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Your Grand Designs – Building the Dream

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Everyone has their idea for a dream home, from fairy tale castles to luxury, eco-friendly properties. While many of us may have a good concept of what we’d include, from designing homes on The Sims to drawing up fantasy sketches, very few of us will ever go through with creating them.

It can be possible if you have plenty of time, energy, financial backing and professional resources on hand, as those featured on Grand Designs have shown over the last 15 or so years. With Grand Designs recently returning for its 15th season we take a look at some of the most popular features that would be installed in our dream homes.

Swimming Pools

When most people think of their dream home one of the first things that springs to mind is an outdoor swimming pool, despite the UK’s regular lack of appropriate weather. Look at any luxury property and there’s bound to be one if not more. There are many ways to be creative, such as having swimming pools on the balconies, across different levels or with an outdoor cinema screen. Indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis are also popular and go towards creating your personal spa. The possibilities are endless. 

Entertainment Stations

Top level home cinema systems provide plenty of excitement and entertainment with HD screens delivering excellent quality. Create a separate room dedicated to the screen, with dimmable lights, a surround sound system and the comfiest chairs and sofas available. Large outdoor televisions give a novelty and allow you to watch films, sports and anything else while enjoying a warm summer evening (either from your pool or garden lawn).    

Luxury Gardens

It’s rare that anyone’s dream home is an inner city terrace with a small backyard. Outside decking and landscaped gardens are some of the most popular amenities for ideal homes. Large green gardens provide plenty of space for children to play in and create a great setting for the property. Those with an outdoor hobby could add a tennis court or polo field. Install a clear garden orb for relaxing in the day, whatever the weather, and a pond or two. Remember, you (or a paid gardener) will still have to look after all those plants and fish.

Lots of Glass

One thing the majority of luxury homes all have in common (as well as costing 500 times your annual wage) is the amount of glass they contain. From large panelled windows to skylights, natural light is a highly desirable quality for a lot of homes. It’s a good idea to build your dream home in a nice location so you can enjoy a pleasant view. While for the eco-conscious glass provides plenty of insulation and complements any solar panels well from an aesthetic perspective.

A Slide

Maybe it’s just a throwback to childhood but designers for a lot of expensive modern homes are installing indoor and outdoor slides. There’s little practical purpose besides saving a few seconds getting downstairs but they’re included in a lot of people’s plans for dream homes. Whether it’s an indoor one alongside your staircase or one that leads directly outside into the pool, they do offer plenty of fun for adults and children alike.   

Wine Cellars/Personal Bars

The two worst things about going out are the queues and excessive drinks prices. Avoid both of these by installing your own bar at home, complete with all your favourite drinks and charge what you like (or give for free seeing as it’ll be your family and friends being served). For the wine connoisseur creating an extensive wine cellar with a glass ceiling ensures you and your guests will never go thirsty again. 

All of these features can be found in many luxury properties around the world but everyone’s tastes are different. What would you include in your dream home? Start saving and planning now to one day make it a reality.