Viewer Testimonials

High Quality viewing arrangement

Once marketing has commenced the next stage is the arrangement of the viewings. This is a simple but sometimes neglected process by other estate agents. Firstly, you need the staffing capacity to handle the level of calls into the office, no more so at the surge hours of 9-10am and 5-6pm. If the agent is not available to answer that call, the chances of losing that viewer has just doubled!

Secondly, the agent needs intelligent systems to speed the process up and vet the viewers to ensure they are genuinely interested. Our team is BIG, and we have custom made systems, which have been developed over a 10 year period to ensure our service is always consistently high. One example of this is how we manage the online viewing requests from Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation. Instead of receiving viewing request emails, our system will talk directly with the admin areas of these websites and automatically input the request into our viewing log so our staff can instantly begin to arrange the viewing. Our system automatically does this every 15 minutes, so there are no manual input delays or loss of emails!

Having arranged 268,145 viewings to date, you cannot employ a better agent to deliver a top quality service to your prospective buyer!

Some comments from our viewers over the last few years

Really helpful. Also praised by vendor. Will be contacting you about selling my property.
Amy Sales

Good system.
Joel Thorpe

So far, it's been a really good and efficient experience.
Darpan Patel

best online estate agent I've used so far
Daniel Easton

Best agent i've dealt with so far. Not a block viewing (usually a turn off) and feeback/confirmation by email (because i hate getting inundated with calls)
Anna Gonzales

Quick follow up
Yat Lee

Really good service and handy reminder too !
Nicola Ozbek

Good communication
Janet Henderson-bowman

Very efficient with getting back to us.
Zoe Williams On Behalf Of Mr & Mrs Coombe

Everything has been great
Leonie Wharton

Very efficient in arranging a last minute viewing, thank you.
Heather Deakin

Easy to arrange a viewing.
Paul Wells

Very helpful.
Nadine Bieshaar

smooth and hassle-free to set up a viewing. i've been trying to do the same with other online estate agents and its been a real struggle
Nick Grigg

Very good, very impressed With fast communication.
Sian Hilton

The staff are so approachable,they explain the detail clearly.
Mr Nelson

very good system and support
Mark Horner

You guys are super !
Manish Khubchandani

Was very quick to get back to us.
Ryan Leddra

Quick and easy to liaise with.
Joanne Crone

Seems very smooth and easy to use.
Jon Rowland

Very good
Ryan Curl

All good the service was good and very prompt! Thank you for your help!
Heather Sampson

Yes, very impressed with the service.
Victoria & Roger Bramley

Very easy slick process thanks !
Gaynor Calman

We think you a pleasure to deal with, particularly liked your email after our call to arrange a viewing.
Patricia Ellis

Quick and easy. All the information was emailed to me so I had it to hand.
Daniel Hough

Very impressed with the speedy responses and actually called back when promised, when asking for information it has always been to hand or the agent has called the vendor. Impressed with the in depth description of the property and area. Makes High Street estate agents look unprofessional and a over priced waste of time. which in my experience is very close to the truth. Very good indeed and would recommend so far.
Mr David House

Very well. Organised and efficient
Bijoy Sinha

Very happy with the service.
Christy Bosdet

Helen Turner

I was impressed by the speed and courtesy of the young lady who arranged my viewing.
Margaret Lodge (and Mr)

Good comms. Can't fault service. Thank you.
Lisa Moore

Excellent service cannot fault
Hayley Ashton

Excellent. Any questions asked we had a response very quickly.
Mrs Sykes

I thought the quick response by email was good and also the communication reminders.
Amy Wilson

Great service. Thank you.
Barbara Manning

Great service. I especially liked the messaging confirmation.
Fara Saeed

Prompt and efficient service,thank you.
Mrs M Griffin

No specific feedback - very efficient
Helen Donald

I loved the fact that I called for a viewing and the appointment was made while I stayed on the line no waiting for call backs. the directions were clear the owner knew we were coming it was all just as it should be simple and clean. the feedback is great too being online I love it and would certainly consider using your services when we come to sell.
Tracie Brind

It was fine no problems
Mrs Claire Gaddum

Excellent service.
Leena Panda

So far, so good - will give further feedback once the deal is done!
Richard Rachowiecki

My communication / interaction was good.
Mr Lucas

Organised viewing very quickly and receiving a reminder is good.
Nicola Cleevely

very prompt service, without feeling hassled.
Susan Mayall

Excellent hardworking staff, keen to sell.
Vivienne Amstrongr

You did wonderful and far batter than a conventional agent , staff managed to covey our messages to vender very efficiently and I look forward to doing business with you
Mr Rakhtawan

Housenetwork is easy to work with. Ive been able to get through to you without problems unlike many other agents. I look forward to trying to buy this house with your help.
Mrs Fahmida Rahman

Seems fine.
Helena Lawrence

Seems an efficient system.
Ross Martin

Nice welcome and useful tips by the agent. Appreciate.
Aldo Amicucci

Nothing negative about the experience so far. Very efficient.
Hayley Spedding

Kishore Shetty

Great and helpfull
Mrs Musarha Khan

Housenetwork has offered a very good service until now. I'm happy and satisfied with the service.
Irene Merino

All went well many thanks.
Mehran Moazen

Very good service
Anthony Castles On Behalf Stanley Hinton

Great contact!!
Shauna Prudhoe

Mr Humberto Ilja

Very efficient.
Oliver Widdowson

yes, good, short and to the point
Leeor Goldberg

Very professional
Sandra Buxton-gay

Replies were prompt and the people I dealt with over the phone were courteous and helpful.
Chelsea Carney

They where very pleasant and helpfull.
Mr Drewett

Very impressed with the speed of service and flexibility in viewing property it was a refreshing change to not attend an open day and actually be shown around by the vendor! Would definitely use House network in the future.
Kelly Quaile

Very efficient at arranging viewing. Thanks
Bev Haines

The gentleman that met us was very friendly and polite, gave us all the info we needed and time to look around.
Kathryn Blackwood

It was quick and easy working with you and would recommend you to others wanting to buy and sell.
Adrian Vickers

Very professional service when I made initial contact.
Janet Jones

I really liked your services
Paolo Scappatura

I found Housenet to be very helpful. It is a new organisation for us but we got all we needed. Thank you.
Trevor Barry Hall

No issues, all smooth
Francesca Sartorello

Haven't had much dealings with you but so far so good.
Sally Watson

Very good service.
Charlotte Humphrey

Fast arrangement of the viewing - can't see how this could have been any better.
Brian Eagles

I had never considered an 'unconventional' agent such as yourselves previousy but i have to say my experince has been very positive. Would certainly recommend.
Vicky Pipper

Very problems.
Mr Cass

Agent was very friendly and helpful.
Mandy Ball

Very good service. Emails useful.
Kevin Oscroft

It is easy via email and feedback is better this way as I can quickly fit it in
Alex Rowley

It was easy to arrange a viewing which was very quickly organised and the correspondences via email were helpful. We hope to experience the same level of customer service when making an offer.
Katie Page

Everything was fine - thank you
Karen Daniels

Arrangements for viewing and email updates were good.
Mr Pogroszewski

Very efficient and quick to reply. "Thumbs up"
Liam Iles

Very efficient
Tina Platt

I was pleased with your quick response to a viewing request and e mail confirmation with picture
Mrs Judith Kent

Mrs Sharmila Jayaraj

Cant complain one of the better estate agents we have used, thanks.
Chris Holmes

Very efficient and helpful with the e-mail reminders.
Gyozo Molnar

Excellent efficient service
Cathryn Sims

No problems
Ruth Seymour

Liked the email confirmation and quick link to print house details and online feedback.
Paul Harding

i love Housenetwork and had my own property on with you. i also used your conveyancing to sell my property. i had the best conveyancer ever, far more helpful and professional than any solicitor I have used.
Kaye Wood

Easy, pleasant and efficient to deal with.
Graham Henderson

No improvement required.
Jenna Bailey

Mohammed Sharif

good to deal with , feedback via email is a good idea
Celia Hurst

Abigail was very friendly and professional on the phone, and was very quick to organise the viewing at quite short notice
Jonathan Greaves

Good service- I like communicating electronically as more convenient than phone calls
Nicola Mitchell

All been fine and straight forward so far.
John Mitchell

So far we only viewed one property with you, and it was good experiance. keep it up.
Reena Francis

Housenetwork came across as an efficient organisation.
Mr Chatfield

My experience has been fantastic and very thorough so far!
Katie Hobbs

No issues. Email notifications were useful and feedback system is also handy.
David Povey

I found your service very good and speedy .
Amanda Day

very good, quick service
Natalie Cockell

Very good
Claire Wells

I like that you can speak to a real person to book the viewings on the phone and not online only.
Katherine Meadows

Organisation of viewing went well ....other than that haven't dealt with you before.
Joe Aitcheson

Quick and easy to use.
Samantha Kitchin & Daniel Poole

Everything ran smooth and I appreciate the email reminders.
Deborah Sutton

Fine thanks
David Begg

Good service from you. Thanks
Kate Steventon

Very professional and friendly. Excellent service. Thank you!
Olivia Paiva

Good communication and fast availability for the viewing
Caroline Charrington

The communication and details provided were very clear and helpful to establish any decision.
Harpal Punchi

Process was efficient and worked well.
Liz Fairley

All positive and very professional. I will consider you when I come to sell. Thanks
Rebecca Lewis

Very happy with the service we received.
Mrs Blueitt

Good service
Mr Breeze

Very good and quick!
Asli Sogancilar

Mr Ahsan

Efficient and met all our needs
Vijay Tailor

No problems
Una Shrimplin

Dealing with Husenetwork has been simple and efficient so far.
Mrs Jackie Davies

easy to use
Lisa Kelly

All good so far!
Charles White

Good work.
Mrs Rajavat

Got viewing very short notice ,great
Deena Ryan

No problems. Prompt action as short availability for us. Very happy.
Paul Smart

Good, professional service, no issues.
Korina Chisholm

All ok. Only spoke to one of your guys for a short period on the phone. Efficient service.
Barry Shearman

A great service.
Hanish Vithal

Very efficient so far
Andrea Evans

Easy to contact and quick reply back.
Shweta Mittal

Very efficient in setting up viewing
Sara Jones

Very good service, good info for viewings and simple system for feedback
Mrs Willson

Very good service.
Andy Webster

Very efficient response service.
Helen & David Smyth

Easy and very professional
Yolanda Fullerton

No complaints, quick at getting back to us.
Rebecca Brooke

You were very good all round, if I had not of sold my property would of used you, if it falls through I will be in contact. Regards Bridget
Mrs Chadderton

everything is good. i think the service was very professional. As an investor i have dealt with online estate agents before but your service as far better . I would seriously consider hiring you to sell my properties.
Harish Karunesh

Your service was good thank you
Bianca Webb

Very efficient, thanks for arranging the viewing on a short notice! Appreciate it :)
Arzo Nadi

Things got sorted out instantly. Great service. Thanks.
Yuko Iwata

The online booking and feedback works very well. It's easier to keep track of than phone messages.
Sarah Trevarthen

The service you provided was fine.
Michaela Scalley

Experience was good and communication great. Very pleased with the viewing
Wendy Darbyshire

Works well
Martin Chapman

More convenient as we progress with you.
Sandra French

Organised and quick in contacting me.
Suzanne Theelen

Very easy to make an appointment and great to deal with via email .
Erin Perry

Very good response to query. Staff helpful. Excellent service where same day viewing was arranged.
Tracey Garnett

Good photos and web 'advert'.
Alan Campbell

You did fine! Efficient and prompt.
Ellen Bianchini

All very easy and user friendly; would definitely use you again, thanks!
Nicolette Smith

Very efficient. Like the confirmation emails.
Andrea Norman

Simple, online and email communication - easy to book and change.
Laura Old

Extremely helpful and efficient. I will use you again as I continue to look for a house. Thanks
Matthew Longworth

It has been great. I have no comments in terms of improvement.
Gareth Sumers

it was really easy to arrange viewing. very quick and also trackable via the website. not forward sales no hassle, so far so good!
Chris O'sullivan

No every thing was ok
David Marshall

It is good to work with you. The time to arrange for viewing the house is fast.
Mr Cal Chu

Good communication & reminder setting for viewing
Dr Faiza. Zafar

Charlotte Tomlinson

Very helpful
Gail Jones

Great, couldn't ask for more.
Peter & Michelle Bonner

Smooth and efficient viewing process
Sophie Baker

Impressed - better than most High Street estate agents.
Alison Pitman

Quick and efficient service.
Zoe Osborne

Effecient and have kept us updated. Thankyou
Tracie Grist

Good service
Omar Sanchez

Love working with estate agents online. Much more modern. I find working with most estate agents old fashioned.
Natalie Dalziel

Found it easy to find, liked meeting the owner rather than an agent - feels less salesy, easy to get in touch to let you know was running late (glad you have someone to answer the phones!) Were no particular problems actually
Holly Brenan

Very responsive, I was initially sceptical about using an online only service but I think this pomelo was was really helped by the vendor doing a great tour.
Emma Barker

Very accommodating
Simon Kennedy

Efficient service. Emails are convenient due to working hours
Louise Carr and Danny Stather

Housenet were very efficient.
Mr Capaldi

Very effective and timely communication with clients/ customers
Mr Salain/ Mr Joshi

No comments, it was perfect, really.
Pedro Sampaio

Good communication all round Got us the ideal time for viewing The vendor showed us the house so can't comment on staff showing techniques. I haven't had a valuation form before, what a good idea!!
Caroline Charrington

Impressed with efficient service, include pics of loft space online
Robert Jones

Good. Wish we had known about Housenetwork before we put our house on the market.
Mrs Ali

Easy pleasant dealing
Michael Borg

Very good. No complaints!
Jane Harris

Been helpful and kept in touch. Very impressed
Lynn Nash

I like the fact that I can view without an estate agent hovering over my shoulder!
Miriam Carter

Very good
Beth Lovell

This is a unique system, and much-needed in the property industry. The caller on the phone who arranged viewing times was very helpful and quick to arrange. It reduces unnecessary time used to get hold of estate agents. I'd recommend this to both buyers and sellers.
Fina Charleson

You did very well with good communication.
Candice Minta

The procedures were slick and helpful.
Nigel Tansley-thomas

Very efficient
Katie Doran

Pretty easy.
Bryony Hatchley

V efficient. We wish we had used Housenetwork for our own sale!!
Helen Moore

Thanks for arranging the viewing so promptly.
Saurin B. Shah

Kyoko Kato

Simple and easy to use online agent
Mr Woodhams

Very helpful on the phone. Useful amount of emails
Patrick Flavin

You did great, thank you.
Mrs Daniels

Service was very prompt. No problems.
Phil Martin

Very efficient, friendly staff
Julian Bevan

Good system of advertising.
Hilary Putt

Very efficient and professional.
Mrs Janet Lamb

The system worked fine, the emails were clear & the information complete.
Philip Harmes

Arranged viewing quickly and easily. I like the email feedback system. So far so good.
Archie Wilson

Easy process - pleasantly surprised
Laura Lord

Great and professional service
Amod Drashar

Everything was good.
Michael Kenny

Very well. You are so systematic.
Saravan Anuparthy

Great to go and view a property and be shown around by the owner, who was able to give me really detailed information on the property and area. A much better overall experience.
Nina Ferguson

very good response to all my questions and requirements thank you
Vivienne Gore

Easy to use.
Mr Woodhams

Quick and efficient so good for initial viewing
Steve Minns

Arranging viewings has been very easy. I'm hoping that this next phase is equally so.
Sue Sharp

Thought the service was good.
Lesley Cook

Impressed so far.
Richard Walls

Good service, arranged viewing very quickly.
Helen Kettringham

Excellent service, I wish all estate agents were like this.
Thomas Fotheringham

Quick responses and easy to make contact.
Debbie & Wayne Withorn

I have no problem viewing properties in this manner, as a buyer I can find out the facts about the property from the vendor rather than sometimes guesswork from an agent.
Neil Cant

No complaints. The service you have provided so far has been very efficient to the point.
Heather Mitchell

My contact with you guys has been uncomplicated and prompt
Bernadette Jenkins

Fast efficient service
Melissa Russ

The service was quick and easy to use.
Henok Zeratzion

I think this is a really excellent system. I was so impressed by how quickly the viewing was arranged and the whole process was easy and practical.
Amy Thomas

Excellent- very easy to use
Mrs Irwin

Zack Davidovich

Really efficient
Victoria Newton

I liked the very fast replies and the contact per email.
Ms Almut Beige

It s been simple! Thank you!
Mr Lotto

We were kept informed and very pleased with house network communication. ......many thanks
Mr And Mrs Evans

Very polite when being spoken on the phone and seem to be a very efficient service. Thank you
Mrs Leslie Jones

All good. No negative feedback to report.
Hanjo Veenstra

No problems - it all worked well.
Ruth Dow

Very pain free experience, wasn't actually aware that you existed before this viewing but would certainly consider using yourselves in the future should we come to sell again.
Mr Latus

No major issues, everything went smoothly.
Zornitza Yovcheva

It was easy to book a viewing. Efficient service.
Toby Brice

Happy with the fast response at arranging a viewing for us. Thanks.
Nicola Cunningham

I liked the process. I found it quick and simple to use. Very efficient and we gave positive feedback to the vendor during the viewing of how easy we found your service.
Julie Wade

The is my first time dealing with online housing and i think it easy and quick...
Waddah Nasir

Works really well. More people should use you.
Sarah Wall

Simple easy to use what a great time saver.
Janet Bull

Organised and good communication
Tehseen Khan

Seems a really good system. Like the efficiency with phone calls and emails from house network and your mortgage partner. And explanations about dealing direct with the owner were straightforward and fine. Nothing negative to feedback.
Vicky Wise

Very interesting to use a network estate agent, but I think this is the way forward. You were very helpful with the booking, thank you.
Mrs Park

Great company and fast dealings.
Claire Stanford

Excellent. easy user friendly system
Haider Mehmood

Good communication. Flexible times - we were able to contact you late in the evenings and on weekends. Promptly returned calls and e-mails. An agent was even able to help us on a bank holiday!
Himesh Kollure

A good way to do things. Well done!
Jackie Turner

The process for arranging a viewing and providing feedback has been clear and simple.
Saffron Turnell

No problem working with you guys, very easy to speak, and arrangements to view the property was done very quickly. thank you for your help
Neil Cant

Your systems and processes seem to work very well, quite impressed.
Richard Buckle

We have always been impressed by the professionalism of House Network and will certainly be recommending their services in the future.
Mr Miller

A really professional and courteous company! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone considering selling or buying
Sharon Bell-pinto

Very impressed with how quickly you got in touch with us and a viewing was arranged. So far, it seem stop be more straighforward than on talking with agencies on the high street.

Our experience was good. Appointment to view was made promptly and without any problems. Our expected delay in arriving for the appointment, was successfully conveyed to the vendor, who was conducting the viewing.
Lilly Cryer

Very prompt at getting back to me which was very impressive. Nice to be contacted regarding mortgage applications on the same day so we know that we can borrow the amount needed. Really impressed with the service.
Elizabeth Baranowski

Excellent now we have experience of you would use you in future.
Steven High

I LOVED dealing with your company as I haven't been pestered with phone calls and intrusive questions about my employment or salary, unlike other estate agents! I would definitely recommend you :) Many thanks
Amy Fraser

You were very efficient and I was impressed you'd remembered my interest in the property before it was taken off the market; I really appreciated your call to say it had become available again.
Nicholas Jones

Very efficient in booking the viewing and non intrusive in asking for feedback so we're impressed with House Network.
Mr Mark Hull

We really liked the fact that we received email confirmation and a reminder which was very helpful as we made the viewing a week beforehand. Most estate agents do not send confirmation which leaves you doubting whether you have actually made the viewing. You were also very professional when we dealt with you on the phones.
Zuleica Rodriguez

Easy to organise online with only 1 phone call.
Laura Chapman

Found the whole process very good. Nice to be shown around by the vendor
Mrs Durman

Every one was very efficient. Very impressed with the service.
Mrs Symons

We thought you were excellent and very fast at getting back to us when we emailed you. And we were pleased with your service. Thank you very much.
Ashley Lawrence

Fine thanks, booking was made effortlessly and without issue
Kenneth Ward

After we sent our email we were contacted promptly and a viewing was arranged straight away, we were happy with the service we received.
Bob Little

Very efficient service - no problems
Mr Jacklin

The system works well!
Shaheena Sadiq

Liam Smith

Very happy with housenetwork, would be very happy to use in future
Ravi Sarai

Happy with the service.
Charity Kanzombe

Great service, thank you
Mrs Leverett - Wilson

Very efficient and we would consider using you in a sale
Sara Mcarthur

So far you have responded promptly and linked our email enquiry to our phone calls - no complaints at all so far
Stefan Rose

Would use this service
Tracy Keogh

I think the service seems very good so far. I like the fact that it was easy to speak to somebody as well, to arrange a viewing.
Wendy Burns

Very efficient service - promptly arranged a viewing - thank you
Mrs Lucinda Pidgeon

So far this site and staff I have spoken to seems efficient and friendly.
Emma Markwell

Great working with you
Lucy Wake

Very efficient and fast responses.
Neil Lovell

Great website, wish it was more widely used in Manchester city centre!
Ms Gillespie

I although never heard this estate agent before, it's my best experience ever with this estate agent, keeps you informed always. Friendly staffs and more importantly they play an active role continuously ... Well done!
Prakas Rai

I thought the service was very efficient and quick well done housenetwork!
Fiona Parry

They fitted us in for a viewing very quickly and were very well informed about the area and the property. I would be happy to use them again in the future
Ellen Howard

Really good service and prompt arrangement for the viewing. Highly professional people who I spoke with. Thank you.
Radka Sutorova

Very well organised
Helen Birtwistle

No problems with your service, cant fault it.
Nino Algieri

Good communication.
David Colfer

Very efficient communication and response
Mr Baker

Great simple and easy process.
Hina Shaikh

We were very satisfied with the manner in which the viewing was arranged. Thank you.
Anna Addis

I have been really impressed with the customer service given by you and would recommend you to friends and family that are wanting to buy and sell property. The prompt responses to questions and viewing are great so keep up the good work.
Mrs White

It was very helpful. Thank you.
Haru Leitch

Emailed saying would call and didn't call so now have to do it online....
Jessica Howard

Excellent and instructions were clear!!!
Mr Bhyrav Konda

Fantastic job in organising the Open House. Well done.
A Pathil

Great seamless experience. Thanks
Adrian Whitaker

Instant communication. Accurate / thorough confirmation of date/times & property details etc.
Mrs P Mullen

All seems easy. Particularly like the follow up emails... No one else seems bothered with this!
Sarah Mattock

Good. Will definitely consider working with you when I sell.
Alex Winterbotham

Your communication is very well organised and I like the fact that I can complete my viewing Feedback online, as being at work I cannot always take a phone call.
Trudy Watley

all great!
Amanda Ellis

All good - no complaints
Claire Hicklin

All good so far
Mrs Dowden

Nice and easy to use.
Holly Carpenter

very easy and simply I like it
Jozsef Vagany

Fully satisfied with house network
Ken Clark

Good communication, prompt reply. Online feedback is a good idea, prefer this to calls.
Natasha Scott

All good thanks.
Mrs Stephenson

So far we thought that the house network did a good job.
Daniella Catherall

very efficient, very pleasant too
Steven Knafler

I found working with you was fine.
Colin Mccrea

The viewing was arranged very quickly. I was very impressed with the service given by the company.
Ceri Burrows

Very good.
Alison Taylor

Great at arranging viewing really quickly. Like this survey format
Nicola Cannon

Very persistent, have not had time to respond straight away so maybe allow a bit more time for feedback!
Natalie Clarke

Like being able to give feedback online.
Claire Williamson

Very helpful.
Mrs Julie Thrope

Very efficient expedient and professional. Thank you.
Monica Lau

Quick professional service.
Janet Winfield

you have done a great job and the services is perfect.
Vinesh Agarwal

The process of booking the viewing through Housenetwork was pleasantly simple and straightforward. I have no criticisms of the process.
Kit Malcolmson

I like the fact it can all be done online... I have two young children and find it difficult to get to the phone or have uninterrupted conversations
Cara Yates

Happy - would use again
Jonathan Peters

Actually quite surprised by the efficiency
Mr Evans

Everything was fine ..commutation was brilliant
Chris Bray

Seem like an efficent company. Good communication via email and telephone.
Nicki Winter

Very prompt service, good that you have an option to talk on the phone too
Jenny Mason

I am very happy with the whole process and you system. I would recommend every one who wants to buy or sell their house.
Raju Bharadia

good email comms and organised - unlike many other agents I have dealt with!
Kirti Jsani

The viewing went very smoothly indeed. I found the process of setting up the viewing and the subsequent confirmation very efficient and well-organised.
Swami Narayanaswamy

Informative and no hassle ideal.
Mr Andrew Walker

Very good service.
Nick Moore

Quick response
Christine Chapman

nice and easy service to use. this web feedback form is good for leaving feedback at a time that is convenient to me.
Charlie Green

Was easy to book viewing and e-mails came through with reminders etc.
Jo Cameron

Very professional service, Easy to use website, with good communication.
Nigel Wise

Excellent service
Mrs Aslett

Your service was quick and efficient. Thanks.
Martin Jones

Found the email confirmation of the viewing we booked very useful, also being able to give viewing feedback online is helpful. So far a very positive experience using Housenetwork, thank you.
Anne Hide

Great thank you
Lynda Martin

Very happy with the process currently
Faye Delahay

An excellent service all round.
Mrs Benett

All good.
Dave Elledge

everything worked well thank you
Bruce Edgington

To be honest I find everything proffessionaly organised!
Maria Verzsiova

Our experience was that the service was both professional and responsive.
Rebecca Armstrong

No complaints, easy and straightforward to deal with.
Gayle Pilkington

Polite and friendly on the phone. Called straight back having arranged our viewing. Emails reminding of time and name of vendor etc were useful. Great service - thank you!
Susanne Jenkins

Setting up the viewing was very quick and easy.
Anna Kenyon

Seems to work well as a service and you respond quickly to requests
Ms Tilley

excellent presentation and follow up
Mr Goldberg

seems to be a good system
Janet Ward

Very straight forward and helpful quick to respond
Janice Hinds

The appointment was efficiently organised.
Mr & Mrs Edward Neil & Beth-anne Margaret Gascoyne

Good communication via text messaging. Vendor was good a showing us around. Overall - good service
Michelle Ager

It's all been fine
Laura Randall

we liked working with you as you were able to secure a viewing straight away on the same day that we rang .
Rita Judge

The House Network Experience has been faultless. Thank you for your time.
Mrs Mcguiness

Good. Arranged the viewing quickly and the tenants were very helpful.
Richard Hawthorne

Good in arranging the viewing, the tennents very good at the viewing.
Richard Hawthorne

Hose network very efficient and very prompt to respond customer query.
Mr Rampal

Unconventional but works ok !!!! I would consider using you due to costs !!
T Billingham

Excellent communication, fast viewing arrangement, very pleased
Justyna Karpisz

very good.
Robert Wisely

Very impressed. Photos published of the house were very high quality. Arrangements to view were straightforward and the person who dealt with my call was very prompt, calling the vendor whilst I was on hold for only minute or so. Email confirmation was very good.
Asif Garda

Very promt in arranging an appointment for us.
Mrs Maxey

Very good prompt service, no issues at all.
Laura Mouatt

I have liked the approach taken by House Network in relation to viewing this property. Thanks
Amit Kataria

This is a very officiant way to view houses, I found it very easy and suitable especially as the area we live in is over 100 miles from the location of the properties we re looking at buying.
Fiona Shrubb

Extremely good service
Raj Shah

Great. Very quick response and organisation of the viewing. No complaints.
Mumtaz Awan

You were efficient, helpful and busines like. Thank you.
Lorna Baird

I think it's an excellent service, wish I had used you myself for the property I have just sold and paid £4000 to my estate agent for!
Mrs Benett

Very pleased with Housenetwork, nothing to suggest.
Jane And Richard Clement

Great experience, easy to get in touch, simple and effective communication methods .Email corrrespondence was particularly helpful for us with work commitments
Vicky Coate

The idea of online agent is fantastic and its great to be shown the property by the owner rather than the agent, especially if moving into unknown location
Aldona Grant

Great - had not used an online EA previously and the experience was different, but good. Would definitely use again.
Angelo Miggiano

Your team were extremely efficient and managed to get me the 2 viewings I needed at short notice.
Stephen Arnold

Good service thanks
Jim Priestley

Very professional and easy and quick to make a viewing appointment. Great follow up and online capabilities!
Robert Dalley

Very prompt and quick response.
Harpreet Singh

Efficient systems.
Mrs Dyer

no complaints, very prompt in arranging viewing and getting in touch.
Mrs & Mr King

Excellent service
Janet Peel

Very efficient in arranging veiwing
Katy Wright

Easy to book
Vivienne Wilkes

Very good service!
Georgina Osborne

Quick and easy to arrange a viewing.
Mrs Jenkins (On behalf of daughter)

Thought your service was great very friendly and helpful very good telephone manner
Colin Williams

Excellent, best service out of all estate agents Pleasure doing business with house network Fast and quick response
Srikanth Vudumula

I appreciated the really prompt responses from house network.
Preethy Premkumar

The regular email updates were very welcome, phone communication was prompt and friendly. We would happily deal with Housenetwork again.
Tom Morton

Good service and excellent use of technology.
Dan Spooner

everything seems at this point very efficient
Larry Bell (behalf of daughter)

I like the fact we can make offers online, and that the vendor showed us around.
Rosalyn Fenwick

I can't honestly think of anything else you could of done.
Nigel Taylor

Very efficient service...happy to date.
Dean Luxton

Quick response time. Nice to meet the vendor
Ben Johnson

Our level of contact with Housenetwork has been very limited, however we have been impressed with the way you operate. The telephone contact and reminder emails etc are certainly a cut above what we have experience with locally based estate agents
Mrs Mary Penney

very efficient,
Lisa Ardern

The service offered was great and hopefully will reap the reward for me
Shane Levy

The service offered was great and hopefully will reap the reward for me
Shane Levy

Easy n convenient to arrange viewing
Rohini Thapliyal

very easy to work with
Lesley Wood

Easy to deal with, easy feedback form. Great. Thanks
Lindsey Harrop

The viewing was easy to arrange and you got in touch with me about the viewing times quickly
Charlie Whitton

I find your system very efficient and easy to use. Information provided is excellent. I was a little concerned about an online estate agent but have no complaints about how you operate. Your system is much better than some estate agents I am dealing with in my search.
John Lewis

All fine. No concerns or comments. Just very straight forward and easy working with the house network.
Hannah Clarke

Overall excellent service : keep it up
Mr J Bovey

This is the first time I have used this type of service, usually contacting and accompanied by Agents, but I did not have any problems with this.
Linda Baldwin

process is fine.
Sharon Whitbread

Professional easy to contact pleasure to deal with.
Stephen Marsters

Efficient and helpful.
Garath Jones

This online system is great.
Mirela Gale

Quick response to phone call and viewing arranged very quickly.
Vicky Webber

no sugggestions, found phone response excellent and happy that if we cant speak to the designated agent that someone will take the offer and process it. like the email acknowledgement. telephone manner of everyone we have dealt with so far , pleasant and clear.
Claire Hazell

Regular updates and informative e-mails. Thank you
John Woodcock

Easy to get in touch with
Victoria Katsande

Very efficient, telephoned when you said to confirm viewing and informative person on phone.
Veronica Quinn

I appreciate the efficient way viewings have been organised and the clarity of information given.
Judith Bradshaw

Good service and flexible
Mr Buhecha

Thank you, your company have been very efficient and helpful with arranging my viewing.
Joanne Swift

Booked viewing well. No negatives.
Justin Chu

Your phone calls were very prompt.
Mrs Coller

Very efficient service so far.
Francesca Lofts

I like the whole process including specially automatic reminder email and feedback email
Mohit Singh

Excellent site and excellent information and communication throughout the process.
Steve Mccormick

Very happy - efficient service
Elaine Duckworth

Very efficient
Lynn Tucker

Very helpful. Thanks
Muhammed Ahasan

Really pleased with your service. Can say that we have been viewing houses over the past 2 years and certainly find your company the best we have dealt with. Thank you.
Jenny Kinsella

I have no problems with dealing with you. Does feel hassle free.
Nicky Craig

Very efficient.
Mr Kevin Eveleigh

No problems dealing with house network. Very prompt and courteous. London and Country were very helpful too
Richard John

Really good service
Vicki Toland

Very efficient
Mrs Wintle

It worked well. The vendor was very friendly and informed us about the neighbourhood.
Tom Chenoweth

All good and the agent I spoke with today was helpful and clear in her explanations.
Judith Bradshaw

I found HouseNetwork an easy and convenient way of house hunting. hopefully more properties come on the market this way.
Anne Pham

The process was straightforward and a pleasant experience
Martin Lambert

Good service thanks
Richard Lloyd

Very good so far!Would use you again.
Hannah Glasspool

Great very pleased with the service! Thank you
Gemma Joy

Great no problems
Tina Sinclair

Actually reasonably impressed; a better system than most of the traditional agents we've been dealing with.
Steven Brigland Hewitt

Clear communication. Helpful when I called to speak with someone. Can't think of any suggestions for improvement at this stage.
Jessica Moore

great telephone and internet communication system
Artur Rogowski

Was very impressed with how Housenetwork kept us informed without being pushy, thank you.
Mark Long

Great ,quick response, with good reminders and instructions .
Leann Mctagglart

This is the first time we have used Housenetwork and the process has been seamless and efficient.
Richard Marsh

Easy to use and quick to reply.
Lisa Booker

Great so far thanks
Kerry Wood

All good, kept me in the loop and online system good
Gemma Stephenson

Communication was very good
Karen Fletcher

The communication and response from your organisation has been first class.
Dorothy Templeman

Good communication as never dealt with an online only company before.
Daisy Woolley

Was a pleasant experience dealing with houseNetwork.They were quick to respond to my viewing request and get it all organised in time.would definitely use them again.
Deepti Jain

Very polite and pleasant advisor on the phone who arranged a viewing the same day I had requested it, great service, thank you.
Natalie Stallworthy

Nothing we were more than happy with the service we have received from you and the vendor.
Leanne Wilson

Fine all OK .No complaints
Hugh Thomas

Good service thanks, no real problems so no suggestions.
Frank Overton

Housenetwork was very helpful when I telephoned to arrange a viewing and also letting me know that the time had been confirmed for the viewing.
Chris Lloyd

appreciated the reminder texts
Mary Charles

No problems at all.On line system worked perfectly well
Mrs Anita Clancey

I like that there was no slimy estate agent
Tim Longbotham

Quick and efficient
Dario Tom Dieck

Happy to work with you, nice friendly communications.
Melvin Rowe-clark

Very helpful and quick responses. The use of email and online system was very handy.
Nicola Frost

The service from House Network was good.
Jan Sayce

Thanks for the prompt follow up, very happy with service.
Rajesh Sundaresan

Happy with your service
Emma Jones

No issues, all good.
Simon Morgan

good communication in general.
Mr Terence Leung

Friendly and prompt organisation of the viewing
Ryan Haycock

Everything was good.
Romina Rhodes

It was nice to be shown around by the owner as you get more of a feel for the house.
Paul Underhill

I am very happy with the service you provide.
Lynne Hoy

Great and efficient, thank you
Joanna Hunt

All very smooth thus far
Zunfiqar Rajwani

I had no problems dealing with the Housenetwork.
Fiona Elliett

Quick response and easy to arrange viewing.
Tanya Barman

Really good customer service.
Rachel Dufton

Fantastic system, clearly the future of buying and selling.
Jason Brown

You guys did very well infact can't think of anything that you could improve on.  Thank you.
Jimi Das

Good service
Laura Joyce

Swift, efficient
Riya Kalyan

Never had any problems. Frequent notifications and plenty of notice for viewings.
Matthew Bailey

Very impressed with your methods, straightforward, no problems.
Mr & Mrs Marshall

good and quick service
Linda Warmuth

Quick to respond and good communication, the listing on Rightmove is good.
Mr Shrimplin

Very impressive process - this is the future of house buying. Will certainly use if selling in the future. Thank you.
James Gambles

Viewing through this network was efficient and worked well.
Carole Llewellyn

Good, I like the online feedback facility
Mr D Patel

Excellent system.
Christine Fife

Really impressed! Professional and easy to work with.
Sarah Fern

Like your style, follow up, feedback etc is good
Edward Thomas

Happy with your service
Jenny Kemp

So far very efficient!
Lucy Bradley

Found you service to be easy and uncomplicated. No problems.
Mr Longhurst

Roger Labrosse

Very easy to deal with
Jason Kew

Seems fine so far! I like the email feedback system.
Kate Raja

Thought the whole website and telephone contact was first class.
Mr Aitchison

It was good to work with you as you did put us in contact of buyers and they showed us the property really well.
Mr Pankaj Shara

Very slick and good communication
Claire Toomey

Very good service. No issues.
Matthew Hateley

I felt you were very efficient, and prompt in your reply to my emails. I would certainly look at other properties on your website.
Elaine Kirby

