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Online Estate Agent??

What exactly is


Well, it is a good question - as one of the Co-Founders and Directors I certainly have a preference of how I would like to define the business.


A lot of people seem to get confused about what type of estate agency we are - I have heard "virtual estate agent", "internet estate agent", "online estate agent" - I understand the issue as people generally research us on the internet - even when I meet new people and get the standard "so what line of business are you in" line, I struggle to explain it in a few words as it is so detailed. 


What is for sure, is that we are not a virtual business - to me, this phrase explains an internet business retailer that does not have constant contact with its clients. In fact, we are not really an online estate agent, because again this would suggest that you never meet us - not true - our agents visit the seller at the home visit appointment.


My preferred explanation is that of "National Fixed Fee Estate Agent" - this is because we visit clients, reguarly speak on the telephone, and perform all duties of a traditional local estate agent except for conducting the viewings.


So for anyone out there that wanted to know

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