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Modern Experience

During the initial discussion with a potential client we occasionally get asked whether a traditional local estate agent can offer a better service during the offer negotiation stage


We understand the point and for us it is a very easy explanation.


The actual question is based on experience and we are firm believers that all home owners should use an estate agent because there are checks that are fundamental to the sale process that need clarification before the offer is even presented to the vendor - the issue here is not how many years experience you have as an estate agent but how many offers / sales you have handled as an individual estate agent.


Many local agents will possibly have 5-10+ years experience within the branch, but as that branch is only managing an average of 50 live marketed properties, they will only be closing down minimal sales in comparison to our account managers. Our team of senior account managers are handling 50 offers a day, gaining unrivalled experience of the modern day purchaser, learning skills daily and gaining more experience in 12 months that a local negotiator will have in 20 years.


Offer and sale running is about communication, organisation, knowledge and experience - in addition, all our account managers are NAEA qualified members - so we cover every angle with professionalism and attention to detail. 


Becoming an account manager at housenetwork is difficult to achieve, demanding, but very rewarding and the best learning experience in the industry, all because of the volumes the business generates.