We were given a good service and the viewing went smoothly
Diane Gilmore

Pleasant experience! Easy to arrange viewings and staff were helpful!
Lorna Reed

Very helpful, and in contact all the way with confirmation of viewing
Robert Harrison

fine thanks, very efficient
Lisa Barlow

Very quick response by house network.
Mrs Julie Dean

Margaret Panayi

The service from you was really good and prompt
Mr And Mrs Tony Sparks

Fantastic...quick to get us a viewing and very helpful
Michelle Grainger

Good for now
Adrian Oses

Very satisfied with the service. Swift to arrange viewing to my convenience and made all my inquiries answered and in a record time. Highly recommended.
Jeffrey Jemba

Everything was fine.
Mrs Mcmahon

Great service.
Julian Cox

So far so good!
Mrs Carolyn Aitken

Efficient & communicative, so far!
Graham Heels

It was easy to make an appointment so was very good.
Mrs Spalding

Straightforward and easy to book.
Estera Sutton

A first class service. The house was presented in the best possible light by all concerned.
Steve Ballett

Easy to use, nice to be shown around by the vendors and makes life more flexible with viewing times.
Adele Bates

The system works really well, everything was organised quickly and easily.
Charlotte Alvey

So far I am impressed with the service received
Louise Hopkinson

Happy with process and experience
Rebecca Richards

All seems to work very well.
Mr Gidley

No problems using the service.
Mrs Creedon

this was my first interaction with housenetwork and i have found it to be a total pleasure, the email communications area very clear and good. overall very positive.
Francesca Shearman

Quick response to viewing request
Mike Allen

Brilliant service very efficient.
Miss Michelle Burge

Fantastic service. Excellent communication and very useful to do it all online.
Mrs Sharmila Potter

Melvyn the agent that showed us around was very informative and knew all the answers to the questions we asked. House Network were able to arrange a viewing around the times that suited me & my wife and we were grateful for this.
Jonathan Armitage

All positive, thank you
Lynda Elliott

Very good
Julie Sherlock

Simple and easy.
Alison Lee

Good service. No complaints.
Mr Hilton

Very prompt service without the hassle of waiting for traditional estate agents to get back with viewing times. It is also very refreshing to not have to listen to estate agents views on price etc. The vendor knows best in most cases. thank you
Pamela Gitton

The service was very quick and efficient, very refreshing compared to 'traditional' agents who seem to care very little about buyers and do very little for the amount they charge
Neil Hollands

Has been very pleasant and straight forward and the use of email for feedback is an excellent idea
Jenny Priest

First time dealing with Housenetwork and so far they seem to be efficient and friendly .
Carl Sanderson

Having not heard of Housenetwork before we were pleased with the experience.
J Brooke

Everything worked well
Rocio Perez

Prefer this way of working as can't stand being hassled by phone if not applicable.
Debbie Turner

fast reponse in setting up viewing, very good
Laura Glanville

Very efficient in contacting us, emailing us and reminding us of viewing times and address etc. Thank you.
Lynda Hewlett

Caroline Lafferty-Jenkins

It was my first viewing with an online agent, and all was organised well
Jessica Harden

Very helpful, arranged viewing instantly.
Rachel Mann

Very good estate agent, very quick and I like the fact that you can give online feedback, saves time.
Seema Ballaith

Quick and efficient response to the email thank you
Sarah Roberts

With you service I was very pleased. It was prompt and efficient without putting undue pressure.
Klaus Stein

Efficient and better than the majority of agents in my opinion.
Peter Jones

Efficient communication between all parties. Worked well for us.
Mrs Cole

Online appointment system quite efficient
Kerri Johnston

Straightforward and efficient.
Rosie Cullen

No issues. After my experience with estate agents I would consider using an Internet company next time around.
John Sangha

Prompt and efficient service
Neil Davis

Very quick and accomodating. Straight forward, pleasent service from polite, proffessional staff.
Ramiz Munir

Good service and easy to use online
Jenny Marshall

Good efficient service. No hassle.
Heather Crosbie

Very efficient service.
Graham And Marcia May

Very good
Mrs Sayles

Very well coordinated
Manish Gupta

No problems.
Mr Hathaway

Very good setvice
Victoria Reid

Efficient, friendly service. Can't fault it.
Jessica Johnson

Easy to deal and no issues
Peter Clay

Using house network was as good as using a local agent. We found the property in the same way we have found others to view in our property search. Making an appointment was straightforward and prompt and being shown around by the vendors is useful as you can ask questions about the home and the area from the horses mouth (so to speak).
Caroline Dawes

I was impressed with the service, having never dealt with an online agent before.
Richard Lloyd

All great, thanks.
Miss Edyta Knapinska

all seems straight forward so far.
Martin Nicoll

System worked well for me.
Bassem Jadayel

I liked the service you provided. It was simple & efficient. Thank you
Hazel Rowett

We are very happy with the service so far.
Adrian Pandaru

email confirmations are convenient
Celine Laye

Efficient and profesional service with great indirect communication
Sara Abu-roomi

all fine
Patricia Clarke

I thought this system worked very well
Carolyn Symonds

All fine.
Paul Barrett

Yes service was quicker. Good customer service and good thing is they emailed me reminder for the appointment to view the house am happy with it.
Nisha Rai

Appt was relatively easy to arrange and email reminders were useful
Leigh Pepper

No issues. A sensible and economic approach to property sales.
William Greenham

Good follow up. We liked the email confirmation. Very nice telephone manner.
Marcia Lopes

Fast communication
Tayiba Salem

Very efficient, thanks!
Chris Allen

Great service, friendly advisor's and excellent communication. do not need to do anything to make you better, all in place.
Mariusz Nowicki

Not much to comment on but all went smoothly
Abigail Perriman

Really liked everything from start to finish.
Dean Walters

We would consider using this system when selling our home in the future.
Sally Mason

Very helpful as we called at very short notice to arrange a viewing.
Olivia Pilgrim-ford

Everything fine, thanks.
Peter Chadwick

Ok, limited contact, quick viewing arrangement.
Mrs Louise Jelley

Very organised and efficient with booking appointments and sending back email confirmation
Lisa Sullivan-martin

On par with other agents. Quick easy and painless.
Mr Jon Scott

Whole process is easy, efficient and very impressive.
Amy Cunningham

Everything went well with booking the viewing. No issues
Dan Jackson

No problems. Someone was on hand to actually answer the telephone Saturday morning for further information when we had trouble locating the house. We are still looking for our next family home.
Mrs Heaysman

All good
Caroline Davison

Very good. No problems.
Leanne Mcclernon

No issues at all with housenetwork, appointment was arranged promptly and communication was polite and informative.
Angela Lester

First time to use it, no problems.
Kristy Kitchen

Good service.
Emma Simpson

We liked that the vendor showed us round instead of an estate agents because although it is great when the estate agents do the viewings, this is often very inflexible because the appointment has to be within office hours which can be such a nuisance. Luckily the lady who showed us round was fab, otherwise maybe we would have wished an agent had shown us round!
Emma Plant

You were efficient and helpful.
Catherine Polley

So far you've been great - I'll do my best to think of improvements :)
Judith Harling-coward

I am used to dealing with this age of fast paced internet/email world and like the fact that you were able to responded quickly.
Adrian Kowal

Many thanks for your prompt action in arranging the viewing, would not hesitate to use the company again
Mrs Beverley Gill

Excellent work arranging viewing quickly and efficiently.
Saliha Clarke

Thanks house network for being prompt and clear with directions. I was initially impressed with how you keep myself on the line whilst you contact the vendor for a viewing, this saves time and is a good tool for arranging viewings, secondly the communication I received pre and post a viewing is very informative and not many estate agents do this. Also as Part of me putting a offer in for the property you passed me onto London and country, I was very impressed with this service and the information provided. Thanks
Laura Hindley

Prompt & courteous service & we liked this idea of an online feedback option.
Marina Joseph

I like your professionalism with customers over the phone. Your prompt viewing arrangement with the vendor is very good.
Solomon Ojo

It was nice got booked this viewing with haste
Mrs Humaira Rizwan

Very efficient and on the ball.

Very efficient
Rebecca Thurgood

Easy to use
Linda Hall

I thought house network to be extremely efficient and I was impressed with the level of service
Mrs N Woodward

Penelope Simington

So far , so good It was a very quick result
Maggie Cooper

Quick and efficient. Thank you
Vanessa Burnley

Good experience.
Woodie Wright

No issues good service.
Lucy Jenkinson

Very good system
Richard Nicholls

Your organisation via phone is amazingly good. Quick and helpful.
Mrs Hellen

Rachel Platt

All ok.
Sarah Dodgson

Your service is fine wish I'd known about you when I sold my prooperty!!!
Jennifer Joseph

Efficient with the booking
Tracy Cameron

First time using your service which went smoothly. Very professional.
Mrs Fowler

Excellent service, very slick and Professional.
Fiona Flaherty

Great communication
Samantha Hull

Very good
Steven Jiang

Prompt responses and useful reminders
Matthew Collins

More than happy with your service.
Jason Elvin

This is my first time with House Network and am completely astonished with the way they are organised and also the kind of property they bring into the market.
Ramkumar Dhamodaran

Hi was good that you were available at weekend and the person I dealt with was friendly and professional. The appointment was arranged promptly.
Richard Neale

Very helpful and easy, no issues
Peter Clay

Really quick at organising a viewing-thank you.
Sarah Beaumont

I was happy with the service
Simon Murray

Simpler than I thought it would be. Quite impressed.
Kelly Hillman

Efficient service, I would be glad to use you company in the future.
Yvette Meehan

Good service
Glenn Broome

I think this is a much better way of working to fit in with peoples busy lifestyles by having the option of email or phone contact.
Jonathan Adcock

Arranging viewings was very quick and easy.
Andrew Huxstable

The email reminders with address and dates/times was very useful
Elizabeth Berry

No issues, got me a viewing straight away
Kirsty Kirk

very helpful
Sally Mc Cabe

Heather Dancey

Great experience. It was very quick and efficient dealing with you.
Laura Bolton

First contact was positive, agent answering call very helpful, quickly arranged a viewing appointment. No complaints so far!
Mrs Linsey Kelly

It is ok as service, but one good thing is it booked viewing quickly which is reallynice
Mukesh Makhija

I would like to thank you for your time and for arranging the viewing in such short notice
Ali Siali

Very happy. Professional and quick. Well done.
Dubravka And Wally Abiodun

Good service, no problems.  Many thanks
Emma Shaw

Very efficient straight forward and I achieved exactly what I needed to. Thank you for your assistance.
Christopher Unsworth

efficient and responsive
Helen Jackson

Mrs Tanna

Appreciate the efficiency in arranging a viewing at relatively short notice.
Tony Lewis

good efficient and friendly process
Andrew Silver

very prompt in organising the view of the property.
Mrs Obaid

The service was quick and efficient with minimum of fuss. So successful, a different way of. Buying and selling properties.
Jeremy Sansom

Nice vendors
Crine Insalata

Efficient and helpful
Elizabeth Anyaegbuna

Simple and efficient.
Mr Ali B Kazmi

No issues to report. Appointment was made without any problems / issues.
Stephen Harry

Anne And David Norris

Great service
Helen Carr

Efficient service
Debbie Williams

We were quite impressed and it was all very straight forward. We have not put our house on the market yet and will definitely consider using you for our sale.
James Mclaren

Good communication as last time.
Matthew Taylor

We liked your 'fuss free' method, no pushy estate agent trying to sell the property. We are decisive people and if we are happy with what we see, we are more than capable of making it happen. Thanks
Dianne Plummer

Fast efficient contact as previous. Thank you
Joanne Swift

Very easy to deal with.
Anna Daniels

Prefer this to dealing with estate far!
Ali Pervaiz

Very friendly and efficient. Thank you
Mr Andy Cotton

No problems till now all went ok
Sarath Muralidharan

I really like the web service for monitoring our communication and reminders for the viewings.
May Wilson

Very efficient thank you
Matt Pettifer

Good to deal with
Karen Mccarthy

Good simple organisation, no issues. System worked well. Thank you.
Peter Edmead

Great - prompt, clear and straightforward. We need to do some more research to understand your service but it is tempting as we would rather save money on this to spend on our new home!
Jill Hoseason

I found Housenetwork very polite and efficient.
Sally Day

Very efficient service. Viewing arranged quickly and without any trouble.
Mr Mellard

Very good so far.
Mauricio Endler

Very impressed so far with the service
Claire Soane

Good prompt service. Everything good so far.
Dave Smith

No problems with house network. Viewing arranged promptly and good on line service.
Jane Haywood

Good thus far.
Paul Vause

Good experience so far.
Mrs Jayata Whyte Burman

Totally satisfied
Mrs Priestley

All good so far!
Tim Moss

Very straight forward process and the adviser was friendly and helpful when I arranged the viewing.
Richard Watkins

Very efficient and clear.
Stephanie Beck

Liked the fact that we didn't have someone phoning us all the time.
Mr And Mr Robert Stuart Turner

Have never had any dealings with House-network before but appointment to view made promptly & professionally. Unable to comment further as have not entered into any further negotiations as yet.
Mrs Gillham

All good, easy to deal with
Mrs Jukes

Efficient and quick.
Mary-anne Sadler

Deanne Care

Good service
Paul Sumners

Very good system.
Rob Osborn

House Network were friendly and professional. They were able to accommodate a viewing at quite shirt notice over the bank period.
Alistair Carnie

I think Housenetwork is an efficient company.
Tina Smith

I would not have considered using an online Estate Agent but am now reconsidering. The vendors certainly spoke highly of you.
Christabel Hayter

Very good service
Paul Roberts-bennett

very easy and concise
Steve Anderson

We've been really impressed with your service so far! Pleased not to have been bombarded with phone calls; pleased with content of your emails - all relevant; your feedback form had a good cross-section of options which seemed to cover every outcome! I would certainly look at using your service when/if we come to sell our house and recommend you to friends and family as an alternative to 'regular' high street estate agents.
Sonia Mermagen

You were very helpful, particularly in arranging a viewing at very short notice. I can't think of any suggestions for improvement, so you must be doing things right.
Andrew Charlton

Very good service, prompt response.
Tim Stern

No problems.
Mr Crotty

I found the House Network very helpful. One of the team members were in touch the next day after the request on a property. Thank you very much for all your help!
Jolanta Sirvinskaite

Very well no issues
Sarah Smith

Good service
Raj Modi

Quick and efficient.
Debbie Moorcroft

I like the way everything is done online. I will get in touch after speaking to my broker in the next few days to discuss my offer. Thank you.
Barbara Allen

It all worked perfectly well thank you
Phil Jones

The service is very good and your staff timely coordinated. Kudos to your team
Mr Golla

Good service.
Jane Burgess

Very efficient contacting and arranging a viewing, and it was a beautiful property that we are very interested in once we are in a better position.
Joanne Swift

So far so good.We are pleased.
Slawomir Kulczak

Very efficient and easy to use service.
Mrs Jayata Whyte Burman

Positive experience arranging appointment and quick to get back to me with my preferred appt time. Thanks :0)
Jane Pilling ( on behalf of parents )

Efficent service.
Claire Chapman

The lady I spoke to to arrange the viewing was friendly and efficient.
Stuart Hutchison

Housenetwork were very efficient and friendly.
Fiona Rawlings

Appreciated reminder e-mail for appointment as I had booked viewings for several properties.
Faye Buckley

Very good service.
Rachel Dufton

Very efficient service, did not experience any negatives.
Diane Wyatt

Very professional. Used to have my own little chain of 7 estate agent High Street offices but sold them 5 years ago as envisaged that selling of houses would become more on line...and I think your company has embraced this very well.
Gary Thomas

Fast response, Great feedback form
Stina Quagebeur

Darren Billington

The appointment was dealt wiith quickly and professionally Staff polite on the telephone and emails received promptly.
Graham Edgley

I liked the concept of online agency and I think the process was good.
Fabienne Fernandez

Quite pleased with the service
Mr Singh

You were very accommodating to our viewing needs and I appreciated the rolling email, confirmations, reminders etc. Your charges are so reasonable we shall keep that in mind.
Susan Sharp

I had no problem with Housenetwork, and found it extremely helpful.
David Rogers

Contacted us quickly when we approached to arrange a viewing. Lots of pictures online.
Michael Hewitson

I have purchased several properties and this is the first time I have come across this kind of agent. Seems to work and makes sense budget wise. It would be something I would consider if selling.
Jo Watts

I have been impressed with House Network so far. I had not heard of this company beforehand but communication has been very good via email. I will recommend you for sure.
Sam Blake

Very efficient and easy to book an appointment
Mark Lewis-ranwell

It was good quick and efficient
Huzaifa Adam

Very efficient and helpful
Kayla Haxby

Really great, efficient service. Actually much better than the local agents on the ground!
John Rothery

We were very pleased with your service.
Mr and Mrs Pugh

Good efficient service
Mr Choudhery

Very efficient service
Jane Bairstow

Very efficient with confirmation and follow up e-mails etc. I felt that had we taken things further we would have been consulted and kept informed as the process proceeded. Having had a recent bad experience with a local estate agent this confidence is important to us.
Robert Sansom

I was very impressed at the standard of service I received, this was the first time using an online estate agent service and it was excellent and we would certainly consider using Housenetwork if we were to sell in the future.
Sarah Durrant

very good service, easy, simple, fast. Couldnt ask for more
Stewart Munteam

Good communication.
Gayla Bogeanova

I've found it really straight forward and easy to arrange a viewing. I liked being shown round the property by the owner, it made a definite difference and I felt more comfortable and at ease looking round.
Charlotte Humphreys

Very responsive, easy process so far.
Olivia Hope

Good service, very efficient
Louise Little

Our dealings with your company were all very professional - thank you
Heike Gaskell

Contact and arranging viewing were handled very well.
Kevin Hetherington

Viewing was arranged quickly - and we do like viewing properties with the vendor.
Terry Scales

Very efficient. There was a prompt response on initial enquiry and excellent communication emails thereafter
Kelly Clark

Good, quick and easy.
Mark Breed

Good service, thanks
Felicity Mckane

Always a speedy friendly service.
Anne-marie Pincher

Really impressed - good service
Matt Peden

I've had a very good experience while trying to move.
Alan Peelo

Good system, very fast response
Ming Xu

It is a great way of customer service. Hoping to hear a quick response after making offer on the property. Very professional and friendly service.
Mrs Nupur Shah

Viewing arranged quickly, very good service
Ashleigh Grange

Great service!
Alanna James

Easy to book appointment and liked the fact that the home owner shows you around the house.
Colin Whistler

We hope that the relationship between us and your agency will be very helpfull and good. Thank you. Greg
Greg zacharjasiewicz

Your staff courteous and emails efficient. viewing well administered
Mr And Mrs Tibbitt

I really liked working with you, very nice and answer all questions very well. Was very helpful so thank you
Mr Ahmed

We are very impressed, this company seems very well organised!
Antonia Trakkidou

Very speedy responses and very proactive.
Anne O'connell

Very efficient service, including this feedback mechanism.
Helen Davis

The process was easy for us and from the sellers perspective was saving a great deal of money
Ian Lawless

very easy to work this way. am considering making an offer.
Mr Bullen

Easy and hassle free!
Natasha Frisko

Very slick service - much easier than dealing with traditional estate agents!
Wendy Kewley

It was an easy process
Joanna Toumasiou

You guys did well , love your feedback and the way you keep in touch
Bobby Hawkson

I have been impressed.
Gill Robinson

Very easy process with regards online and telephone communication, always kept up to date with how things are going. The property viewing arrangments actually went better than expected.
Gareth Scott

So far you have been great, I can't suggest any improvement at this stage
Louise Chubb

very prompt and organised
Lesley Candle

fast responce thank you
Mrs Emma Richmond

Excellent service and amazing availability - keep it up
Jaki Domine

I had a quick response arranging the viewing. I do like the fact that we can communicate on line as I am not often available on the phone.
Mrs Connelly

All good, arranged an appointment swiftly thank you
Mrs Carol Tomlinson

The system has seemed to work very smoothly. Information has been thorough and prompt.
Fiona Woods

No problems to report. Happy with your performance so far.
Flavio Iorio

Very good and well organised estate agents. 5/5 so far
Zahida Paderwala

I enjoyed using the online estate agent and am considering doing likewise.
Deborah Minton

Very efficient. thank you.
Anne Castle

I really like how you do things actually! I'm quite impressed!
Helena Brothwell

Great response and friendly team
Mr Jitin Mangal

Very good service
Michael Hills

Perfectly happy with your service so far.
Flavio Iorio

Great Thanks for your help
John Levey

Was quick and easy to use. Good service.
Doctor Tahir

I don't know much about housenetwork it was the first time I've been in touch about this property and it was great communications.
Mrs Vishi Janki

Very good efficient serice
Jana Burton

Easy to deal with and have had prompt replays every time we have been in touch. No hassles and have arranged viewings quickly.
Julie And Rob Aldridge

Very professional and quick
Stephen Mortimer Cleavley

It was nice that I could book a viewing with the agent over the phone. This provided a balance between automation and the human touch.
Mr Mohammed Dalby

No issues, was easy to book an appointment.
Kerri Grey

Contact and service quick and efficient so far.
Mrs Margaret Light

The system works well. I cannot see much room for improvement with my first encounter with the company
Mr Daniel Morgan

Impressed, all round professional service which I would consider using in the future.
Lisa Bruce

All the contact we have had has been positive and all persons spoken to very helpfully
Emma Brown

Very helpful with reminders sent and we had sufficient information on the property and how to get there etc.
Charlotte Regan

Yes great, good experience
Frances Hall

Very efficient and pleasant to deal with. Thanks.
Mrs Hutchinson

Good efficient service.
Lucy Northey

Excellent service.
Raymond Tong On Behalf Of His Parents

good and prompt service.
Mr Simpson

Prompt responses when arranging the viewing. Courteous at all times. Can't fault the service.
Peter Kane

Krishna Kondru

I find you efficient in dealing with potential purchasers
Jamal Uttbtuani

Good comms, which was a surprise to me, nice efficient service!
Graeme Bennett

Good survey is good too!
Maria Rankin

Great, efficient, helpul, fast and friendly.
Lowri Davies

Very efficient
Frances Wardle

I found that the enquiry was dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Mrs Halsey

I had a good experience with housenetwork as it was easy to arrange viewings.
Leanne Sweet

Our experience with Housework Network was good, communication was fast & efficient. Actually easier than going into the estate agents office, where quite often there is a lot of rubbish talked and time wasted as they try and justify their importance to you.
Mrs Rebecca Timothy

Very impressed. very organised and helpful
Suzanne Mitchell

The admin around this appointment was handled efficiently and we have no suggestions for improvements.
Mr And Mrs Rawlings

Great communications thanks very much. Liked the online feedback and meeting vendor in person to show us around.
Janke Halsey

Very prompt response to my enquiry
Susan Marshall-halls

Very good, rang at 2ish to arrange same day appointment, this was arranged promptly. 10/10
Steve Rotondo

Good set up seems to work well.
Tom Jones

Very easy to book viewing with prompt replies from House Network team and good to be able to give feedback online.
Jane Douglas

Sleek informative service would consider your service when we put our house on the market
Tina Brooks

Very efficient
Mrs Jennifer Merrick

Extremely efficient - telephone answered immediately and appointment quickly arranged, even though we were asking to see it the same day having only just seen the house on the internet. Email confirmation arrived straight away.
Jane Chapman

Great - contact over email is much better than over the phone - I work long hours and often cant get to the phone! Thanks
Nicky Peters

You kept me informed at all times.
Sunil Babla

Well organised.
Mario Hernandez

First time using house network, yeah good stuff
Mr Sidhu

Great! Very efficient!
Emma Sperring

Good communication from your end.We were pleased with Vendor who took us around to show the property and surroundings
Indra Dhatnagar

Communication and response time from housenetwork team was great.
Faisal Chanda

House network have been very good, with regular emails with immediate updates of viewings and feedback
Alison Beesley

Very helpful and efficient
Mrs Le Ruez

We think you are great and will definitely consider you when looking for an agent. Thanks
Elizabeth Lindley

House network have been great. I like the simplicity of a couple of emails and the viewing is arranged. Saves time and hassle.
Ian Kitson

Great idea to have the vendors show the property.
Sandra Majed

No issues. Communication was thorough and this form has been easy to use.
Matthew Taylor

Communication was good viewing arranged promptly, thankyou
James Bridgeman

A very efficient service which for us worked well.
Mrs Pamela Bauer

Very quick efficient response setting up both viewings
Thomas Gilbert

Very good and quick with getting back to me with a viewing time and date thanks
Gavin Leeman

Simple emails with reminders are great. Phone answered each time.
Scott Beasley

My first time dealing with housenetwork, impressed with the service.
Becky Padwick

Good efficient service
Eve Bugler

Friendly and efficient. Didn't have to wait too long for viewing appointment. Thank you.
Kathy Chaplin

Hi. YOU guys are great. Thank you.
Slawomir Chudziak

Good business format
Deniz Yapici

Quick, efficient and impressive with good communication. Would consider using their service in future.
Annie Hall

Every thing was excellent thanks
Chris Pearce

First time we have used this system, I like the ease of having the online portal.
Amy Knight

The service was good.
Amy Hooker

Good service, works very well.
Kevin Franklin

Service has been good.
Katie Ibbetson

I thought the service you provided was very good.
Matt Philpott

All good. Easy to arrange a viewing.
Daniel Ratciffe

Really easy to use. Great email confirmation and reminders.
Frances Regan

You were fantastic
Dr Balchandra

Efficient service
Jo Dorrell

Quick viewing organised. Thank you very much.
Claire Frame

Great. Best of all, I was able to view the property on a Sunday which worked very well for me.
Rubina Patel

Good communication
Peter Brown

Excellent service. Am considering Housenetwork for my own sale.
Caroline Standing

Also helpful and quick to respond to enquiry.
Graham Pues

great stuff
John Leigh

Prompt response and viewing made at time convenient for me.
Mrs Homewood

Helpful and quick service. Thanks.
Michaela Kingswood

Liked quick and easy system for setting up the viewing.
Susan Blissett

We were very happy working with you and felt all communication was very efficient.
Julie Smith

Good quick appointment times, very helpful.
Jo Moran

Service was very good - agent got back to us with a viewing within a couple of hours.
Rhian Holmes

Very happy and satisfied with the service. Wish I had known about you at the time of selling my flat in London.
Kashief Yasin

no problems and straightforward
Graham Cockcroft

We found your service to be excellent. The appointment to view the property was made easily at a convenient time for us.(On a Sunday). We liked the fact that a reminder was sent to us by e-mail confirming the date and time of our appointment with the vendors details.
June Bennison

Good service. Called up for a viewing and this was arranged very promptly between the vendor and ourselves. Emails were clear with date, time and address given. All ran smoothly.
Gary Winter

Very effecient and on the ball agent with regards to booking viewing and follow ups on this property. You have advertised this property very well. The vendor gave us good feedback regarding selling his home with you so would possibly consider selling any future property's with yourself, especially due to the low selling fees.
Sally Ryan

very smooth arrangement to view
Roger Wells

Housenetwork should advertise itself more! We only found out through a sign outside one of the properties. The way it works seems to be more seamless and straight forward in the way to arrange viewings and giving feedback without being pestered like some estate agents do. Also, the fact that we managed to arrange everything through emails, links and reminder messages was wonderful - no missed calls and voice messages left during working hours! Thanks a lot for your time & help. We hope you have more interesting properties in the St. Albans area.
Bernard Brincat

All good would recommend to others.
Janette Doyle

Good. Thank you.
Shaivali Shah

Very efficient and helpful - thank you
Claire Greenrod

Very professional and helpful.
Mr Lawrence

Doing everything online is very convenient, much better than over the phone which is the case with other estate agents.
Antony Anastasiou

This was the first time we have contacted an online agent. The process was very quick and easy. I was just put on hold for a couple of minutes whilst the agent telephoned the vendor to arrange a suitable viewing time. The agent was very polite and professional .
Vanessa Scarrott

Online feedback forms are a great idea!
Alice Church

Very quick and professional
Miss Natalie Humphries

Emails was very informative and the website was easy to use.
Nasrin Shakoori

Good communication
Christine Woodhouse

The viewing was quickly organised for us and we thought the reminder was a nice touch.
Kenneth Snelson

Good service.
Robert Davies

All worked fine, thanks
Kirsty Pollard

Has been a great service. Thank you
Adrian Watts

all seemed very efficient and smooth
Roz Hartley

Very efficient, like that i can be contacted by phone or email.
Laura Park

You were very efficient and professional. The appointment was arranged promptly and as we were running late you very kindly telephoned the sellers to advise them accordingly.
Nita Patel

We liked eveything you did for us. It was an easy exercise for us. Thank you.
Henry Jones

Easy and quick to work with.
Tania Neumann

I think its great you guys are very quick and efficient which makes is very easy to setup viewings. i also like how you manage everything online which make is so much more easier in my case.
Kajan Ponnuthurai

Good communication regarding the viewing
Anna Reynolds

Absolutely fine- good service.
Alison Paul

very good and the vender told us how pleased they were with the way you were handling his business
Mr C P Smith

Quick response.
Amy Goodship

Great idea and I like meeting vendor directly. Thank you Housenetwork
Mrs. Michelle Fasano-barton

Great working with house network.
Sophie Thomas

We liked the speed with which the viewing was arranged, and we liked this form for feedback as it means that you don't potentially miss phone calls and have to deal with answerphone messages etc.
Hannah Scully

Worked very efficiently.
Andrew Lawrence

We are very happy with your service.
Daniela Grendene-Eggleton

It's a very different experience than I've been use to but it work well. Communication has been fast which is useful.
Natasha Hughes

When booking the viewing your staff were very helpful and did all they could to negotiate our availability with that of the Vendor.
Mr Terry Nixon

Prompt communication when arranging viewings and chasing feedback
Mr Antony Catchpole

Very fast service and no problems
Michelle Harrington

I like the online feedback, it's been an easy process and I liked the email communications.
Susan Cecconi

I was very happy with your service.
Mrs Arlene Martin

Very good. Thanks for organising
Caroline Beveridge

Very helpful
Sharon Collins

You were very polite to us on the phone - u gave us some good advice on our mortgage which we appreciate very much - thank you X
Mr Darren Johnson

So far everything has been great. Everything you have said you would do you have done so :) Thank you!
Joe Blandon

Made things nice and easy with no pressure or constant calls like normal estate agents. Would use again
Ricky Spain

Like the idea and hope you more properties on in the future.
Mrs Lolay

I was impressed with the service of House Network and will consider using you for my property sale
Steve Edwards

viewing arranged promptly, thank you
Kinga Rusak

I would use the housenetwork again
Tracy Lewsey On Behalf Of Her Mum Joan

Ruth Eatough

Perfectly happy with dealing with your personnel and office - on-line works well as I am out and about a lot.
Carol Cunningham

Easy to get through on the telephone and a quick response from you. Liked having email confirmation and opportunity to respond.
Miss Frances Burton

No problems at all. Spoke to a nice lady on the phone who was informative, professional and courteous. Can't ask for more.
Donna Walsh

Housenetwork was perfect, I have no complains at all.
Guilherme Melo

Easy process that I would recommend to anyone searching for a property
Shaun Ross

Your service was great, friendly people on the phone, not too pushy. Emails were sent through promptly, and the directions and descriptions as to where the property was in the email were all very accurate. We will continue our search :-)
Catherine Handley

Very efficient service. Thank you.
Tina Alder

Very organised and helpful, really handy that you can arrange viewings on and for Saturdays!
Teresa Hardy

Great. Easy to deal with and quick to respond.
Richard Green

Very helpful with email reminders
Ms Foreman

Very good service.
John Rhodes

Like working with you find you very efficient and confirming times, dates and names of vendor for viewings; also like the opportunity to leave comments/feedback on line. Very impressed with House network.
Mrs Kershaw

Extremely efficient service. Much better than our own agents! Thank you very much. We will be back in touch if we have an offer on our property.
Joanna Fox-Haw

I had no concerns with House Network. Love the feedback option via email
Emma Noke

Sian was very friendly and efficient. She provided very good directions as well as the vendor's contact information, which was a great help. So far, all good.
Kevin Barry

Mode of communication excellent, the follow up reminder super. Thank you
Jacob Odaudu

I found the way this worked very simple and easy with no complaints
Lynsey Wardell

Very good. Since we don't like dealing with agents in person, this online feedback is much better.
Mr Alan Cheng

My impression of Housenetwork is of a professional sales company that appears far better than the usual motor mouth, devious, lying sales advisors that work for the large multi branch estate agents.
David Lee

Very smooth and efficient service, thank you.
Michelle Coghlan

Very well and professional
Georgina Constable

Good service and rapid feedback on organising a viewing on short notice. Thank you!
Mr Ferriera

Seamless communications with house network so far -good positive feedback for this company so far.
Georgina Davies

I feel you are very efficient and very helpful thank you.
Hayley Lewis

Your help and appointment arrangement was quick and professional.
Shila Vadgama

so far, so good - efficient, professional and concise.
Polly Sowerby

Very efficient process.
Mr Floyd

A great and easy website to use. Helpful staff that made it easy to arrange a viewing. Thank you.
Kayleigh Smith

Great- I like the service very much. very easy to use and convenient!
Sobia Kaker

Excellent service and felt very relaxed whilst viewing as there was no one else viewing. I do not enjoy looking at houses on pen days!
Mrs Bava

Great quick service response to booking viewing- has been really efficient.
Kate Fell

Easy to arrange viewing . Impressed.
Mrs Ryan

No issues at all, smooth operation and communication via email was very good!!
Clive Heasman

Very prompt service and polite. Some agents dont ask for feedback and I think thats important to the seller.
Stacey Gearing

My first experience with you. You appear to be much more on the ball than some of the traditional local agents. Good luck!
Mrs Harries

Happy with the service
Geetha & Parameshwar Jagalur

The viewing was arranged quickly and House Network were professional and helpful thank you
Louise Heritage

Excellent service
Vanessa Oman

We thought that the viewing process was very organised. The telephone contact was pleasant and email response quick, and informative. The reminder was timely and useful The feedback prompt good and this is a useful feedback process
Lesley Markham

I am very impress with your services, I rang, someone answered, and dealt with my inquire and got what I wanted which was a view in a short of time! Excellent! Many thanks
Luigi Vilela

I was very impressed with the speed of the communication in terms of setting up a viewing and this follow up request. Also appreciate the options to deal over the phone or via email.
Mark Boctor

Very professional
Janice Washer

Very prompt in getting back to me regarding viewing
Kayleigh Brookes

Really efficient. Vendors spoke highly of you
Sally Thornton

Excellent! very swift and detailed communication. absolutely love the concept!
Bastian Boesche

Very impressed with how the initial call was followed up, and all of our dealings to date.
Angela Taylor

I really like it. Had receive very quick response and then fast viewing book. Vendor was helpful to. Overall very good experience.
Muhammad Zahid

Very friendly, I like it
Nazrul Islam

Liked it. Better communication than any standard estate agent so far
Lynsey Hill

Well done house network. Your agents has great communication skills. The properties you advertise has good quality photos and detailed property information. Please keep me updated with more properties. Thank you. 
Angella Johnson

Very efficient and easy to use service.
Stefan Lombardo

Arrangement by phone to do viewing was very efficient. May consider you when we sell our property.
Mr Stephen West

Got back to my email about a viewing within minutes and arranged one the next day which was brilliant, excellent customer service
Bethany Irving

Quick and easy to make appointment , no waiting endlessly on the phone in a cue.
Nicola Harper

The service has been great- informative and efficient
Emma Quartey

Very efficient thank you
Anna Tee

Prompt, polite and very organised. Would consider using in the future if we have a house to sell.
Charlotte Pass

All good service.
Mrs Underwood

Two words!! Ethics and High standards! You put all the traditional agents to shame!! Your business model is the future of buying and selling houses!! We want to sign you on board on a joint agency deal to sell our house
Ed Blankson

Very easy and convenient!
Linda Lees

Good and efficient, will consider using on my sale in future.
Jeremy Palmer

Very helpful staff. I have used the online live chat which is also helpful.
Jodie Roots

Very professional and courteous.
Tracey Hewitt

There's been no problem working together with you guys so far so thank you.
Sameena Sultana

Impressed that I didn't have to chase up a confirmation of the viewing time. House network were very prompt in returning my calls.
David Sutherland

Housenetwork is quick and easy, yet still very very professional to talk to and a joy to work alongside. Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me through this process.
Chris Hill

Very happy with house network
Duncan Ellis

Great and efficient service
Joy Doyle

Very smooth and efficient service.
Dafydd Jones

No real problems with the service, in fact can't tell difference between this and a high street agent.
Robert Williams

Thanks for your support and friendly customer service. Happy you took the time call and confirm the viewing. It was nice that you went out if your way to arrange the viewing for me as I am away on the open house day.
Floxy Oluwadare

Good service from House Network and really like the facility to do everything online.
Julie Kiddle

This was my first experience of House network and I was very happy with it. You secured us a Sunday viewing, which was the only day possible for us and this would not have been possible through a conventional agent.
Ian Taylor

Good to deal with - prompt replies.
Gil Binks

fine, thankyou - it was good the vendor showed us around
Paul Attwater

Fine, no problems. Good prompt communications.
Mr Stuart James

Housenetwork appears straightforward and the communication appears good. Would definitely do business with them going forward.
Joy Brown

Good communication and organisations for the viewing to take place.
Gill Ritchie

Very easy and professional way of comunicating without being physically there.
Fadwa Mansour

Found your services very helpful and easy to use. Many thanks.
Joy Brooks

Easy company to deal with via telephone and email - quick responses.
Eleanor Lewis

