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POSTED 09 March 2016 General

Tips and Advice for Selling Your Flat Quickly

selling flat

If you’re looking at selling a flat, you’ll probably want to ensure you make the sale process as smooth and as quick as possible. Equally, you’ll also probably want to make sure that you get the best price for your property.

In order to do this though, there’s a few things you need to know about selling a flat, which is where this House Network guide page will come in useful. We’ve detailed a number of helpful steps for you to take to get you through the selling process successfully.

So if you find yourself wondering ‘how do I sell my flat quickly?’ or questioning ‘do I sell my flat online?’ or just considering ‘what do I need to do to sell my flat?’ here’s what you need to know:

Preparing for the sale

Starting at the beginning, when selling a flat you need to get it looking its best.

Naturally, the current state of your flat will depend on factors like age, size, how long you’ve lived there, general wear and tear and the current fixtures and fittings you have. As such you might only need to check and improve some of the following:

  • Fresh neutral colours: Any bright or strong colours you have on your walls won’t be to everyone’s tastes. The safe bet here is to repaint in neutral colours; this essentially provides a blank canvas for the new owners, but at the same time it can also make your flat look clean and fresh.
  • Repairing the walls: Completely re-plastering your flat can be expensive, but any unsightly cracks or damage can affect the value. Alternatively, you can patch any smaller cracks and holes yourself, as a more affordable option.
  • Cleaning and getting rid of clutter: All the decorating aside, you need to maximise your space when selling your flat. Have a big clear out and do away with unnecessary items that are just taking up room. At the same time, a good clean will help – focus on getting rid of any mould and dust in particular.
  • Keep some features: With the above, be sure to strike the right balance though, don’t go too neutral as you want your flat to appear welcoming and homely. Leave a few features or quirky aspects to show off the character your flat has.
  • Sort out the gardens: Your garden is a big selling point too, so cut back any overgrown hedges and shrubs, mow the lawn and de-weed to make it an attractive easy-to-manage greenspace.
  • Modernise if you can: The work you want to carry out on improvements does depend on your budget. However, if you choose to modernise important features such as bathrooms, windows, doors, kitchen areas and other fixtures and fittings, you can potentially add a lot of value. Plus, more up-to-date interiors can be more favourable to prospective buyers.

Research the markets

Now your flat is ready for sale, you might also want to look at what other similar flats have sold for by researching the local property markets. This could give you a clearer idea of what price you could expect when yours goes up for sale.

Choosing the right estate agent

When selling a flat, having a trusted and reliable estate agent is essential. As the UK’s number one online estate agent, House Network certainly fits the bill here. In a few easy steps we can get your flat valued, professionally advertised online and we can sort out your viewings; all for a one-off fixed fee.

Ultimately, if you’re thinking ‘do I sell my flat online’ with House Network the answer is most definitely a ‘yes’.

Keeping your flat in the best condition

Once your flat is officially for sale online, the final piece of advice is to make sure you keep it in the best condition for those who come to view it.

With all of this in mind then, you should now have the answers to the aforementioned questions ‘how do I sell my flat quickly?’, ‘do I sell my flat online?’ and ‘what do I need to do to sell my flat?’.

On top of this, you can pick and choose the specific areas you might be struggling with when selling a flat. Whatever your situation, take House Network’s useful advice and get on your way to a fast flat sale.

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