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Any customers of House Network Limited who paid a marketing fee before 29th March 2019 should contact the administrators of House Network Limited for further advice.

POSTED 09 July 2018 Lettings

The Benefits of Property Management

Your property portfolio is growing or you simply don’t have the time to care of all the details, hiring a property management company could be your saviour. Of course, they would be taking a proportion of your income, but could help take your business to the next level while giving you more free time.

First point of contact

One of the complications landlords face is the constant possibility of problems arising at any time of day, and urgently having to find solutions. This can involve visiting the property (which could be out of the way) or finding someone else qualified to fix the particular predicament.

Either way this can be time-consuming and easily avoided. A property manager takes the responsibility and weight off your shoulders by becoming the first point of contact for your tenants. Particularly priceless with a tenant who always finds something to complain about.

Rent on time

It is in the property management companies best interest for rent to be paid on time as they usually take their earnings from the rent you’re receiving from the properties they look after.

Furthermore, if there are issues with tenants paying rent late or struggling to pay rent at all, the property manager will take the correct steps to deal with the situation. A great benefit, especially for a landlord who doesn't like confrontation

Avoid problematic tenant

The experience of a property manager can be invaluable, especially when reviewing an applicants paperwork. 

Having seen thousands of applications they know who to avoid and who looks the best fit to be a reliable tenant.

Low Tenant turnover

Happy renters are less likely to look for another place to live. Having a dedicated property manager who can dedicate time and energy into the happiness and contentment of the tenants, you are putting yourself in the best position to retain the tenants you wish to. Happy tenants are also more likely to accept slight increases in rent.

Tax Help

Your property management company can help you understand which deductions you can claim as well as sorting the forms and documentation to make the claims. The fees paid to the property management company are also tax deductible.

In conclusion, by having someone else handle the daily requirements and complications of renting out a property, the landlords time is freed up. Investing in property can be hugely rewarding, can help build substantial wealth and in some cases lead to early retirement.

However, if you’re not looking to be involved in the hassle and stress that can come with it, hiring a property management company could be the ideal solution for you.