Speedy response. Effective arranging of convenient viewing time Thank you
Lisa Drake

Nice and efficient and a refreshingly good use of technology (text reminder, e-mail feedback) which most agents do not do.
Robert Cooper

I like how your the only agents that send out this feed back, as the rest phone you up.
Claire Cullen

It was different! I got all the information I needed, and you got me a viewing with practically no notice, so I thought it was great.
Sarah Penrose

Easy to arrange viewing no problems at all. Thanks
Michael Wigham

Great follow up, easy to deal with.
Katheryn Poyser

Found the whole experience very easy unlike many of the High Street agencies....keep up the good work we need this alternative to grow and alter the whole concept of buying and selling houses to benefit both sellers and buyers
Margaret Lyon

Very efficient service
Dr Luqmani

Nice and easy interaction, and no hassle.
Mr Mark Winter

Seems like a good service
Wendy Oliver

We are due to put our house on the market and very impressed with your service.
Mrs Lindsey New

Very impressed, great communication. Would consider using your services for selling our flat in future.
Martin Lascelles

i thought that you were a very proactive outfit - following up on calls swiftly and being courteous. my only criticism was having to fill in the form, however briefly then to be contacted by you to confirm it - it seemed like a duplication of effort. the web chat was a very useful function.
Alison Ray

I think the service is very good you appear to be very consciousious and motivated in selling the property.
Gwen Franklin

House net work were informative I like how this feedback is setup makes filling in easy
Faith Palmer

Quick and helpful.
Hannah Smith

You have been very helpful thank you.
Mrs Bothwell

Very easy to book appointments, great service.
Andrea Clack

Very prompt and helpful
Ms Jo Withrington

I'm really impressed with house network. You've been responsive, helpful and attentive. Great customer service.
Lorna Robinson

First time I've used the site, great so far!
Keryn Crabb

We had no problems using your service
Mr Peter Brough

Very quick and friendly service!
Jane Souster- Dolby

So far a very impressive service
Shabina Hoque

All good and will think of using you when I sell my home
James Kerr

Very efficient service from our point of view; advise about where to park was very helpful and much appreciated as was the email confirmation of all the viewing details.
Susan Telford

Very good service
Andy Fisher

Love this system you have going with the emails for the viewings being extremely informative. This feedback system is also brilliant!
Sanna Khwaja

Fast, efficient and the online chat feature is very effective.
Beth Simons

Service very good will use again
Nigel Hasnip

Only just came across this company through internet. Seems positive and professional
Sharon May

Like the idea. Meeting and viewing with the actual owners is great. Can't say I have encountered anything faulty yet, it's only my first time. Shall I use this again and on a more in depth situation I am sure I will find something to be improved. So far so good. Thanks.
Ioana Dorofte

The service we have received has been great. We have been kept fully informed at all times and the email communications have been a great help! Working full time has meant email communication has made the whole process easier. We would definitely recommend. Thank you Sarah
Sarah Shackleton

Very responsive and helpful - thank you!
Nicola Mead-batten

All good so far. Will probably list our property with you but we're not quite ready yet!
Caroline Constable

As far as we went all seamed to run smoothly. The telephones were answered promptly.
Frank Hams

Very good first experience with Housenetwork, called me early on to let me know of change of appointment.
Abdul Tahid

It was very efficient, had no problems dealing with you at all!
Lisa Turner

Good experience
Chris Roden

Great to get email confirming time, spelling of vendors name & postcode, no other viewings offered this we had to ask.
Mrs Jane Ranner

Very well. I would use the service again
Remi Omojola

Very good experience.
Jackie Hayes

I have never dealt with an online estate agents before but found it no different from a high street estate agents and will contact you shortly regarding advertising our house :)
Mrs Diane Gregson

No complaints at all.
Peter Huber

Good , we got a viewing and appreciate that you could make this happen within our limited availability. Thank you brgds
Mr Duncan Rork

excellent quick service quick viewing arrangement
Miss White

Easy to deal with, prompt return call service and good customer service by the person arranging the viewing. She sounded genuinely interested in our enquiry and pleased to assist.
Jules Jackson

Fantastic communication and extreme accommodating to changing appointments. Very friendly and helpful staff.
Gemma Major

Faster and better communication re arranging viewing!
Daisy Philpott

You have been very efficient
Alastair Mitchell

Not used you before but will seriously consider using you again. Will also consider you for selling our property
Phil Goddard

Very professional and a helpful approach. Overall experience was very good
A Gulati

Easy to use and friendly team over the phone
Kate Lawson

Quick response re viewing
Connie Young

Simple and straightforward. Seems like a good 21st century service.
Steve Graham

You seem to be more efficient than other Estate Agents we have used previously. It was also very refreshing to be shown around the house by the owner (and not an agent who can never answer questions properly). We would consider using your company when we come to sell our property.
Martin Wild

Good communication.
Mrs Ryan

Very good.
Mrs Ryan

Very efficient service, will definitely look to use again
Jon Hallam

i thought you were great. Much better and more efficient than purple bricks which is the only other online portal i have used.
Jo Mulligan

Polite and quick reply to booking request.
Mr Davies

Housenetwork have been more than helpful can't fault customer service. Thank you.
Samantha Lloyd

I like the online arrangements, reminders and feedback.
Craig Newton

I like the prompt responses to the viewings requested and using emails as well as phone to get in contact with me.
Rachel Ball

Very happy with the service provided, we sold our house with a rival online company so have recommended to all friends to go with on-line to save on the commission paid. no complaints at all about the ease of providing feedback and encouraging and allowing the honesty. Thanks
James Boulby

It has been very easy to get viewing appointment.
Irene Smith

House network have been quick and efficient in responding to my calls and emails. I have no suggestions for improvements.
Mrs Jemma Cook

Good service
Emma Brandon

Everything was efficiently arranged and worked out according to plan. I enjoyed dealing directly with the vendors instead of having an agent to show me around.
Susan Reilly

Efficient, informative and accurate. The process is easy to use and hassle-free.
Margaret Siberry

House Netwok experience very good well briefed and given necessary information. Well done
Colin Doye

Very efficient and professional service so far. Thank you.
Maria Chakraburtty

Liked presentation online and prompt reply for viewing, and request for feedback on line rather than phone
Rachel Wandera

Great communication!
Holly Rudge

Like how easy it was to book viewing and how straight forward your site is to use
Aiden Wadhams

Quick and efficient
Mrs J Smith

Great service thank you
Elaine Horraway

I like the emails confirming details so you are kept updated.
Sarah Hawkins

Very impressed with your service & only wish we had known about your business before we engaged with local estate agents to sell our properties!
Jane Bennet

The process was pleasant & efficient. The person who greeted us at the house was very helpful & informative.
Mr Grant Valentine

I think it all went really well with good efficiency
Steve Orchard

The system seems to work really well - email reminders with the address and time were useful.
Gwen Bennett

Good experience. Useful to get email confirmation and reminder of viewing details, along with the vendor's name. The facility to leave feedback online is also appreciated.
Emma Barnes

Was impressed. Easy to arrange viewing
John Wybar

No problems and very efficient.
Amanda Cahill-ripley

It's great!
Kamlesh Singh

Friendly and thorough service.
Elaine Ballard

Really pleased with service so far - both over the phone and emails
Joanna Labudek

- Prompt reply on request to view. Overall good services provided so far.
Kirk Lim

Very efficient system.
Mr Shopland

You do your job well.
Mrs Aston

Very helpful, very easy to navigate thanks
Letty Wynne

I am impressed how organised and efficient this agency is and also customer approach is fantastic. And thank you very much for communicating with the home owner that we were running a bit late for our viewing due to train problems. My experience so far is great and look forward going ahead with this property! Thank you.
Daniel Adzhilarski

very quick to respond and arrange a viewing at such short notice
Julian Elliot

Great - thanks.
Angela Walker

So far, good and efficient service.
Ruth Grigor

Yes very impressed with House Network.
Victoria Tunstall

works well, better than dealing with estate agents :-)
Alan Lee

Efficient and very pleasant to deal with.
Mr Rowett

Very professional, and timely. Good service.
Jamie Monserrate

Everything was fine. Thanks for you help.
Ghazanfar Ali

Wonderful, of course
Melvyn Meade-brunas

Viewing was easy to arrange and you were quick to organise it for us.
Luke Fearn

Very quick efficient service.
Matthew Bloor

Very professional and efficient. Will certainly consider using house network if i have a property to sell in future.
Obi Ezeuko

Housenetwork is a new company to us but we have been impressed with the way prompt contact is made when arranging and re-arranging viewings
Janet Lynskey

Seems an efficient service & the fact the vendor has so many viewings arranged just a few days after going on the web is testament to the fact the service works.
Kelvin Richards

Thanks for the very accurate directions. Wouldn't have found it had we not phoned when we got a bit lost !
Mr & Mrs Saggs

I am impressed
Indira Garapati

Fine thanks. Great website. Easy to use. Agent that called me was very helpful
Stephen Dell

The information about the property was excellent and the instructions regarding the appointment were very helpful.
Manhal Yasseen

It worked great for us. The call centre was clear and had all the relevant information available. With the owners showing us the property it really was the best viewing possible and at a time convenient to all.
Adrian Wigham

great and convenient service
Linda Voller

We have dealt with many agents and I would say that dealing with yourselves was a much more efficient experience than most.
Stuart Bird

No problems. Online feedback very convenient.
Charlotte Appleby

Viewing arranged very quickly
Laura Melvin

Very quick arrangements for viewing and generally everything. Thank you.
Boyam Dimitrov

Since dealing with house network you have been very helpful. Arranging a viewing was simple and stress free. Also during the viewing the vendors recommended yourself and highlighted the pleasure it has been to do business with you. I am sure we will have further contact as we would like to make a second viewing and place an offer on the property
Adam Wood

Service was good. Prompt messages provided following the call.
Dawn Madel

Kept me up to date and made it clear when the appointment was.
Louis Turner

This system seems to work well. We would consider using it ourselves.
Katherine Cheetham

Your services was great and glad to say that everything went very fine in terms of communication.
Varun Mehta

The team were very efficient and responded to my queries and call promptly
Mary Thompson

Very good communication, very easy to deal with, hope to deal again soon
Dan Lane

Very good service
Mrs Noad

Really well organised, straightforward, no fuss.
Joanne Taylor

The company was really good and I like the fact that an email is sent for each stage. I only wish I had heard of you when I sold my property. I have already recommended you to my friend and will definately use you in the future. Thank you
Donna Bowes

Nice agency. Good communication.
Emilia Zaborowska

Really professional. Fantastic support and quick response.
Mrs Tamam

Very good thanks
Clare Sharples

Easy to contact you and pleased that my request for a call back was acted upon quite quickly
Wendy Mayers

Good service from Housenetwork. May use ourselves in the future. Thank you.
Glenys Reynolds

Quick reply and organised.
Angela Wild

Great, would definitely use housenetwork again.
Susie Miller

I am happy with what you have done so far. The process has been smooth and easy.
Laurie Paton

No problems at all. Very speedy & efficient.
Karen Moody

Very professional and efficient service although we have no further viewings with yourselves if any more do come up i wouldn't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks
James Barnes

It was my first viewing via house network and I felt it was so organised and no chasing was required . They were able to slot in a time that was good for me and then even sent me a reminder email which most agents do not do. Very well organised stress free and no chasing required. Thank you
Saimah Khan

One of the best service i have seen offered by Housenetwork than any other Estate agents.
Upendra Solanki

Very good service, fast
Nimrah Zeb

Very prompt and efficient service.
Mrs Lisa Darby

Very professional and efficient.
Alma Kucera

Very good pics
Mr John Bye

No issues, were contacted in good timescales regarding making a viewing and provided well detailed info regarding directions etc to the house. Liked the reminder closer to the date of the viewing. Thought we would have preferred an agent to show us round the house but actually the vendors doing it was preferred
Nic Chapman

Great I liked the fact I had an email to remind me of the viewing! Spoke to friendly helpful staff!
Miss Campbell

Everything was dealt with professionally - recommended!
Mohammed Rahim

You was all very helpful & I would deal with you again.
Darren Watson

Good service so far, viewing was arranged with minimal fuss. I like the email contact.
Susan Greenwood

Good experience so far, looking forward to buy this property through you.
Vishal Sahu

It's a fantastic idea of property business. I would always prefer if I can see the vender face to face but of course through third party like housenetwork I hope the indirect business of properties through agencies will stop one day In this country
Dr Muhammed

Fine, very professional.
Mrs Wendy White

Very good service wished I had registered to sell my house this way
Karen Norman

Fast and efficient.
Liam Riley

Efficient and effective. It was really useful being put in contact with London & Country.
Matthew Law

Very pleased with the efficiency received could not have asked for morel
Mrs Webb

Good job
Arzhand Youyusfi

All positive. Quick viewing arranged and easy to contact you.
Vicki Ditchfield

Couldn't fault you
Deborah Davies

Efficient & friendly.
Kerry Cummings

First time ever used and no problem to report. I like this method of feedback.
Mrs Timson

The emailing system with house network is great. Sometimes it is difficult to get hold of the estate agents due to working hours, so I really appreciate the email reminders and requests.
Gemma Moore

Very prompt and efficient.
Steven Tibbles

A very professional and efficient service, impressed!
Tess Strom

House Network staff were very helpful and the vendor was also very friendly and informative. Thanks for letting is to view this property.
Mr Ashok Gurung

Really easy!
Polly Askwith

Good service. My enquiry was dealt with promptly and an appointment arranged at a convenient time with confirmation e mail.
Joanna Staines

Very good and straightforward to work with
Yvette Woodhouse

Fine. No problems.
Mrs Hines

Works perfectly well, thank you.
Mr Paul Johnson

Very good communication. Impressed with speed that my original questions were answered & the subsequent emails regarding the viewing. I need the weekend to consider our situation. I will contact you on Monday in regards to putting our house on the market with yourselves.
Arthur Willows

I like the online approach that is used, along with the alternative choice of talking to an agent.
Mr Watts

Happy with your service and the vendor's representative who showed us around the property.
Veronika Ganeva

No complaints: easy to arrange a viewing, and to receive confirmation.
Karen Elphick

I like the amount of information about properties on your website - very useful. (Ie lease details) - other agents are not very good with such things.
Marina Buraga

Great service very helpful
Mrs Guest

Very well organised
Stephanie Michels

Very quick and prompt service when arranging the viewing.
James Avison

Good communication
Michelle Bennett

All the people I have dealt with have been very polite and helpful.
Neil Burns

It worked well for us.
Giles Henley

Good communication
Mrs Anderson

All great!
Costa Kotsiopoulos

Like not getting hundreds of hassling phone calls
Adam Coogans

Setting up viewing worked well. OK so far 
Mr And Mrs Tack

Efficient friendly and useful.
Conor Lambert

All very efficient and straight forward, thank you.
Jessica Wyte

Very helpful. Organised viewing very fast
Dr Sabbagh

Nothing to change... well done.

I was pleased with the service. I phoned late morning and you very quickly got back to me with an appointment in the afternoon.
Sally Gibbs On Behalf Of Son

Easy to contact, especially useful to be able to do so outside normal working hours.
Moira Penny

Very efficient and professional staff and service.
Joanne Ellison

Very prompt and helpful service. Gave useful advice.
Tristan Woolf

Great service and would recommend to friends who are looking to sell property. I really liked the fact that there was no pressure that you would normally feel with an estate agent.
Katy Cracknell

Experience so far has been good, easy to use and efficient friendly staff.
Sandie Coulson

Excellent service
Sandy Boyes

A very good service.
Mrs Sandra Todd

Very efficient and would definitely recommend to friends and family.
Suzanne Davey

Very helpful and happy with your company.
Carl Parsons

Good process with little hassle. Thank you.
Peter Axon

it seems a very efficient service.
Mrs Negrine

The response was quick and fantastic.
Dr Govindan

Very impressed with Housenetwork - thanks for arranging this viewing.
Sarah Brown

Very good correspondence, liked the fact that the email was very clear with property details and who will be meeting us at the property. Good to get a reminder.
Vanessa Kruger

Very well organised and managed. More property agents should follow your example.
Tom Burwood

I like the continual 'conversation' by email so you can see all previous conversations for reference.
Helen Wallbridge

Its professional way and very practical thank you
Mr. Jim Shehu

I am happy with the experience, it's not really any different from using a traditional type estate agent.
Mrs Marshall

Very efficient service
Debra Hampton

Very efficient and helpful.
Mrs J Vyvyan

Very good communication - liked the fact that you gave us the vendors surname,
Mr & Mrs Martin Walker-smith

No issues - good communication. I have not had any issues working with House Network as a buyer and I like this method of providing feedback.
John Le Feuvre

Good. Very efficient. Very friendly and helpful on the phone. I've looked at other houses with more 'traditional' estate agents and they often seem really disinterested in the house and they also often lie. Last week I went to see a house and the agent said "You're the first person to see this house, it's been empty all winter. Don't expect too much." 2 days later they were pressurising me into putting in an offer saying, "There's a lot of interest, you need to move quickly." That can't possibly have been true.
Kate Hayes

Good feedback system. Easy to organise appointments.
Paul Corrall

I have been impressesd with Housenetwork. You have been professional and efficient. I liked the contact I had when booking the viewing in terms of being made to be specific about potential viewing times and clear about my position. I liked the e-mail confirmation and have liked giving feedback online. I will be in touch this week to discuss whether you could potetially help me with my sale.
Fiona Swinburne

Excellent kept in touch & would recommend.
Raj Ganatra

Good service in getting a viewing arranged
Katie Murfin

Love the fact that we are not pestered!
Rob Wallis

Was impressed with the speediness of using house network. Its been an easy and straight forward experience.
Beth Dalton

Overall was very happy with the service. Would happily come back to Housenetwork.
Leah Selouk

We were pleased with your service. I phoned and enquired about viewing this property - Amy phoned me back with an appointment when she had spoken to the vendor and this was followed up with an email containing all details.
Sheila Gainey

I found the service very good. Would consider using you to sell our house.
Maggie Bush

Great experience so far!
Michael Sherry

So far very impressed with the service provided.
Mrs Falzon

Good service!
Elizabeth Sharp

Very efficient service.
Cassie Greenwood

The system is very easy to use.
Stephanie Kan

Excellent - well organised.
Andrew Wilkinson

Good contact, happy with service.
Gareth Wilson

Clear and informative good pictures.
David Abott

All good.
Jit Bahra

Great loved doing business with you will be in touch many thanks
Mrs Derry

The agent was brilliant and got me an appointment as well as a mortgage brooker, which i already had used for a quote
Mr Manku

All very well organised and well informed Thanks
Emma Tirvengadun

Good service on the phone and online
Jeremy Batt

Great no problems.
Allan Giles

Very simple and easy to arrange a viewing, unlike some other estate agents!
Danika Puzinowski

Prompt response and easy to arrange appointment. E mail to confirm was good.
Liz Hewitson

Viewing details were sent to a wrongly addressed email, so I had to chase up.
Naomi King

Really well. Swift at getting in touch and arranging the viewing and responsive when I asked for changes.
Vannessa Whitehead

Easy hassle free way to view properties.
Ricky Spain

Thought house network experience worked well . Very thorough and efficient
Julie Presley

Good way of giving feedback as it's not always easy taking phone calls during work hours, so giving feedback online in your own time makes it easier
Nicola Head

I liked the flexibility to arrange a viewing on a sunday when most high street agencies wouldn't be available at this time. I wasn't keen on the 'offers in excess' way of selling a property although I understand why it may benefit the seller and this is obviously not unique to house network as I have seen numerous other agents advertise properties in this way
Sian Fairgrieve

Awesome. Quick and easy
Niruja Jeyaroopan

Happy to deal with you. Great reminding service . thanks
Radek Maksymiak

I really like working with the House network. The staff was very polite and effective. Communication was minimal, clear and via my preferred method (online)
Dimitrios Karagkounis

Very impressed.
Martin Spayne

Viewing was managed very well and I had reminders throughout and on the day.
Diana Arnold

Great communication regarding booking a viewing.
Charlotte Dean

Perfectly efficient agency method.
Kate Walker

Zynthia Lindsey

Excellent service so far, only my first time using Housenetwork but i like it. Keep up the good work!
Loris Vigiani

All very efficient and good reminders.
Phillip Sutton

House network were very efficient & got us a viewing on the day, well done!
Susan Watt

Good communication
Sophia Millen

Good service. I telephoned after 6pm and was able to arrange a viewing for the following day, which I doubt you would be able to do with a standard estate agent.
Steven Essex

Really great, quick and responsive service. Nothing negative to say at the moment!
Cathy Wilson

I find this company very efficient and responsible arranging my viewing
Vanessa Alsomzo

Really quick to respond to our viewing request and really like the online interaction.
Laura Bern

I have not used the Housenetwork and have been impressed with how my enquiry has been dealt with and the information I have been given. When I have spoken to you on the phone you have been polite and helpful and the emails I have received have been relevant and contained useful information.
Laura Franklin

Very prompt response to my enquiries. Very good communication from the person who contacted me.
Daniel Lewins

Good communication making the process as easy as possible.
Debbie Cyrille

I like the fact that detailed information about the house was sent by email.
Emma Brewster

Seems like a good service and much cheaper than the agent we used.
John Morgan

Good service so far.
Victoria Riggio

Good response time.
Caroline Horden

Very easy to deal with, had no issues.
aileen bellwood and tom davison

No suggestions for improvement, we've recently done lots of viewings with various agents and House Network have been by far the most efficient and responsive.
Judy Ward

Very professionable and helpful.
Mrs Carol Codd

Fantastic service, fast, very helpful and professional. We would consider using housenetwork in the future if we needed to sell a property. Thank you.
Luan Brothwood

i thought the overall process by Housenetwork, so far supersedes other agents that I've dealt with so far. I think that more marketing needs to be done to build awareness of the company, if I was in a position to sell, I would consider Housenetwork, although would not know it existed!
Mrs Victoria Meadowcroft

The house view arrangement was quick. Well done!
Guangtai Zheng

Great communication very professional
Shelley Thomas

Lovely, polite people!
Maja Colins

Great and easy to deal with.
Mrs Sophie Coates

The email reminders were excellent. The use of one agent to contact was very helpful. Everything was so clear and straightforward. An improvement over a traditional estate agent!
Paul Briggs

Overall a very good experience. Would consider using House Network for our rental properties.
Mat Shenton

Pleased with the prompt action to arrange a viewing to the property.
Mrs Millard

This was our second viewing; it was diligently and efficiently arranged. Many thanks Mrs Martin
Mrs Christine Martian

Dealing with Housenetwork has been great so far. I like the fact that all this can be done online without the hassle of phones call. If we didn't buy the property we have viewed I would definitely use you again and recommend you.
Paula Sturman

Very helpful
Jenny Elson

The arrangements were really prompt and well organised, thank you. Nothing to improve on.
Alina Haines

Very good service.
Kumar Peries

Julie Flynn

Would use you should we move again
Jennifer Harding

This service was great, especially the e-mailed appointments and reminders.
Jo Gale

I think the service you provided worked well from my point of view.
Mike Tatum

Very good from what I've see so far.
Luigi Rizzica

All good from agent
Kerry Farrington

You were very quick in arranging a viewing with the vendor, which was really appreciated. You gave good information on the property and web details were good. Person on telephone to arrange viewing was very helpful. Further emails with interesting properties is very useful and having this feedback system is excellent. We were impressed with your services. thank you.
Johnathan Hughes

Property was good, excellent layout. Nothing wrong with property.
Majid Karim

No hassles, the viewing went very smoothly.
Ashwuni Apra

Pleasant experience so far.
Andrew Crawley

I had no issues with the process, and in fact I like the lack of vending pressure, as it creates a more comfortable viewing context.
Christian Clark

House network have provided a good service
Lee Smith

Feedback online good system
Angela Poulson

The support from the team was good.
Seema Menon

You were very organised and helpful.
Catherine Sorley

House network good quick responses likes the text reminder and address of the viewing
Joanne Locking

Fine, no problems
John Roberts

Peter Hughes

Really quick to arrange and communicate viewing
Kate Gambling

Very straightforward. The owner was much more knowledgeable than agents tend to be.
Iain King

All online services is convenient
Stephanie Morgan

Good level of email communication, reminders etc. Lots of information provided in relation to the viewing, e.g. directions, where to park etc. Things you don't get with other estate agents.
Natalie Rogers

Good thanks
Shane Jenkinson

The online agent is so much easier and friendlier. The email feedback is good as it means we aren't hounded by phone calls. More estate agents should opt to do this.
Amie Edwards

Service great
Nandani Krishna

No complaints about service provided.
Jane Marker

Very well
Laura Slorescu

Will Selby

Yes everything was fine with your service thanks
Mrs Beacroft

Organised a viewing in the space of an hour
Connor Berry

Good service
Heidi Sambrook

First time using an online agency and would certainly consider this way of selling a house in the future!
Mrs Cowley

Good communication. Online option to give feedback is good
Sophia Millen

Thank you for the prompt response when we requested a viewing of the property via rightmove.
Christopher Curtis

Yes very good service all round.
Justin Cross

Yes very efficient
Andy Cribb

All seemed fine
Abbie Barber & Richard Oakes

Fantastic service. Efficient service. Lois called back with a confirmed viewing date and time minutes after I made the enquiry. Highly recommended!
Mrs Openshaw

Bookings were easy to arrange and your staff were always professional and helpful.
Michael Cicirko

Arranged viewing easily. Answered phone and dealt with enquiry straight away
Kamil Asaad

Good service.
James Burt

Your agent was efficient and most helpful
Philip Edwin Ronan

Great service. Works well with emails.
Potoula Sykioti

Good service so far!
Emily James

It was good and if I see another house on your books that I like I would be back in touch
Mrs Mallipal

An efficient service. Like email confirmation.
Amanda Murray

Mrs Nicky Okoh-ogu

Friendly and efficient.
Wendy Whitehead

So far so good!
Mike Tatum

Efficient booking of visit and convenient being able to correspond online as well as by phone.
Louise Walport

Very efficient in getting us a viewing and sending details across.
Jane Ram

Liked the prompt service provided by housenetwork
Daniel Mensah

Thank you for your help. It's a satisfactoring experience. Appreciate it.
Junyan Luo

The online system appears to work well.
Suzanne Bedford

I like to work online. Can't think of any real negatives in our interactions with yourselves.
Lin Rankin

Richard was really helpful - lovely customer service. Very pleasant experience in booking viewing.
Lyn Dawkins & Pete Sidwell

You did what was expected, good job.
Kurt Freilinger

Mr Murray

First time using house network but liked the approach, reminders and feedback
David Marcham

Fast, prompt service
Ray Cherrington

All was fine
James Evans

This was a good viewing with clear instructions on how to reach the property, thank you.
Paula Sommers

Very good assistance given, prompt and very professional
Jacqualyn Mount

Easy process and have used mortgage company recommend.
Rachel Wyatt

I liked the process using email for reminders etc. I am not really able to answer the phone during working hours so this enabled me to keep in touch. Thank you for keeping in touch at regular intervals.
Mrs Ingleson

Great thus far.
Dianne Gammond

Good service, great reminders, thank you!
Emily James

Prompt and efficient arrangement of our viewing. No criticism
Alex Wood

We like the service from House network and we are happy so far.
Mr Syed

Excellent and efficient service.
Lizzie Hawkes

Great service
Emily Ashley

First time with you and no complaints
Mrs Diane Smith

Service very good and easy to use. Would consider using myself if I was also selling.
John Dunn

Really like the online concept - simple, easy to use, and very efficient service.
Nicholas Cowlen

Good service Easy to use and effective. Well done
Debbie Phillips

Good communication
Jo Parkes

No complaints. Everything has been as I expected
Charlotte Hembling

Very professional and helpful so far. Prompt response times
Sophie Steel

very good the people i dealt with
Mrs Maria Edwards

Your sales staff were polite and punctual with their arrangements. Thanks for your help.
Ms Susan Paquith

Very good service, will consider using it myself.
Constance Mansueto

Really good communication, updates and house viewing confirmations all in writing from the agency. Thanks you
Natalie Schlenker

Fine, no problems.
Angela Lupino Franglen

Great service.
Richard Norris

Brilliant . You responded to our request to see the property very quickly
Marie-claire Howorth

Quick and efficient
Mike Carter

We have been pleased with housenetwork.
Kim Thomson

I like the prompt email communication
Lisa Gray

A good service all round.
Mr Dempster

I am impressed with your service.
Ian Mcdonald

I was impressed that I was offered a second viewing in short notice
Debbie Ngwenya

Good service, no problems.
James Kennedy

Really good customer service. Quick viewing arrangements. I like the option of being able to feedback online.
Charlene Coates

Your service is very efficient with quick responses to messages.
Suzanne Bedford

A lot better than having to ring estate agents and wait for call backs etc. it was quick and easy to arrange a viewing.
Katie White

Managed to arrange viewing when convenient for me
Sandy Jones

Impressed with service received and hours of business - ideal for people who work! Also liked E-mail confirmations
Mrs Claire Martin

We found this system of viewing and leaving feedback very easy and must be helpful for the vendors, thank you.
Mr Coxs

Very impressed with the service. Would definitely consider using you in the future.
Juliet Kenny

Very impressed by what I have seen so far. Have recently sold our property but we would definitely consider using House Network should we be in a position to sell in the future. Better than other online agents that we have had dealings with.
Rosemary Chalouache

First time I became aware of house network, will definitely think about it for the future.
Mrs Natasha Philippou

Contact and viewing booking was prompt. Thanks.
Cheryl Le Sueur

Very impressed, even though our interaction has only been online so far. The email confirmation and reminders were very useful and sent promptly. It's a nice touch to put a face to the name.
Mrs Enright obo Kelly Enright

Very good
Daniel Windeatt

I`m really impressed with your service , the online reminder is great and would defo use you in future
David Coupe

I got nothing really to say that you were very quick to get back and arrange viewing. I did like your service
Edward Kelly

Nothing you were efficient in responding to house viewings.
Polly Hamilton

Easy and useful to do online
Brad King

Very easy to use the site helpful on phone and good communication would recommend
Barbara Grosberg

Very efficient
Mr Martin Mckechnie

So far you have done a good job!
Lalith Sudusinghe

I found Housenetwork helpful and I like being shown around a property by the vendors as you get a better idea of what it is like to live there.
Sarah Hutchings

Tanya Cooper

Prompt response.
Bc and Joyce Sai

1) Very impressed with the online feedback option. 2) The viewing arrangement and response were very quick
Pradeep Ramachandran

Adrian Davis

The housenetwork was very good. Efficient and friendly. I was happy to work with you.
Anne Wallis

Very good service, quick viewing arrangements made, thank you.
Mrs Ramute Sobupiene

Very helpful- quickly contacted property owner to arrange a viewing. Good follow up with details of property, owner and house network representative. Nothing needs improving!
Morag Paterson

Very efficient services
Simone Hooe

House network is a great concept. I have no improvements to suggest.
Valentina Keller

Wonderful service and everything went perfectly if this sale doesn't go through i will happily use you again.
Brynley Grist - Yates

No complaints
Toril Ofstad

Good service, liked the email confirmations and reminders with personal message form vendor eg allowed use of driveway for viewing
Neil Wakefield

Great service. Friendly and accommodating.
Kevin Dzakpasu

I think the service is fab.
Joanne Hannaford

No problem very helpful.
Kevin Morton

This system works really well. Very efficient
Mrs Sinhal

Housenetwork runs efficicently and appreciate the email reminders regarding viewing date/time. Excellent Service!!
Mr Jassal

I thought it was very simple to use and helpful you had a mortgage advisor get in touch with me which I also found helpful.
Sally Jones

We have no criticisms to make. You responded quickly to our telephone calls and were prompt in arranging a viewing.
Mr Whistle

The service was really quick and easy to use. The vendor was also very complimentary which I thought would be worth noting. The viewing booking was very swift and efficient.
Alan Manley

Straightforward service who contacted me promptly to confirm the viewing etc.
James Horn

A very good and efficient service.
Vilmos Valko

I was impressed to receive regular e mails reminding me of the date and time of the viewing and I think that online feedback is a great idea.
Diane Dobson

very efficient
Sue Phillips

A very streamlined and simple process. Thanks
Juliet Wells

House network were very helpful.
Faisal Sadek

Easy to use, fast to arrange a viewing
Scott Lawton

This is the first time we have used Housenetwork and we can only give praise to as our dealings have been 100% efficiency. We have dealt with many agents for property options the past few weeks and the majority are very frustrating and disorganised, if they get back in contact at all. The mortgage support was also very fast and efficient. We are more than happy to recommend Housenetwork and their team, if they continue with the system they have they can only go upwards. Thanks, we hope to be doing business in the near future.
Gareth C.O Derrick Towlson

Efficient - no problems with viewing arrangements.
Mrs Carruthers

Everything fine as it is!
Janet Priborsky

Very efficient
Emanuela Liberti

Richard Robinson was very helpful and responded quickly to my request to view the property. Very professional! Thank you.
Sarah Phillips

Prompt response and easy setup.
Pavneet Kaur

House network is great and fantastic.Nothing negative about the company so far in my dealings.Regards
Omolola Akorede-lawal

Very efficient on arranging viewing, I like that I can leave feedback online, gives me a little more time to think about it rather than being put on the spot with a phone call
Mrs Fay Riley

We are happy with the service offered. Well done!  
Mrs Sia

A very good and prompt service, thank you
Mr Peter Doherty

Very good level of service
Steve Blackwood

New way of house selling. Efficient, Prompt Emails rather than been badgered by phone due to busy life.
Ms Cotton

The process has been quick and easy
Holly Doran

Great service without being hassled by agents on the phone.
Ian Margetts

Excellent service.
Mr And Mrs Phillips

Really great way of doing things, so nice to meet the seller individually, rather than be shoved in to a block viewing with 20 couples and not able to get the information to make an informed decision.
Lara Burnett

Clear instructions, the reminders about the viewing work very well.
Julie Mustad

Very good service
Carolyn Shaw

It's a great way to do viewings, I'd much rather have the agent quietly in the back ground and deal with the vendor in the first instance.....
Becky Roth Plumber

Very well organised organisation - helpful and informative
Jenny Elson

Very good
Diana Oliver

Fantastic. Very informative and helpful.
Heidi Buxton

I liked the prompt response to my enquiry, the associated emails, and the telephone manner of Abigail, who made arranged the viewing.
Chris Booth

So far so good and I certainly like this feedback process which keeps the vendor informed. Let us hope we can make two sales here!!
Mr Walker

Great service
Helen Joyner

I would have appreciated a phone call to give feedback as I requested, rather than email but on the whole I think the service is excellent and I like looking round a house with the owner rather than with an agent who often hasn't a clue about a property and is inclined to give misleading information. Great photos too.
Francesa Weinberg

Organised well.
William George

Efficient, straightforward
Claire Dijoux

The experience with Housenetwork has been good and we would definitely use this route to view other suitable properties.
Wendy Mann

Quick easy and informative to arrange viewings
Rachel Anderton

Satisfied with all communication.
Mrs Vivian Wallis

Veey good service
Carolyn Shaw

Very quick viewing turnaround - thank you. Vendor was lovely too! Convenient arranging viewing with vendor, especially when estate agents can often be too busy to fit you in.
Olivia Stephens

Excellent service
Deborah Griffiths

Everything was fine
Mr Oakley

Good response time
Alan Frost

Easy to contact & make a viewing.
Ms Katie Staff

Really impressed with the service so far, had a viewing appoitment within minutes of requesting one, havent got a bad word to say, yet.
Gareth Durham

Happy with the service.
Stacy Clark

Appointment was arranged quickly. No problems
Mr Murrell

Friendly helpful kept in contact we are impressed.
David Bland

We found it really easy dealing with Housenetwork - its the first time we have viewed a house through an online agent and were very impressed.
Emily Baker

Very professional ..... Great communications
Dr Pam Kaur

Nothing I like the way your Model works ... Much more easier and efficient than other agents we have used.
Amanda Hughes

I'm very impressed with this service and wouldn't hesitate to buy through this site. The people were professional and efficient.
Sara Phillips

Very professional and i did not have any issues with booking appointments. Staff were very polite. Thankyou
Nuzhat Shah

Very quick and efficient service
Stacy Saxby

Easy to contact quick to return with viewing date and great to receive email as a reminder if viewing in the day
Mrs Tamblin

Everything is so far so good with House Network
Stephen Chan

Great to have reminder emails. Had a good service so far
Elizabeth Rutledge

We had a good experience.
Mr Chris Lamb

Very happy with you efficient as even, you are also selling our property and Kristina Porter is our case manager and lovely to work with and always professional.
Jane Nicholson

Easy to contact. Made arrangements promptly. Good use of email.
Mandy Wright

Very quick to call back and arrange the viewing. Received a good service.
Ms Sarah Greenwood

So far quite impressed. We asked David, the vendor, about your service and we were interested to hear his positive comments. We have not placed our property on the market yet but may contact you when we are ready to do so within the next month or two.
Eric Hooper

Great and promt service. Happy with the response .
Farzana Chaudry

Prompt and efficient service at a cost signicantly lower than the usual selling fees - we would use you in the future.
Mr David Meaden

House network appears to be very efficient. The agent I spoke to was polite and helpful. When I requested a property viewing, this was arranged the same day. Many thanks, Mrs Martin
Mrs Christine Martian

