POSTED 21 December 2015

A Guide to Selling Your Home Online

If you are considering putting your home up for sale then there are certain considerations you must make; such as the current UK housing market and how you choose to market your home - be it online or via a traditional ''bricks and mortar'' estate agent. However, selling your home with an online estate agent is a new concept for many, which is why we have created this "how to sell a property"

infographic. It provides a comprehensive step by step guide to selling your home online, making it clear, easy and stress-free. Take a look below

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Online House Selling Guide

Selling a home can be a costly process, especially when you think about the amount of money that a traditional estate agent often makes off every sale.

However, selling a home online with an online estate agent can mean the cost saving difference between being able to renovate your new home or not – why not try our estate agent fees calculator to see exactly what the difference could be.

So if one of your key questions is "how much does it cost to sell my house?" it can really depend on what type of agent you use.

To find out the best way to sell your house, read on. There are lots of things to consider:

The Housing Market

Selling your home is a quicker process than you might think, with the average time on the market, in 2014, recorded at around 10 weeks across the UK and less than 4 weeks in London*. This is quicker than the year previous when the average was nine weeks.

Housing is in high demand in London and Mayor of London Boris Johnson has stated that "London needs 42,000 new homes [to be built] a year to keep up with demand". This is one of the reasons that property sells quickly in London – there is much demand but little supply!

The strategy that has been put in place by Johnson aims to deliver more than this number, but this does require the total commitment of the London boroughs, the government and private and public sector developers.

The current average house price of a British home is around £272,000*, whilst the average selling price for a London home (in the greater London area) is around £508,000 and has increased annually at a rate of 18.5%.*

How Can You Market Your Property?

Once you’ve decided that you want to sell your home, then you need to decide how you want to market it. There are several options:

- Traditional Estate Agents - Traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ estate agents who advertise in their shop windows, newspapers and online too. They make their money through a 1-2% commission of the final sale price.
- Auction - This is a quick way of selling your home to the highest bidder.
- Online Estate Agents - Dealing only with online listings and advertising, online estate agents are cheaper as they only charge a one-off fee.
- Private Sale - DIY it and cut out the middle man, though you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork and legal hoops to jump through.

What to Look for in a Potential Online Estate Agent

Using an online estate agents can be one of the better options for selling your home, so if you do decide to use one but are wondering how to sell a property online, then there are a few things that you should look for from the agent:

- An initial visit to your property where floor plans, professional photographs and an attractive description are collected by an agent representing the company. Online, these things are particularly important, because they can mean the difference between someone wanting to view your property and not even clicking on the listing.

- House viewings carried out by a representative at a time to suit you – perfect for those of you with a busy lifestyle, or you can choose to conduct viewings yourself. House viewings conducted by the owner can often be more successful, as viewers can ask questions that the owner can answer there and then.

- We live in a digital world and so it makes sense to have your home advertised on the most popular UK property sites. Unlike a traditional estate agent, House Network focus solely on listing your property online, which means reduced fees and an overall saving for you, the customer.

- A personal service where you have one dedicated Negotiator who understands and is part of every aspect of your property sale.

For more help on how to sell your house in the UK, get in contact with House Network today.