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Could you sell your home on Instagram?

Despite being the world’s most popular image-sharing app, Instagram is still yet to take off in the property industry. Rightmove and Zoopla both have accounts, but these are followed by just 2,000 people, compared to more than twenty times that on Twitter or Facebook. With its photo-editing capabilities and overall emphasis on being visual, there’s an argument to be made that Instagram lends itself to showing off houses for sale more than any other social platform…? We decided to find out if your home really would benefit from being #InstaFamous.

What we did…

When you want a question answering it usually makes sense to ask the experts, so that’s what we did. We assembled a panel of the UK’s top Instagram bloggers, who are not only followed by thousands, but also know their Valencias from their Amaros, and live, breathe and sleep flat-lays.

We then gave three of our listings the Instagram treatment, applying some of the most used filters to some while leaving one photo untouched as the original. Our panel then selected which image they believe would appeal the most to a potential buyer. However, to keep things fair we didn’t tell them which were the Instagram photos and which was the original.  

The results…

House Network

Which photo do you prefer? (answers at the bottom of the page)

Surprisingly the decision of our panel of Instagram-lovers was that the original estate agent photos would be better at attracting potential buyers than those with Instagram filters.

In the detached category, our panel voted overwhelmingly for the original sales photo, preferring this to the filtered versions.

Amy Liddell, fashion and lifestyle blogger at Salt and Chic (@saltandchic), said: “Photo five was the photo that immediately caught my eye because the colours were so vibrant and it gave off a really positive vibe. The filter made the house look full of life and warmth and made it look like the perfect countryside home.”

While beauty blogger at Annie Writes Beauty, Alice Spake (@alicespake), explained: “I selected photo five as it was the clearest, brightest image. The contrast between the sky and the grass draws attention to the property.”

The shots that had the Mayfair and Valencia filters applied were the only other two to receive votes in this category, with the Nashville, Rise and Amaro editions scoring nil points.  

House Network

Instagram editions in the other categories proved more popular, with the #NoFilter image playing second fiddle to Valencia for the semi-detached shot, whereas in for the Terraced image the Rise filter emerged as the panel’s most popular selection.

House Network

Mark Readings, CEO and co-founder of House Network, commented on the test: “Being an online estate agent we’re always looking for different ways to help our customers sell their homes online, however if even the most ardent Instagrammers admit they prefer the original photos then I think it’s safe to say Instagram is not going to make a big difference to the sale of your home. Flat-lays yes, flats not so much.”

Images from left to right: Mayfair, Valencia, Rise, Amaro, Original photo, Nashville.


The Panel

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