Very good service.
Lisa Drake

happy with the very swift response to my email enquiry and the prompt viewing
Christine Gaughran

A very good service, thank you very much!
Mr Zuhurov

Like your service - I was skeptical but I'm actually impressed by the process. Viewings by vendor haven't been as weird as I expected!
Musha Hove

You are good
Nic Petrov

Annette O''toole

I love this new approach to browsing the properties available. I am a very busy mum and manager 2 kids aged 11 and 2 and work 40 hrs a week in a very demanding job. I wasn't waiting for call backs and have them interrupt my day I had a txt or email to my mobile with a quick" click a link" no logging in rubbish and updated when I had a minute to confirm the viewing times etc. It clearly works as the vendors were in and expecting us. we have had occasion where despite numerous calls and disruption to my day I once arrived at a vendor s house to find the estate agent hadn't let them know we were coming! I think its great and cannot think of any criticism or suggestions. 
Andrea Sutcliffe

So far, so good, thank you.
Mr Bridger

Hadn't come across you before, but experience so far has been really good!
Tim Beveridge

All good : )
Maria Osmanska

I found Housenetwork efficient and helpful in making arrangements to view a property. Thank you.
Sharon Sayles

The service was efficient and very easy.
Teresa Velazquez

A very professional service, found the contact and information first class. Your service puts most estate agents we've dealt with in the shade. Thank you.
Mrs White

no complaints so far, communication was quick and easy, viewing arranged for the same day.
Gillian Tesseyman

Liked the good service .
Krishna Kilambi

Great feedback system. Excellent viewing with the vendors and liked the property very much. Thank you.
Sarah Quesne

The service was good and I liked the no hard sell feedback.
Claire Riddle

I am very happy with your service - staff are friendly/professional and follow through.
Melanie Clark

Very efficient and I like the online nature of the business.
Lisa Topping

Quick to help arrange for viewing time and reply to my call.
Boon Chuan Sai

I was very happy with the service, very efficient.
Lauren Riley

It was very good experience, you were responsive and passed all relevant details whenever required. Thanks!
Vishal Sahu

Good on line comfirmation
Christine Littlemore

The online system was really good, as i have two small children and sometimes finding time to talk on the phone is a bit of a nightmare.. the responses were quick re arranging the viewing.
Emily Gray

The service was very good, I could change my appointment at a very short notice.
Viviane Annunciacao

I have been impressed with Housenetwork so far and cannot think of any suggestiions for improvement.
Carol Thorne

Contact from you was excellent!
Anita Cornell

Great communication via 'phone and e/mail. Recommended!
Ms Deanne Lord

Very good service and clear instructions given about the house and the direction..Thanks
Mr Ruhomaun

Very quick at following up with requests and sending on information. Good experience so far.
Claire Rossall

If there were other properties around that I thought were on your books in the same range, I would look at it..
Harold Dcruz

You ve been professional
Ms Derin Adesida

Efficiently dealt with and the reminders were useful.
Sarah Easedale

The Housenetwork work perfectly, I have not objection at all.
Peter Lapsansky

Great. We would strongly recommend.
Glen Jones

Very good service, pleased with all aspects of my experience.
Donna Turner

Everything was arranged and sorted as necessary thank you.
Mrs Young

We have not dealt with House Network as such but seems to be a good agency. I wasn't sure about dealing with someone who is based online but you have a great on call service good follow up on viewings reasonable fees so far was a happy experience
Tony Eateen

Yes, this service has been very good. I don't feel it is necessary for an estate agent to show me around properties.
Nicola Bean

Delighted to deal with on-line estate agencies!!! 
Nolene Harris

Very rapid your service and very kind people.
Domenico Di Tullio

I've appreciate your kindness. Thanks.
Domenico Di Tullio

Very efficient and easy to get hold of. Pleased with the service.
Mrs Veena Qhanna

Great service, quick and efficient
Mrs Vicky Gibbons

I think you are a breath of fresh air and are improving the industry with a more efficient, lower cost service. I would be keen to use you again in the future to buy it sell a house.
Yaseen Bahadur,Rashida Bahadur, Huzy Bahadur

The process has been great.
Andrew Bolan

This is my first experience with Housenetwork and I was pleased with their services. They are quite organised and polite. They give you all the relevant information. I called about a property and wanted to do viewing on the same day and 'Voula' I got my wish. Thank you so much and Keep up the good work.
Titilayo Danialu

I really appreciate working with you - its quick and easy, and I like that you accept the option to communicate via e-mail when that is easier for me.
Magnus Almqvist

Impressed by your charges.
Hilary Sherington

Pleased with quick response to my e mail and prompt viewing the next day.
Mrs Heron

The communication was very fast and we appreciated the reminders for the visit as well, they explained well what we should expect.
Kavita Bhdaal

Good service.
Rima Khanon

Everything went well.
Michael Watson

No complaints excellent speed during holiday period to set up second viewing.
Gerry Dorby

Fast and efficient service.
Mr Paul Matthews

Very pleased with service.
Ema Cuomo

Very organised and easy to contact. Quick replies to all email and telephone contact was appreciated. All very personable. So far, I'd be tempted to use you if I was selling!
Linsey Reynolds

Simple to use.
Jessica Colabella

All I can say is my experience with you was 'Brilliant', very polite, prompt, and kept me in the loop every step of the way with all your email communication!!
Mr Patel

Very helpful and friendly.
Andrew Neal

Very efficient
Lydia Redman

Very good.
Mr Miah

Great thanks
Khusi Daryanani

service was fine, would have no problems in using again
Mr Spruce

Great service and communication
Sarah Hooper

From the little dealings we have had with yourselves you do seem very informative and efficient. I was notified of the viewing time and date ,and was given a contact name in your department as well as the vendors name for the viewing. This kind of service you often do not get from ordinary estate agents and the costs are a usually a lot higher.
Mr Hopkinson

Easy to arrange viewing and to obtain brochure electronically.
Martin Potter

Housenetwork seem to be very proactive with there clients. So at this early stage in the proceedings all is ok. Thank you
Mr Allan Newton

A very simple process.
Darren Howett

Very easy to deal with.
Ms Karen Sheehan

Fast and helpful. Thank you
Debbie Tabor

You appear very efficient and might well use you in the future -
Mrs Turner

Very impressively handled - including this innovative use of an online form for feedback - no suggestions as to how you could improve your service
Mr Griffiths

I'm very pleased with the help I was given
Cindy Laws

Mr Paul Rawe

Not tried on line before and this seems very good.
Robert Anderson

All well organised! Thanks very much!
Mr Zuhurov

Good communication
Alex Morris

So far, so good!!
Wendy Newell

Good service, friendly and effecient.
Jay Abbott

Housenetwork were very prompt at dealing with my enquiry and arranging a viewing. We were very happy with the friendliness of the staff on the telephone too.
Natalie Tomlinson

The process has been less evasive than working with normal estate agents so a much more pleasent experience.
Tim Morris

Thanks for your help and efficiency. :)
Louise And Roger Berghton

Very good
Mr Fuller

No issues..Happy with service
Jill Jones

Helpful and quick in arranging the viewing.Thank you.
Sally Mills

Love your online system ! Very efficient
Samantha Selvini

Like the use of online feedback.
Ms Samantha Crawford

No improvements necessary. I'm impressed. Thank you.
Julie Atkinson

Good service prompt response with viewing arrangements.
Beatriz Betancort

Very pleased with your service and very quick response
Mr Watson

Quite impressed with your property description/photographs and your pre- visit administration. Meeting the householders was also an advantage. Pitty you don't have more property available in our local facility. We are sorry we hadn't heard of you before as our experience of conventional estate agents, apart from our current agent, hasn't been great! We will certainly recommend you to friends or use you ourselves in the future if necessary.
Mrs Marilyn Morgan

Great site, emails worked well for us. Plenty of information and would consider using if needed in the future. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Nicky Hughes
N Hughes

Excellent efficient service so far
Mr Nigel Clark

Efficient service. Like the email confirmation. No improvements.
Mr Mark Ball

Works reasonably well - certainly probably more easily for setting up viewing than many standard agents!
Rachel Marlow

Good communication from house network
Mr Daniel Brown

Good communication and speedy viewing.
Wendy Blackmore

Very helpful and cooperative
Aneeque Chohan

The house network was brilliant to work with. Very organised. I loved the confirmation emails as I'd taken the booking phone call after a night shift and so was half asleep. So it was really helpful to have a written confirmation as well. I like it the online aspect but that you can also contact someone if you want.
Jordan Annakin

Very good
Mr George Bazoua

Good communication
Mr Simon Carter

Very efficient
Neona Allimi

Very courteous and helpful staff and timely set up of viewing arranged
Anna Street

It's an interesting alternative to dealing with estate agents. Given that Diana was so friendly and helpful (I even got made a cup of tea!) being shown round by her was far better than being shown round by an agent, and she was able to answer all the questions an agent wouldn't be sure of. Your responses were prompt and efficient - found it a very positive experience so far!
Rebecca Walker

This is my first experience of using House Network or any online estate marketing company. Tonight's experience was an extremely positive one. It's fantastic to meet the people who live and treat the property at sale as their home. They know the property better than any other, it takes away any awkward and unknown questions that you may have with your estate agent. If I am unsuccessful in purchasing this property via house network, I shall certainly be keeping an eye out for similar properties marketed by them and using their services in the future for even a potential sale I may be lucky to have one day.
Sam Groves

Everything was fine, no problem.
Zoe Taylor

Excellent quick service
Faisal Gondal

Efficient service, thank you.
Julie Stirman

You are wanting feedback before we have made a decision and consider your 4 options under make an offer should also include an option not yet made a decision
Mr Richard Barlow

This is the first time we have dealt with Housenetwork and we have found it to be efficient and easy.
Peter Evans

Very good service
Mrs Thompson

Quick and easy to set up the viewing
Sam Tasker

It was fine. No issues. Doinf things on line is much easier for me as I work with computers and taking phone calls at work is tricky.
Cathy Weeks

So far so good - no complaints.
Mr A Vaghela

We are very happy with our dealings with Housenetwork to date.
Bernadette Cumberland & Mathew Weeden

You have worked well and would use you again.
Elaine Rowland

I don't think there's any difference between the traditional high street estate agents and you. I said this as a compliment. At first, I am a little bit worried to deal with the online estate agent without seeing face to face. Another good thing is a chance to speak to vendor directly during viewing. At least I am reassured that I am buying to the house well looked after by the current owner. Thanks again. Hope to deal with you again.
Aung Kyaw

Efficient, uptodate, knowledgeable and good customer service
Mary Twagira

Efficient, polite and knowledgeable.
Mary Twagira

Very quick at answering the phone and getting back to me with the appointment confirmation
Mrs Claire Garvey

Efficient, polite and helpful so far - thanks.
Stuart Gates

You seem extremely efficient and I like your feedback form. Would certainly use you should I wish to sell my house.
Clare Ledwith

Great service!
Raj Singh

Housenetwork is very efficient. The viewing was quickly arranged.
Robert Willett

All good thanks.. Nothing negative
Ms Navinder Kaur

Communication was good and I like the fact that we can do feedback by email.
Ms Gabby Bizeul

The agent was very helpful and could answer all my questions, not pushy.
Kim Wong

Excellent service from call centre staff - prefer this method versus traditional bricks and mortar estate agents as you get a more personal viewing experience too. Thanks.
Mr Tomos Rook

Very efficient. Thank you
Christine Windwood

Very helpful and happy to view a property again with you
Luke Mcdonald

Housenetwork is great.
Xiuji Guan

Excellent communication, and online facility. Would definitely recommend
Miguel De Freitas

No issues with the service offered by your company.
Carol Frankish

It was well organised - the e-mail with viewing details was particularly helpful.
Suzanne Delaney

Great service. thank you.
Meredith Wood

Thanks for arranging visit promptly.
Ms Roslin Piddock

Arranging a viewing was quick and easy and I liked the fact that the details were e-mailed to me
Nathan Walker

The viewing was arranged at our convenience and the reminder emails were useful
Mrs Veronica Longworth

Efficient- would do business again.
Mr Lawrence Clarke

Very good
Duncan Mallison

We haven't used Housenetwork prior to this viewing. I am pleased with the way you handled my enquiry so promptly and am impressed by your informative e-mails and information contained therein.
Mrs Carolyn Thomas

Happy with your services
Emiia Finamore

Good, you got back to me very quickly.
Hollie-jo West

I would recommend you to other people as I can see you are very well organised!
Elema Rusu

Excellent service and from the discussion with the vendor I will be recommending you.
Jonathan Meakin

Great service thank you!
Candida Lever

Good communication and kept up to date. Would consider using house network to find a property in the future.
Miss Julie Shearer

Nice and fast reply and friendly
Skye Thompson

Good communication!!
Ricardo Vieira

You have been professional and quick with contacting vendor and getting back to us so thank you.
Alice Hills

Yes, great
Kate Plowright

Good communication thanks.
Miss Kerry Fielder

So far so good
Mr Ioan Mirciov

I have been contacted promptly and arranged viewing for me. I have no complaints.
Mrs J Pattekar

It's all been good so far!
Jon Lee

Good service very happy.
Ms Anna Jones

Wish we had gone with you to sell our house. But never mind
Richard Laverick

Very easy to use service, convenient to communicate via email.
Ms Jennifer Grange

You were very efficient.
David Manners

Good service.
Mrs Darcie Parflow

Excellent service and will consider using your company if we decide to sell our property
Mr Allen

I must say, you guys are very professional and breath of fresh air in the estate agents market. I wish, I knew about you before so that I would have used your services regarding sale of my current property. Excellent customer service!!!
Anieela Arshad

Billy was great at making communication via telephone.
Sajidah Dadabhoy

Great thanks
Jade Knowles

Very efficient
Mrs Wendy Gayton

Hello your service has been very good we do let and sometimes buy and sell property and because of the excellent rate you charge we would consider using you ourselves in future. With Thanks Mr R Mills
Ron Mills

Pleased with the service- especially the email contact as opposed to constant phonecalls which I find a nuisance from street agents.
Domini Eaton

Fast efficient service, not different to any of the high street agents. I will definately sell my house with an online agent if the case were to occur again.
Marina Lillia

Very good and got back to us for the viewing quickly. would appreciate to see more house in the near future
Mr Ushwin & Mrs Jotika Shah

Very good quickly arranged a viewing.
Amy Casey

You did a good job on setting up the viewing at such short notice
Neil Fazackerley

All worked well with the arrangements etc
Jenny Summers

Mr Hudson

Well done
Mohammad Sharaf

It was all very clear and easy. No complaints.
Mr Wynne-morgan

I liked this system of email notifications.
John Mclean

I would like to thank you for your time and assistance as well
Sheraz Manghl

It was good.
Michael Mullen

Beverly Walker

Chat/discussion with Matt + reception was re-assuring and proved that Housenetwork take a professional approach to property selling.
Mr Muhammad Abdul Raad

I have been v impressed with House network.
Jarrard Jones

It worked well
Barbara Oakey

Seemed to be a very professional outfit
Heather Toy

Far better than any local estate agents - in that you actually responded to my rightmove enquiry (NONE of the local high street agents have!) and also followed up accordingly to book viewings and get feedback.
Laura Wilks

Found your service excellent
Mrs Denise Tobin

Very prompt service
Joanne Smith

Easy quick and simple
Michelle Parker

Very efficient and easy to communicate with. Thanks for your help.
Jack Mason

Great system ! Very efficient method of sale.
Debbie Lill

An excellent service. Reminders and communication was very effective. This feedback opportunity is a good example of how the service serves the needs of current purchasers in using ICT rather than phone.
Sue Ashe

Thank you for your quick and efficient viewing process, I was informed at all stages and your staff were very helpful.
Ian Lumbard

You guys are spot on . Thanks for all the help .
Nitesh Kashyap

Good service.
Marilyn Richards

I found the whole process very straight forward and hope to have further contact with you, thanks
Mr Peter Stockwell

Followed up too quickly for feedback but overall happy with this service
Tessa Abdou

A very easy and straight forward way to view a house. I am impressed with your service and ease of communicating.
Clare Sheard

The amount of interior pictures and information was good and the response time from requesting the information to answering was excellent.
Deborah Dartnell

The service was efficient and I appreciated having an email confirming the viewing with full details
Tim Reef

Prompt, efficient service
Louise Heath

Very easy and quick service. Better than a estate agent.
Michelle Harrison

Housenetwork is a very efficient online listing service. It was our first opportunity to use your service, and we would readily recommend it to others.
Rosemarie Cadogan

This is the first time I have used this service and it appears to be very efficient and easy to use.
Kim Strong

Would consider using you to sell our property. Considering you are not local, you have not harassed us or put any pressure on us as local companies have. Thank you.
Jacqueline Littlehales

Fast response to viewing and vendor knew our names when we arrived.
Angela Tomlinson

The service was excellent - prompt and courteous responses.
Richard Lewis

Very good. Very efficient service
Alastair Byrom

House network was helpful.
Hannah Scarbrough

Excellent website. Thank you.
Tony Darby

Very impressed so far
Jillian Bone

Very well organised.
Mr Gallagher

Good straight forward and easy service. Good can communicate via email or phone and all who I have dealt with have been very friendly and helpful
Keiran Patel

Good service, thanks!
Barry Sinclair

Very efficient service thank you.
Michael Togher

Not dealt with Housenetwork before. Found the system easy to deal with, people polite and helpful.
David Witham

House network were very efficient and friendly.
Amy Barclay

Yup all good.
Brak Crolla

Excellent communications
Julian Patching

Very straightforward arrangements. Great not to have to deal with pushy estate agents.
Ann Knox

Very happy with the service provided.
Sarah Oxford

Things were dealt with quickly and viewings booked ASAP. It was nice to have the owner show us round.
Katie Brook

Contact was easy and I was impressed with the level of communication.
Mr James Kelwick

Good service
Sonia Devine

We were very impressed by the efficiency of Housenetwork. And the request for feedback and the options available.
Julian Patching

I found your service to be very good - it was easy to speak to someone and the staff were friendly and helpful.
Maria Sweby

Like the opportunity to put into writing our thoughts.
Stephen Herring

I do not have any objection to the house network.
Tatiana Bugneac

Friendly agent.
Mr Henri Cattan

Seems easy and efficient so far and may need to discuss our selling options..
Mr Briggs

Very impressed, my initial enquiry was swiftly followed up and I was kept informed about changes to the viewing time. The vendor was running late on the day, but I had a message informing me of this.
Sally Bassington

Very good
Linda Heather

Good customer service. Efficient and good on following up.
Sunita Swift

Good quick responses.
Kirsty Edwards

I was dealt with in a professional manner
Mr Donald David

All good, easy to deal with. Cant think of anything which needs improving.
Iain Valentine

Very impressed :)
Nicola Simclair

Very professional, thank you!
John Chan

Donna Lawrinson

Very good, appointment made quickly.
Mr Snape

Great service easy to deal with a pleasant experience compared to previous experiences with high street estate agents.
Pauline Gray

Very smooth so far, thanks a lot!
Alex Perry

No problems. It was a straight forward process, which I appreciate.
Ms Beri Kockaya

Your response to our request to view this property was handled very quickly, which we were very happy about.
Paul Williams

I think your service is efficient.
Mr Butters

I feel the first person I dealt with didn't seem to able to help me very easily I don't personally find this system very customer friendly!
Gemma Suter

Efficient and good service from house network
Rafina Salim

I am particularly impressed with the speed of arranging viewing and the offer of a free mortgage consultant which we are now using to process our mortgage application.
Funmi Ajay-obe

Very professional, speedy and informative, no complaints and would use again!
Dionne Farley

Generally very impressed by your style of working. Only wish we knew about you when we were putting our property on the market.
Dr Gareth Price

Very quick and easy.
Kirsty Henderson

The ease of booking a viewing and the email communication is excellent. The advisors I spoke to were also excellent.
Matt Wilson

Very efficient
Rachael Phillips

Very good service. Thank you.
Mrs Cawson

I wish I had considered ypu before signing up with another estate agent to sell my house!
Jean Hughes

Very efficient
Laura Bunting

Very easy to deal with and efficient.
Katharine Owens

Very helpful
Mrs Wallice

I really like how quickly everything has been sorted out so far and i'm really pleased with how quickly feedback is asked for. If I had known you were open this morning I would have called re an offer on the house sooner
Helen Armstrong

We liked the fact that we received prompt confirmations and also reminders of our appointment
Mrs Janet Card

I found Housenetwork very pleasant and efficient to deal with.
Clare Barnard

Friendly on the phone, arranged viewing at short notice, called back when they said they would.
Mr Simon Clarke

No complaints about your service.
Steve Brett

House network have been very good so far it has been a pleasure working with you.
Mr Arumugam

All been very straightforward, so far!
Keira Hayman

Loving this system!
Rachel Verghese

very impressed with the process
Peter Whitehurst

Good service
Donna Egley

Good efficient service
Ben Silvey

Punctual and professional
Mr Yasen

Very happy with prompt service.
Kirstie Parton

Impressed at this stage but have only arranged a viewing and had a feedback request. Seems like a sensible modern approach to selling your house to me. I do like the online feedback form that allows you time to lay out your exact thoughts to a vendor and to not have to go through an estate agent who may not fully understand your feedback or pass it on as you wish.
Leanne Taylor

Found House Network very helpful
Dr Walter Ward & Mrs Gwyn Richards

Very efficient.
Janet Haddock

HouseNetwork were a pleasure to work with, everything was clear, keep us updated on any changes that may or may not have happened and early reminders of viewing
Conrad Petterson

It was all good. In fact, I liked the fact that the owner was showing around the house.
Jaspreet Singh Gulati

Happy with the service. Quick response to email enquiry and viewing was arranged when it was convenient for us.
Shanaz Nandha

It was an efficient service and I was happy to provide feedback online.
Julia Paige

I had never heard of house network before, and had no problems in arranging a viewing with them. House network provided a good service.
Michelle Ormrod

Prompt responses so far, which is the most important thing.
Mark Featherstone

We really enjoyed the efficient service we received.
Mr Joel Kendall

Very good service
Carolyn Shaw

Great service. Thank you
Mrs Wileman

Very helpful. I liked the email with the date and time with also the vendors names. I found this extremely helpful.
Miss Kirsty Peters

It was great
Zoe Vilain

Very easy system to use. No hassle from agents. Would recommend.
Zara Brumby

Very efficient indeed. No frills, no messing - I love it!
Victoria Morgan

I wish I had known about you. Next time I will sell through you.
Georgina Vause

Very professional service received.
Mrs Sheron Laughlin

Good service and really happy with quick response and arrangements for the viewing.
Mrs Bailey

I am happy with the way your company works. Quiet clear and pretty straightforward. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Shweta Agrawal

Yes love the process vs a standard offline estate agents - would definitely use again - it's the way forward!
Helen Blaikie

Pictures online were wholly accurate, and after seeing so many other properties through other agencies that have clearly been "airbrushed" it was nice to see that the property was as good as it appeared in the pictures. Also, having the vendor at the viewing is far more useful than having an agent!
Matthew Harvey

Excellent helpful and efficient statf
Heather Graham

Very quick and convenient.
Daniel Flynn

You seem to have done a great job. Thank you!
Sandro Dallas

I have been really impressed with a "Non pushy approach" I think this has a positive effect on selling and it is therefore a pleasurable experience.
Marie-claire Foale

Very impressed, I will consider using you in the future.
Mark Bailey

So far I have been really pleased with the way you work, as arranging a first viewing on the flat has been very quick and efficient. Many thanks.
Daniel Marcolin

Viewing was arranged promptly and efficiently. I like the online feedback form.
Eloise Ford

Your system appears to be a much better idea than the usual estate agents who I have had to use recently and found them very poor and frustratingly inconsistent. I would consider your company when I next need to sell a house as it sounds good and actually works, unlike my experience with the rest of the old fashioned industry.
James Hall

Communication is excellent and professional a refreshing change to other estate agents out there!
Mrs Haley Middleton

I have found dealing with you quick and easy and everyone I have spoken to has been really helpful.
Deborah Wayman

Very good work. Keep it up!!!
Raj Chooneea

Arranging the viewing was easy and organised Would recommend and possibly use your service. Thanks
Daniel Davies

Good arranged viewing
Piotr Rowniak

Like : quick response
Jayne Hills

This is a good way of doing business. I like the fact that i can give feedback on-line. :)
Ian Hold

You are fast and efficient. I like that!
Dr Panagiotis Piperopoulos

I think the staff have been excellent at making arrangements at request. Thank you
Rashna Begum

Very polite and effective
Gaynor Gill

Very friendly & efficient
Sally Bateman

Spot on! :)
Richard Ley

Easy to make an appointment, efficient email correspondence.
Katie Taylor

Very good
Richard Barton

Great having the owners show you around as they are in a much better place to answer any questions relating to the property.
Ellie Mcaree

Great service - professional and organised everything well.
Jo Code

Really straightforward service. Thank you.
Nikki Belfield

No issues . All went well. thanks
David Wood

very straightforward to deal with
Anusha Dattali

was good and professional
Mr Djellak

No suggestions for improvement, I thought you were very nice to deal with, and super efficient.
Anna Meyer

Yeah was very happy with this company
Cindy Fletcher

Super service, I would consider using the Housenetwork next time we sell.
Mr Gray

Efficient and courteous service.
Pavlina Pritchett

Very efficient service and the email confirmation and reminders were great
Susan Howard

Great :)
Mr Rowland

good service when making/reorganising the viewing.
Roy Hill

Very efficient
Mr A Khan

Excellent agent, thanks very much. fast good service- a breath of fresh air to other agents
Maria Rose

Excellent & friendly system - will use you when we decide to sell our home.
Ms Ward

House network shown good service, they were quick to get in contact with me and arrange a viewing
Sam Hurley

Very professional; and very efficient, polite.
Mr Dobe

Everythihg has been great
Chris Taylor

Excellent, very professional
Claire Eagle

Great, we are going to get you to sell our property as it is currently moving too slowly
Alison Westwood

Polite service and helpful telephone manner.
Alison Cottell

Great service, very efficient and friendly
Mrs Mclean

Very (and usefully) quick service to secure both a viewing and purchase. Helpful that we could do so on Sunday afternoon when many (most) other estate agents are shut.
David Stevenson

All good so far!
Russell Horton

Viewing was arranged quickly at last minute. Excellent.
Charleane Hunter

I was impressed with House network, I found them efficient and professional.
Jennie Gillyon

Very efficient, no negatives. Would make me consider using you if I didn't need accompanied viewings.
Mr And Mrs Brown

Very fast service and quick turnaround.
Sarah Lonie

House network have been really well organised and I wished I had placed my house on the market with you.
Scott Stevens

Nice and easy.
Annabel Davenport

I found the contact from Housenetwork prompt following my initial contact via Zoopla.
Emma Mendez

Everything was fine thx
Mrs Sandra Billins

Good quick service, with great online support and follow up.
Taryn Weeks

Housenetwork were really efficient in organising our viewing at such short notice as I was only in Dorset for the day.
Gill Gillott

From my experience so far, friendly and helpful staff, making appointment was very easy. Thanks
Joanna Brett

Well informed from start. Very prompted. Online feedback system works well do you can do it in own time.
Rifario Paddy

No adverse comments. Everything fine.
Stacey Lakeland

Great service so far!
Emily Thompson

Very efficient thank you.
Emma Richardson

Fantastic and well organised
Joseph Ihonde

Easy process Prompt action to get a viewing In all no problem with service
Treve Cocking

Every thing is perfect with Housenetwork. Fast Reply. Good Presentation. Best viewing arrangement as per our availability
Mr Rajpura

Easy to deal with. Efficient and informative.
John Mowat

I am impressed with the way Housenetwork works. I like the email confirmations and chance to give feedback via email. Appointments happened on time and much more useful to be shown around by the vendor who can answer questions rather than an agent. The vendors mentioned that they were very impressed with your service. If I am not able to sell my property through the agent I am with currently (we already have an offer so may have to go with that and pay the necessary commission added to which I work full time so not available a lot of the time for viewings ). I will certainly consider using your service and will recommend it to others. Most people (myself included) find properties through the internet rather than "on the high street agents". The fact you can get my property on rightmove is the major reason I would use you. It is through right move I found this property.
Miss Jenny Scott

Very impressed with comunication. As we've been in the process of dealing with many different estate agents for the first time in 13 years I have been suprised by how few of them use email for comunication. Especially with most people having email on their phones now. Thank you.
Neil Johnson

Competent and polite staff.thankyou for arranging the viewing
Julie Duggan

No problems . Worked well
Charlotte Glover

Fine, no problems
Stephen Burgess

Fine, no problems
Stephen Burgess

Very efficient response so far to emails.
Nicholas Yarsley

Quick to get me a viewing and informative
Mark Geary

Service so far has been very good
Julie Allistone

All good so far!
Anna Morcom

we liked everything,quick,responsive,good telephone link,good all round,would probably use you next time we decide to sell
Mr Hale

Great service
Jessica Wight

All good, thanks
Jessica Stones

Very quick to sort out the viewing, also great that you arranged mortgage advice. No tips for improvement yet.
Natasha Hoskins

All worked fine
Ewan Sneddon

I contacted you online and was called back promptly. It is surprising how often I need to chase agents after requesting a viewing so this was refreshing. When I spoke with you on the phone, you put me on hold to contact the vendor to confirm the date I requested. I had visions of listening to jazz music for fifteen minutes and having to end the call, but you took me off hold within 2-3 minutes and were able to confirm the viewing there and then. I have only viewed one property listed with your company. It worked very well with the vendor showing us around his home rather than an agent doing it as no agent could have given us the level of information that the vendor did. I received a 'reminder' to give feedback today which said that I may have missed the link in the original email to provide feedback. I can confirm that I did miss this link, and therefore wonder if this could be made clearer somehow. Perhaps when I spoke with your team to make the booking you could have advised me that I would receive an email to confirm the viewing details, and that there is a link on the email to provide feedback immediately afterwards. Just an idea.
Louise Occomore-kent

Found the process of making an appointment for a viewing very simple with no one phoning us up before we have had time to think about our desicion.
Peter Thompson

Efficient and direct
Mr N Caskey

Sevice seemed fine
Pippa Harris

No issues.
Anthony Tighe

You guys were prompt and very professional. No reason not to come back to you in future if needed. Thanks
Mr J Ali

Brilliant fast reply. Good correspondence.
Mrs Hillson

I had no problem with dealing with this online.
Mrs Susan Ison

No complaints
Deborah Fronte

It was very straightforward arranging a viewing and it was nice to not immediately get hundreds of calls offering mortgage advice or innapropriate properties like we have had from other agents.
Rachel Day

Very efficient service
Kerry Wallace and Darrem Longworth

You were great.very efficient and helpful. Many thanks.
Helen Galashan

Overall very good
Billy Coles

Very easy and efficient to view the house. Good customer service.
Parry Cain

Very efficient. I like the online aspect. Well done.
Stephen Burgess

Good service and prompt responses.
Emma Findley

Very efficient and helpful.
Lucy Cecil

Great team , very effiicient
Homa Kansra

Service is excellent and quick. Very impressed.
Crystal Barham

Good communication
Mrs Emma Childs

you have been very helpful with your emails Thank you
Naffeesa Hussain

I enjoy working with you guys and look forward to seeing more properties.
Adrian Vickers

All good so far.
Michael Taylor

It was easy to use, and I was helped promptly
Lynsey Norris

Very good.
Jaleel Assad

So far very good all arrangements to view prompt and quick.
Margery Davies

So far so good!
Caz Ingall

The changing ways of house selling seem Ok to us in the brief contact we have had.
Arthur Hughes

Very good
Bill Adamson

All good, no problems so far
Jamie Bird

I think the house network is doing their best to help the vendors to sell their properties. Our house viewing was arrange very quickly and also feedback has been requested on few occasions(I must apologise not to Respond earlier).
Tatiana Lewis

Very convenient and prompt service.
Rachel Williams

Easy to deal with.
Laura Lutener

Yes good = quick and efficient
Una Parkes

Good site
Judy Baldwin

Viewing organised very quickly
Nadia Swan

The process to get an appointment was very easy. So, if I see another house advertised on this network I will make an appointment.
Nicholas Zabaras

Efficient - viewing appointment arranged very quickly compared with other agents. Online details fine.
David Cliffe

Prompt service thank you.
Alison Cottell

Great ..nice, easy and simple!
Stephanie Constantinou

We have been quite happy with the service provided by House Network.
Berwyn Williams

Very quick and efficient.
Kelly Ferguson

Very efficient. I would use it again
Elizabeth Regan

Very convenient and professional.
Shane Amaratunga

Seemed efficient and easy to use .
Liz Palmer

Communication with House Network has been very good - with the relevant information feeding through as required.
Sue Moltby

So far you have been very accommodating to our needs and requests and hope this will continue Thanks
Chanjit Kulsi

Service is good. Thanks
Qi Zhang

Very efficient! Thank you.
Caroline Dolan

No problems encountered - prompt replys
Gillian Roberts

Well organised.
Sid Godboly

Very good and prompt service in arranging viewing
Lesley Atwill

No problems at all with housenetwork
Diana Smith

Helpful and quick to respond.
Shelley Ryalls

Good service and I liked the independent mortgage service. I like this idea of giving feedback on line.
Donna Harwood

Easy to contact with quick, efficient responses. Particularly impressed as it was a Bank holiday weekend.
Moira Penny

We have no faults to find and it was good to get a reminder Sat about our appointment
Mrs Napper

Very impressed
Mr Gouldson

good service.
Qi Zhang

Your service was great very quick and informative
Mrs Rowland

Excellent organisation with reminders online. Very efficient. I would consider using you but am already tied in with another estate agent.
Margerate Darlington

Efficient service provided by Housenetwork. The company met my expectations.
Mrs Baker

All dealings were good
Keith Freestone

Arranged a viewing very quickly and promptly sent details of property.
Mrs Wood

Was nice being able to work mainly through email, will definitely keep looking at houses advertised by yoi
Ivana Krajcova

All good.
Dave Meckin

No problems so far.
Angela Cloehier

Not used before,but thought it was an Excellent and efficient service,got an appointment immediately ~great!
Patsy Hyslop

very efficient service.
Miss Liyanage

As we have sold our house twice through House Network, I think they are really good. I really like that you don't have to book an appointment at a time when the estate agent is open which is much easier to see round the house.
Rachel Jenkins

Very efficient, no problems
Laura Jolly

I like the way everything is confirmed in writing via e mail - no confusions then.
Harri Phillips

Quick organisation to view the property whilst on the phone. Photos a true reflection of the property.
Vicky Cornish

Appreciate the email confirmations, feedbacks, etc. Seems a good and efficient system.
Linda Ridgers

Great service and experience to date, so thank you. Matt Teeman
Matt Teeman

Very easy up deal with.
Clare Mcavinchey

We found your service very friendly and efficient.
Jane Woods

You did very well, very informative on the phone, made arrangements to view the property quickly and efficiently. Friendly but professional.
John Palmer

Staff were friendly, polite, asked appropriate questions and responded with a viewing promptly.
Dororthy Roden

House network were very efficient and put me in touch with a good mortgage broker. Thank you
Teresa Carroll

I was happy with everything.
Clair Scrimshaw

Great speedy service
Mark Proctor

All very efficient so far. A good service. Especially like the feed back to vendor so all have same written situation not just verbally which can be misunderstood or miss-remembered! Or at least less likely. 
Clive Robinson

good - easy to use.
Phil Windless

Very happy. I was kept in the loop and the estate agent was on time and was friendly
Jake Taylor

Very efficient, nice to be able to meet the vendor rather than an estate agent.
Amanda Bunney

Impressed !!!
Assad Abbas

Everything fine
Chris Pollard

Really easy to organise viewing. Loved online feedback
Johanna Jackson

Thought the system of arranging viewings and giving feedback was easy and worked well. Phone contact was polite and helpful
Linzi Collings

I have found the process easy to manage with House Network and the email confirmations and reminders have been very useful!
Clair Scrimshaw

We were pleased with the speed and efficiency of communication; the arrangements worked perfectly. Would use the network again and would recommend to friends.
Roger Jones

Good. Fast and professional.
Sarah Carlin

No issues - very helpful
Angela Ackroyd

Very efficient and good reminders
Rachael Bartlett

No complaints good service.
Hugh Nethercote

Great, straight forward service. House network called me back regarding the viewing and I received e mails confirming viewings.
Laura Scott

No complaints at all. 100 per cent satisfied so far!
Alan Eagle

E-mail communication excellent, follow up good
Mr Cambell

No complaints about house network - it seems easy to use.
Chris Beard

No problems about your service.
Mike Lowe

Very well
Matthew Thompson

I am happy with the communications.
Ioana Pisica

Perfect service...
Samuel Ward

Very helpful so far a good process first encounter with an online agent and it seems to work very well indeed.
Mrs S Tucker

Friendly, efficient staff and what appears to be an effective on-line system.
Elizabeth Jevon

We are very happy with your service so far. It feels strange not having an estate agent but this is also nice as we feel less pressured!
Shelly Coles

Opening hours of house network are great. I think they provide a great service.
Sarah Theobald

Very good phoned back when said
Mr Tony Kench

All very efficient.
Rachael Bartlett

Very happy with the service from Housenetwork
Laura Davies

Really good actually! Efficient service and the online communication is great. It's generally v annoying with most estate agents that you complete all the info on rightmove and include a message say with times and dates for viewing, then someone rings for a chat! I am really busy so prefer online and emails for communication. Thanks
Fran Potgieter

