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POSTED 04 January 2018 Guides and Top Tips

5 Ways to Winter-Proof your Home

As the winter months draw in, here are our top tips to help you to winter-proof your home and save pennies in the long run.

1. Prevent chilly draughts

When trying to keep the cold out, and prevent heat escaping from your home, it’s really important to minimise draughts from windows, doors and through floorboards.

If you don’t have double-glazing, consider fitting cheaper options such as secondary glazing or put polythene across window frames. Curtains are a great way to prevent heat loss, whilst providing a beautiful interior design feature too.

Use a sealant around doorframes and stop draughts from letter boxes by installing a cover. Fill gaps between exposed floor boards or lay rugs in the winter to reduce draughts.

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2. Check your homes insulation

Insulating pipes, walls and the loft are fail-safe ways of keeping your home warm and cosy this winter. You want to make sure the insulation is in good condition and up to current standards, but ensure you avoid over insulating which is not only expensive but can also result in mould.

It is important that tanks and pipes in the loft do not freeze, so do not insulate below the tank, and make sure the lid is on the cold-water tank. A lot of heat loss in the home can be through the walls and so we recommend getting an expert in to check your walls and if required, install cavity or solid insulation to save on energy bills.

3. Clear out gutters and drains

Wrap up warm because it’s time to get out in that winter cold and clear your gutters and drains of built up leaves and debris.  Take particular care that the gulleys are clear as overflowing gutters can drench walls and cause damage to your home.

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4. Invest in a smart home heating system

There are lots of great smart heating systems available to help you cost effectively heat your home. These innovative systems allow you to control your heating from your smart phone and can reduce wasting energy by heating your home when you’re not there, perfect for modern day living! Speak to your energy provider who can help you choose the right smart heating system for your home.

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5. Stock up on salt 

We all dream of waking up to a white, winter wonderland, but more often than not, we’re never prepared when the day comes. Make sure you’re ready for the next snow day by keeping a stock of salt and a shovel; you’ll be really pleased with yourself when you can get the car in and out of the driveway!

Winter is the perfect time of year to snuggle up under a blanket, and with these top tips, your home will be totally winter proof and super cosy!