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POSTED 17 January 2018 Guides and Top Tips

10 Ways to Refresh your Home this New Year

If you’re thinking about giving your home some TLC in 2018, we’ve put together 10 great ways you can cost effectively refresh your home's look and feel this New Year.

1. Start at the front door

You walk through it every day, so why not start by freshening up your front door and porch. Clear away that pesky pile of shoes and umbrellas and swap out an old door mat with something new. If you can, consider repainting your front door with a vibrant colour, on trend and fun! 

2. Have a clear out

It’s time to go through wardrobes and cupboards. Starting with the kitchen, clear out your pantry of any expired food, get rid of unused clutter from work surfaces and take some time to go through that dreaded bits and bobs drawer.

Moving to the bedroom, this is a great time of year to get rid of anything you no longer wear and head to your local charity shop to make a donation. Remove anything from your bathroom you no longer use and make space for the new scents you got for Christmas! Clear home, clear head!

bathroom tap

3. Arrange a professional, deep clean

Treat your home to a professional, deep clean this New Year. There’s nothing better than sparkling windows and mirrors to make your home feel as good as new, so this investment is totally worth it. 

4. Change up your wall art

You can really freshen up your house by moving around wall art. Have a play around with what you have. For example, moving art from your bedroom into your living room can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home.  

wall art

5. Print out some photos

We are all guilty of snapping away on our phones and never getting round to printing any photos. Take some time this New Year to print out and frame your favourite pictures to put up around your house.

6. Invest in new sofa cushions

Out with the old and in with the new, investing in new sofa cushions can instantly change the look of your living room, why not take advantage of the January sales this New Year?!

sofa and cushions

7. Consider indoor plants

Indoor plants are a huge interior design trend right now, so look to the seasonal selections in plants and flowers to revamp your home for 2018. For maximum impact, opt for a tall interior tree plant like a Ficus or Dragon Tree.

8. Paint job!

Convert a dull looking room from drab to fab with just a lick of paint. Whether you’re simply refreshing an existing colour, or opting for a complete colour change, painting your room can have a huge impact on your home.

painting wall

9. Light it up

Lighting is one of the key elements to making your home look and feel great. Adding a new lamp or lighting feature to any room can transform it in an instant without breaking the bank.

lamp light

10. Treat yourself to a scented candle

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in the comfort of your own home with a luxurious scented candle. During the dark months of winter, they are the perfect pick me up, so treat yourself to a scented candle this New Year and let the smell fill your home and senses.

Rid yourself of January blues this New Year using these simple tips to revamp and refresh your home!