Telephone communication is excellent. Your operators are friendly, efficient and helpful. 
Christine Phillips

All good!
Mr Evans

Really liked the fact it was not an 'open day' viewing, which are difficult at the best of times. No hard sell, again something I really like, and not being hassled by estate agency staff.
Angela Higby

Pretty cool concept and excellent customer service... way to go :)
Mr Ovirup Das

Simple & easy.
Hayley Painter

Professional/prompt and reliable service. You got us a viewing at short notice and that was appreciated. Ruby
Ruby Chowdhury

No dislikes, very good service
Vincent Enos

Very good.
Karen Oneil

You were very quick in responding to my e-mail when i requested to view a property. This reply system is also very good. Very impressed.
Lisa Reynolds

It was very easy to make the appointment. The website is great.
Samantha Freeman

Very efficient and polite.
Mrs Bond

Really impressed with seamless service, mortgage advice and able to get next day viewing.
Kate Walker

No concerns.
John Horobin

Good and helpful communications
Alan Morris

Very professional & helpful
Dawn Roberts

We were impressed with how quick you came back to us after our first message via Rightmove.
Geoff & Lydia Gray

Very efficient service Thanks
Jennifer Whitby

Everything went to plan I recieved regular updates, from having initially contacted yourselves, to the viewing being booked & confirmed giving clear instruction of date, time, property details etc, to me having called whilst on route saying were running a bit late, all good service.
Suky Kaur

Great, prompt emails and reminders. Sorry, no constructive criticism!
Mrs Katy Shakespeare

I liked the booklet with the property information. Quick & easy to arrange viewing.
Gemma Abbiss

Good clear communication via phone and emails.
Tracy Everett

I like the emails to confirm viewings. It's much better especially when you have lots of different viewings booked.
Helen Dines

Great communication, no issues and would recommend house network so far
Tracey Cleave

A good service for us, prompt with responding and arranging a viewing.
Pauline Claxton

I like the online feedback process and think this is a great idea, as often you are bombarded with phonecalls after viewing a property. We were impressed with the speed and ease with which the viewing was arranged and think it is a simple but effective process that Housenetwork utilises. 
Barbara Graham

Communication was good and would not be put off by approaching properties marketed by yourselves.
Vanessa Searle

Excellent communication & organisation. We would consider using you on a future sale.
Ian & Pam Thompson

Good service received
James Macbeth

It was much appreciated that the viewing was arranged at such short notice.
Ashley Seymour

Easy to deal with. Efficient in setting up the viewing.
Shelley Ellis

Professional and extremely helpful. Thanks.
Vanni Shoshev

Very efficient service, got a viewing arranged for my first date option. Would like to arrange a second viewing and we'll be getting our mortgage in principle soon
Sophie Houghton

very well organized as far as the viewing was concerned
Melanie Tyerman

Lyn Reed

Great service - managed to arrange a viewing soon and efficiently.
Priyantha Liyanage

Excellent service and very impressed.
Shelley Carter

We may use you to sell our house
Mr And Mrs Thompson

I like the concept of Housenetwork and may contact you in the future when the contract to sell my bungalow in Great Massingham expires. Regards, Keith Bowes.
Keith Bowes

Very helpful, thank you
Linda Colebourn

I appreciate the efficiency and dependability.
Nana Kwarteng

I am used to going to estate agents so was surprised to go through purchasing a property through this way online. However, if it works which it seems it does then that's great. Communication is good and we were contacted straight away from yourselves.
Veronica Bennett

Great, make no changes.
Mr Wytcherley

Impressed with the service and the speed the appointment was made and confirmed.
Mrs Mallender

Good online service which meant less of the usual estate agent contact/pressure
Hayley Corke

So far so good, quite efficient to arrange a viewing.
Linga Wu

Your service was efficient, a viewing was arranged quickly and your follow up is good
Jo Stockings

Service was brilliant.
Vijay Kumar

Very efficient service.
Gail Joseph

My first time dealing with an online estate agent and it's been superb - quick to confirm viewing appointment, property details sent through, follow up after the viewing.
Anthony Mancha

Excellent service, calls returned promptly and appointments made efficiently.
Mrs Susan Bridges

The format works well and very happy with the service
Rachel Ennis

Very helpful and professional.
Mr Jason Fleming

All fine thanks.
Gail Dendy

Very easy to arrange viewing at short notice
Wendy Kemp

Good service. Good to get email confirmations.
Stephen Childs

Good efficient service, I was impressed
Mr Williams

I was happy with your service and it was very useful to be put in touch with a mortgage broker that charges no fee for their independent advice.
Eddie Neighbour

A job well done
Mr Sadiq

I found the person I spoke to on the phone very helpful and the email updates were excellent. All in all I was impressed with the way everything was handled.
Pat Selby

Great thanks
Alex Barnes

Impressed very efficient
Mrs Gaynor Gill

I appreciate your efficiency and quick responses about appointments and the fact that they are clear about where the property is and the time-this is very rare in an estate agent. There was also no need for me to chase up the appointment and reminders about it were frequent, so updates about any changes would have been frequent.
Sophie Sutherland-harper

Very efficient
Susan Williams

So far, I'm very impressed with overall communication.
Eliza Brzozka

Efficient and friendly service.
Lisa Ewens

Great! Thank you!
Mark Attree

All positive so far!
Anna Privett

No issues with house network, very efficient and pleasant via telephone.
Samantha Taylor

Excellent communication and prompt answering of e-mails Joe was great in contacting the vendor when we were delayed - this made it far less pressurised. Great Service.
Liz Rosies

Very prompt service.
Kris Furness

I've only had this experience of dealing with your company, but have found it very straight forward and easy
Mrs Shelia Beattie

Great company very easy to use. Would definitely use again if I found another you have in the area i'm looking :)
Kristina Newman

Well organised
Susan Brady

You did well! I called in the morning and you were good enough to sort out a viewing the same day and confirmed the details by email! We've nothing more to add to the comments already made for the vendor to see.
Mr Diver

Very efficient service.
Steve Labram

Very prompt in arranging viewing
Anitha Sethu

I liked all important information were sent to my email
Elizabeth Szczecina

Sarah Brown

Very happy with the service house network provided in making this viewing happen. We may even consider putting our house on the market with yourselves Kind regards
Tom Pickbourne

Very efficient process - no complaints!
Mr Mewett

very efficient
Robert John Ferris

Very good.
Lucy Male

Quick and efficient
Laura O'shea

Yes it was a satisfactory experience.
Sheila Harris

You have a good system, so far all has gone well, thank you.
Colin Davison

All good and very automated.
Oliver Rouss

Good service no pressure.
Mrs Elmougy

First time I have viewed with an online company-good experience so far
Jade Hower

Very impressed - prompt service. Would definitely recommend.
Miss Evans

As usual very good
Peter Andrew Johnson

Good so far
Linda Castle

Good service
Mrs Bates

No negative points and seemed efficient.
Ian Humphries

Very professional.
Mrs Landeg

I was impressed by the quick response we received after requesting to see the property, some estate agents don't even reply to our emails. I was also impressed by how we were kept informed every step of the way about the viewing and price changes etc; which again only some estate agents do.
Moyo Adesanya

Very friendly, helpful staff on the phone.
Nikki Stokes

Ok no problems
Phil Gautrey

Very happy with housenetwork so far.
Celine Schumacher

So far, so good.
Jon Payne

Excellent service thanks
Ian Hatton

All good so far
Kate Slater

We are very impressed with the service and we will definitely be coming back.
Kasia Olszko

All seemed straight forward and good, quick response.
Claire Ben-nathan

Good. Thank you
Lee Cartlidge

Great service! Wish we'd known about you before we sold our house!
Samsatha Morton

Good service. Viewing arranged quickly and edficiently
Mr Keith Hobman

You guys were great thanks got the appointment pretty quick.
Shazad Akbar

We are impressed by the service offered to us by your team, we look forward to use your service in future. Thanks to Sham for arranging the viewing so smoothly
Salman Shahaid

The service was prompt and friendly.
Brooke Crow

Our enquiry was handled very efficiently,
R Hitner

You were very pleasant and helpfull
Michelle Townsend

Got a quick viewing.
James Smart

Great, thank you! When we sell, will definitely consider using you!
Rebecca Smith

Housenetwork interactions were good -Thanks
Vinay Kumar

Excellent service thus far, thank you.
Mr And Mrs Chick

Great communication
Toyin Gadewa

Very good indeed. Called me back when stated, and I like giving my feedback via email instead of telephone chasing.
Anita Leversidge

Very prompt service .
Shaunagh Foley

I always find House Network Experience very efficient and helpful. When I fill in the feedback forms I can never fill in my opinion of the property value, for some reason it won't allow me
Ann Flowers

Good prompt response.
Elly Sample

Easy to contact, good confirmation and follow up by email.
Mandy Wright

Very efficiënt service. Thank you.
Christina Neale

Quick viewing arranged, nice to be shown around by the owners who possess the knowledge about the house.
Ashley Van Dem Auden

Ability to give on-line feedback was good. Email confirmation with directions was very helpful.
Cheryl Richardson

Very efficient and quick service - we are impressed!
Mr Phill East

I thought the system very efficient, no problems
Mrs Beedle

I think it all worked very well and response times were very good.
Peter Drew

Absolutely fine, excellent communication thank you!
Alex Mason

Very effective service so far.
Andrew Neilands

Cassie Read

Very good
Mr Jubb

This is the first house i have viewed through housing network and i found the service to be efficient and prompt in arranging a viewing. Direct contact with local estate agents has often been slower!
Mrs Lesley Simmons

Happy with everything that was done and the communication.
Claire Fisher

We found this a very unique way of marketing the property without any local estate agents and would consider using this approach for ourselves in the future.
Kumer Aial

Viewing was arranged quickly, I have no reservations about using Housenetwork again.
Sam Morris

Very good service.
Rita Reid

I like the way you can make comments directly to yourself and the vendors.
Mrs Bernard

Really impressed with the service provided by house network. I thought all the email communication was great and you kept us really well informed. When speaking to an advisor on the phone they were really helpful as well. Overall very impressed and would definately think of using them in the future if I am selling a home.
Sophie Pateman

i am happy with your working ,thanks
Jun Chang

I am pleased with Housenetwork's service so far in arranging the viewing and follow up. 
Linda Ord

You give a very prompt service and although it is the vendor that shows us the property you are very quick on response times.
Sandra Rundle

Very easy and efficient way to arrange viewing
Mr Bala

Very efficient! Very prompt!
Mr Shane Dix

Very efficient and good communication.
Louise Judson & Robin Moss

Seemed very efficient got back to me as promised!
Peter And Gemma Horne

Everything was smooth. I can't think of anything to criticise, thank you.
Jill Potter

Good helpful and very effective as an internet agent. I was impressed by service received.
Jo Leggat

Very efficient
Mrs Bee

Very quick and efficient service
Hannah Wilson

Contacted me quickly after contacting them via email. Person I spoke to was very friendly and I felt I could ask anything, nothing was too much bother. Thank you!!!!
Sharon Hulbert

Very impressed with the service, thank you
Lisa Smith

Your service as an agent for a potential purchaser seemed very efficient.
Mrs Poulton

Very efficient and fast. I am glad I used it for the first last week and I am sure I will do some more in the future.
Melina Lo Bartolo

The agent gave me lots of time to view the property and was very helpful in answering my questions
Laura Hamlin

Very swift and efficient service
Karen Robinson

Veera Martins

Very good.
Hans Bazlinton

Very efficient
Rachel Jenkins

House network are absolutely fine.
Brendan Brien

Speedy and efficient.
Susan Morgan-walters

House network very helpful and quick
Deb Millar

I like the way Housenetwork operate and much prefer dealing with them as opposed to traditional estate agents.
Darren Jones

Happy with your service
Louise Clayton

Well organised and helpful
Adam Nelson

A very efficient company, prompt and helpful in my dealings with you so far
Anne Newton

Very good
Mrs Laura Collins

Fantastic, straight forward and would recommend.
Suzanne Latouche

Very good service.
Mr Glenn Parslow

Very good.. no complaints
Jenny Tapia

No complaints
Mrs Bailey

Good communication skills.Efficient arrangements via telephone and email.
Mrs Stanton

Nothing you were extremely efficient and speedy.
Caroline Warner

Thanks you for calling us so promptly to arange the viewing.
Rosemary Telfer

Very Helpful
Nicolas Greening

Not tried this before but very good
Francesca Hurbert

Everything was fine. Thanks
Mrs Doina Gheorghe

It is the first time we used your service, and I and my partner are very happy with treatment and familiarity received during the viewing, so we took our decision so quickly about the property.
Cristel Frias

The service was excellant
Joe Daley

Seems to be a good service
Sarah Godwin

Arrangements to view handled efficiently. Many thanks
Sue Mills

We used Housenetwork for the sale of a previous home. We remain impressed by you and never hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. A great service and an excellent deal for vendors.
Kyran Mallon

Very quick and efficient in setting up the house viewing
Joanna Hill

Geeta Tra

Fine and dandy
Colin Hutchon

Im very impressed so far with this service. Had never heard of it or experienced it. Thank you.
Mrs Talbot

All fine
Chris Nixon

Your system seems to work as well as any other estate agent and you were certainly more efficient at organising appoints than some I've had dealings with.
Tanya Douglas

So far I have been very happy with the communication from yourselves.
Dawn Chambers

We thought Housenetwork very professional, and would consider them for our house sale !!!!
Mr Richard Hardy

Great communication throughout the process of setting up and viewing a property.
Mrs Patel

The whole system was very stress free. As everyone was very accommodating the whole process was very smooth indeed. Thank you.
Peter Cooper

Thanks, as It was nice to know that a reminder was sent as I was becoming a little overwhelmed with emails from different estate agents and not knowing 'which was what'. I have not been bombarded with endless calls through out the working day seeking updates, or unsuitable emails of properties that does not suit my requirements - well done! Thanks again
Angela Christie

Very impressive, keep up the good work
Karen Maley

A pleasure to deal with. So refreshing to get a stress-free experience from estate agents. The old school face-to-face types are so inefficient, slow to respond and make you feel as though you are wasting THEIR time! Also, you can't beat being shown round a property by the vendor rather than an agent who knows nothing about the property or what it is like to live there.
Ruth Moore

House network were great really impressed with the email communications compared to other agents.
Nick Foster

Easy and great information
Rebecca Adams

Douglas Rankin

Very quick and efficient in setting up the house viewing
Joanna Hill

I liked the fact that when I called to make an appointment the lady on the phone rang back very quickly to confirm the appointment time and date plus this was also confirmed via email.
Kay Allbones

Housenetwork is a very valid system, I would consider using it myself if I were a vendor.
George Charlton

Very good service
Duncan Parker

Easy to arrange the viewing, helpful and polite.
Amy Field

It is working well for me. I have no complaints
Gloria Powell

Good communication, Lauren was very polite and friendly when arranging a viewing for us.
Christine Gremo

Everything was fine - thank you
Robert Gralinski

No problems.
Mr Deacon

A very prompt and efficient service with very good customer care.
Mrs Rachel Illingworth

You provide an excellent service. I was impressed that you were able to arrange a viewing so quickly and outside normal working hours.
Glyn Rodgers

Very good service so far
Lindsay Muir

Good service so far, thanks!
Joel Osbourne

You seem very efficient. First time I have viewed a property with an online agency. Food for thought if our house sale doesn't go through! We might do it ourselves next time we sell a property.
Mrs Karen Sheldon

Simple process, well managed.
June Harrison

I thought you were very prompt in your correspondence, and are the only estate agents who have actually told me who is doing the viewing on the property without me having to ask.
Jen White

Great so response is prompt.
Debbie Price

This is the first property we have viewed in 32 years, as we have not moved from our present property. The whole process for viewing was effortless and professional. Delighted with your service for viewing properties.
Andrew Crawford

Very professional, very courteous.
Mrs Mellor

Everything is fine.
Ludmil Lazarov

Friendly informative and prompt service
Emma Biddle

Telephone responses have been excellent and no problems so far.
Eric & Julie Dagworthy

Efficient and prompt handling of my viewing requests.
Mr T Raghavendra

Very cooperative prompt viewing arranged
Ajay Tandan

Very professional, would like to thank you for arranging the viewing at such short notice.
Jackie Collison

Very helpful thank you
Mrs V Kother

No problem with arranging viewing and obviously ongoing contact if and when necessary should be easy. Thank you
Mr H Jones

Fast efficient service regarding arranging a viewing.
Erica Smith

It worked fine, no problems at all.
Mrs Johnson

Excellent service, we'll definitely use House Network in the future.
Erica Mackie

No problems, all very easy so far.
Mr & Mrs Ward

No problems dealing with Housenetwork
Brian Milton

System was easy to use and provided necessary information promptly.
Jenna Winsley

Very informative and kept us up to date with what was happening.
Ash Patel

I think its a good process. They made it simple and easy.
Stacey Lowman

Superb service. 
Mr Mark Elliot

Service was good, easy to use and hassle free.
Mrs Whitby

Everything was fine, kept informed of information about the property.
Pauline Wheatley

Polite and friendly.
Gemma Warnock

For an online service, it has been great so far. If ever I am selling a property, based on my experience and that of the vendor, I would certainly use your services
James Iles

Great, sensible online service which I would use when selling
Kate Shethwood

We were very Impressed with the friendliness of the staff and how fast we got a viewing arranged. Thank you.
Daisy Hopkins

Very satisfied with the service
Bartosz Boronczyk

Great, can't complain!
Dom Townsend

Nothing more that I could suggest to improve your service..
Craig Ball

Great service, easy to use and helpful friendly staff.
Kirstie Bray

Good service
Katie Francome

I think the feedback form is excellent. Having viewed over 30 properties since February, sometimes the agents do not even ask how it went. The vendor may not agree with all the comments but at least it gives them a chance to rectify issues.
Mr Charlton

Process seems simple so far
Charina Beswick

I am happy with the quick response and that it only took a few days to view the property.
Matthew Nelder

I'm happy!
Kusam Anand

Easy to use
Mrs Nina Foran

Really interesting way to sell, will consider next time!
Paula Drake

We thought your service was very good and efficient, no complaints.
Joanne Mclaren

It has been easy to arrange a viewing and we have not felt pressurised unlike with other estate agents we have dealt with.
Melissa Jones

The online thing is great - saves the repeated (often inconvenient) and rather high pressure phone calls other agents have been bombarding me with and as work commitments mean my searching is often out of hours, this was really easy and convenient. The phone calls I did have were friendly, courteous and actually worthwhile (confirming information and not hassling me to view extra properties, pushing other services ar trying to get me to look at inappropriate properties) Online confirmations etc were accurate and had all the info I have failed to get on first contact with other agents and I REALLY liked the "additional info" personally provided by the vendor when the viewing was arranged (eg pointing out the location by way of landmarks!) as I've viewed a number of properties where the agent couldn't actually tell me where it was except to ask if I had a satnat. Not very helpful when you are on foot and lost! Like the online feedback option too - gives time for a considered response. Nothing negative to say - I was really pleased!
Daisy Coyle

Very efficient.
Joan And Barry Apps

Very prompt response when contacted.
Florence Hui

Glad to say very happy.
Fyad Raza

Very quick and professional service would use you again and if our sale falls through would contact you to sell as well as buy!
Mrs Howell

Excellent service from house network, I even told the vendors this.
Vikki Pickering

Effective and efficient
Mrs Robins

Great service.
Sonal Avda

Hi, I really like how you manage this, very simple and professional. I liked the email reminder and clarity in information, Keep it up. Nassim
Nassim Ramadan

All good. Like the email reminder service. Like the email/online feedback servic.e Non complaints at viewing stage
Miss Natalie Thomas

Really good system and easy to contact.
Lucie Towers

The whole process went very smoothly and I would certainly use this method again - when I needed to contact the office I got through straight away and my questions were dealt with quickly. So it is nice to know they is someone at the end of a phone if I need them and that I didn't get unnecessary chase phone calls wanting to know how things went.
Susan Cowan

Like having everything confirmed via email.
Mrs Wendy Hanby

So far soo good seem very professional.
Bronagh Slater

Found housenetwork to be most polite and professional and if we ever need the services of an estate agent again in the future would seriously consider using them
Mr Duncalf

Mrs J Adams

Thought your website in particular floor plans excellent. Happy to use you if the properties you offer are for us. Would certainly consider you in future if we have property for sale.
Rod Penwill

All aspects of your input have been courteous and helpful, thank you.
Tina Newton

Excellent, very quick to respond
Mr Christopher Wilkinson

Very good first experience of your Company.
Mrs Hollyoak

Booking for viewing went smoothly
David Bell

Cannot really fault the service, would consider using you for my next sale. 
Mr Hutchins

You are doing a good job at a reasonable rate.
Jay Singh

Very good experience so far.
Tina Briggs

No problems.
Mrs T Davison

Good service
Joanna Good

Very good and efficient
Laura Lynch- Sandhu

Easy to contact. Service good
Amanda Fourie

All very easy
Lesley Byrne

Very efficient
Hannah Bradley/elaine Hemmings

No complaints - good service
Sharon Farnham

No problems with the arrangements from the company
Rod Lanning

First time I have used your services and found it to be mostly efficient and informative.
Mrs C Slaughter

All good - no problems at all -easy, quick and not too much feedback expected!!
Jenny Bone

No problems
Mark Whittamore

Very efficient. Thanks.
Christopher Terrington

The process was excellent and I would consider using the house network for future ales/purchases.
Peter Brierley

Great efficient service. Liked the email reminders.
Gemma Barrow

Very quick and efficient service
Mark Kelly

Housenetwork were the most prompt of the 4 agents that we contacted to book viewings that weekend. 
Mrs Jenny Harris

Quick and efficient, thank you.
Fiona Taylor

Very impressed with house network, very quick to respond and arrange a viewing of the property for us.
Nicola Doran

You’ve provided a very good service, and I would consider using your company to sell one of my properties in the future.
Alan Beweck

I like your fast response.
Mrs Priscilia Hazell

Very helpful. I was sceptical at first being an online agent only but you have been very helpful and speedy in communications.
Suzanne Brazier

Very helpful, kind and approachable - thank you.
Chelsea Daughtry

Quick and easy. Good service.
Rachel Woodword

Fantastic efficient communication clear details honest photographs
Mrs Reeves

I found your staff very quick to reply and helpful, keep up the good work. 
Sandy Clarke

Fast and efficient, all thats needed... :)
Mr Hamilton

We were very happy with the service provided.
Theadora Harrison

The viewing was arranged in such an easy manner compared to other properties I have seen locally.
Mr Munshi

We were very happy with everything and we wish the vender anf family good luck in the future the lady was very helpful
Mrs Webb

House network was very helpful and easy to use. They contacted me quickly after I gave my interest on a few properties. I also really like that I was able to be shown around by the homeowner rather than an agent.
Jennifer Keller

Excellent service
Brian Cassidy

Housenetwork, whom I had not heard of, were easy to deal with, informative and efficient.
Jane Timmins

Excellent service!
Mrs Cooke

Excellent end-to-end process.
Arijit Manna

I wish we would have considered going with you as our agent as we are very impressed by the service you offer.
Sarah Mcewan

Very efficient.
Paul Aslett

Great service! Quick, efficient and that generally everything that is required to make this whole process a little less stressful!
Tamara Kelly

The process was well organised and all staff were helpful.
Alexandra Barker

I found House Network very professional and have no complaints
Mrs Ann Flowers

No problems with house network, very quick and efficient. Online setup of viewing is a novel idea!
Paul Colclough

We were very impressed with the service you gave us when we rang you on Sunday and being able to arrange a viewing on the same day was amazing. We would certainly consider using your services when the time comes.
Mr Peter Page

Good. No problems.
Amy Albanese

No problems!
Ed Stokes

I liked the ease of communication and reminder email detailing details of the visit.
Harriet White

So far so good, will know more if anything happens
Paul Cattell

It is the first time I have dealt with an internet only company and i thought everything worked very well.
Mark Madden

I believe that your site is the way forward for selling houses and had I known about it I would have used your company instead of paying nearly £5000.00 is selling fees to a conventional estate agent
David Bona

All very efficient and well organised.
Richard Clayton

I like this system vey much. I found it easy to make the house viewing appointment. I personally prefer this way of finding a property than going through various estate agents.
Patricia Youagstein

It seems like a good service and obviously saves a vast amount of money. We would consider using it when we next move.
Matthew Smith

Really easy to use.
Michelle Scobie

Great system, much better than being shown around by an estate agent
James Wroot

A prompt response to my enquiry and in sending details of viewing.
Judith Smyth

Efficiently arranged viewing. Thanks
Russel Hayden

First experience of online property marketing - staff were attentive and returned calls as promised (unlike some bigger established agents). Overall, a good experience.
Rob Crook

Very efficient, my viewing was booked within a few hours of making the initial enquiry.
Nancy Dobson

Efficient, thank you.
Mrs Susan Cooke

The arrangements for viewing was flawless. From the day of enquiry to the viewing date.
Ritu Sharma

Excellent service.
Charlie Cooper

All good, thanks
Anushka Dissanayak

Really helpful when rung up to book an appointment. Was able to answer my Q's about the company I had. Very polite and took time to speak to me. I actually really like being able to give feedback like this - very good. Hoping to view more proprties though you. Thanks!
Sarah Needen

Was happy with the service - no complaints at all.
Mark Cairns

No problems very efficient
Philip J Davidson

Excellent service - will look you up in the future!!
Paul Harvey

Enjoyed the experience so far ,will give fuller feedback if we take the purchase forward.
Mr Colin Egner

You did good thanks
Jackie Powell

Kept informed and up date information
Mr Robert Cartwright

Good communication & speedy responses.
Lynne Mannino

I think the way you're working is extremely effective especially given the constraints on people. There is actually nothing I'd suggest changing as everything worked smoothly from my initial contact to an immediate viewing date (I HATE the concept of Open House viewings) to my visit to electronic feedback. Just brilliant!
Sharan Wicks

Good communication
Rebecca Swann

Wonderful service, I had many experience with other agency but non of them was as professional as your company. Thanks for your good service and I hope to work with you more in the future. Regards,
Sunny Hosseinkhani

Excellent communication
Robert Stevenson

Good communication, particularly through emails, plus reminders. Everything seemed very clear.
Tina Nicolaides

Yes. Liked the phone call and clear instructions.
Mary Watkins

In general, I dislike dealing with internet agents, but I have been pleasantly impressed with your service.
Mrs Allum

Good so far
Mr John Rutter

Heather Hutchens

I found the service to be very good.
Keith Overell

Was happy with your quickness on arranging our viewing
Louise Clayton

A good service over all
Carol Edwards

Very efficient system
Antonia Keaney

My experience has been great so far. I like the automated feedback and the message from the vendor included in my booking confirmation Email.
Katie Hutton

We had no issues using Housenetwork
Dawn Sprange

Professional and efficient.
James Constable

The confirmation reminder email was helpful, especially the info on where to park. I often feel unsure where the vendor would like us to park.
Gemma Crossland

Helpful and easy to use. Didn't have any issues.
Jake Howden

Good service
Rosie Harrison

We found the service provided by your representatives to be professional and efficient.
Carol Hawley

Very efficient - no dislikes.
Sharon Haysom

You have been the only agents that we have dealt with so far who sent us confirmation as soon as the appointment to view was booked, and a reminder the day before, and asked for feedback. We have the opinion that you are a professional outfit.
Carol Dowding

Think that Housenetwork is a great way of doing things once you get over the anonymity of it. Wish we had heard of it when we put our property on the market.
Mr & Mrs Glyn Davies

Your service has been simply A1. Due to our experience we would like your sales department to contact as we wish to instruct the selling of three properties. These instructions are contemplated due to your excellent service given to us to date.
Dr. Marc Cox.

No complaints - very good. Better than some estate agents locally for sure!
James Whitehead

First time we're dealt with an online estate agents. No real difference to traditional high street agents so far. Vendor did a good job of showing us round.
Mr Ian David Carter

Good communication regards arranging the viewing and speedy response.
Gareth Browne

Completely satisfied
Peta Wymer

All fine, thank you.
Bethany Wood

Nice and easy to arrange. Quick responses.
Katy Botham

Great service
Carl Gough

You have been very efficient and polite during all contact.
Jan Hardy

You did well - Thank you
Kim Henderson

Thank you for arranging a viewing promptly and professionally.
Victoria Bartle

Prompt and helpful communication made the viewing of this property very easy.
Amy Phillips

Very efficient service
Dr Hayley Wood

Easy and straight forward to use. No hassle
Gavin Dunsdon

Email service is great as I'm not always availble of the phone. Lots info including parking info which was excellent. Thank you, Andrea & Mikey.
Andrea Richardson

This has been a new experience for me with complete online communication. It has worked well and does actually make the journey less stressful, this is due to the fact that there are no phone calls needed. I will be in touch Thanks
Chris Reynolds

We felt the process/experience of viewing via you was very good. Liked the confirmation e- mails and helpful tips on how to find the property, plus the fact there is opportunity to leave feedback.
Mr Haywood

It was very simple and worked well with the vendor showing us around.
Ken Brown

It was good to be able to do everything online.
Michelle Lewins

You did well, the viewing was arranged to suit us and our schedule.
Ms Williams

You have done me a great favour calling me back so quick and arranging the viewing. I am very pleased with how you sorted things thank yu
Andrea Hawkins

Responsive and effective service.
Kate Rudland

No problem happy with process
Sarah Artley

System works ok for me!
Bernard Clifton

We found dealing with your systems easy and trouble free, especially the chat online service during the evening.
Ken Ingram

It has been a pleasure working with house network in every capacity so far
Helen West

Impressed with your service. No problems.
Mrs H Dann

The staff at Housenetwork were very helpful. Thank you
Susan Weetman

Well organised and helpful. It was useful getting e mail confirmation of the viewing appointment
Fiona Mccusker

A good model. Anything to cut out the Estate Agent High Street charlatans.
John Frei

Very efficient and professional.
James Horsfield

Good service
Karen Hinds

It was nice experience. We liked that viewing could be arranged so promptly.
Hassain Arasai

Very efficient and friendly - would definitely consider using when selling.
Helen Perris

Your service was prompt and efficient.
Sirisha Duggineni

Very efficient agent.
Suzy Munday

Very prompt reply to my request for a viewing
Sarah Eynon
Very helpful so far, thank you
Magdalena Krukar
The service is straight forward and I was happy with how efficient it was.
Frances Culley
I was very impressed with how Housenetwork operates. Unfortunately. I was not aware of the company when we put our house on the market or I would have certainly have considered using your service.
Debbie Borley
Good experience dealing with housenetwork.
Claire Connolly
I liked your quick response to my enquiry and if i put my house on the market i will be in touch with yourselves
Christine Callaghan
The housenetwork were very helpfull and communicative.
Choukri Belmahdi
Really impressed with system. Particularly viewing details.
Cath Jackson
Booking the viewing was very straight forward. We are looking into using Housenetwork as the selling agent for our property & will be in touch
Ms Joanne Clarke
Would use again
Darren Till
1) We are highly satisfied with the efficient quality of House network in it's customer service norms and also keeping us updated regularly with every aspect of buying the property under consideration. This increases the customers reliability, synergy and confidence for enhanced relationship and confidence in the overall process management.
Sharad Jha
Your service appears to be a smooth, reliable and easy one, the major benefit being that it is rare for the home viewer to be shown around by the owner of the property, which in my experience is far more helpful than having an estate agent (who often don't know the particulars) doing it.
Daniel Cox
The system seems to work very well, we were well informed via the phone and the internet, we have nothing negative to say.
Ms Cullen
Very good and helpful.
Kim Procter
Easy process
Keely Smith
Very pleased with your response and will view other properties in this area by yourselves as and when they become available.
Mrs Thorrowgood

Fantastic service so far! I really like the online aspect of the process.
Lewis Bennett

Good experience for us. Phonecall was dealt with quickly and viewing was arranged without any fuss.
Mr Peter Swailes

Very helpful when setting up the viewing
David Booth

All works well.. many thanks!
Abigail Diamond

You provided an efficient service. Very satisfied with everything so far.
Jan Hardy

We found you well organised
Mrs Amanda Goulding

Efficient estate agent company
Ceris Evans

Yes, I like this online style of agency as I'm working and can't deal with all the phone calls etc that traditional agents insist on. Email works great for me. Thanks Helen
Helen Mason

Very efficient and effective arrangements for viewing.
Mr Henderson

Very efficient service.
Duncan Gilliet

We really liked your relaxed yet efficient and straight forward approach. You handled our request to view which was vey short notice and were able to answer all our questions, unlike some estate agents who did not seem to know about their properties. Thanks
Sam Thorpe

Thank you very much, I do like your system and I think it works well. I hope to be in touch with you again soon.
Patricia Hickey

Good work
Maria Jose Subiela

Our experience with yourself has been positive so far.
Karen Todd

Very helpful with arranging viewing and when needing to change the viewing time this wasn't a problem.
Rosalind Colwill

Found property details good, and had a prompt and courteous phone response.
Mr David Parry
Very helpful, informative, prompt, staff. Thank you.
Annie Davey
We are highly satisfied with the high quality customer service and information management.
Sharad Jha
All contact I have had to date with Housenetwork has been very professional and efficient. Contact and follow up emails are a good idea too and it is perhaps a fair way for both the vendor and purchaser to know exactly where thing are with regards to the house for sale.
Jim Orr
Friendly, efficient service.
Emma Raftery
We liked your service. We received a confirmation of appointment on the same day as our enquiry.
Perry Vala
I thought this service was professional. I like the fact that you confirm appointments and send reminders and also provide the name of the Vendor which makes it a more relaxed atmosphere during the viewing since you can be prepared. Not all other estate agencies provide the same level of support in my experience. Thanks, Id use House Network in future if required,
Mr Michael Malone
We feel you have handled us with efficiency and professionalism.
James Horsfield
Quick response and arrangement of viewing. Feedback via email.
Claire Brow
Good service
Shazli Khan
This is a good company, very quick and efficient.
Mrs Elaine Williams
It's great to be able to do almost everything online. It avoids annoying calls at bad times. We can reply at a convenient time and be happier with the service.
Leia Mourao
We have been looking for a property for a few months already. has been so far the best agency we have dealt with (accurate informations, all emails and reminders were on time, a lot of details and very kind agent when I booked appointment over the phone).
Magda Kotarczyk
Good service
Tina Collis
Excellent system and really easy to work with. Customer service personnel whilst booking viewing where very helpful.
Mr Simpson
Good comms over the phone and viewing arranged within 10 min. of enquiry. Details sent by email straight away. Good, fast, no fuss service.
Grazia Mazzoni
First time using online agent, very good
Christine Phillips
Working with you was fine. you were very helpful.
Mr Edwards

The communications were efficient and dealing with the vendors is direct is beneficial.
Mike Redgeon

Very efficient
Karen Maley

Works well, very efficient.
Lisa Forbes

It worked well for us. We got a viewing at short notice at a convenient time.
Dr Anderson

We found your telephone manner professional and calls were returned without delay. We like this feedback form and have never been asked to provide such details which I think is very useful and this should be replicated by all agents.
Shin Singh

No comments at the moment as I have received a good service.
Sanjeev Matadeen

This service is very efficient. I like the email reminders and the fact you can leave feedback online.
Natalie Vonlintzgy

So far so good!
Joan Knox

Very easy to use and helpful staff and website is good
Ms Buckland

Very helpful.
Holly Corr

We like how you do a lot on the Internet, as it's not always easy fitting in phone calls but an e-mail is so easy.
Rebecca Sadler

No negative feedback.
Christine Mercer

All good thanks.
Carole-ann And Keith Alexander

Very prompt at calling us back, to arrange out viewing appointment.
Shelley Parnham

Really prompt.
James Hardaker

Online form is easy, email reminders are helpful.
Mitchel Mills

Good service. thanks
Mrs Dunn

GREAT marketing and good levels of communication that helped ease the process.
Kris Steele

I think this email service is brilliant and easy to complete.
Richard Westgarth

All fine - system worked well.
Lydia Spry

Mrs Jill Fisher

I was very impressed by how quickly your team answered the phone and loved the idea of sending out reminders and giving directions etc.
Mark White

Nothing to complain about. Thank you for your help.
Dr H Helal

Excellent service
John Hoghton

Very efficient and useful service.
Ian Huntley

Very good
Claire Bradshaw

I have found the whole operation pretty smooth sailing so far.
Lucia Scazzocchio

So far so good.
George Newburn
This is good well organised service.
Mr O'reilly
Nice easy way to do a house viewing. No problems.
Glenn Stephenson

I like your online feedback system.
Donna Kehoe

Happy with the service we recieved
Kelly Smith
Good and efficient.
Laura Doyle
Service was efficient and prompt with responses. The person I spoke too was friendly and acted quickly on my requests.
Ms Alison Francis
I like the efficient email service.
Gillian Manthorp

So far I am happy with what I have seen...although a little disappointed that I'd never heard of the company before. If I had I would have definately sold my company through you too. 
Clara King

Good and quick service.
Mr Mahendra

Easy service to use
Nattalie Clifton

Very impressed with the way house network has organised this viewing.
Shahid Malik

I like that you can give feedback online and no persistent phonecals
Charlotte Parozzi

I arranged this viewing online and was impressed with how easy it was. I was also pleased that it was promptly arranged for me on a Bank Holiday when other estate agents were shut.
Julie Cumberlidge

