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Client Contact

As a company that has always put our clients first, we are constantly reviewing our service for ways to enhance the customer experience. If possible we try and implement a new policy that at the same time enhances the service for both buyer and seller. 


From the very beginning in 2004, we understood the importance of interacting through many different methods, and one that has been growing, in particular over the last 18 months, is our online live chat facility. For those people that are not familiar with this type of technology, it is a way whereby we have our agents available for you to contact via your computer. 


The fantastic benefit of offering this communication tool is that any buyers/sellers that are at work and cannot use the telephone, or just want a quick answer, can contact us instantly.


From undertaking a survey 6 months ago we found that a high percentage of people would sometimes forget to make a call to us, go to work and forget to call again, only to remember when they got home when we are obviously closed.


As a result we implemented a new policy of opening the live chat facility until 10pm - Mondays to Thursdays. Since launching this extended opening time we have seen a big demand and we have confirmed viewings, taken offers and agreed sales past 10pm on busy days.


The purpose of this blog is to show how much importance we place on customer service. 


From top to bottom we are determined and focused to succeed in raising standards within estate agency.