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What House Survey Should I Have?

You are under no obligation to have a survey carried out on a property, however, it can help a homebuyer to avoid any unexpected repair costs in the future. If you do choose to have a survey, there are a number of options available to you.

RICS Condition Report

  • A basic survey report that describes the condition of a property and highlights any urgent defects. The report also identifies any risks and potential legal issues. However, no advice or valuation is provided.
  • Suitable for most new build homes, as well as conventional homes that are in good condition.
  • Costs around £250-300

RICS HomeBuyer Report

  • Helps to identify any structural problems a property may have, such as subsidence or damp. The report may also include a property valuation.
  • Suitable for conventional properties that are in reasonable condition.
  • Survey only costs around £300-450 
  • Survey and valuation is usually around £450-600

RICS Building Survey

  • Offers a similar level of depth as a Condition Report, however, uses a clear presentation style and simple rating system to help you easily identify the key issues with a property.
  • Suitable for conventional homes that are in good condition, particularly for buyers of larger or older properties who have major works in mind.
  • Costs anywhere between £500 and £700.

RICS Full Structural Survey

  • The most comprehensive survey available. This extensive report highlights any potential structural problems that a house may have, such as with the walls and foundation.
  • Although a surveyor is unable to look behind the walls or under the floorboards, this report includes any opinion they have regarding hidden defects in these areas. The survey is also likely to include information regarding repair options.
  • Although the report does not necessarily include a valuation, if the opinion of the surveyor is that a property requires repair this information can be used to adjust a bid on a property accordingly.
  • Suitable for all residential properties, particularly older homes that visibly look like they may need some repairs.
  • Costs upwards of £600 but can be well worth the money if it helps to uncover major issues.

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Do I need a survey for a new build?

If you want to get a report for a new build, a snagging survey can help to spot any potential teething problems with a property.

This includes minor issues such as misaligned doors, as well as more serious issues that could indicate problems with the structure of a property. This normally costs between £300 and £600.

What if a survey uncovers issues?

During a survey, there is normally some kind of issue that is brought to light, so it’s isn’t necessarily something that you should be too worried about. Common problems include issues with the roof and central heating system.

However, while you don’t want to fret unduly, you should try to get any issues sorted as soon as possible. Ask the surveyor how much any repair work will cost (or a builder if the work is major) and ask the seller to fix the issues before you move in or to deduct the cost of repair from the price of the property.