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Low Stock Levels - get on the market!

Seasonality normally dictates when you have a better chance of selling a property. It is a fact that more buyers will enter the market in the early spring, with a consistent market through to the end of October. However, due to the lack of new instructions and the lowest average stock for sale for 21 months (as reported by rightmove), it is highly recommended to start your marketing now.

For over 6 months the housing market has seen demand from buyers increase significantly with the supply dropping month by month - this has contributed to increased house prices throughout the UK. Low interest rates have made it a good time to buy for people with large equity (big deposits) and our agency has seen agreed sales triple from 2009 compared to 2008, making this current market the best for 18 months.

With an expected fall predicted in stock levels for January and February but a big surge expected in early spring it is more beneficial to be one of only a few on the market now, as the demand is so high, rather than get caught up in the middle of a surge and have more competition in Spring.

Trying to predict what this market will do over the next 12 months is extremely difficult but what is for certain is that more stock will have an effect on the current house price increase and if the supply begins to outweigh the demand you will see prices stabilise or even decrease.

From our point of view - if you are considering selling - get on the market now due to the big demand and lack of competiton.