POSTED 05 April 2016

Selling your Home Privately with House Network

House Network

If you’re yet to venture into the world of private house sales and are on the periphery of doing so, to put it simply, this is where you deal straight with a buyer when you sell your own home. You don’t need to go through the traditional estate agent route to sell your house, this is all carried out in a way that suits you.

When it comes to private house sales, there’s a fair few things to consider before you make your decision to put your house on the market. In many cases you’ll certainly have your work cut out dealing with everything from adverts to viewings and more, but you don’t have the fees you often face from traditional estate agents.

Help is at hand however that strikes a winning balance between helping you sell your own home and not having to worry about high expenses; namely being able to privately sell your house online with House Network.

Here’s what we can do for you at House Network:

Our Private House Sale Service

Our private house sale service is pretty straight forward with the process listed below:

  1. Free House Valuation - We aim to firstly provide a free in-home valuation that will see us visit your property at a time that suits you. You can book this online as well using our on-site booking systems.
  2. Instruct Us - Once we’ve given your property a valuation and if you’re happy with this amount, we have three one-off payment options to choose from with our private house sales. There’s no additional hidden fees, everything in your plan is paid for in one go.
  3. Set up your house sale ad - we will take care of one of the most important aspects of selling a property, creating the advert and getting your home online. Depending on your payment options we will come to your property to take photos, get dimensions and find out all the important information needed for a quality online advert.
  4. List your house quickly - we’ll place your home on the main property websites including Zoopla and Rightmove in just four hours, to help sell your house online quickly.
  5. Arrange viewings - After this, we’ll arrange all your viewings on your behalf, but around the times that you prefer. We will also follow these up and log all your feedback in your online account.
  6. Assist with negotiations - when it then comes to the important aspect of receiving an offer when selling your house online, we’ll again assist with all the selling formalities and again help you with the negotiation processes.
  7. Aid with contract exchanges and completion - Last, but certainly not least, with exchange and completion of your online private property sales, we will once again be there to assist you in every way we can. You’ll receive weekly progress updates and more when you choose House Network.

Get in Touch for Further Details on our Private House Sales

So if you want to ensure a fast private house sale for a one-off fixed fee of your choice, House Network is the way to go.

Equally though, if you want more detail regarding our private house sales and how to sell your house using our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our advisors will tell you all you need to know to sell your house with us.

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