It's been a pleasure.
Clare Rowley

Very reliable service.
Hazel Denton

Great thanks
Elena Richardson

Your online service seems very good and customer service levels are excellent. Polite staff are responsive to arranging viewings and making call backs. Great service. There is a slight downer in that a mortgage company is automatically placed in front of a buyer, even after we explained we do not need finance.
Richard Hall

I was happy with the speed and response for this viewing.
Jiten Mistry

Great service, thanks
Kate Davies

All good.
Belle Mcdan

Very efficient service no complaints
Paula Beckles

Great to be able to set something up so fast on a Bank holiday monday.
Peter Selkirk

Good contact.
Judith Cooke

Quick and easy.
Russell Guilfoyle

Good communication made it easy to arrange a viewing.
Ms Vicky Lloyd-jones

Firstly, I spoke with Alice, and she answered the phone quickly, and had a pleasant manner. Then to Jordan, and Mathew. They all were very helpful, and efficient, and had a good manner. It was the first time , that I have dealt with House Network, and it was a very good experience, and they phoned me back, with an appointment quickly. So in an age when people are very quick , to complain, its good to be able to say that I found you extremely pleasant to deal with.
Alan Corkland

Online contact is very convenient, combined with the personal service from the phone calls.
Mr Haythorn

Very good thanks
Mrs Keshmiri

Very easy to make an appointment and found the staff very friendly. No faults.
Peter Harvey

Very efficient. No suggestions.
Susan Lipthorpe

Good service quick and helpful!
Cate Fenwick
Very good, very quick response and friendly staffs
Jessica Lee
Very good. Would use again.
Joanne Gaynor
Brilliant service so far!
Debra Marsh
All good thanks.
Simon Griffiths
Very efficient service.
Jene Upward
Very quick and efficient arrangement of the viewing.
Mrs Ujszaszi
Very efficient service
Sue Harris
It was good, it's nice that you stay open in the evenings.
Mrs Lott
It was well marketed. We got a viewing promptly. It was a lovely place but just not exactly what we wanted
Mrs Jan Buckland
Great service.
Rachel Sell
Martyn Thomas
Efficient service, feedback is a good idea. Would use again.
Sarah Bray
So far I am really impressed with the service offered. Having made the initial contact via a viewing request I have already spoken to two people from Housenetwork and have been in email contact with one of those people. Both have been more than satisfactory in answering my questions. I really like the way that viewings are carried out. I would much rather meet the vendors and for me to show people round my house once I get it on the market with you. It's that little personal touch from someone who knows. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity of viewing what I hope to be an imminent purchase and I look forward to selling my property with you. I have had more care and attention from you in two days than in three weeks from Your Move - the manager didn't even recognise me given that it was her that did the valuation. Kind regards Richard
Richard Reay
Very good experience, would use again.
Mrs Mitchell
Very easy and quite nice to not deal with pushy estate agents!
Maxine Mcveigh
I was surprised how effective the service was. I have not used the service before and found it more responsive than a local agent.
Jane Lyon
Speedy appointment / house viewing scheduling. Would like to receive more information on how to cummicate / discuss an offer.
Mrs Dunn

Great. Loved swift /polite responses.
Tori Hywel-davis

Very well - followed up calls and chased for feedback - more than many agents do
Stephen Fothergill

I've dealt with over 10, 15 different Estate agents the last few months and have been horrified at the amazingly dreadful service received by the majority of them. I have to say, despite my cynicism I was very nicely surprised by your service. Your sales lady kept me informed regularly of when to expect a 'call back' to confirm my viewing appointment, and was very pleasant to deal with. I would recommend House Network to my friends.
Zara Evans

I am happy with your services
Dr Yomi Oladipo
Housenetwork was very good. Communication was excellent both by email and telephone. The people I spoke to were always very helpful and polite. It made viewing this property exceptional.
Deborah Hotchkins
In our case you done all that could be expected of you, in accommodating the distant that we were travelling and the time of viewing we requested. Thank You.
Mr Hills
Everything was fine
Esmee Crowther

Excellent service
Simon Herbert

Very efficient
Leanne Chapman

Very efficient. Would use again.
Yasmin Zadeh

Very good, as your email notification with update information is good guide to be actively find the right property. Thanks.
Tauqir Malik

I have had a good experience with Housenetwork the lady who took my call was very professional and efficient I would seriously consider using you should I need to put my property on the market. I used an Estate Agency to sell my previous property by paying up front and it worked out to my advantage.
Christine Gartland

Very easy to book a viewing
Charlotte Farr

Very efficient - called me back quickly and organised the viewing promptly.
Matthew Wilk

So far so good!
Ranitha Balasegraram

Very good, easy to deal with!
Sue Evans

Easy to arrange viewing and answered questions very helpfully.
Sarah Laycock

For your information, we found housenetwork to be very professional and efficient. Many thanks
Ms Susan Rauf

The initial contact with Housenetwork, when we enquired about a property, was great - very helpful and efficient, kept us informed when they said they would.
Mr Short

No problems at all.
Mrs Davis

Very good responses and informative.
Claire Bradshaw

Very satisfied with service.
Mr & Mrs Phipps

I found you ok actually. Quick calling me to arrange viewings etc etc and polite on the phone. Thanks
Rachel Holcroft

Good confirmation via email; giving a clear and concise record of viewing
Mrs Anne Ashton

Very slick service & was dealt with in a professional and helpful manner. Would recommend.
Carly Wilkins

Great how Housenetwork keep you updated whilst they arrange the viewing and then confirm everything.
Deborah Hotchkins

This is the first time I'm working with house network and im very happy thank you so much
Nisrine Naatok

Like the speed of your company
Mrs Sills

Swift service
Mr. Death

I love you guys,.
Mario Kyriacou

I think it's really good how it's all done either through e-mail or telephone as I am busy a lot of the time it has been much easier contact/ reply to me via e-mail than telephone so has worked really well. The reminders were good too.
Mr Todd

Fine; the process was very efficient
Elizabeth Porter

You did well all in all, thank you. I like the chat facility on the website, which is good and your agents did phone back after I had expressed my interest. Thanks Jason
Jason Sinclair

Great to deal with you. Great communication.
Zane Paberza

Great - very efficient.
Gina Zwierzewicz

You rock.
Justin Cunningham

No suggestions for improvement, leave it as it is! it works. A very good proffessional service.
Paul Sparrow

Great friendly staff.
Mr And Mrs Bassett

I thought is was a great system and refreshing not to have irritating estate agents or feel like I was being forced in to a bidding war.
Rachel Hearle

Quick to get in contact. Arranged my viewing quickly and kept in touch.
Laura Booth

I did think that booking a viewing through House Network would be more complicated than booking a viewing via a local estate agents but this was not the case. I liked the confirmation email which gave me all the details needed for the viewing and I like the option to leave feedback online.
Ms Julie Cumberlidge

So far so good, very friendly staff, everyone has been extremley helpful and polite.
Mr Winby

Very efficient service
Alison Vetters

Good service no concerns
Ged Houghton

Like the online access, makes things very easy. Thank you.
Lisa Silander

We thought you handled everything perfectly. very professional. Thank you Jeannie
Jeanie Baldock

Good communication
Abena Tobbin

No problems with with working with you at all. 
Gill Lilley

Very pleased.
Laolu Lijofi

Very quick response , viewing was arranged within half hour.
Mei Liang

No problems & ease of contact on a Sunday was excellent. Thank you.
Mandy Sparrow

Online estate agency is a new experience but so far has been stress free. It is helpful to be able to meet the vendor directly and use the online tools to communicate quickly.
Amy Daniels

Very good experience for us.
Mr Cluett

Great speedy service.
Nickie Tacey

Hi, I really liked your service. It was quick and informative both by email and phone. Thanks Gaurav Pal.
Gaurav Pal

We asked for a showing at very short notice and it was great that this was possible.
Serine Annan-veitch

I think the housenetwork is excellent. The reminders are particularly useful especially when you are looking at quite a few properties.
Christine Hague

Very pleased with service so far.
Susan Randall

Simple easy to use
Mrs Baker

Well done ! ...untill now! I hope you will help me to finish the business! Many thanks!
Ioan Ciutac

The phones were always answered very quickly.
Jeremy Rabouhans

Your services were very good. You did what was asked of you.
Mr Ron Ditchburn

Response to viewing request prompt. Happy with the service.
Jo Gibson

Our appointment to view was arranged promptly and courteously. This was followed up both with a telephone call and a confirmatory email. We even received a reminder email the day before the viewing which we found both impressive and helpful so, well done! We also like that fact that there were more photographs available on your website should a potential purchaser like to see more.
Mr And Mrs Sach

Had not viewed a house with your company before everything went smoothly and your way of doing things seems very efective.
Mr And Mrs Gray

Very efficient, helpful and on top of things. Easy to make a viewing and love the feedback options.
Stacey Dennis

Viewing arranged promptly, thank you
Carolyn Wild

Teila Smith

Very easy to deal with
Mrs Patsy Pollock

Service was prompt and courteous.
Mrs Moore

Speedy reponse to emails sent to arrange a viewing, not so far encountered a problem
Rachel Currell

We feel housing network were very efficient and the staff always courteous in accommodating. Many thanks - it's been great dealing with u so far
Mrs Patel

All round very good customer service, wouldn't hesitate to contact again to arrange future viewings.
Craig Arrow

Easy, no hassle. On the case straight away with booking appt.
Renee Dulieu

Impressed with service first time have dealt with you.
Keith Bullock

Very good, quick return of calls thank you
Derek Austin

Not having to meet an agent, fast and efficient.
Mr Phillip Luce

Very satisfied with your service and the attention i received
Mr Alfred Evans

Very well. Nice and efficient.
Mr Amit Sharma

Good updates and easy to arrange and amend viewings
Ms Gregory

Confirmation of our requested viewing time was received quickly and we appreciated the vendor accommodating this.
Brandon Clark

Great service and alternative to overpriced estate agents.
Lee Arthur

Very efficient service, reminders were useful and feedback procedure online is good.
Darren Kilvington

House network were fine to deal with. I like the opportunity to give feedback via email.
Katrina Mcdonna

A good service to make viewing arrangements. Email confirmations timely and appropriate. To date an effective way to communicate with vendor.
Heidi Williams

Absolutely fine!
Mrs Gillian Jackson

Good service would recommend to others
Caroline Pitcher

No issues - fine, Thank you
Mrs S Lampshire

Very professional and helpful Thank you
Moreen Harvey

Working with you has been a very good experience - you are really well organised and thorough in details and communication. We would happily use your company again, thank you.
Miss Usha Gough

Very good and helpful
Emily Stott
Fast and efficient service
Jane Passmore
Your service was good quick response and simple to use.
Colin Bucknell
Found the estate agents to be efiicient, but not too pushy. Gooed experience.
Teresa Taylor
Your service is briliant. Thank you
Vicky Kotsovolou
Very quick to help and this was appreciated. Good updates as well on planning an appointment
Carol Fulthorpe
Great contact from staff particularly a lady called Alice who was very friendly. Good online service aswell
Jenny Nichol
Professional and quick service.
Michelle Smith
Very efficient so far
Ms Alison Howard
First experience of house network, no problems, seem efficient
Jo Bills
Good, efficient company
Anna Smith
Friendly and helpful on the phone. Emailing all details through as default was good touch, and saved me asking. Links with London and Country are useful and beneficial for us especially as first time buyers.
Mr Sam Bennett
Friendly service
Meena Patel
Was able view same day which I've been able to do before, no fuss no hassle.
Mr Paul Cook
The process so far has been easy, trouble free, and a refreshing change from using traditional agents.
Mark Bickerdike

Easy communication
Nicola Andrews

Very good service received from yourselves.
Mr Shoubridge

Very easy to deal with, very friendly and helpful.
Frank Baiden

I like the online feedback form.
Marc Dacosta

A very easy to use service, some thing I will consider using in the future.
Les Peiris

Arranged viewing quickly and good communication
Michael Pearson

Our first time dealing with you. All good so far.
Mrs Whatley

Good work. Only wishing we would've put our house on the market with yourself now.
Rebecca Merritt

Very helpful - thank you.
Mrs Kate Leiper

You have been helpful and fast reacting.
Victoria Schubert

Very polite and organised. Kept me up to date with phone calls/emails. Very approachable, would recommend.
Rosemary Stevenson & Neil Stevenson

Very prompt service
Sarah Turner

We found it a very efficient system and appreciated being able to view the property without hundreds of other potential buyers being in the property at the same time.
Joanna Turner

Excellent service. Quick and easy!
Helen Carroll

Information is clear and response is efficient.
Mabel Law and Andrew Tam

Very efficient.
Miss Carmella Cross

I was impressed with the House Networks customer service, always helpful and I was able to arrange viewings quickly. The vendor had nothing but good things to say about the House Network which was good to hear. In fact they recommended you.
Elizabeth Felix

I was very impressed.
Sara Saville

Quick efficient service.
Mrs Bowles

Very easy.
Jacki Killikelly

Very well, much better than a lot of estate agents that we have delt with. Communication first class!
Steve Brookes

Great to have this electronic message system from you, extremely helpful! Many thanks, Sui
Sui Yip

Really impressed with house network. Contact to arrange viewing very prompt. Im especially impressed with the viewing booking confirmation and the feedback procedure. We are currently selling with stephenson browne but I would definatly consider house network for the future.
Claire Donaghey

Very professional service.
Terry Henderson

I hadn't contacted Housenetwork before and I found the staff pleasant and helpful. Thank you.
Rachel Murrell

Reminders good, very easy to contact and book.
Marc Dacosta

First time we have dealt with this company. No problems very helpful.
Mr & Mrs Bowsher

All good. very efficient.
Judith Stewart

Friendly, helpful and polite staff compared to other agents we have been in contact with.
Mrs Christie Foster

Very efficient service.
Frances Baldwin

Great service
Catherine Gray

Very efficient and helpful
Peter Bourdon

Efficient service to date. Thanks.
Carol Kelly

The systems you have in place work well and it's nice to get email reminders about viewings etc.
Dominic Knill

House network, was efficient and reliable.
Andrew Wrigley

Excellent service
Harry Lovett

No complaints. Prompt reply and clear instructions re viewing. House details and pictures comprehensive and accurate.
Sarah Andrews

Straightforward, well organised service.
Adam Hart

Good communications, easy to deal with
Chris McNickle

Quick and friendly customer service.
Kelly Smith

Good communication regarding viewing
Moya Johnson

No problems all very good and efficient
Charlotte Bush

Yes you were great.
Catherine Black

Impressed. Very efficient.
Jenni Beesley

Very efficient but not keen on being hassled by London and Country mortgages!
Mrs Vicky Stevenson

All fine thanks.
Marc Harney

Good system
Jamie Lexton

Good service and excellent communication
Anna Rock

I found your service very helpful. You were able to organize the viewing within a day and contact us very quick. Thank you very much.
Sylwia Piasecka

Very good service, prompt and organised. I would recommend to family and friends.
Alex Lowe

Really like the way we can give feedback by email at our convenience!
Lucy Kapasi

This is the first time I'm dealing with house network and I'm very pleased by the way you guys work and the freedom to feedback online. Efficiency in getting back to me and prompt reply in the emails. I have dealt with loads of real estate agency but you guys are out of the norm and that makes you special. Overall i love it and hope we will have positive dealings and you will help us to get our dream house. thank you.
Premitha Kaumar

This was an efficient service.
Chariffe Peart

I liked the lack of a twenty something (with a name badge that might as well have come from McDonalds) passing irrelevant comment.
Mr Duguid

Great service and hopefully to use HouseNetwork again
Jamal Ruhomaun

You have just sold our house and I thought the service was excellent. I was therefore curious to see how you performed "on the other side". Again, I found my dealings really positive, especially compared to some of the other local agents I tried to arrange viewings for.
Xavier Quli

Like the on-line presence- great stuff
Lara Jaffey

I like that this can be done online, suits me much better than having to take a call during my work day.
Sophie Capell

I believe so far the process has been successful and happy with the communication at present
Justin Smit

We are very impressed with House Network. We are first time buyers and weren't aware of online estate agents. From our initial enquiry about the property, we received confirmation emails and a telephone call within 12 hours to arrange a viewing for the property. The gentleman I spoke to was very friendly and efficient and had a viewing arranged very quickly with the vendor.
Joane Robson

Good communication.
Saina Nukhtar

No problems or issues, everything went smoothly as arranged!
Rodger Burningham

Only a brief dealing so far but all good. Just a new and up to date way of dealing with things to provide a more affordable service. Thank you, would use again.
Rachel Scott

Very easy to arrange viewings with.
Mrs Hitchcock

Good service.
Christine Williams

Great no problems at all. Very professional. Appreciated the reminder emails.
Ally Schnable

Excellent service.
Linda Ramsay

Very efficient and keen to sell the property which is what it's all about.
Carlie Broomfield

I like the confirmation email and the fact you can leave feedback on line (this is much more convenient than receiving several phone calls on Monday morning for feedback!).
Anna Kirman

Efficient and helpful service.
Mike Smallrodge

Like the emailing system showing appointment and who you will be meeting clearly
Laura Colman

Like the on line system
Craig Taylor

Easy to use system, simple to follow.
Rebecca Westcott

Good, actually really useful talking to the vendor.
Victoria Schubert

Very efficient I'm impressed. Thank you
Amba B Taylor

Good service. Thank you.
Melanie Webster

Quick and efficient many thanks.
Gareth Rose

Working with you for the first time I found to be very organised and efficient. The team seemed very friendly and had good communication skills whilst on the telephone.
Mrs Nicola Kenny

i like this part of the service. to be honest. so far so good
Darren Gerhold

Very efficient- no issues
Tim Brookes

It is a very good system to use.
Luke Middleton

Very useful talk with Olly initially about the property and viewing. Liked the emails and view details was a great help.
Neal Parry

First time dealing with you, and it was straight forward and easy. No negative comments or suggestions from me.
Mr Adam Miller

I thought the service was very good and convenient as normal estate agents are only contactable within working hours.
Amanda Applegarth

So far so good
Hedi King

Did exactly what was needed
Vikky Johnston

Is a great website I wish I had know about Housenetwork when i sold my property.
Hannah Phillips

I like the quick responses on email and on the phone and also the update emails.
Lisa Parr

I am very impressed with your prompt and efficient service. I hope you will email me with any appropriate properties, see above.
Jane Gorringe

All very well organised and friendly efficient service. Had to reschedule appointment and it was all handled well.
Liz Gibbons

I like the Housenetwork system and way of working.
Lisa Kenrick

A no frills service which seems to work well
Julie Peach

You were helpful and responsive.
Mrs Wray

I have been quite happy with Housenetwork. I have liked that the contact has been quick.
Katie Shellum

Thank you for prompt service.
Pauline Peck

All good
Bhavin Dedhia

I like communication via email as it is easier to reply to especially when you are at work. The house viewing was made quickly and confirmed by email.
Victoria Devine

Brilliant fast service
Paul Farrington

Excellent service so far. The vendor had nothing but praise for the service they have received so far. I will be back in touch if we decide to put our property on the market.
Jeff Platt

Very efficient please with the service so far
Samantha Swallow

Quick viewing times and responses
Laura Waywell

I like opportunity to leave feedback online,
Joanna Gomolka

The system worked very effectively.
Richard Wood

Really quick and efficiently arranged.
Katherine Luke

Very efficient and timely viewing arrangements were made.
Josephine Hayward

Very happy with the service. Thank you.
Andrea Taft

House network were very professional and helpful. They sent email confirmation and a phonecall to remind us of the viewing and to chase feedback after. Mortgage advise given by Emily was really helpful for us who are in a difficult situation considering relocation.
Emily Manian

Very quick and helpful on the phone.
Matthew Feltham

Good arrangements and communications
Jez Hall

Wish I'd known about your site when we went on the market!
Richard Lloyd

I like that everything is online. Very easy, especially when a call can be difficult when your at work.
Liz Cornell

Very efficient service.
Dominique Levack

Very easy and efficient.
Mark Watson

I think my experience of House network is great.
Micheal Owusu

Well organised system, uncomplicated . ( had second viewing Sunday 2 march )
C Smith

Very helpful!
Charlotte Fountain

Quick, sufficient service whereby arranging a viewing was easy and immediate. Information given and photographs supplied on the website were really helpful.
Sasha Hill-tomlinson

Smooth and efficient
Philip Rowe

We'll organised viewing. Confirmation by email was useful.
Mr And Mrs Peatey

Prompt organisation of viewing and polite staff
Mrs King

No problems, easy to make an apt. Many thanks.
Julie Sweeney

Easy to contact you, quick to sort a viewing
Jane Simpson

We really liked the online feed back part. We also liked that confirmation was sent to us prior our booking as some agencies have not always done this causing confusion. Regards Victoria
Victoria Plumbly

Email communication was helpful and viewing easy to arrange
Stacey ding

Very good
Neil Corless

I found no problem with the way your company works, it would have saved me £4500 if I'd used you.
Mary Bland

Very efficient
Sandy Tanner

We have found the service to be very efficient, helpful and friendly.
Mr And Mrs Dixon

Would consider using you as thought the service was very good.
Elaine Gardner

Very impressed with the service and the way technology is used to make communication more efficient.
Mr Tack

Housenetwork is what 21st century buying a house should be like! Online feedback, good communication via e-mail and phone. It's a pleasure to use!
Tom Robst

Very efficient and quick responses. Friendly and helpful staff too.
Kay Fletcher

Great to deal with. Online features great.
Mrs Kate Obrien

Efficient and professional approach and friendly - easy to speak to.
Mike And Sallie Coley

Good communications helped everyone involved
T Kieran

The viewing was very well managed and easily arranged.
Martin Taylor

Absolutely fine
Mr Barry Gay

Straightforward to deal with you. Many thanks.
Mr Wilcox

I found Housenetwork extremely efficient and got back to me almost instantly. Confirmation by email and telephone very professional and welcome. In my experience of viewing properties Housenetwork have been the most reliable to date.
Tina Wilson

Perfect service, thank you
Ruta Baltusiene

No problems at all
Mr Narhl

You reacted quickly to our request for a viewing. We would use you again.
Robert Hawkins

Great good communication and chased me for feedback. 
James Hyde

First time experience. Any questions or dealings have been dealt with promptly. A easier experience then dealing with shop front estate agents.
Simon Ward

Assisted me promptly. Great service
Claire Canu

A good service which kept the potential buyer well informed
Mr Song

The whole process was simple and efficient. I have no complaints at all. The lady I spoke to on the phone to book the appointment was pleasant and helpful.
Kay Nolan

The process worked very efficiently and it is an advantage to meet the owners / tenants.
Dan Cliffe

Great response to my inital email
Jane Matthews

Contact from a representative was very speedy following my initial email expressing interest.
Jane Matthews

Very good having email confirmation of viewings
Jacky Smith

Happy with all contact with Housenetwork.
Nicola Brown

Very prompt, thank you.
Hazel Meckler

Efficient so far.
Mr Skelton

You were very quick at booking in a viewing and getting back to me.
Samantha Wharmdy

All very efficient. The viewing was arranged super fast and like that we were given the option to give feedback over the phone or via email. This online form makes it very convenient and I imagine this is very helpful to the vendor.
Gayle Bentham

Great service - easy to contact and quick to return calls and respond to messages. People on the other end of the phone are always friendly and helpful.
Elizabeth Read

Good communication and reminders about viewing, easy to access and understand web site.
Ian Gardner

Not worked with yourselves yet however.. I was very impressed with the emails that came back and forth from your teams....
Mrs Monica Alauddin

All fine.
Miss Sally Woods

Communication was very good
Mrs Joanne Woomass

Good communication, have received lots of emails with updates which is good.
Lucy Taylor

Quick response and able to contact via phone or email. Helpful staff when phoned
Suzanna Wilson

The best way to sell a house. i like it- the vendor shows you the property instead of an agent
Sahar El-husseini

All very easy to arrange, thanks
Daniel Ratcliffe

Very Quick service and friendly staff
Hira Din

Very efficient! You seem to be 'on the ball'
John Scofield

Very impressed with the email communication and reminders.
Paul Jamieson

I am impressed with the standard of service offered by Housenetwork.
Sariya Contractor

Easy to contact and arrange a prompt viewing of the property.
Katherine Tataryn

The booking system was great, viewing arranged quickly at a convenient time. Online feedback useful. Would definitely consider using you again.
Mrs S Clements

Good quality and 1st class service. Trustworthy too.
Ridwan Oreniwa

Good service
Hadji Georgiou

Service was good, quick to come back to me with the apointment time so thank you.
Michelle Webster

I think you have been very good. Contacted me very quickly after I made my inital enquiry and set up a viewing at short notice.
Andrew Martin

V good service thank you
Susan Lane

It was well organised.
Neil O Donnell
Very easy to deal with. Prompt service.
Mr And Mrs Hodson
Prompt service.
Mr And Mrs Hodson

Response to request for a viewing was quick so I have no negative comment.
Amanda Wood

I'm very like the service from Housenetwork in term of contact. Reminder email is also good.
Nudchanard Tantiphaiboonwong

Very straightforward will look to use you in future.
Aimee Luther

We are happy with the service and efficiency we have received so far from Housenetwork both as vendors and potential buyers, thank you.
Sian Langdell

The service is very quick and efficient. I had received confirmation emails almost immediately after arranging the viewing.
Sarah Hayward

Great process so far
Penny Cook

Brilliant service.
Faye Pedley

Efficient and liked email confirmation
Frazer Dewey

You are very helpful. Thank you for you time
Gosia Lazarz

All good
Emily Taylor

Its a great idea & think we would use you if we come to sell a property in the future. Reasonably priced & very helpful.
Matt Smith

Very friendly and efficient company, Alice went out of her way to be helpful in setting up a viewing the same evening - thank you.
Maggie Morris

Fast and effecient.
Basil And Sherley Howson

Very quick to arrange an appointment to view. I liked the reminder the day before. Looking forward to working with you to buy this property
Julia Marriott
Very efficient and helpful.
Maureen Winch-furness

Can't say I would fault your service as advisors were professional, courteous and swift with processing the viewing.
Shazia Ayoub

Service is great.
Ian James

Everything was very efficient. Thank you.
Miss Knowles

Good communication and ease of contact.
Miss Dale

Viewing appointment was actioned quickly, so very impressed with that.
Julie Mcguirk

Superb service, highly reccomended
Joe Davidson

Very helpful and efficient. The viewing went very smoothly.
Mr Simon Gibson

Swift and efficient, ideal.
Peter Frame

House network were fantastic and we will definitely be putting our property up for sale with you.
Jocelyn Telford

Happy with everything really, hopefully the offer will be accepted and we can move forward with yourselves!
Michael Mcdermott

Joe was very helpful and when we were running late he contacted the vendor for us.
Melanie O'halloran

I have been very impressed by your service
Andrew Davies
The fact you're open late was very convenient for me. Also, being able to book and confirm an appointment via email so efficiently was reassuring; especially when you consider it can be a pain contacting a local estate agent who may or may not respond to your query (they usually 'forget'). My experience with the House Network has been quite good and I would seriously consider using them over a traditional estate agent.
Mr Shahzad Khan
Helpful staff on the telephone. Very prompt with your business dealings. Very good communication by keeping client informed by the step by step processes.
Pauline Cairney
Happy with no problems tks.
Nita Clemmings
It is the first time I have used your web site and found it to be very straight forward and would have no hesitation in recommending you. If I had know about you before going with a local agent I would have seriously considered using you.
Mr Sim And Mrs Sim
Quick reaction to the inquiry, viewing arranged very quickly, follow up after viewing both on the phone as online. This was my first contact with housenetwork, my impression is they are efficient and quick.
Gerhard Novak
Very efficient impressed!
Katharine And Darren Learmonth
Good polite call centre
Tracy Edwards
Very efficient and courteous
Lyn Abbotts
The details and response could not be criticised. Far better than estate agents
Mr Cooling
Good communication :-)
Leah Stewart
Swift and friendly service, thank you
Mrs J Morris

No trouble thus far. Enjoy the ease and convenience of working online more than back and forth phone calls so this has been ideal.
Gary And Sarah Bradley

Easy to deal with
Simon Hibbs

Very efficient and got back to me promptly with a viewing appointment, would definitely view with you again.
Polly Tyrer

Very efficient service, I liked everything about working with you
Mr Healey

House network all good
Sally Berriman

I think housenetwork team are friendly, i appreciate when i email to arrange a viewing, they actually call to gather further detail, while in the past some estate agents wont contact at all and dont reply
Janet Ly

We would like to thank Housenetwork for arranging the viewing so promptly and will keep you updated on further progress
Sam Taylor-nobbs

Everything was fine, appointment made, email to confirm, no probs!
Mr Reddyhoff

I thought it was a professional service. I liked the virtual tour aspect.
Julie Sharratt

You provided a rapid response to our request for viewings and the vendor was flexible with viewing times. We are considering using you to advertise our own house.
Laura Horton

All good and professional so far thanks
Jo Allen

Well organised. Lovely to be shown around the property by the vendor.
Rebecca Spark

House network has been really helpful in organising this viewing and we appreciated the reminder email and confirmation email. 
Laura Mills

I was impressed by the photographs in your advertisement so decided to quickly make a booking to view. 
Mrs Valerie French

Very professional service. Having looked at property with some High Street agents House Network stands out. Would not hesitate to recommend or use.
Richard & Samantha Stockdale

At the moment i cannot fault the way you guys work, the need to cancel on friday was out of my control .. but i received a phone call from yourself after i sent the e mail to cancel ... and you were very helpful in re arranging an appointment for the following day. Many thanks for that.
Richard Marling

What a great service! I will definitely be using House Network next time.
Emma Burns

Efficient and quick with an appointment. Good information by email.
Wendy Watkin

Very easy to phone and book viewing, professional service
Christine Allitt

Service as good as any other high street agent
Neil Lucas

house network is fine, all working well so far!
Jane Jones

Good Morning, we are satisfied with Housenetwork, which is well organised and prepared.
Szilvia Banki-toth

Yes all ok, good service
Scott Devlan

I was pleased with the professional and helpful telephone service.
Mrs Wright

Everything was satisfactory.
Wendy Chenery

Very quick response was greatly appreciated. Great service so far.
Yann Bezin

Really easy to organise viewing - no issues.
Neil Mackay

There was nothing wrong with your service, we have no complains to make.
Miss Wilson

Hi, so far so good really. Emails to confirm viewings were quick and efficient and my initial chat with someone on the phone to arrange was pleasent and friendly and not to bombastic like many other estate agents. When I decide to put my house on the market shortly, I may well go with yourselves.
Mrs Mellany Napper

Quick response and the flexibility and use of email for communication.
Mrs Murphy

All straightforward and simple. Thank you!
Hannah Macloed

The service from Housenetwork has been very good and efficient and the lack of contact via shop etc is not a concern.
John Toogood

I have no issues with the way everything went. An easy, pleasant experience. Thank you.
Gareth Skinner

I wish we had known about house network when selling our property as we would have used you due to the financial benefit compared to high street estate agents.
Sian Ockendon

Much easier leaving feedback and getting in touch online rather than making lots of calls to an estate agents.
Samantha Bean

We thought it was a better experience being shown the flat by the vendor instead of an agent.
Javier Ampuero

Very efficient. All contact so far has been great
Lynsey Atkinson

Very efficient. A breath of fresh air compared to some other estate agents!
Andrew Howarth

Very good site and I particularly like how you send out reminders. Good idea
Mrs Jones
Very good communication
Karen Eastwood
Easy to book the appointment. Appointment confirmation and reminder emails were much appreciated. Facility for the provision of on-line feedback is very useful
Henry Ridge

Your telephone operators were extremely helpful and efficient - thank you
Patricia Hussein

Good customer service
Nabil Khan & Jesmin Khan

Very easy to work with. Quickly arranged a viewing to suit my time restrictions. Arranged for a mortgage consultant to contact me who was very helpful and professional. (London and Country). All in all a pleasant experience. Thankyou.
Max Penprase

Housenetwork has been very prompt and easy to work with.
Rachel Bailey

Very happy with the way the appointment was made, information given etc
Sharon Whitbread

Very happy with the way the appointment was made, information given etc
Sharon Whitbread

Never used housenetwork before and found it to be fine
Mrs Celia Buttigieg

No complaints about the agents, thank you
Hazel Darnton

Nice call centre staff, prompt response to calling in - yes i am happy.
Darren Vye

Very quick and efficient at responding and organising appointments
Miss Bonnie Nash

I very much appreciated this way of looking- it was great to be shown around by the vendors and they were really helpful. Many thanks, Jo
Jo Broughton

I enjoyed being able to discuss the property with the vendor, and also all of the reminder e-mails that were sent prior to the viewing.
Karen Boniface

Very good service and the reminder email was handy.
Grace Wilson

House network are really good and the most helpful company that we have dealt with
Gem Mabey

Fine. Easy, fast, convenient experience.
Mr Brooks

We liked using the househetwork. We had quick responses, confirmations by email are usefull to make sure that we know exactly where we are going. Also we enjoyed meeting the vendor.
Dorotka Haden

All good.
Sarah Salisbury

I like that it was easy to book a viewing.
Zoe Brammer

Perfectly acceptable. No issues.
Mr Denzil Morgan

Fantastic communication through email & from telephone operators themselves. Very efficient service.
Mr Andrew Wilkinson

We have viewed a few properties and had trouble contacting estate agents but using this service was quick and easy.
Amy Brooks

I thought Housenetwork's service was fine.
Sue Lambert

Can't think of any negative. All good.
Nishant Kumar Singh

Very efficient
Jackie Tripp

Very good service from house network. Both call agents were very friendly and polite. Thank you.
Claire Lightfoot

Quick and easy
Jenna Johnson

Very quick and helpful response, no problems experienced at all.
Victoria Bowes

So far I have found your company to be efficient and prompt when organising viewings.
Mr Nero

I thought the service from Housenetwork was very good. Thank you.
Beverley Gardner
The viewing was arranged very quickly
Ellen Cocks
You did a great job. I like your online system.
Ramon Rios Torres
I was happy with the service I have received, I thought they were very helpful.
Catherine Williams

Very straightforward and easy to use website. Arrangements for viewing was well organised.
Kavitha Manaktala

Great company - very easy to arrange viewings
Mrs Kelly Reeve

Very good customer service. I spoke to a chap called Joe who said he would phone me back to see whether you could arrange an earlier viewing and true to his word I received a call back the following morning from a lady who booked me a viewing slot.
Alex Lymer
All good. Many Thanks
Paulina Dobrzanfka

Housing Network was very prompt in getting us the viewing times sorted and very cordial in their discussions with us.
Mr Karshik Gaglani

House Network is a reasonable company to trust. I have bought my house through House Network. Therefore I believe this is enough to praise house network. Thanks
Hamid Maqbool

Impressed by the service
Jane Faithfull

Got back to me immediately. Notification emails were really helpful. Really good service actually.
Bethan Ballard

All worked well
Stuart Southgate

Good communication
Charlie Follett

Your system of arranging viewings and feedback is great. Please keep it up. Hope that you could advertise more properties in this area.
Arun Kamath

it was a good opportunity to know you guys. online system was very good for me and I really enjoyed your online feedback system. 
Yahya Alvar

So far really happy with such professionalism and on time communication. Everything was nice and smooth for us and we hope we will be able to complete the whole deal on such positive note, thanks.
Mr Ashiqur Khan

We havent met anyone from house network yet, but you have been quick and helpful on the phone. Thanks!
Claire Sebastian

It was very easy to organise the viewing and everything went smoothly. Very well organised and free from stress!
Alison Clark

So far I have been very impressed with house network, and would consider using them when we want to sell.
Jane Faithfull

Like the feedback procedure, no constant calls! Easy to arrange viewing.
Vinny Jethwa

Everything worked well
Neil & Mrs Parkin
Very easy to set up a viewing and give feedback. Email reminders and confirmations were great.
Claire Oakley

We like the way your system works!
Mrs Catherine Tribble

We have been impressed with the service
Ian Williams

I liked that it only took one call to arange a viewing.
Hannah Pratt

House Network seem very efficient and very pleasant to deal with.
Heidi Allen

Prompt, efficient and I liked dealing over the phone and by email rather than face to face with estate agents.
Caroline Wheeldon

Efficient fast service, happy with how my enquiry was dealt.
Charlotte Denison
We were impressed by the fact that we did not get harassed by phone by house network and we appreciated being sent the full address details by email.
Miss Hannah Blake

Great to be contacted via telephone as took the onus away from us as we are very busy.
Ruth Lloyd

Can't fault your service very prompt convenient and professional.
Jayne Tabern

You guys are great! Very efficient and encourage me to use you again.
Andi Robinson

I found the service from Housenetwork to be very good and would certainly consider using them if I have a property to sell.
Janet Long

Easy and efficient to work with, I would recommend your service.
Alison Boucher

Very happy with the arrangements
Eva Kosorinova

You were really prompt and helpful. The mortgage advice lady was great as well.
Uloma Onwukeme

Easy organisation and was good to talk to the vendor at the property.
Mr David Goodchild

No problems. The House Network was very helpful.
Giuseppe Sagnella
i like the contact via email as i am currently in work and unable to take phone calls but can access my emails so am still able to arrange viewings and give feedback
Lauren Armstrong

We have only had minimal contact with you as a company, however the service has been slick and efficient. The appointment to view the house was made quickly and I was pre-warned about a marketing call from your mortgage brokers which was useful as I do not take usually take cold-calls. 
Mr Mitchell

