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Any customers of House Network Limited who paid a marketing fee before 29th March 2019 should contact the administrators of House Network Limited for further advice.

POSTED 07 June 2016

Why Use an Online Property Agency?

House Network

The traditional way we used to go about selling property is being challenged as new tried and tested methods of selling are gaining popularity and making us move away from high street estate agents.

The speedy answer for why you should sell with an online property agency is simple: you have much more flexibility.

Selling Online Saves you Money

It’s a fact that selling online saves you cash. House Network charge you a flat rate for selling your home, potentially saving you cash on estate agent fees.

We’re a property agency who offer free in-home valuations with a local expert at a time that works for you with no strings attached. This way, you’re charged in a fairer way for getting your home on the market and you’re not obliged to commit.

Take a look at the savings calculator on our home page to see how much you could save when you sell your home online.

True Convenience

With longer working hours and demanding lifestyles becoming the norm, free time is becoming scarce for a lot of people. When you go through an online property agent, you cut down on time spent on time-consuming consultations on the high street.

When it comes to our rates, we offer you two different options with no hidden extras, rather than charging a percentage like traditional agents; a much fairer deal for you.

Working Around You

We’re here for you when you need us – so if you work a 9 to 5, you’ll have more time to get in touch. When you’re working, and in the process of selling property, buying it, or both, we know time is a valuable asset. We operate online, so we’re always here for you.

Unlike a lot of online property agents, we take the hassle out of arranging viewings. We vet potential buyers and arrange viewings at times convenient for you, giving you the benefit of a traditional estate agent without the drawbacks.

Buyers are Moving Online

The first place most people go to find a new property no longer tends to be the windows of high street estate agents. Just as it’s more convenient to sell online, it’s more convenient to buy online.

Online is what we specialise in, so you can be sure your property gets noticed by the right people on the right sites, and fast – our average selling time is 36 days.

Getting you a quick sale at the highest price is what we strive for, and working online makes this easier and faster than ever.

Experience and Expertise

We at House Network have all the expertise you’ll need to find the right buyer at the best price – we have sold thousands of properties all over the country.

If you choose us to help you sell your home, we’ll take the time to show your home off in its best light by creating a property portfolio with all the details your buyer will want to see. From floor plans, to full descriptions, we’ll have it covered.

Our wide-angle photography looks outstanding online and really helps buyers see the best of your property on all the leading sites.

We’re an online property agency that pride ourselves on keeping you in charge, and we’re with you every step of the way, offering you flexibility, time and money-saving options that helps your selling process become as smooth and stress free as possible.

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