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POSTED 22 November 2017 Guides and Top Tips

5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Winter Sale

If you’re thinking about selling your home this winter, we have some useful tips to help you prepare well for a winter sale.

1. Make minor repairs

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The winter months can be rough on your home, small wears and tears seem to get worse during the cold, wet months and these can be a deal breaker to a would-be buyer.

We would encourage you to make minor repairs now rather than suffer the consequences further down the line, and keep in mind that there are lots of things you can do that won’t cost a lot.

From fixing a faulty radiator, repairing a dripping tap and painting over an old leak stain, although they may seem trivial to you, if left could give buyers the impression your house isn’t well maintained.

2. Clear out and clean up

A clean, uncluttered home is far more desirable to a would-be buyer than a home that looks like it needs some TLC.

Winters are already dark and cold, so brighten up your home by having a good clear out and give the house a deep clean from top to bottom. Make sure windows sparkle, letting in as much light as possible! 

3. Create a warm, cosy atmosphere

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Keep in mind that during viewings, potential buyers will be stepping into your home from the cold so it’s important to create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Set your heating to come on throughout the evening and on days when you know you have lots of viewings.

You could consider setting up Hive, a clever application that allows you to control your heating from your smartphone. Lighting is also important, so switch on your lights and turn on lamps to create a warm, inviting vibe.

4. Don’t forget your outdoor space

We get it, nobody uses their garden as much during the winter months, but that’s not to mean any would-be buyer is going to overlook your outdoor space during a viewing.

Make sure your garden is in good condition and even consider drawing attention to your outdoor space with lighting and year round plants. Outside space is a top priority for many buyers and so don’t waste one of your key assets by neglecting your garden this winter.

5. Tasteful decorations

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It’s Chrisssstmasssss! If you’re selling your home in the lead up to Christmas, it’s a great opportunity to allow potential buyers to visualise themselves living in your house during one of the most magical times of the year.

Make sure your decorations are tasteful and not too over the top, not everyone loves that inflatable snowman! Consider white fairy lights for the front of your house, a Christmas wreath on your front door and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to create the perfect level of Christmas spirit.

Use Christmas scented candles and diffusers to enhance the Christmassy feel in your home and you’re onto a winner.

We understand it may seem daunting to try and sell your home during the winter months and we hope these tips help you on your merry way!