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Underground Extensions: Londons Iceberg Homes

House Network

In the search of larger, spacious and more luxurious London homes, those living in the capital have been utilising the space underneath their properties. This type of development is commonly referred to as iceberg homes, as there is more beneath the surface than meets the eye. For owners, this can increase living area and add serious value, ingenious in a city where space is hard to find and even more expensive to purchase – something that we, at House Network, know only too well!

However, popular with the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Nicole Kidman, the days of the subterranean extension may be numbered. As mega basements has becoming more popular, authorities in Kensington and Chelsea are fighting back – largely due to the fact that this borough has become a firm favourite with those seeking to add private swimming pools, ballrooms, spas and cinemas. Announced at the end of 2014, it was reported that new basement developments will face restrictions on size and number of storeys.

Despite this news, icebergs are being granted across the UK, including London''s most exclusive postcodes. So for those considering an underground extension, here are some of London''s most lavish and inspirational examples.

Billionaire''s Westminster Adjoining Tunnel

Caudwell, tycoon and former owner of Phones4U, was granted permission in 2014 to create an iceberg super-tunnel. His plans involve the addition of a single storey basement designed to converge his two adjoining Mayfair properties. This giant underground extension covers more than 14,000 square feet and will result in one mega property that measures an amazing 50,000 square feet. The new lower-ground floor is set to include a kitchen, separate media and games rooms, swimming pool and sauna, a salon and a car lift. It is rumoured that when completed, the combined 12 bedroom property will be worth in the region of a mega £250million.

Grand Design''s Underground Nightclub

Channel 4''s popular show regularly features breathtaking and forward thinking feats of architecture, such as hillside eco homes, re-developments of abandoned ruins and iceberg extensions. In 2012, Claire Farrow and Ian Hogarth built an innovate and unusual underground basement, using the safety of their children as their inspiration. Their unique extension encompassed a state of the art sound proof nightclub, complete with an illuminated LED lit floor, sound system and professional DJ booth. They also designed zones with the purpose of family relaxation, including a sauna and a film screening room.

Edmund Lazarus and Londons Biggest Basement

This is a development that hit the headlines last year, when millionaire Lazarus announced plans to build London''s biggest iceberg extension. The plans outlined three new underground storeys, adding more than 16,000 square feet to his London mansion. Sitting under the full length of the garden, the extension is set to include: a spa with hot tubs, sauna, steam and massage rooms; a two storey gym and dance studios; a 25metre swimming pool; an entertainment room; a wine cellar; a catering kitchen and a remote controlled car parking platform. Projected to take almost a year to complete and costing approximately £10million, this may very well be London's most opulent iceberg.