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As our business grows we concentrate on extra ways to help our clients achieve the best service possible through the journey of buying and selling homes. One of the key stages is the legal work, and most consumers know this to be the solicitor. Within the industry it is actually called ''conveyancing'', but so many home owners do not understand this term. 

Conveyancing is a separate qualification and you do not have to be a qualified solicitor to complete the legal process in a property transaction. 

We have worked with many different types of conveyancing companies over the last 11 years and the service has always been fine, but very rarely exceptional. The issues have always been the consistency of the service and even though we provide a high number of cases to these firms, we never had any power on the service level that was delivered. Each year there have been periods of inconsistency, not for long periods, but we wanted to change this and offer an even better service.

From researching the marketplace it was apparent that the same issues of inconsistency affect every other provider. The problem is simple, solicitors/conveyancers will always want to take on more work. It drives income and they will push it as far as they can and at certain times of the year they take on too much work and service suffers.

So we devised our own new service called House Network Home Lawyers. It was clear to us that we wanted to work with top quality local solicitors. We wanted high level experience, as we have seen for ourselves that an inexperienced conveyancer can hold up a sale due to a lack of knowledge of how to resolve a dispute. Saying that a poor local solicitor can also hold up a sale due to their old fashioned communication, ie: having to send letters rather than pick up the telephone to discuss a problem.

Our challenge was to build a national network of local solicitors that could adhere to our strict service levels. We have been able to assist them with new web systems to be more efficient and they are rated by the speed of transaction. Our aim is to get ready for exchange within 4 weeks. We know it is possible with the right processes in place. In addition to the above, we now manage their workflow to ensure they never take on too much work.

With the panel and web systems in place we then needed to offer a support service around the panel. So we employed an ex-conveyancer to work closely with each solicitor, manage their workflow, signup new solicitors and deal with any client problems.

This has resulted in an exclusive service, that has measures in place to rate each solicitor, manage capacity and deliver unrivalled service.