You are very very good, will recommend you to anyone.
Mr Petherbridge

Professional service from you and especially when we arrived early and asked if possible to view early. A little apprehensive that it is only vendor viewing but things turned out OK
Colin Boon

Very prompt booking the viewing and phoned me back when you said you would. No complaints.
Susan Marsh
Very good concept. Does give you a chance to speak to the family living before.
Abhi Duggal

I found you all helpful and polite and have had, so far, a very good service !
Anna Porter

So far a good service
Paula Davies

Good to be reminded by emails about the viewing appointment.
Amy Pullan

No problems with House Network. We would certainly use your services again.
Helen Fleming

Happy with the service and prompt email communications.
Christine Gobbi

Efficient service, good email communication
Keisha Aimiuwu - on behalf of fiance
No problems with Housenetwork . Very pleased with how you operate.
Rachel Bell - daughter and viewer. Gill Lewington purchasing
No problems with Housenetwork . Very pleased with how you operate.
Rachel Bell - daughter and viewer. Gill Lewington purchasing
First viewing with housenetwork. Good communication throughout. Vendor was very good. Knowledgable and polite.
Tony Styles
Efficient got back to me as promised.
Keren Bleich
Efficient-it works thank you
Mrs Livingstone
Great- professional, non pushy, amenable and straight forward
Louisa Macinnes
We have also recently sold our house via Housenetwork and have found both the selling and viewing process from Housenetwork very easy with fabulous customer service. We would definately use Housenetwork again in the future and have already recommended Housenetwork to friends.
Louise Mossman
Good experience overall. Telephone contact was efficient and polite, emails timely and appropriate. Meeting a neighbour to view the property worked very well. She was knowledgeable and friendly.
Barbara Russel
Thought this website was terrific. It would be useful if there was a secure element which ( if all parities were agreeable) to exchange phone numbers, as we were a little late and it would have been nice to call ahead to explain. Otherwise terrific service.
Mr N Gaston
Simple and efficient, did what I asked with no fuss.
Barry O'donoghue
We have been impressed with your service so far
Lisa Allan
No problems, quick and polite responses.
Charlotte Hilliard
All seemed to work very well with the booking process.
Peter Hicks
Quick response and useful information provided.
Amelia Robinson

Prompt viewing very good service
Kim Carr

Very efficient - the first agency to come back to us.
Julie Hughes

Most grateful for your swift response to our request for a viewing, especially since it was after the storm and you had no power in your offices. Good follow-up by phone. Thank you. .
Mr M Blyth
Your company seemed to be on the ball, will recomend you.
Tony Wren

Initially I was wary of an online company and thought it would have been difficult to speak directly to anyone - I was completely wrong. From the initial call to House Network it has been exceptionally simple and have had great communication from them. Emailed appointment confirmation with thorough details on directions and parking was brilliant - we haven't had that level of communication or detail from any high street estate agent. I think the online feedback form is perfect for both the vendor and buyer, and would most definitely consider using House Network when we come to sell in the future.
Gillian Todd

Good service. No issues for us.
Karen Gaynard (& Peter her partner)
We liked your multiple. choice response questionnaire - it allowed for complexity but kept things simple.
Chris James
Communication was great and liked the emails of confirmation about viewing times and name
Coral Harrison
Very organized and efficient. Good overall experience of dealing with estate agent, others should learn this system, 'will make life easier!
Pallab Majumder

Very efficient, response times were very quick and it was excellent
Carole Ash

I really do not have any negative feedback about Housenetwork. Agents were very helpful and polite. Access to the agency is very good via phone or online. Well done.
Aneta Bhatti

It was great to be able to arrange this online/email as I'm not always available on the phone.
Jackie Deacon

Penny was efficient, cheerful and helpful - extremely competent.
Tom Gaisford

Fabulous system and I'd definitely look to use your services in the future.
Louise Stark

Diligent professional agents; found the phone system and different numbers a bit confusing at first but otherwise good experience so far :)
Lucie Duverge

No problem getting a viewing
Jean Snow
Fine - no problems at all.....
Lorna Chernajovsky On Behalf Of Friend
Very easy booking and viewing, thank you.
Jane Hill
This is the first time I have had contact with Housenetwork. I have spoken to several people and found them to be professional and courteous. The quick turnaround of sending the vendor's details was very efficient and also once I had confirmed that I would like to make an offer, the Application Form was emailed to my promptly. Very professional organisation and helpful personnel.
Faye Doswell
We were not disappointed with the service & can only offer praise with the prompt booking of the viewing
Ish Qayyum
Appreciated your system, and would probably use you ourselves when selling, if we were available to show.
Mr T Cusack

Very professional.
Michael Connelly

The up to date information and email reminder was very helpful.
Mrs L Reid

The service has been great. So, thanks.
Sam Cooke
Very helpful and efficient.
Yvonne Perry

Very good service
David Tarafder

Very helpful and good communication.
Melissa Tobbell

The appointment was made for us quickly and efficiently, and a request for feedback from us was quickly sent to us by email. Thank you.
Christine Washington

A very good process and good service.
Gronya Foyle

As good as any established estate agents. There is more information about the house for sale from the website than those houses found from the estate agents.
Guohui Gan

Very efficient, helpful and friendly. Thank you.
Marvin Mccogg-singh

Very good management of the viewing process and effective communication system. Couldn't expect more and never had such a great viewing experience. 
Rakesh Bhopatrao

I like the reminders by email and found this helpful
Mr L Furness

You were very quick to arrange my viewing which is greatly appreciated in the current market. Many thanks, Michele
Michele Morley
Everything was fine
Mr C Harrison

First time, everything went well
Mr Nigel Smith

Everything worked very efficiently in my opinion. House Network followed up my request for a viewing with a very prompt phone call and details were then swiftly emailed. 
Zoe Stevens

Easier to deal with than I thought
Candace Bloomfield

Very good service
Ruth Knight

Good quick responses by team to arrange viewings.
Claire Ross

Very helpful agents.
Jenifer Crawley
We are very pleased with the service particularly the turnaround time.
Marie Caumon

Very efficient services.
Jie Chen

Like the efficiency and the confirmation emails for making viewing arrangements.
Amy Metcalfe

Excellent service very professional! House network kept me informed at all time (Lois) !
Susan Gerlace

Smashing website. Easier to use than many. Floor plan is an essential feature that some agents don't provide so you don't know if the kichen faces next door's garage or a pleasant garden.
R And P Bennett

Professional & pro-active
Tony Greenstone

You all very helpful. I am very happy with communication
Seher Araujo

Good service so far, thanks housenetwork!!
Rowena Evans

So far I have no complaints
Peter Chaplin

Nothing I didn't like. Very pleasant and welcoming family.
Karen Murgatroyd

Extremely efficient and helpful when arranging the viewing. Very quick response to my viewing request which was greatly appreciated. I also found it very helpful that your email reminders for the viewing included helpful parking advice and gave directions of how to find the property.
Natalie Chadwick

Good so far.
Nisha Boodhoo

Good service
Ed Sweetman

Andrea Bird

Really liked meeting with the vendor at the viewing. Instead of estate agent. Every thing was organised right away for the viewing. I wasnt interrogated for personal details when contact was first made as I have experienced with other agents in the past.
Misha Vickers

Very good - Clear communication, good service
Mr Lunn

Arrangements worked as advertised and expected.
Joy Rosier

I like the way you kept in touch by email with reminders and details about the viewing. Most estate agents don't do this. I appreciated it
Mrs Sorrell Shipman

Well organised viewing, motivated seller and responsive agent. Quick to retun calls and when we needed to change the viewing time last minute this was also sorted quickly, thanks to agent and vendor.
Grace Smith

Organised, and prompt. Confirmation e mail and reminder e mails were sent which helps a lot.
Syed Ahmed

I have been pleased with the service provided.
Sandrine Rodrigues
Good service
Amit Singh
Service has been very efficient so far.
Heena Patel

I liked everything, your work was great.
Christian Spano

It was very good being shown around by the vendor as we could ask questions pertinent to the local area etc
Mr Kalvin Bird & Mrs Claire Bird

You are one of the most helpful agents that i have worked with and would very much reccomend to anyone
Miss Green & Mr Henderson

No recommendations actually. This is the first time I've worked with HN and have found the service very efficient and professional. Well done!
Amelda Karayel

All correspondance has been very good so far. Thank you.
Russell Moore

Quick response
Emily Hilliker

Great idea for those confident enough to show buyers around. I would certainly use you in the future
Paul Surridge

We were very happy with your service. Your staff were very polite and helpfull.
Mike And Jackie Forward
Friendly service
Leah Woodford
There is communication over the phone and via email. Good for those working who are not always able to answer phone calls. Positive experience so far
Alison Mcintee
Quick call back after we enquired about the house. Organised a viewing in good time.
David Evans
Speedy arrangement to view the property. All information re viewing sent in email for easy use. Useful info about parking
Sheena Mason

I found you very easy to engage with, you answered the phone promptly, were pleasant and professional and called back when you said you would to confirm viewing details. I don't have any complaints. Thank you.
Tania Lambert

No complaints. Efficient staff and the reminders were helpful as I accidentally deleted previous ones
Vanessa Rose

Gave a very quick response when arranging the viewing, plus good to receive email confirmation as a reminder. No negative comments. Look forward to hearing from you.
Terry Donnely

Seamless transactions and enjoyed the viewing thanks
Laura Entrasal

Fast and efficient service. Viewing was set up quickly with no fuss. Friendly and helpful staff. Thank you
Celina Hoang

Very efficient, helpful and friendly.
Maigan Corio

Very good and excellent systems
Andrew Beresford

I have no criticism based on that single interaction with you. The phone was answered promptly, and a last minute rescheduling of the viewing time was handled efficiently.
Phillip White

Simple and efficient.
Huw Morgan

This system has worked well for us, thank you
Howard Brown

Happy with quick response to our request for viewing of this property.
Mrs Pam Stacey

Really like the fact that you do all of this by email. It's so much better and less invasive than calling.
Elizabeth Choppin

Nice and easy and straight forward
Keith Spence

Seems straightforward and efficient so far!
Sarah Chrisp

Out of all the housing associations I have been dealing with house network is the more organised.
Donna Kelly

Think it worked really well. Wish I had done it for My sale which cost around £6000
Mr Michael Coombes

Very efficient when booking a viewing.
Charlotte Smith

No issues at all. Smooth process
Hilary Leathes

The service from housenetwork I received was great. Quick response to viewing request and also follow up emails.
Kayliegh Ollard

Very impressed with this service.
Alison Sheriden

I thought that the online updates where immediate and calls/service has been very good so far.
Mario Argyrou

I love this system of buying/selling houses! Great idea and I hope you grow from strength to strength. The high time of extravagant and cheating estate agents and their ludicrous services and fees and ways is hopefully on it's way out. I wish you well.

Easy to use and friendly
Mrs Rufia Adalat

Simple easy process.
Amanda Dean
Straight forward process to arrange a viewing, prompt reply snd informative email on how to find the property
Shimaila Ali
Communications were good. When we were running late for this appt. I called to ask you to let vendors know which you did and came back to me to confirm.
Lynne Skuse

Housenetwork was very helpful and arranged a viewing very promptly.
Kate Pickles

Very efficient company, got in touch as soon as I requested a viewing and arranged a viewing for a time that was convenient for me.
Natasha Fishwick (on behalf of Father)

The experience of using you was very good - I wish I'd heard of you before I put my property with an agent as your prices are very reasonable for selling.
Paulene Burton

Very helpful staff who at all times were polite and respectfull and listened to our needs,
Diana Davey

Never used an online estate agency before...excellent idea! Main advantage was all the email contact which seems perfect, especially for people at work, who don't have time for lengthy phone calls.
Tanzeem Parkar

Decent service and communication - seems to work guys! Thanks D
Darryl Sethi

Efficient, correct, helpful and quick response
Mr Downey

Friendly and helpful.
Nicole Sweet

Good service from house metwork
John Bedson

Fine - nice polite staff to organise the viewing.
Mrs Jill Dickson

The emails and reminders etc from HouseNetwork have all been very good..
Sarah Helton
The online chat facility to arrange a viewing was excellent.
Lucy Reynolds

Easy, friendly and efficient service. Was dubious at outset re being involved with an online agent but some high street agents could learn a thing or two here.
Carol West

I am very impressed with your service and I only wish I had used you to sell my property. I used a high street agent and it has cost me over £5000 to sell my house and I don't think it has been worth it.
Rosalind Hudson

Easy to deal with and it was good to meet a vendor and not an agent.
Katie Ash

I found the service very efficient ..........
Fatima Fizal

Never used an online agent before and found the whole experience very enjoyable, very good communication, promt and clear instructions,staff polite and informative - Thank you
J Gill

Loved email communication, was always quick and efficient. No negatives at all...just wish more agents were like you!!
Emma Edmunds

I am really impressed by your service so far. Better than a lot of agents I've dealt in the past. Many thanks for your help. I will definitely recommend your site/service to others.
Cathrine Karakoula

Very professional and easy to arrange a viewing
Mr Andrew Jones

Quick and easy. Very helpful services with quick response
Brett Mitchell

it was good to be able to arrange viewings on a sunday
Anne Johnson

Good quick service and communications
Mr Bhangu

No complaints - we got a same-day viewing! The only frustrating thing was being sent a marketing email stating how low your fees are when we have just accepted an offer on our own place via a traditional (and much more expensive) estate agent.
Jen Lovatt

Great, very efficient. No suggestions for improvements.
Mrs Goulding

Very good service - enjoy the viewing reminders and good communication. Would consider in the future.
David Dorey

No problem, straightforward arrangements, clear communications.
Franca Simpson

We feel that from the beginning of our involvement with this company they have been very helpful in arranging a viewing and appear to be professional in their approach.
Mr Barker

Like confirmation emails and swift response to booking viewing!
Ashleigh Ferrera

I have no problems with Housenetwork
Mrs Thorpe

Simple and easy to work with. Less difficult than other agents can be.
Andrew Smith

Very informative, good service.
Mr Kevin Porter-Riley

Very positive experience. Easy to arrange a viewing. Online feed back is very helpful.
Karen Campbell

I liked the confirmation e mails.
Clare Garlick

Everything worked really well, a member of the team was in touch very quickly and everything worked efficiently. No problems!
Scarlett Rayment

This feedback form is a great idea!
Meredith Orr

Really quick to respond and organise things. The bonus is not waiting to slot into an estate agents over filled diary of viewings.
Farrah Gudgeon

Good company quick to respond and great fees wish I'd heard of you before I sold mine!
Sarah Dean

Great, efficient service.
Jonathan Wiseman

Very efficient service in arranging the viewing - Thank you.
Sam Jones

This is a very good business idea
Mrs Saxena

Seems to work well. I prefer to see a house without an estate agent anyway.
Lucy Upward

Prompt service - no complaints at all
Sue Perera & Alessandro Castellani

Your description was excellent. I have no adverse criticism of your site
Mr Turner

Very efficient. I would consider using you if I had a property to sell.
Lynn Townsend

very easy to work with thanks
Mr Richard Bugg

Very efficient in every way
Miss Bradock And Mr Bradock

None - excellent so far.
Glen Tucker

Helpful and prompt. No problems.
Wendy Honeyman-smith

We thought your many of business was very efficient and easy to use. Thank you.
Mr Bowen

Good way to connect to vendors
Varun Bhatia

Viewing was arranged quickly and efficiently.
Kirsty Clark
Nothing to dislike. Friendly & professional communication.
Anna Filipowska
Had a pleasant experience dealing with house network and was always kept informed
Samantha Stanley
Great way to sell a house! Will use you next time we sell.
Jo Woods
Actually you guys have been good, better than most of the estate agents here in Luton. You guys responded to my email straight away. You made a viewing straight away. You have given options on feedback. Really excellent service and what a good estate agent should be like.
Shahzia Chaudhari
Good communication when arranging viewing via phone call and good follow-up via email
Mrs Ruth Daines
Quick easy to use service.
Alison Vincent
We had no problems with your service. You arranged the viewing quickly and we got an e mail to confirm.
Gill Facer
Helpful and friendly staff on the phone, emails to show progress - which I loved!
Lisa Freeman
Very good service
Joseph Lydon
I like the way you manage house sales and the clear and detailed information you provide.
Maureen Liu
Good efficient service
Mrs Muggleton
Very good comms and no hassle, no push policy. Excellent to deal with.
Mr Shah
At first I was a bit dubious about dealing with an internet agent, but we wanted to view the property so had no other option and went ahead anyway. The experience was very reassuring, in fact, no different to contacting a local agent and the viewing was arranged without delay and confirmed via email. In fact the email confirmation and feedback request has been a reassuring part of the process, giving us confidence in the agent's professional handling. We would have no qualms in dealing with you again.
Charles Jenkins & Mrs.

It was a very easy process so far
Daniella State

Quick and efficient
Jo Irvine

Brilliant service, Will use again if necessary
Mr Jopal

Very polite, and very quick to get back to me. Nice that there is a keen interest in feedback on what we thought of the house as other Agents never bother which is frustrating when you want to know more about the house.
Josie Perry

Good. Simple and effective
Sheena Hawkins

We liked the quick responses we received.
Laura Cambray

Very prompt and professional, Thank you
Julie Hawkins
lots of emails - these could be cut down. But you are very efficient which is excellent!
Dimple Raja
i have had no problems when dealing with yourselves.
Helen Mousa
You have kept me well informed, please so far with how the company work
Sandra Cooper
Really helpful, easy to contact.
Laura Brown
no problems with yourselves what soever
Vic Jones
Overall, I am very happy the vendor chose to use house network, and I hope more vendors choose to take this route. In all cases I've experienced, I've found dealing with the owner of a property to be much more informative (and more likely to make me inclined to buy) than dealing with an agent.
Housenetwork is a very helpful company they helped me well by arranging me the good timing to view the property I wanted to. Thanks
Yakub Mehmet

Very good communications
John Cole

Good service, speedy and Efficient considering you are not based locally.
Tim Oruye
Very quick response and friendly lady I spoke to
Danny Flintoff
Excellent service,Thank you
Brian Luton
It worked well.
Andrew Cooley
Very good communication both via phone and Emails
Serkan Thurtut
Great support, well done, many thanks
Mr Lan Tran
The consultant handling the booking was very welcoming and returned my call immediately, I will certainly be in touch when we have our funds saved.
Rachel Ryland
Perfectly happy with your service.
Andrew Pawlack
Excellent and efficient so far compared to other estate agents we have dealt with .
Helen Whyte
Excellent service, would be happy to use as an agent in the future
Sue Taylor
Polite and friendly staff.
Kelly Lucas
Great. We've been happy with the service and can't think of any suggestions for improvements.
Mahnaz Aram

Impressed with your service, would definitely be interested in selling a property through you in the future!
Mr Hull

No problem here, very easy and I like the email feedback during the booking process. This is unique.
Mr Hamish Parsons

Very responsive and helpful
Helen Ewing

Very prompt follow up to our initial enquiry with clear instructions for the viewing. Thank you.
Steven Marshall

Great way to sell a house, will consider using next time we sell
Mr And Mrs Koursis

Very happy to use you your staff were very helpful in arranging the viewings- thumbs up to you.
Doug Bishop

House Network have made the house vieweing process easy, straightforward and simple
Daniel Harding

Your service was very good and unexpected supportive. we hope you can find our suitable property for us. Thank you so much
Mrs Melina Afshari
As there was no agent from your company the vendor showed us around the house which we found very helpful and pleasant.
Jalal Miah

As good as a shop-based estate agent.
Alexandra Smith

Good understanding and quick response
Steve Ekeh

Well arranged, no problem.
Mrs C J Mitchell

We were happy with the arrangements made by House Network for an initial viewing of the property.
Mike Linsell

No problems at all. Good communication and straightforward viewing visit, thankyou
Mr Gene Clifford

Viewing was arranged very quickly.
Jess Clark

I have found you very helpful and friendly to deal with thankyou, very refreshing after dealing with some very starchy Estate agents ( and I used to be one but not starchy !)
Alan Powell

Great - pleased you email everything
Antony Law

The service from House Network has been good - no issues so far.
Sam Brown

Very efficient. Easy website to use.
Mr & Mrs A O'donnell

I happy with housenetwork work. If I have property to sell, I will looking for your help.
Eric Qi
Its is great you sent an email reminder about the appointment with a photo of the house and the name of the person living there.
Michelle Morgans

We were pleased with thorough and simplistic process set by the house network.
Cat Garner

It was very efficient. Thanks
Ruth Douglas

Quick response to request for viewing
Abigail Paton

Easy and convenient to use
James Calderhead

Everything worked very well, from a buyers point of view.
Annie Lade On Behalf Of Son

The extensive photography is great.
Jackie Marshall

We like the way you have lots of photos, not like many agents who only show half the rooms.
Malcolm Storey

Details were emailed promptly and it was very impressive that I was able to get an appointment that very day.
Kayan Lau

I was impressed with the quality of your photographs and brochure, although it would have been useful to have the dimensions of the garage as well as the rooms. I found you very efficient in making an appointment for us to view. You had the information I wanted available immediately, such as what is the vendor's position. If our present sale falls through (organised through a conventional local estate agent) we will certainly consider using you to re-market the house.
Tricia Hazan

The vendor showing around is fine. Having an appointment that is quick and suits us is fantastic.
Kate Moulder

Very helpful staff and friendly
Laura Toon

Service was great, easy and quick response from the office. i wish more sellers were using the service. thanks
Demi Valdamidou

Thanks for your support with us. We give 5 stars for your service.
James Qiu

Good efficient transaction
David Liggins

I have no criticism your company is good.
Unice Rogers
Very easy to use. Doing everything online made it much simpler
Matthew Hall

Good telephone contact.
Siobhan Carolan

Easy to contact and I like being able to give feedback on line.
Elizabeth Pugh
Very simple and easy to use. I liked the fact we meet the owners and they showed us around.
Andrew Pryor
All good thank you!
Verity Tillott

Great service, well done
Peter Olton

Very helpful and polite staff. Communication over the phone was excellent.
Justyna Waligora

Friendly and efficient
Steven Bott

Very good responsiveness and follow-up.
Paul Thompson

Good service, efficient and would consider using them myself in future
Jennifer Oakley

Great service - thank you.
Leonie Tantum

I have no complaints with the service so far
David Liggins

Great system. Nothing bad to say.
Jennie Francis
Extremely efficient. As a first time buyer at this stage I can't find fault with your service. Thank you.
Mr Ogden
Everything has been easy and straight forward so far. Thank you.
Clare Dunn
Booking the viewing and leaving feedback was a simple process. Getting the reminder email was also helpful. Having had recent dealings with other online estate agents, our experience with yourselves (despite being limited) was far better.
James Wilson

I like the service house network provides especially the email confirmation and reminder of the appointment - very few do this. The use of technology is clearly at the forefront of this company.
Tina Marfo

I liked your prompt communication and checking in with me post viewing
Rahul Ghosh

Swift and professional service. Thank you.
Jonathan Brown
Good service all went smoothly
Proffesor Abuteir
Working with you has worked well.
Tina Mould
Like email communication as unable to answer phone during work hours.
Kat Watson
Very prompt, good experience using them
Virginia Salanki
We found your service excellent. professional, efficient, speed and polite. Absolutley no negatives.
Margaret Gaborak
i like the website, really helpful and efficient
Lucy Pearce
No problems - Many thanks
Dr Stephen Mason
A very efficient and effective process.
Matt Stone
Efficient follow-ups and prompts.
David Churchill
I am very happy with the whole process and feel Housenetwork were very effective in all aspects. I particularly like the reminders about viewings. Cannot think of any suggestions for improvement.
Claire Stapleton
Everything went very well. We were very satisfied with the process.
Mr Gary Field
We have been impressed by your service and have no complaints.
Mr Roger Ewing
Good service and communication.
Arisha Ramparsad

Very helpful and effecient service that suits us as we are a busy couple and this gives us flexibility of out of hours contact.
Mark Baxter

Liked your speed of reaction, the best I have experienced.
Charles Watson

House network were very quick and helpful when making the viewing.
Chris Ferguson

You were great no complaints here
Mrs Amanda Horton
Brilliant, this the second time I have encountered house network you guys are very friendly!!! Keep it up!
Miss Krishnamoorthi

No problems very efficient and quick.
Jacqueline Castle

Very professional & friendly property agents. Well Done for your good work.
Mrs Yusra Azhar

Prompt response, friendly and very helpful
Corneila Albon

I have been quite impressed by Housenetwork. Pleasant and efficient staff. Good quality emails reminding me about the viewing etc. A speedier service than most estate agents I have dealt with recently. Well done!
Angela Anderson

Was made easy and simple to book viewing and the whole process easier
Richard Stoddern

Very good approach. Prompt to make appointments, confirm details and maintain contact. Very impressive for a remotely based service, a great internet concept for todays market.
Stuart Kirtland

You were very helpful in assisting us in our property search
Mr Lavis

Always more straighforward by email thanks.
Mr Baratta

Thanks to the House Network team - you make it easy to arrange appointments with little hassle and just the necessary amount of communication. We will certainly consider using House Network when we sell again.
Fiona Macliam

Very efficient. No problems
Jo Nightingale

All good!
Kerry Akif

So far impressed with the efficiency of the process, the emails and reminders are brilliant. Will see how the process goes if I out an offer through.
Fiona O'connell

No problem, setting up the appointment was easy. Would definitely use you again for future viewings.
Alex Higgins

Good communication - liked it all through email as I haven't time to take calls.
Stephanie Hulme

I like your communication and reminders. Very efficient!
Miss Siyuan Ren

Communication was excellent and the opportunity to feedback on-line was very convenient.
Brain Askew

Very good service, sorted viewing out very quickly, and sent reminder for appointment. Good detail on website about properties.
Mr & Mrs Ingham

Very good service. I like the fact it's online. Quick. Efficient. Easy to use.
Mr James Gibson

Impressed with speed of viewing!
Mrs Pirie

All relatively straight forward - was especially pleased with the way that Housenetwork kept me up to date with their efforts to arrange a viewing with the vendor. Thank you very much
Martin Gibson

I have not been shown round by many vendors and it was great to see the enthusiasm and passion that has been put into the renovating of the house. It was actually refreshing to not have a slightly smarmy estate agent trying to point out all the positives or calling a feature ' interesting' when it is clear it was built in the 1970's and is totally out of date!
Harriot Hillman

Swift response to enquires. Informative.
Mrs Asma Sacha

It is a different way to organise viewing houses. I do like it and think it works well.

Great system. Much more convenient than being hassled by a branch estate agent all the time. It also makes the experience more personal, where you can speak with the vendors directly rather than an estate agent using sales talk during viewings.
Nessa Adams

Housenetwork seems to be a very sensible rationalisation of the house marketing process - we were impressed at how efficiently it seeems to work.
James Hall

I found the House Network Experience absolutely fine and no different really to dealing with a high street agent (from the buyer's viewpoint). Perfectly acceptable.
Nessa Warner

Very efficient and professional
C Nicholson

Very efficient so far
Mrs Barbara Stopher

Good response, many clear photographs.
Coral Bratherton

Very prompt service to email request
Karen Hampshire

I like the Housenetwork service specially the mails regarding the appointment and up to date details of the property which is really good.
Adnan Kamal

You were very good.
Mrs Kiran Guntrip

Very efficient and helpful
Chris Jones

It's a good concept for vendors who can handle viewings etc.
Shiela Fergusen

Really liked the reminders. Found working on line great - really suited us. Very professional.
Amanda Day

This appears to be a fantastic service - we wished we knew about Housenetwork BEFORE selling our own property. Staff were efficient, courteous & helpful. We will definitely keep you in mind & recommend to friends!
Mrs Nicholls

I thought housenetwork was fast, efficient and helpful.I like the fact you are asking for feedback.
Sally Norman
My telephone contact with your staff on both occasions was pleasant and helpful.
Paul Fisher
Everything was easy.
Mrs Claire Dunne
Efficient booking to see property
Sally Allum
Very happy
Steven Bailey
I am happy with the style of your work.
Mr Vaddi
Everything was fine. Your systems are good and I'm comfortable with internet activity and remote working so found no issues and have no complaints at all. Thank you.
Mr Barry Wood And Mrs Debbie Wood
Very prompt in replying, quick to help. Good reminder emails!
Jacqui Stannard
Very efficient service - I was very impressed with the service and actually prefer being shown around a home with it's owner they have so much more to say than estate agents - who may have never been there before!!
Emily Smart
You semed very efficient and quick to arrange viewing
Laura Gregory
We are satisfied with your service very well. Quick response and kind manner.
Jina Min

Thanks at housenetwork, your service has been perfect!
Angelika Piehl

No problem with Housenetwork in fact better than conventional estate agents.
Ray Stoter

First time we have used your company to view and found it very well handled - like the emails with all the information sent through
Carla Jones

You are a very good company, it is very easy to reach you and very friendly
Lana Harper

Seemed a fairly straight forward process and it was easier to view the house with the vendor who answered most of the questions.
Mr Raghavan

I like the way everything is done online. It was helpful to get a summary of our viewing time/date etc. I also like filling in online feedback as to be honest we R tired of being constanlty telephoned by estate agents. This way is more convenient and less stressful.
Mark Benson

Very polite and competent response to my request. Also as someone needing to view several properties in a short space of time (due to being out of area), it was very helpful to have email confirmation of the arrangements for viewing. I wish that all agents would do the same as it really helps to avoid any confusion.
Corinne Hemmings

No problem with house network, very good
Barry Cooper

Good photos, accurate description, no surprises. Useful to know that it would be the vendors doing the viewing rather than an agent. Prompt response to my request to view.
Janet Kenyon

The service is excellent. The viewing appointment was confirmed very quickly. A reminder email was subsequently sent to remind the appointment.
Celina Ho

From our phone call to your office and the emails sent giving viewing times were very efficient.
Mr David Ellis

Very easy & quick to deal with
Mike Raven

System worked well. No hiccups.
Diane Malcomson

No criticisims what-so-ever, easy, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Best wishes, Ed.
Edward Wright
Good - Extremely quick to arrange a viewing for the following day Having the vendor show us around the property allowed us to ask questions that an estate agent may not have been able to answer Communication via email has allowed me to put thought into my answers and be more honest than if I was communicating face to face or over the telephone.
Julie Player
Really like your business model. Excellent service, very thorough and confidence to use you. Your are much more efficient that regular estate agents and I like the good communication from online enquiry to viewing: virtually seamless. Well done!
Jenny Baker-Carr

I like the idea of selling house over the internet. It is really efficient and give both the vendor and the buyer more opportunity to communicate and get to know each other which might help the sale process at the end.
Sherif Mourad

Mr Parker

We have been very impressed with the service from House Network and would definitely use you again.
Astral Blanchard

All very professional. Good service.
Louise Bailey

Housenetwork has been very professional - and i'm impressed over the other Estate Agents about how this firm operates. I mainly want to point out that the sending of an email confirmation detailing date/time of viewing, as well as full address is very impressive. This is the only estate agent that has done that (out of 6 I've worked with this wk alone)
Mannie Beson

I thought that the service you have provided has been excellent. Thank you
Mrs Gibbons

Fine service.
Emma Francis
Vendors were very friendly and made the viewing a pleasure, no issues with them or house network, very easy to book a viewing and heard back promptly when requesting one.
Your process for arranging a viewing is very simple and I liked that you didnt call me back until you had the vendor on the other line and were able to confirm the viewing for me, so I was not inconvenienced with additional phonecalls for no useful purpose (like some other agents do). Providing you don't now start calling me constantly about other houses I am 100% happy with your service.
Bryony Levermore
Everything was fine
Helen Roberts

Easy to contact, viewing was arranged very quickly. Thanks.
Kathey Salter

We sold our property via an Internet agency, and believe them to be the way of the future. Housenetwork were very efficient and prompt in arranging this viewing. So no problems.
Andrew Carpenter

You have been very efficient & friendly so far.
Jan Duffy

House Network were great during this process thanks
Mr Haines

Good service, very efficient.
Tina Aselmann-lemon

Straightforward, thank you.
Rosalind Peters

No suggestions to be made. You done everything as a purchaser we required.
Ben Hooper

Automated / online systems for visit confirmation and feedback are good.
Rhodri Jones

A very speedy service provided to arrange the viewing on the same day.
Mrs Lovell

System seems great. Wish I had known of Housenetwork when I put my flat on the market.
Emma Tait

No issues, service was fine.
Laura Peters

You seem to do a good job; no complaints from our side;
John Sauve-rodd

Very prompt customer service - great.
Amy Straker

The network worked very well for us. The response was quick and the caller was very polite. We liked it.
Subhes Bhattacharyya

I found the service from House Network to be efficient and professional, all staff who i spoke to were helpful and polite. My bookings were made promptly and when i needed to change times this was organised proficiently.
Mrs Todd

This is the first time I have used an online House Selling service and I have found it to be excellent. I understand that a flat fee is paid to Housenetwork and I am impressed by the communication and smooth manner by which arrangements are made. I shall look out for other properties for sale through yourselves!
Nina Dereix

I enjoy being shown round by vendor in properties. So far your service has worked well for us.
Vicky Jukes

Great communication thanks - your model may mean the people I speak to don't know the house, but the vendor gets a great deal and as a homefinder I can say that from my point of view the prompt and proactive communication offered by your team puts many conventional agents to shame.
Andreas From The Home Finder
Seems like a good service.
Mrs Spears

The fact that you have no 'local' presence was initially a negative. However, the level of service was good and we would consider using the company ourselves in the future.
R.L Turner

I love the way you respond very quickly to everything and I like that its done through email and Internet as I have a busy job and its the easiest way for me to communicate.
Sarah White

Thought HouseNetwork was extremely easy to work with, very efficient and good contact. Would have preferred you to take into account my preference for a viewing after 5pm but appreciate you're probably led by the vendor so that's ok.
Emily Stannard

Very efficient - good use of text as reminder for viewing details
Janette Sugdon

Very good, well organised and easy to communicate with verbally and electronically.
James Crompton

No problems viewing was fine
Mrs Stavri

We have been happy with House Network.
Mrs Summerton

House network better than most the other estate agencies we've dealt with to date.
Kayleigh Stephen

Liked the service. Nice to have the opportunity to leave feedback in own time, without being contacted at a time potentially inconvenient.
Paul Barton

Great communication and arranging a viewing appointment was effortless.
David Anderson

Love the site and all the contact we have had with you including this feedback method
Karen Osbourne

Very efficient and friendly people to deal with. Thanks
Mrs Emma Mckee

Fast and easy process, helpful and friendly staff, using a process similar to this.
Elaine Aherne

Response was fast, staff very helpful. No problems.
Fran Makepeace
Very helpful.
Victoria Lindsay
A good system.
John Singleton

Service was efficient and effective.
Miss Heidi Bell

Were quick and efficient in organising a viewing. Kept me on the line whilst they contacted the vendor. Very impressed
Selina Rani

Everything was fine - good communication so we always knew excatly what was happening.
Catherine And Clive Jenkins

Came back to me instantly when I requested a viewing unlike hte traditional high street agents who using Right Move whom I had to chase! Would recommend the serivces to people I know thinking of selling
Helen Holden

First experience of this sort so we don't really have anything to compare it with. It all seemed to run very smoothly. Thank you.
Lynette Sofras

Simple and easy to use.
Joanne Savage
First time we have used the House Network and it worked out well so far, thanks
Christine Ohene
Have very much enjoyed the Housenetwork experience so far
Jane O''neill
The service was most efficient and viewing arranged with ease. Communication was also very good.
Lorraine Holland
So far no problems the service has been good.
Mr P Ditton
Online details were excellent, thorough and accurate. Booking process was equally efficient.
Barrie Morris
I found House Network to be efficient.
Angela Mcshee

I'm very impressed. Quick and easy.
Claire Francis

Mrs Sandra Spencer

Very helpful. Quick response time.
Angela Mclean

Very quick and efficient in arranging viewings. Good balance of phone calls with follow up emails.
Anna Hamlyn

First experience with Housenetwork. Seemed very efficient!!!
Andrew Sutherland

Very smooth to arrange a viewing. Thanks.
Jo Unadkat

I currently rent a property through House Network and after numerous experiences arranging house viewings to now buy a property I would say the service is consistently excellent and as the majority of communication is done online it is such an easy to manage process. I cannot recommend them enough and have found them to be far better than many of their locally based competitors!
Sarah Malone

Prompt, easy to contact, helpful, no pressure
Glenn Coldicott
Very efficient and easy to work with (so far!)
Katy Braley
We have found your service incredibly efficient and professional.
Impressed by the fast response to requests to view.
Paul Lambert
Really impressed with the service, would consider using when we were in the market to sell again.
Neala Dobson

You were very prompt in getting a viewing, no problem there.
Marian Bain

We found the service you offered efficient and easy to use, thanks!
Christine Rushbrooke
I have been more than pleased with the service I have received, nice to finally speak to an estate agents that is organised and contacts you as soon as possible. I have waited up to 2 weeks for others to contact me!
Abbie Metcalf

Great and quick service! Very efficient, booked a viewing, viewed the property and spoke to the mortgage broker all within an hour of the first phone call to Housenetwork. Love the virtual tour option. Very useful and gives you a better feel for the property than just photos allow. Also really like the option of being able to give feedback via email to the vendor as it allows you to have time to think and give better, fuller feedback than you would if caught off guard by a telephone call!!
Pina Hudson

A very efficient and simple service which has made our viewing hassle free
Paul Coker

It was very efficient, many thanks.
Elizabeth Chan
Housenetwork is prompt in responding to requests for information. Staff are polite and knowledgeable.
Jennifer Leahy
It is nice to deal with an estate agent that makes booking arrangements whilst we are on the phone - rather than "getting back to us" which most estate agents seem rubbish at! Thanks
Alison Laing
I thought that the way you tried, and succeeded, to confirm a viewing time whilst I remained on the phone to you was very efficient. Far better than being told that the agent will call the vendor and get back to me.....a process that can take up to 24 hours with no updates in the meantime.
Peter Blesdale

Brilliant for people that use technology!
Jade Marsh

Good cost effective service.
Gregg Allcock

Viewing was arranged quickly and easily.
Mike Berry

So far so good
Mr Westlie Wheeler

Good - my parents have used this company before as sellers, and found it good. I would consider using it if I was selling.
Mr Dylan

Everything has been well managed.
Christian Cooper

Very pleased with the response from the first initial email i sent and the follow up from yourselves.
Vincent Hyland

Very friendly staff and efficient service so far!
Adam And Heather Johnson

Mrs S Etherington

Well, nothing but the praise for house network! It is specially great for the seller from cost point of view. Buyer also has an advantage of direct contact with owner.
Vijay Ganatra

I was impressed with the service of housenetwork
Mrs Laura Pugh

Very polite and you called the vendor immediately which was nice so we didn't have to wait around for a call back.
Lisa Ould

Well-organised, good idea to send a reminder email regarding the viewing.
Hannah Mason And Nick Ashley

Very professional and efficient service...Thank You
M Panjwani

First time we have contacted you, and we got an excellent service with an appointment made on that first phone call, plus follow up confirmation emails. This service is way ahead of the service we are receiving from other estate agents. if we hadn't already sold our house, we would have used you.
Mr & Mrs John

Prompt and accurate service.

