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Traditionally when a home owner was considering selling their home, the first decision was to ask 3/4 local agents to value the property and then choose the agent that impressed the most. The local agent would use this appointment to sell their service, try and build a rapport with you and attempt to get you to sign the exclusive contract within the visit.

Online Estate Agents offer a better value service but most require payment upfront or via a deferred payment scheme (in effect a loan), before they will send their representative to your property. This represents an issue for many home owners as without a solid recommendation you are having to trust the Online Estate Agent based on a website.

We understand that the client wants to get a feel for the company before they feel happy to instruct, and this is why we differ to most other Online Estate Agents by offering a free market appraisal without any upfront committment. This allows home owners to still request valuations from local agents but then directly compare like for like with our own agent. Some people are confused as to how we can offer this when 99% of other online agents require a committment, but we employ our own field based local experts throughout the UK so we have the capacity and experience to rival the local estate agent. 

If you like the ideal of an online estate agent, but want to meet the agent face to face, then you have found the right place. Book a valuation today by clicking here.