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Pallet Projects for Home and Garden

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If you’re looking for something cheap but incredibly effective, there’s nothing better than something constructed out of a pallet. And it’s such a versatile item – it can be constructed in almost any piece of furniture that you might need around the house and home.



A simple shelf can be completed in very little time by simply taking off one side of the pallet. You can then use the middle pieces of wood as shelves. Mount it on the wall and you have a shelving unit.

Home Cinema/Theatre

A really easy way to use pallets in your home, all you have to do is stack the pallets and add cushions. Towards the back stack three pallets, in front of them, stack just two, and in front of them place just one, cover with cushions and throws and you have somewhere comfy for lots of people to hang out. Put a big TV in front of it and you have a cinema.

Pet Bed

Whether you have a dog or cat, a pallet pet bed will look good. It does require a bit of DIY however, as you’ll need to dismantle a pallet and rebuild it into a pet bed to achieve the desired look. You’ll need a bottom and at least three sides, and maybe a smaller front piece. Pop a cushion in and it’s a bed fit for a king, let alone your pet!


Outdoor Day Bed/Couch

Simply join pallets together to form a base and back, and sides if you wish. You can join them up in any arrangement that you wish to fit the space that you have. Then, add lots of cushions to make it comfortable to sit on. A quick, simple and easy way of using pallets that transforms your outdoor space.

Vertical Planter

A vertical planter is a great way of adding a pop of lush greenery in a small outdoor space. All you have to do is grab a pallet, lay it flat on its front, and staple landscape fabric to the back, bottom and sides. Then, flip the pallet and pack soil in through the slats, pressing down firmly.  Begin planting your succulents at the bottom of the planter and end at the top, making sure your soil is packed tightly in each layer. Leave horizontal for a few weeks, and when the plants are bedded in, you can set it upright.

A Table

Making a pallet into a table is really easy, and you can do it in a variety of ways, to create a table to suit you and your requirements. For instance, you could just attach a four 2x4s to the underside of a pallet and you’ll have a table, though there are many more advanced DIYs online.