POSTED 07 June 2016

Optimising Your Property Listing

Over 95% of people now view properties online. Due to this, optimising your house advert is vital. If you fail to do so, your house advert will simply get lost in the huge amounts of adverts, remaining unsold. Here at House Network, we can so all of this for you. However, some people do choose to do this all by themselves.

If you decide to go it alone when selling your home, remember, in the first instance, everything about your property ad should make a potential buyer want to click on it.

Once you’ve achieved that aim, everything should be geared towards making them want to book a viewing. All of this can be achieved easily by following these three simple tips.

Photography in Property Ads

You want to show your house in the best possible light, both physically and metaphorically. Rather than using a smartphone for photography, you should use a high resolution digital camera to really capture your home looking at its best.

The main photo of your house is the most important. This is the one that will be the featured image in your house advert and will be the one that draws the potential buyer to click through to see the rest.

Think about the setting of the picture and be willing to wait for the perfect shot. For example, if your home is surrounded by dark, grey skies then it’s likely to make your home look drab and miserable. Instead, wait for a sunny moment. Your home will look much more appealing.

Also be sure to move any vehicles from the driveway and the front of your house and ensure that you tidy and clear the garden. This will not only make your home look clean and well looked after, but it will also maximise space.

On the interior photos, ensure that you have as much natural light as possible. This will make the rooms appear bigger and brighter. Also make sure that you have all carpets cleaned and curtains are fully open.

Finally, if you have a floor plan, add one as an image so a potential buyer can visualise the space.

Take Time Writing Property Descriptions

You need to use punchy text to grab people’s attention when writing your property description for your house advert. This should include short sentences, short words and even bullet points. You only have a couple of seconds to grab someone’s attention, so ensure that you’re not over-burdening them.

Your text should lure the reader in with all of the key information from the property and really sing its praises. Use adjectives regularly throughout the text to enhance the features of every room. For example, a ‘spacious and light living room’ sounds better than a ‘family living room’.

Consider having a small amount of text to describe the main features of each room. If you know each room’s dimensions then use them, too. This will help potential buyers visualise the space.

Price the Property Correctly

Finally, when you’re advertising a house, ensure that you price it correctly. We can provide you with a free valuation for your home with no obligations, and you can also advertise property through us.

This valuation should then act as a guide for your listing. Remember that when people search for a property, they add filters in for price brackets. These generally run to round numbers such as £100,000 - £400,000.

This means that you must be careful about how you value the property, as a slight change could alter the bracket a property appears in. For example, if you were to value a property at £305,000, it would fall into a different price bracket to one posted at £299,950, even though the price difference is only £5,050. Consider this carefully before you post as it could change the demographic of people viewing your listing.

How can House Network help?

Here at House Network we can do all the hard work for you. Once you’ve selected a payment option with us, we will organise a convenient time for a local agent to visit you and craft the perfect set of property details to use in property ads.

As standard, this includes:

  • - Wide angle photography
  • - Virtual tours
  • - Floor plans
  • - Full descriptions

It guarantees that all buyers will fully understand the benefits of your home, and our local agents can ensure that your property ad does just that. Plus, we always give you final approval within 48 hours. As soon as you give us your consent we make sure it goes live within four hours. This way, we can ensure your home is sold as quickly as possible.

If you follow these tips carefully when you advertise property, then you should have no problems getting people to not only click onto your property advert, but also to arrange a viewing.

Remember that you can advertise a house with us, too. We can help you with all of the above and make your property advert stand out from the crowd.

Image courtesy of iStock.