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Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

Moving home can be a thankless task. After all, moving house takes weeks of preparation, stress and worry. However, there’s no need to fear because help is at hand thanks to our ultimate moving out checklist.

Our ultimate moving out checklist can help you plan your move smoothly, taking the stress out of the whole process. With our ultimate moving out checklist, everything is planned for you and you can make sure you’re fully prepared for when the big day comes.

So, to make sure your home move goes smoothly, take a look at our moving out checklist below.

Six Weeks Ahead

  • Confirm an exact moving date
  • Book any additional storage space if required
  • If you need new furniture or carpets for your new home, order them now

Four Weeks Ahead

  • Get estimates from a number of removals firms and select the one that’s best for you. Remember that the cheapest doesn’t always mean it’s the best
  • Order all your packaging materials (you may receive these free from your delivery company)
  • Book the days you need off work
  • Plan where all the furniture will go in your new home and dispose of any unwanted items. It may also be best to order a skip at this time

Two Weeks Before the Move

  • Inform utility companies that that you’ll be moving home and of what your new address will be
  • Visit the Post Office and fill in their mail redirection form
  • Tell the TV licence people (and any satellite provider) that you’re moving
  • Get your phone number redirected
  • Deregister from your doctor and dentist and register at a new one in the local area
  • Start allowing stock in the freezer and cupboards to run down (this will save you from having to pack and carry it)
  • Send out change of address cards to friends, neighbours, family and colleagues
  • Notify the bank so that they can change direct debits and standing orders

The Week Before the Move

  • Inform your council of the move and ask for a bill to be forwarded to your new address
  • Tell your car insurance and household insurance of your move
  • Organise someone to look after any pets during the moving days

2-3 Days Before the Move

  • Defrost the freezer
  • Pack your non-essential items and set aside things that you will be transporting (remember to label the items so you know what is what)
  • Disconnect any electrical items you won’t be using again, such as the dishwasher
  • Label items and keys for the new owner
  • Pack a box that will contain moving essentials for the big day (you’ll be desperate for a cuppa when you’ve moved)

Moving Day

  • Lay down sheets to protect the floors
  • Set aside the hoover for any last minute cleaning
  • Label all boxes so you know exactly where they’re going after you arrive

After Moving

  • Change the locks in case the old owner still has a key
  • Take meter readings, keep records and contact utility companies


Print out our moving out checklist and keep it handy. It’s a great help and can guide you through the process.

If you’re earlier in the house moving process and need to sell your home in a timely, cost-effective manner, then contact us at House Network. We can help you with all of your house moving needs.

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