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Average House Viewings

Average house viewed 15 times before it sells

  • Research of over 8,500 house sales measures how easy it is sell a house
  • Research reveals Northern properties sell easier than those in the South
  • London is home to the three slowest selling postcodes in the UK
  • Houses in Carlisle are viewed the least times before they sell

23 November 2015 – The average house is viewed 15 times by prospective buyers before it sells, research released by online estate agent House Network today has found.

When it comes to selling up, vendors in the North of England appear to have a simpler task compared to their Southern compatriots, with houses in the North selling easier than those in South.

At an average of 12 viewings per sale Southern properties are viewed twice more than those in the North – the Midlands and Scotland split the two at 11.

It is sellers in Carlisle who can lay claim to having life the easiest, though, with houses here being viewed just a paltry six times before they’re bought. Vendors in Glasgow, Wrexham and Perth (all averaging seven) are not far behind.

House Network, the UK’s largest online estate agent, compiled the report into average viewing numbers across the country using data from over 8,500 house sales.

The slowest postcodes for selling can all be found in London and include properties with a W postcode, which includes the exclusive districts of Mayfair and Kensington where the average price of a house exceeds £3m.

Homes here require an average of 20 viewings, while vendors in Wembley and Ilford complete the bottom three on 22 and 23 viewings respectively.

It’s not all slow-selling in the capital though, with properties in Enfield viewed 12 times before completing.

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Commenting on the report Mark Readings, House Network CEO, said: “What’s clear from our research is just how relatively simple it is to sell your house, even in London where vendors have to work that bit harder to take those ‘For Sale’ signs down.

“When you place this into the context that selling a house is almost certainly the biggest sale we make in our lives, 15 viewings is no time at all. 

“The North / South divide in the property market is well documented, but it’s interesting to see that it also rings true with how many viewings per sale and not just price. 

“One of the benefits of an online estate agent like ourselves is that the vendor is the one showing the prospective buyer around their home. They know their home better than anyone so are the best placed to sell it rather than an agent who may be stepping inside the property for the first time.”

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