in the form of a weekly email that allows you to select a suitable timeslot for the call to take place. Calls can only be selected on any Business Days between the times of 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm. We only promise to attempt to call you, if you do not answer our call or we leave a message we have still complied with our promise. If for any reason your Relationship Manager is unable to call you, another member of staff may call you in their place.

Point 15: We may ask you what prompted to you to ask to change your Relationship Manager for our training and development purposes, but we won’t question your decision.

Point 20: Any refund will in fact be made as follows. We will investigate your claim for a breach of our promise and respond within 5 Business Days. Where we decide we have breached our promise and you have paid in advance we will refund the fee you paid in respect of the property of which we breached our promise within 5 Business Days. If you have chosen to pay later, we will cancel your obligation to pay later in respect of that property. If you selected our No Sale No Fee option, we will cancel any fee due on completion.

All Promises

No promise will require House Network Limited or its representatives, agents, and employees to endanger themselves or other people or act unlawfully.
No promise will require us to take action outside of Business Hours. For example, if we have an hour to call you back starting at 4:59pm, our promise is to call you before 9:59am the next Business Day, although we try to call you the same day if your Relationship Manager is available. However, where we say we will do something within 24 hours, we mean it. No promise will require us take action where people do not respond to our calls or questions. Our attempt to do so fulfils our promise.
We will not be liable where we cannot fulfil a promise due to circumstances outside of our control, including those described in clause 22.5 of our terms and conditions of supply and loss of our telephone or internet services. All our promises apply only to our customers selling their properties and are subject to our terms and conditions of supply and a requirement for you to act reasonably and in good faith towards us. In these promises the following words have the following meanings. Business days:Monday to Friday, excluding United Kingdom bank holidays.

Business hours:9am to 5pm on Business days.