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Helpful guides, tips and advice on selling, letting and buying a property


Section 21 Notice of Possession Explained

POSTED 27 November 2018 Lettings

What is a Section 21 Notice of Posession? A section 21 notice of possession, also known as a section...Read more


What is a Periodic Tenancy?

POSTED 21 November 2018 Lettings

A periodic tenancy is created once a fixed-term agreement has come to an end. Unless a new fixed-te...Read more


What is a Break Clause in Tenancy Lease

POSTED 20 November 2018 Lettings

What is a tenancy break clause? A break clause allows either a tenant or a landlord to end a lease b...Read more


What is Landlords' Insurance - What does it cover?

POSTED 19 November 2018 Lettings

Being a landlord isn’t always easy, with plenty that can go wrong when you hand over the keys to you...Read more


Understanding Rental Yield

POSTED 13 November 2018 Lettings

The ultimate goal of buying a buy-to-let property is to turn a profit on your investment. While ther...Read more


Tenancy Deposit Scheme Explained

POSTED 12 November 2018 Lettings

If you rent a property, the likelihood is that you will have to put down a deposit. This money is to...Read more


Top 5 Holiday Letting Destinations

POSTED 12 November 2018 Lettings

Buying a holiday home with the intention of letting it out can make a lot of sense. The property dou...Read more


What is Subletting?

POSTED 30 October 2018 Lettings

If you rent accommodation from a landlord and then let out part or all of the property to another pe...Read more


The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Landlord

POSTED 04 October 2018 Lettings

With the number of landlords in the UK rising to 2.5 million, this lucrative career path and investm...Read more


What is a Regulated Tenancy?

POSTED 28 September 2018 Lettings

What is regulated tenancy? A regulated tenancy is a form of long-term agreement between a tenant...Read more


Property Service Charge - What is it and What does it cover

POSTED 27 September 2018 Lettings

What is a property service charge? Service charges are paid by leaseholders to freeholders (also kno...Read more


What is Ground Rent?

POSTED 27 September 2018 Lettings

Ground rent is a payment made by the buyer of a lease property to a freeholder every year. This is u...Read more


What is the meaning of 'Let Agreed'?

POSTED 19 September 2018 Lettings

If you’re looking for a property to rent, the chances are that during your search you will have noti...Read more


The Ultimate Guide for Letting your Property

POSTED 24 July 2018 Lettings

If you're a landlord looking Here are some useful steps to follow when letting a property, to en...Read more


The Ultimate Guide for Renting a Property

POSTED 23 July 2018 Lettings

First time renter or just looking to get the best tenancy agreement for you? Here are some tips to h...Read more


Renting via Private Landlord or Letting Agent - Which is Better?

POSTED 16 July 2018 Lettings

It can be a difficult to decide whether to rent through a private landlord or a letting agent so her...Read more


Council Tax - Who is Liable when Renting ?

POSTED 09 July 2018 Lettings

When it comes to renting property, there are lots of things you need to consider in order to avoid s...Read more


The Benefits of Property Management

POSTED 09 July 2018 Lettings

Your property portfolio is growing or you simply don’t have the time to care of all the details, hir...Read more


Is it Worth Letting Your Property to Students?

POSTED 06 July 2018 Lettings

In recent years, more and more landlords have opted to let their properties to university students a...Read more


Fire Safety Regulation Tips for Landlords

POSTED 05 April 2016 Lettings

If you’re a landlord, then it’s vital that you’re aware of landlord obligations for fire safety. The...Read more


How to Create an Effective Tenancy Agreement

POSTED 09 March 2016 Lettings

As a landlord, tenancy agreements are essential documents to get right when renting out one or more ...Read more


Landlord Responsibilities and Obligations

POSTED 09 March 2016 Lettings

As a landlord, your primary responsibility is to provide safe and adequate housing for your tenants....Read more


How does Buy to Let Work?

POSTED 09 March 2016 Lettings

What is a Buy to Let Mortgage? Buy to let mortgages are for landlords who buy property specifically...Read more


How to Evict a Tenant - Tenant Eviction Guide

POSTED 09 March 2016 Lettings

If you’re a landlord with troublesome tenants, then it’s important that you know how to evict a tena...Read more