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POSTED 30 November 2015 Guides and Top Tips

5 Spare Room Conversion Ideas

The world is telling you that another bedroom makes your house worth more. But what if you don’t want to sell your home just yet and you’re not in need of an empty guest bedroom?

If you want to put your spare room to good use but you’re not really sure how, then we have some inspiration for you.


Read on for our favourite ideas for your spare room

1. A Reading Room

If you’re a book lover, you might be struggling for space. In which case, the spare room could be converted into a beautiful library or reading room.

Line the walls with bookshelves, from floor to ceiling for a dramatic effect. Whether you have bookshelves specially made, or you’re into your DIY is up to you and your budget.

Add a couple of comfortable chairs, a coffee table and perhaps a desk for the ultimate book worm’s escape.


2. A Walk-In Wardrobe

If you have a spare room, but it feels too small to use as a nice guest bedroom, then consider converting it into a walk-in wardrobe.

Many women and men dream of a walk in wardrobe, so why not make it a reality? Insert floor to ceiling wardrobe doors, and simply start organising your wardrobe to within an inch of its life. Think shoe racks, drawers, shelves and rails.

You’ll be surprised at how easily you can find what you want once you’re done. Hang a big mirror on the wall and pop a chair in the corner and there you have it!

Not only will you create more space in the bedroom, but it will make getting ready a pleasure!

3. Another Bathroom

A sure-fire way to add value to your home is to add another bathroom. If the spare room is next to your bedroom, turn it into an ensuite for yours’, and future owners’ convenience.

This can add up to 5% to the value of your home, which is a significant amount considering the simple and inexpensive conversion.

4. A Game Room

Whether it’s board games, computer games or you just like to play table tennis indoors, then what you need is a games room. Of course, the way you design the room will depend on the type of games that you like to play.

If it’s computer games, then you’ll need a comfy sofa, a big TV and a minifridge stocked with snacks and drinks.

If it’s board games, then a big table (or a small one for two player games), comfy, straight backed chairs and some good storage solutions are in order.

5. A Play Room

Think a wall of blackboard paint, a table for drawing, storage solutions for toys and books and lots of floor space for playing on.

A play room is an ideal place for children, because it means that they can play uninterrupted by boring adult things. It also means that their bedrooms are used more exclusively for sleeping in.

Give them the responsibility of keeping it tidy and clean and you’ll encourage them to help you with the house work too – and even if they don’t you can always just close the door on it!

6. Bonus Idea – A Hobby Room

Alright, so we said five, but we couldn’t resist giving you another.

A great use for a spare room is a hobby room. Things like spinning your own wool, dressmaking, woodworking or model making can take up a lot of space, so dedicating the spare room to it can mean a happier living space.