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POSTED 08 June 2016 General

Flat, Studio Flat or Apartment - Whats the difference?

If you’re in the market for a flat, apartment, or a studio flat, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the right type of place for you. They’re not that different to live in, but there are some key differences between them. Allow us to explain.

studio flat apartment 

What Exactly are Flats and Apartments?

So what’s the difference between a flat and an apartment? Simply put, apartments are self-contained private residences contained within a larger building. Those living in an apartment usually rent, and therefore they’re tenants. But this also can be true of flats and studio apartments.

A flat very similarly has a set of rooms but unlike an apartment is likely to have them all on one level. Flats are usually part of a larger building.

Apartments are typically located in complexes of buildings or gated communities, sometimes with a management office nearby, and often with a dedicated community convenience shop, amongst other amenities like communal gardens and parking areas.

An apartment can consist of many rooms, potentially spread across a couple of floors inside a building; a flat will, as the name suggests, be all on one level of a building.

There are many different types of flats and apartments you can choose from:

  • One bedroom this can be a studio flat, or a single flat or apartment.
  • Multi-bedroom – bedrooms are separated off from the living space.
  • Loft or basement apartments – the top or bottom-most floors of a building.
  • Garden apartments – usually on the ground floor with outside step-free access.
  • Penthouses – lucrative and often spacious or luxurious residences atop a building.
  • Duplexes – these can be maisonettes, or a single residence spread over two floors but connected via a staircase.

What is a Studio Flat?

Studio flats are a whole different ball game to apartments and flats. While apartments have clearly delineated and dedicated rooms, a studio flat will typically have a kitchen-diner with bedroom fully integrated into the living space.

What’s more, they tend to be located in central locations; cities have lots of studio flats to rent, which are often offered in buildings which aren’t part of a complex, but are often above shops and businesses.

A studio flat will tend to be smaller and targeted at single young professionals, couples, and new renters who are in the market for a smaller and more affordable place to live centrally. Studio flat rent tends to be cheaper than single apartments as the sleeping area is integrated with the rest of the space.

Unusual Buildings with Flats and Apartments to Rent

Especially in the UK, with the size of our population and limited building land, converting existing out-of-use buildings can be a great way to repurpose space and tackle the growing demand for apartments, flats, and studio flats.

Sometimes apartments can be worked into existing buildings that had previous use as non-residential spaces. Popular types of buildings to convert into flats are far ranging and diverse. Take a look using online estate agents to see the weird and wonderful places you can live.

Flats and apartments are now more frequently found in rural areas in the form of barn conversions, country houses or mansions – sometimes you can find a studio flat for rent in unused churches or chapels.

Converting vacant or redundant buildings into flats or apartments happens a lot in urban areas, especially in big cities where building space is limited. Factories, old office blocks and industrial spaces like disused breweries are more common in cities, and are often bought up and converted into luxurious and desirable homes.

At House Network we’re online estate agents that are experts in all types of residential spaces, and are excellently placed to help you find flats and apartments to rent that exactly meet your criteria. If you're looking to rent a flat check out our property search section, if you are a landlord looking to let out your property then find out more via our lettings service.

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