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POSTED 04 December 2015

Maximising your Home''s Kerb Appeal During Winter

As winter comes around again, it is important to consider the way your home looks. The greenery and colour in your garden will fade and home maintenance will fall to the wayside. However, making sure that your home looks its best on the outside is an important factor when selling your home. We explore ways to maximise your home’s kerb appeal during the winter months to boost your chances of a sale.

Bright Colours

Once everything has died in your garden, you are only left with the bare bones of your property. However, you can brighten up the way that your home looks by painting your doors and windows a bright colour. A bright red cuts through snow and dull wintery light, while a purple or jewel tone looks very festive and warm. Either way, a colour will help potential buyers spot your house from the street.


With the nights drawing in and it getting darker sooner, outdoor lighting will be increasingly important. Not only will it help make your home a safer and more welcoming place to be for you, it will have the same effect on potential buyers. Line your drive way with up lights or lantern lights, and pop a wall light beside your door.


Keeping up the maintenance of your home is important all year round, but it is particularly important to get those last bits done before winter really sets in. Clear your gutters, cut the grass before it gets too wet to do it, and repair any damage that might have been caused to paint or structures.

Spruce up the Garden

Just because your garden looks good in the summer, doesn’t mean that it necessarily looks terrible in the winter when perennials are gone. Hearty winter greens such as juniper, cedar and boxwood, holly and ivy or a cheeky Christmas tree will add festive colour to your front garden, porch or doorway.


Try to take photos on a day that isn’t particularly wintery, because on the off chance that your property is on the market a long time, then your photos are going to date quickly. Depending on snow fall too, a snowy photo could be misleading. Instead, pick a clear, sunny day for photos of your property.

Big Numbers

Make sure your home is easily recognisable from the street with big numbers on the door or side of the house. That way, if it does snow on the day of a viewing, your property will still be recognisable even if it is covered up.

If it Snows:

If it is likely to snow in your area, then you should be diligent about clearing your driveways and walkways of snow and ice. You never know when a viewing might happen, and the least of your worries should be whether potential buyers can get on to the drive or make it in to the house.