Great communication and an easy process for arranging viewing.
Toni Lake

Very good service and cuts out the middle man!
Tom Minnikin

An excelent service.A really good service.Arranging viewings of property was very easy and quickly.thank you
Patrycja Staroscic

Worked out well.
Troy Hyde

Melvin arrived on time and was most helpful and knowledgeable about the property.
John Urpeth

So far our experience has been positive. Receiving confirmation by text and email of the viewing was great. We also liked this form so that we can give more in depth feedback at our own leisure rather than when someone is ringing.
Claire Groves

I like how you send a big photo of the house with the viewing details confirmation!
Mr Lou Dellarocca

All good and helpful thanks
Sarah Lay
Early days but very helpful and efficient to date.
Anna Hamlyn
Very efficient service, no complaints at all
Tom Bright
I thought it was very successful as I was sceptical at first not meeting an estate agent. But actually enjoyed the freedom of the viewing:)
Kate Constantinou

Very efficient and helpful service
Mr Panjwani

Very Efficient.
Lisa Jones

This is our first experience using Housenetwork. So far I have found it a good experience. Using righmove to find our own property (which we are on everyday) and you arrange the viewing has been great for me. You havent sent me useless post of unsuitable properties and requesting online feedback so i have time to think about what I want to say has all been good.
Katy Deighton

Very prompt response when emailing and on live chat. was pleasantly surprised by the service as have not used on line estate agents before.
Denise Ashton

Really appreciate getting email reminders and prompts as opposed to constant telephone harrassment like other estate agents!
Rachel Mountford

So far so good.
Mr Arunabh Gogoi
Like: very good communication, customer clear informations. Dislike: nothings
Ganesh Bala
You were great, only contacted when needed and all done via website is great
Lorraine Clayton
There is a real person to talk to as soon as you phone. No complicated menus and backgound music to listen to and wait!! The agents ive spoken to always seem to be able to answer questions and know whats going on. this is not like my experience with other online compainies - how do you do it?? keep it up.
Mr Bhalerao

Very quick response good all round
Julia Liddle

Good efficient service.
Kate Mccormack

Great service, really efficient, thank you.
Nicola Deacon

Getting in touch was easy, and the sevice was quick and prompt
Gina Williamson

Good, quick and efficient - a real bonus for people like us with a limited amount of time to view properties
Mr Hunt

I was hesitant about enquiring about this property at first because it didn't seem like I would be dealing with a real person, but Housenetork's responses have been very quick, and the viewing they scheduled went smoothly.
Liz Foster

No problems, good on the phone
Mr Bedworth

Everything seems proffessionally managed. I admire technology and IT management.
Mr Hesham Salem

Good service. Liked the reminder sent through before the viewing.
Kim Street

Liked the fact you phoned back prompt and not leave me for days like many agents. Helpful with other services on offer, without being pushy.
Mrs Crawford

I havent used it before - couldnt believe the price the vendors paid to use it, as we have to stump up £3k plus VAT for the our estate agent!
Mr Hutchinson

All fantastic, at the back of this viewing we instructed you to market our property for us. Very impressed! Glad we did not appoint a local agent. Thank you!
Jurgita Barton

Prompt call back to make viewing arrangements and I was timely informed about rearranging a viewing due to unforeseeable circumstances.
Martine Cornwall

Your website is very good especially the photographs of properties , you seem to provide more than most which is very useful.
Mrs Hendry

Thank you for your help it is appreciated Regards Jane
Jane Sirokaja

All was great thank you
Emma Tellis

Service is excellent
Mr Chandler

I like the online communication, at least for this early stage in house buying.
Arif Mohammed

Great service, very efficient.
Suzi Kinsella

All good
Dan Ward

Very impressive
Atif Rafiq

I like working with your company and appreciate the fact that feedback can be left.
Donna Thorpe

We didn't experience any problems at all while dealing with Housenetwork. The process seemed very efficient.
Robert Westaway

Very efficient service. Prompt and to the point. This is how it should be, well done
Mr Simon Pearce

I like viewing a house with the owner rather than with the agent because you can feel more if this was a good home for them or not.
Lalao Picard

Excellent professional competent organisation
Steve Bartlett

Helpful and efficient when booking in viewing.
Joanna Shearer

Excellent, quick and easy to deal with, better than branch based agents
Lee Mcmahon

Very professional
Mr Vincent Wilcox

It was an excellent service and one I may use in the future myself.
Helen Abbott

A good site to deal with
Richard Wallace

Professional service - the viewing was arranged at short notice and the man that telephoned me was very polite, efficient and professional.
Sarah williams

As I'm sure I said last time I viewed this house,I'm very impressed with housenetwork. You answercommunications swiftly and accurately, (which is more than can be said for many estate agents, sad to say). You also appear to actually remember what is decided as to viewings and times, and pass this information accurately to the vendor, which you'd expect to be a given, but isn'tin a lot of cases. I think it's very good that you send a reminder of viewings. Well done, your service is impressive.
Pauline Salvarli

First time we had heard of you but everything worked well and was efficiently dealt with. Thanks
Linda Clifford

Housenetwork - you've been very helpful so far! Thank you. Sarah
Sarah Bronsdon

Competent and helpful service.
Anna Srbljanin

Everything was very smooth, received call back after online request, had viewing 2 days later. Very happy
Stephanie May

Very straightforward and you did a great job, thanks!
Dominic Berner

System seems to work well.

Easy to arrange a viewing. Friendly/helpful chap taking the calls
Marie Standring

Felt you were very efficient and if we ever needed yourselves would not hesitate in using you.
Miss Janice Ball

Good service!
Mr Cattley

I loved your approach to this, much better than other estate agents I've been using.
Charlie Rusbridger

Nothing. First class. I appreciated the contact with your mortgage partner.
Mr Christopher Mccullagh
Very good system.
Anton Martin
First time we've encountered Housenetwork and the experience has been excellent. Much preferable to dealing with traditional estate agents. We would definitely consider selling our home through Housenetwork when appropriate.
Beverley Mallon

No need for improvement in my dealings with you so far thanks.
Lindsay Kwankis

Very efficient when setting up viewings and very pleasant to deal with.
Paul Davies

Impressed by house network and ability to arrange immediate viewing
Angela Lee Foster

Very quick and all positive working with you instead of a local agent
Maureen Harris

Everything was fine no problems
Mr Ward For Daughter

Great service, very efficient I think - no complaints
Hermina Popa

I thought the housenetwork did a good job
Ross Curran

First experience and so far I prefer it to traditional agents
Tim Derrett

Liked receiving email with all the details of the viewing
Ruth Elmer

My dealings with Housenetwork was extremely positive - they were very prompt in contacting me following on from my online interest, and then coming back to me with a viewing time. Ashley, who I spoke to, was very friendly & helpful, also putting me in touch with their partner firm of mortgage brokers, which was particularly helpful, as I didn't really have an idea of how much I could borrow, which I now do. So thank you very much, and I would be happy to deal with you again in the future.
Vicki Pound

Very good service. The vendor also spoke very highly of you. 
Sophie Gilmore

Happy with the service and very helpful
Henna Hussain

Your online service is efficient and user friendly.
Jayne Morris

Viewing was organised very quickly, and given I work shifts the option of email/internet based contact as well as phone contact is very useful.
Nick Garbutt

I liked that the viewing was booked quickly.
Mrs Hulkova

Fuss free.
Louise Harris

Very efficient service
Sally Prescott

Really good service, we would like to use you again.

Nice friendly service , efficient too , would have no problem with dealing with you again Thanks
Simon Crosse

I like the non-intrusive nature of the arrangements you make for viewings, makes one feel more relaxed without being badgered by an estate agent!
Nankunda Katangaza

Quick and efficient
Victoria Sedgwick
We were pleased with the promptness of response to our emails and that an appointment was set up quickly and a time convenient to us. Thanks.
Catherine Walker

So far I can only offer positive feedback. :0)
Louise Morton

Housenetwork are very good. Have no problems. They are very helpful, polite and get things done quickly. Thank you
Theresa Rowley

Seems like a useful way of doing things
Mr J Pugh

The viewing was arranged very swiftly and we had no problems with this and this is the only involvement we've had with house network so far.
James Williams

Great service many thanks, easy/pleasant viewing made very easy.
Mr Stephen Plair

Love the online feedback form!
Victoria Bruce-miller

Very easy, hassle free, no 'typical' estate agents!
Sam Lichfield

House network got in touch quickly re an appointment which is good. It all worked very well.
Helen Mcguire

Great email communication.
Kerrie Campbell

No issues. All seems rather professional and minimally intrusive so fine with me.
Mr Paul Dorey

I thought you were very efficient.
Margaret Hall

Having the vendor showing us round was brilliant, they could answer every question and were very honest about it. Really good idea!
Alex Morgan
I have been impressed with your communication and I like the online feedback. We were unavaidably late to view the property and I did not have my phone on me to ring. I liked the way you rang me to ask if we were still interested in viewing it although I did not recieve the message until I was home with my phone. All round I was impressed with your service
Kate Lloyd

Very quick turnaround from initial enquiry to viewing arrangement - very impressed.
Sonu Grewal

Very good service. Simple and effective.
Robert Allen

Very impressed with the house network service to date.
Marcelle Southon

Very straightforward. Called back quickly with appointment. Good communications all round.
Mrs Liddle

Thanks for the help with the viewing.
Damon Smith
No complaints with your service at all, very efficient
Michael Moxey
Your process for viewing is straight forward and all e mails were answered quickly and staff were polite very good.
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey
Straight forward and very quick to response, we were very happy with your approach to property selling.
Robert Jeffrey
Very efficient company
Linda Hunter
Organisation was fine.
Brian Cooper
No issues with dealing with house network, the appt was made quickly and the request to rearrange the viewing was dealt with efficiently.
Tim Harris
Our experience has been positive and helpful. I would recomend the network to friends and family.
Trish Feneysey
Liked immediate response to request for house viewing and email confirmation and reminders
Alison Winterton
We thought it is a great service and is excellent to talk directly to the vendor and saves money
Fabiana Fedeli
We hardly spoke to House Network as they contacted the seller immediately on our behalf and the viewing was arranged promptly and efficiently.
Jonathan Wrench
Good efficient customer service.
Mrs Dodds

Your prompt response to our request regarding viewing. Clear and consice information about the property.
Deoduth Jamookeeah

Deoduth Jamookeeah

i thought you were brilliant at booking my viewing in straight away, i will possibly come to you in the future to sell my property
Sarah Lolley

Honestly, I don't have anything to complain. In the last month, I contacted various letting agency and I have to say that, in a lot of case, people was not really friendly and helpful. Conversely, when I phone to you, I felt treated with courtesy and the agent was extremely efficient and helpful.
Francesco Mutti

All good. Just not the right property for me.
Caroline Oliver

Good service
Lawrence Santcross

All extremely easy; so far I am very impressed with the service.
Mrs Victoria Lawrence

Housenetwork came across as very professional. Would like to use thier services in future...
Mr Vikram Kapoor

Nothing very efficient
Andrea Sil

Excellent service-on the bit I used can't see any room for improvement. Sorry, well done.
Francis Harrison
Very good and speedy communication!
Ben Jordan
Good response from a contact form requesting a viewing and good online communications. We will be in contact to talk about marketing ours.
Joanna Courtenay
Very professional service, prompt responses at all times. The website shows a good range of photos. The email confirmation of appointment and the reminder nearer the time are great, and you are the only agents we have come across to do this. Having dealt with you as buyers, we would definitely consider using you should we sell in the future.
Mrs Banks
Very happy with the process! Sorry nothing to improve from us!
Lorna Croucher
This is very good source and I will use this in future
Mr Arvind Vijaybaskar
No issues - all seemed very efficient and easy.
Mrs Carolyn Christie

Viewing of the property was arranged quickly, easy to deal with. No issues with Housenetwork
Nichola Hall

Good - very pleased.
Dr Singh

E-mail contact great.
Simon Barfield

Thanks for your rapid repsonse to my email enquiry.
Maria Gertenbach
Thank you for arranging a second viewing so efficiently. Angelica
Mrs Angelica Wrona

Very good and efficient service.
Mr Bokhari

Your company was excellent and would use you again.
Janis Buckley

Helpful. Efficient.
Georgia Fogg
The House Network seems fast and efficient method for selling your house we will contact you after Christmas to arrange the sale of our house.
Mrs Wilson

It is very convenient.
Mr Ali Ay

Contact has been most helpful
Mrs Mitchell

I think it's a great system, can't see any downside however we didn't get to negotiation stage, just viewing.
Susie Mellor

Good service, speedy. Would use again in future, but have just found my ideal house for this relocation.
Leesa Parkinson
Everything was great works very well on-line !
Mr Sahota
I like the use of e-mail! Quick efficient and reliable, thank you. Sue Picton
Sue Picton

It's really great website... The most I liked, you can place an offer online .which obviously you cannot on other places... ***** 5 stars *****
Ahtisham Azam

The system worked well and the vendor did a good job.
David Malcolm

So far very helpful and effecient. Thanks.
Mrs Mitchell
I have had extremely bad phone reception where I am currently living and we have used email to correspond most of the time. You were extremely professional both on the phone and by email, I like the way you send out a reminder for the viewing which is sadly lacking with most agents I have dealt with. I would certainly recommend you and hopefully use you when I need to sell.
Daphne Dale

Housenetwork we have found to be very helpful and prompt in getting in touch with a viewing and follow up information. thanks
Christopher Goodwin

HouseNetwork is great, the information given on the site is very accurate and really efficient to respond to the queries and arranging viewings.
Imran Syed

Very efficient service. Our first viewing was arranged easily and quickly.
Mr Philip Hepworth

A perfectly acceptable experience
Val Tate

It was very easy to arrange and all went well - thanks very much.
Mr Ashley Harrow

It all seems very efficient I must say.
Penelope Newsome

Very good service
Naji Mudeen
Very helpful and efficient, thank you. We might consider using you if our property doesn't sell via our current agent.
Sophie Hill
This was a very unique expericence for me. Everything Online. Very efficient staff and prompt response. The most beautiful, brilliant and good system of leaving feedback. This give us the time to leave a feedback after making a good mind or put an offer after thinking from every aspect. Best of luck and hope you will progress and also hope the rest of the estate agents should learn from you.
Dr Iqbal
Very helpful and excellent communication. On the whole very satisfied with the service provided
Sadaf Hassan

Very good system, and a very quick response.
Daniel Kerry

We found your service to be very efficient and can think of no obvious improvements.
Dr Chris Kirby

Nothing but good.... helpful, answer the phone quickly, organised viewing immediately..... Great service in my experience!!
Catherine Watkinson

The estate agents was quick and organised to arrange viewings and provide as much details as possible. First communication with the estate agents was with Ashley, he was exceptionally helpful and gave is the right first impression to commit to the buy. Thanks.
Doug Murphy & Holly Whitney

Response to my query was very prompt
Dhivya Kumar

I liked the prompt responses - everything seemed to be sorted out very quickly.
Mandy Dootson

I liked the easy method of booking/confirming appointments. Can't think of any negatives at the moment as the process was quite simple and smooth.
Mr Walsh

Think House Network are great and if I decide to sell my property then would probably be my first choice of agent.
Lisa Thompson

Hassle free and responded to enquiry very quickly. A positive experience.
James Hopper

I liked that you called the vendor whilst I was on the phone save waiting for a phone call back. I also like this feedback forum.
Zoe Hope

Really prompt response - Thank you
Mrs Jagadish

Efficient service and the reminders by e-mail are a great idea. Also notes on how to find the property from the vendor was very helpful.
Mrs Hodges

All good so far..
Roman Kuzio
All good!
Mr Hewitt

Actually was rather easy and efficient!
Tim Cook

Great to deal with, good communication and quick to deal with requests.
Jacqui Chappell

Great service -- surprisingly easy to contact and arrange a viewing -- expected it to be harder.
Claire Rees

Hi so far housenetwork has been very helpful.
Anne Sillwood
Hi so far housenetwork has been very helpful.
Anne Sillwood
System worked very well
Martin & Valerie Campbell
Thank you for arranging the viewing so quickly. I have enjoyed the experience of dealing with you. I think this is a great way to operate and I'm liking using online forms as it means I can give feedback when I'm ready to (especially considering how many other agents are phoning me all the time from all over due to our area scope!). Many thanks, Leisha
Leisha Neary

Very impressed with the web site and the service which I did also discuss with the vendor. A pleasant surprise, compared to others, thank you
Karen Oogarah

Polite professional and not pestering on the phone which is a god send. Thanks for arranging the viewing.
Mr Lingard

Viewing was arranged easily and efficiently. Website is clear and easy to navigate, and the property details were well presented. Reminder emails were good
Peter Garratt

This seems like the right way of doing business, buyer meeting seller.
Barry Cochrane

Efficient service. Liked prompt emails. No criticism.
Cheryl Hulme

Great service so far. Thanks
Mr Stimpson

An online-based system is much more suited to people who have full-time jobs and busy schedules. I was impressed.
Beth Harrison

The process of talking to Kayleigh on the Live Chat to arranging a viewing was very efficient. Cannot fault HouseNetwork.
Gareth Payne

Easy to use service
Chloe Bevan

Good communication.
Stuart Tate

Quick and easy to arrange viewing, and the idea of internet feedback as good as it can be done at your leisure.
Carl Woodbridge

Rapid response, very good service
Simon Hales

Easy and straight forward online agency. Had great service- thanks
Michelle Hawthorne

Yeah pleased with service I received, very fast at getting me a viewing, great way by emailing me with details
Nicola Smith

Very efficient service
Graham Curry

By working through the Internet you have time to respond electronically at your own convenience
Mrs Edwards

Very well managed, great job!
Gautam Prakash

I had no issues in dealing with you. Eveything was fine
Mark Connor

The online feedback form is a good idea.
Kara Bates
Good to deal with highly recommend
Liam Dervan
It's really nice website.. Every thing online even making offer etc... No interruption..quiet comfortable.. Good experience .. ***** 5 stars*****
Ahtisham azam
I had not heard of you before this viewing but will consider you next time we have a property to sell. You have so far sorted every request fast & efficiently.
Mrs Reed

Great communication
Ann Taylor

Housenetwork seems to be a straighforward and easy to use service.
Rose Garner

Very efficient way of working. I like these online forms and online way of communicating. Good set up.

Very easy, efficient service on line, thank you.
S Davies

Excellent service in relation to this viewing appointment.
Rod Fraser

I have no comments that could improve the service. Overall, I have been impressed with the service and really like the fact that I have been able to leave my feedback via e-mail (having a newborn makes it very difficult to take calls at the moment!). Many thanks, Karlie
Carly Foxall

Very efficient service.
Graham Curry

The service was great, couldn't have been better.
Lisa Dyson

Very efficient. Asking for feedback in an email is a good idea.
Mrs Beverley Payne

I liked the email confirmations I received and the online viewing booking system seemed to work really well.
Sarah Baxter

I liked the directness of being shown round and discussing things with the vendor.
Helen Humphreys

Very impressed with Housenetwork. In my opinion you are head and shoulders above ALL other agents I've dealt with in terms of service, and the fact that you're not on commission makes you far more trustworthy too.
Samantha Higgins

Easy to work with.
Alex Freeman

No complaints at all, very helpful and efficient service so far, thank you.
Rachel Dowsney

Emailed reminders and viewing instructions are particularly useful.
Mark Hayes

Efficient & easy to use.
Sarah Pritchard

We have no problem working like this, I only wish I had known about housenetwork prior to selling our property we have got to pay over £5000 estate agents fees.
Mrs Sheen

Very easy to deal with, hassle free. Should always be like this when buying/selling a house.
Cheryl Davis

Liked the website which we went to after seeing the for sale sign. The information about the house was comprehensive. We certainly would look at your website when in a position to sell and buy in the future.
Mr & Mrs Marshall

Swift and easy system
Ruth Parkinson

Excellent service!
Zena Cutmore

I thought House network were excellent and very negative feedback!
Claire Williamson

Prompt calls and efficient emails.
Nikki Sims

Dear HouseNetwork - Have found your service so far excellent, you are very communicative which is priority when looking to buy/sell a property
Mrs Pat Meredith

The service provided by Housenetwork is every bit as good as local estate agents. The fact that vendors show potential purchasers around is perfectly OK in our opinion
Monica & John Ford

Very impressed with you - I spotted this property on rightmove yesterday morning around 8.30 am and contacted you via email to arrange a viewing at 8.40 am. You telephoned me the same day at 9.10 am - a very pleasant lady who arranged the viewing promptly. We visited yesterday and in my mail box this morning was your feedback form - very efficient :)
Sue Sykes

The person who spoke to me on the phone was very helpful.
Janet Warner

I am impressed so far.
Bernie Jones

All positive at the moment! Thanks
Bob Wellings

Easy to use service. No issues or complaints.
Isabelle Searing

Pleasure to talk to
Janine Warnes

I found the service to be very responsive and would use again as appropriate.
Norman Woollen

Very efficient, particularly liked the reminder the day before the appointment time.
Ann Taylor

Absolutely fine - thank you
Roger Dyndal

Great so far - just as good as any traditional estate agent!
Angharad Vaughan

I like your way of marketing the houses without any personal interests
Vinod Chhillar

It was great that you contacted the vendor for a viewing whilst we were on the line and that gave us a quick viewing that we needed.
Sarah Dawson

Nothing really to comment on here.... no particular likes/dislikes - very straightforward and viewing easily arranged.
Rob Fitzgerald

I have no negative feedback, I found the whole process much easier to use versus a regular High St agency...
Paul Watson

I found your service excellent and the viewing was arranged more quickly and efficiently than with a standard estate agent. The email reminder was useful too.
Mrs Sarah Hill

So far so good! Polite, pleasant and efficient staff. May well consider your service when we come to sell our house.
Paula Heap

Very good service!
Hannah Woodward

First time using House network. Communications worked well.
Ken Bond

Very efficient!
Mr Mark Kingston

Very efficient - we were a little unsure at first as it is different from other estate agents but pleased with the service to date.
Emily Crowther

Prompt reply. Overall service provided was good.
Dr & Mrs P Samuel

Housenetwork seemed to be well on top of things with making appointment, sending a reminder and promptly asking for feedback. Good service.
Mrs Ratna

We have found you very good to deal with.
Allan Reynolds

Very efficient and good service
Shona Duncan

Had to cancel first viewing which was easy and painless especially as we were on the road at the time. Great overall service.
Darren Hughes

Housenetwork are just great! Having already sold a property using Housenetwork, we would not go anywhere else.
Mrs Newstead

In our experience housenetwork are providing an efficient service.
Mrs Caldwell

We found your company very professional, helpful and proactive in your response. On the whole we cannot say anything negative about your service as we as the customer would use your organisation again and would recommend you to any friends looking to buy property.
Karen Court

Great that it's all online with lower fees to boot!
Janice Gilbert

Service good.
Mr & Mrs Pierce

Housenetwork seems to be a really professional company, extremely efficient and a great way to sell a property
Mrs Kate Jefferson

The viewing and the process of booking the viewing went smoothly
Miss Marieanne Shipley

Housenetwork is a whole new way of working, and so much easier than the usual agent, where they don't answer the phone, or there's nobody available to show you the property. We were well impressed, even though unfortunately the house we viewed was not for us.
Josephine Collier

Quick response to our enquiry to view the property. Prompt response to us, once the vendor had been contacted.
Kathryn Machen
Very informative. Quick responses to questions.
Victoria Davies
Customer service in booking the appointment has been efficient, courteous and professional.
Miss Antonia Ferraro

Very prompt with information
Jeffrey Barnes

Impressed by your prompt responses.
Mr Lowe

You were very prompt in contacting me to arrange a viewing. Sales advisor very courteous and maintained good communication with me.
Anita Luby

I really like the fact that I was able to 'phone/email for a viewing on the Friday, and you secured me a viewing early Saturday morning (other agents fell through on this, so it was the only property I got to see in the area on Saturday).
Jonathan Clarke

Service provided was fine and efficient.
Jacqui Shiells

A brilliantly speedy and helpful team.
Angela Wilson

Very organised and professional
Lisa Pitt

We have been impressed with Housenetwork's service. You have been attentive and informative without being intrusive. Thanks.
Claire Reid

Housenetwork are very friendly, polite and helpful and so far, it has been lovely to have the opportuinty to work together
Beckie Davies

Good communication and viewing went to plan
Ivan Blount

It was really an efficient website and very helpful and easy to book a viewing. Excellent services and friendly !
George Dodos

HouseNetwork have been extremely responsive and offered great customer service.
Clare Johnson

Everything from appointment to our phone call back was prompt and were very helpful.
Jeffrey Barnes

System worked very well. Great to have email reminders and follow ups -- much easier than trying to juggle phone calls. A good service
Mrs Menzies

Excellent communication level and support!
Marius Janulis

Swift responses, automated emails are useful tool for me as busy.
Kally Johal

I did like to work with you, fast nice service
Magda Galka

Extremely efficient do not see how an estate agent could have improved in any shape or form.
Mrs Ann Wetherald

The staff were helpful when I called to make an appointment and I think the email reminders, feedbac etc are great. Keep up the good work.
Mr Ilkay

No negative feedback for you guys!
Mr Alberto Varesi-monti

It was easy to arrange.
Alexis Macdonald

Quick to get in touch and good communication
Lucy Gow
Everything was good we had no problems
Mr Derek Weston

Super efficient so far!
Angela Nyangon

Pleased with service, polite and helpful.
Jill Reece

Great, efficient service, prompt appointment co-ordination. Thanks!
Jonathan Perkins

Thanks for quick service and good communication. Like the online side of things as helps when living a busy lifestyle.
Felicity Smith
More convenient due to the email service and less pushy than normal estate agents.
Christina Ferreira
I was impressed with how quickly (and at late notice) you arranged my viewing. Thank you
Mr Zubin Kavarana
Was refreshing to have a no hassle viewing direct with the vendor who was able to answer all our questions. Good not to have to wait for a date an estate agent was free and only work to ours and the vendors schedule.
Beth Gooch
Easy to use system allowing convenient email feedback
Emma Tallantire

Much more efficient than most other agents I have dealt with so far! Want to view another of your properties later so hope that one goes as well. Will ring later!
Angela Nyangon

Very polite and helpful staff.
Gregg Tallis

I believe meeting with a vendor is far more positive and questions raised can be answered immediately no waiting for third parties
Sammie K Davis

i would like to say that you acted very quickly and were very polite, got the job done quickly without to much waffle.
Jan Livesey

I really like the system with the emails i think it works really well and is so convenient. I also really appreciated the number of photos and floor plan for the property this helped me to make sure that i wanted to look at the property and didn't end up wasting my time.
Nicola Thomas

i think they are very good with their communication ...
Richard Evans

Quick and efficient service for arranging the viewing.
Lisa Morrisey

All excellent!
Lauren Pratt

Very efficient and we are considering changing to house network ourselves.
Nicki Johnson

Very helpful and efficient. I liked the fact that there was a contact on line who offered to help with queries
Gill Bond

Email communication is much easier than phone/ face to face contact!
Rebecca Arnold

I liked the picture's presented for the property i viewed, they were as the bungalow actually was, so many estate agent's seem too use the camera in a way that when you visit the property you can't believe it's the same one you saw on the internet.
Mrs J Fawcett

Nothing negative to say - good experience.
David Bratley

Very helpful we rang at ten to six on a Friday to arrange a viewing and the vendor was contacted whilst we were on the phone and it was all confirmed within minutes. Ten out of ten!
Kerrie Ross

Pleased with quick and efficient way my enquiry was handled
Ann Fennell

Really liked the email reminders and request for feedback, it means you can do it in your own time
Mady Silcock

Absolutely no complaints! If all goes well we will certainly contact Housenetwork regarding sale of our own house.
Mr & Mrs P Clarke

All went smoothly so nothing really! E-mails came back promptly after the viewing request via Rightmove and were followed up within half an hour by a call from one of your team. He was able to book a viewing there and then at a time to suit us and the vendor's representative at the property was very helpful.
Olivier Ming

Karen Cooper

Have no problems working with Housenetwork - like the idea of online feedback, as opposed to being bombarded with telephone calls!
Lynsey Greenwood

This is my first time dealing with Housenetwork and it has been an easy process and I like the online set up. The customer service people that I spoke, with were lovely to deal with polite and efficient.
Gillian Pratt

Very good service.
Colin Humphrey

We found the housenetwork experience really easy.
Gareth Jacques

Efficient to phone back and arrange viewings. Online feedback is good as a buyer you dont feel you are constantly being mithered on the phone by estate agents!
Rebecca Mcmillan

I found working with Housenetwork easy and would be happy to do so again.
Christine O''malley

I found Housenetwork a fantastic organization to work with, will highly recommend to anyone selling/buying as its the way forward. I would love it to be the only way for property issues as dealing with Estate Agents as I have done on 4 occasions in 15 years has been a nightmare! Thank you and all the best for a successful future for Housenetwork! Krissie Allen
Mrs Krissy Allen

I found the housing network to be very professional compared to many other estate agents I am currently dealing with. You are not bombarded with calls and the person I spoke with to arrange the viewing was very polite and helpful and there was no pressure to register. I was impressed by the number of photographs available (22) of the house which suggests to me that the owners are serious about selling as other agents mainly show 6 -10 photos and miss out rooms etc The house was exactly as shown in photographs too.
Lisa Jones

Great communication.
Kirsty Hayden

All fine and been easy to deal with - would use again
Victoria Moister

The staff member we dealt with on the telephone was professional and courteous. The particulars on the house were detailed and informative and gave you a good sense of the house prior to viewing. The email reminder for the viewing and the ability to leave detailed feedback by email were a really bonus. Often when I give verbal feedback to estate agents I don't feel I fully convey my views, the email feedback allows you to reflect back on what you are sharing and to add or amend if necescary.
Gayle Sykes

We thought that you were very efficient and telephoned quickly after we had made the enquiry. We also liked the fact that all the details were emailed immediately and you were also available to speak to on-line.
Ronald Dainty

Thank you for arranging the viewing of Friday Street so promptly, we were very impressed with the website coverage of the property, and could imagine ourselves living there from the pictures. We will be in touch when we are in a position to proceed.
Angela Summers

Very quick and easy service - good to be able to contact by phone as well as on-line. Good first impressions.
Jon Howes

I like your system, it is very straightforward and effective. Response times were excellent.
Chris Fox

Very happy with the service
Mrs Hamilton

Really efficient, responded to my request for viewing the day after which was great given I requested on the Sunday.
Mrs Cheryl Bradley

Very quick and easy viewing/feedback system
Tara Brown

Straight forward and simple.
Mrs Muneeza Gurd

Responses to enquiries etc are quick and efficient. Thanks for turning things around so quickly.
Rachel Cirin

Very good service. Sensible things like putting me on hold to contact the vendor to arrange viewing rather than having to wait for call back. I wish all agents did this.
Mr Prest

Process was great, giving feedback via email is easier than phoning when you work full time. Getting an appointment was straight forward. thanks
Esther Apps

Really efficient, thank you
Jenny Owens

Very Easy to contact, great photos on Rightmove, very easy to book a viewing and like the opportunity to leave feedback online.
Nicola O'Brien

Think it is a great way of selling a house - good value for money and houses still appear on right move - the only place we are using for our search.
Sharon Shear

All is good, I cannot see how you could improve your service.
Mr Harris

You were very good
Kerstin Deacon
Only had one phone call so far. Genuinely impressed with how good the service was and how easy to arrange the booking.
Alistair Watkins
Easy to make appointment and leave suggestions for improvement.
Cathy Knowles
First time I have dealt with housenetwork I have no negative feedback so far everything was great
L Deery

It was as straight forward a using a 'regular' agency and would happily use you again
Lisa Brooks

The service has been great so far, no faults.
Colin Deans

Quick and easy thank you
Mrs Jacqueline Williams

Really pleased with your help and service so far, much better than local estate agents we have booked other property viewings with. The online information about each property is very comprehensive (EPC's, utility costs, improvement costs) this is very helpful and is not regularly provided by other agents which results in a lot of research having to be done by us. Have recommended you to several friends who are thinking of buying, selling and renting out existing properties. Many Thanks.
Jennifer Proudler & Antony Kitson

Brilliant service, great attention to both buyer and seller
Lee Bloor

Housenetwork were excellent in providing good information and an efficient service in our viewing of this property.
James Holt

Viewing appointment was done very quickly and efficiently.
Szu Lyn Quek

This site is absolutely fantastic, you combine your site with your telephone calls and made easy to view the flat. Congratulations
William Salazar

A very easy process to book appointments.
Mrs Vivian

Excellent service so far
Karen Singleton

I have been impressed with the service from both House Network and the vendor, and would certainly use them again.
Claire Davey

Great service, very efficient
Louise Raymakers

All went fine, good to receive a reminder email. No probs. Thanks.
Mrs Neil

I really liked working with House Network. You were extremely professional and thorough, but simply didn't have a property that we wanted. I would certainly consider using you if/when we need to sell in the future.
Esther Harding

Very efficient, got a viewing straight away. Like the way you ask for feedback
Miss Borlant

I'm generally very impressed with Housenetwork. I'm currently selling my property through you and it's been a very good experience.
Simon Thompson

Found you to be very helpful, everyone that we have dealt with so far. We are now in the process of getting our house ready for sale so will contact you as soon as this is done to arrange about getting our house sold.
Mr & Mrs Foulds

I had never heard of Housenetwork until I became interested in this property. I would like to say how impressed myself and my partner are at your professionalism. The photos and property information are excellent, the response to my enquiry was dealt with in a pleasant and professional manner. Finally, your fees are a great incentive to me as a seller. Linda Humphries
Mrs Humphries

Great, efficient.
Sam Meaden

Great service and very friendly and helpful staff!
Mrs Shamma Ahmed

Very nice and friendly team...quick to react and sort out viewing very fast....would recommend to friends definitely..... was nice working with you
Mr Pontes Rui

Thanks - good service
Marzia Azam

Swift response and organised the viewing for the time requested
Joe Worthington

I was very happy with the way the viewing was arranged and the additional viewing tips were very helpful
Sarah Boardley

Great communication, not much waiting time on the phone.
Mrs Emma Robinson

So far, quite impressed
Mr Lee Thomas Bloor

I have no complaints, since you arranged a viewing efficiently at the time requested, which was what I required at this stage. 
Mr A.J Forman

I like the fact that this is the only agent that have asked me to leave feedback online as sometimes it is a little awkward speaking about your dislikes over the phone.
Claire Connell

Hi, Your efficiency and response is great and I congratulate you on that. 
Mr Shaz Hormoz

We were pleased with the response we had from Housenetwork, once we had contacted you your reply was prompt and informative. Thank you.
Mr & Mrs Worton

Good efficient service.
Paul Beasley

Very easy to use system and everyone involved was very polite and helpful. We are considering using House Network when we begin to sell our house.
Alison Kelly

Prompt, organised and efficient.
Peter Stott

We were very happy with the speed of arranging the viewing, keeping us on the line while this was done. We have marketed our home with you so are comfortable with the way the systemt works
Mrs Maureen Brien

Everything went smoth
Kevin Scully

Very easy ans simple to use
Elisha Thuesday

I was very pleased with your quick response to my phone call & arranging a viewing that day. I liked the email confirmation.
Belinda Mullins

I found your company to be first class and I would definitely use you again.
Keith Maisey

All very efficent and easy to work with. I would have no issues is using your services in the future
Terry Groom

Excellent service so far.
Mr Dix Prasath

Very efficient and straightforward
Brenda And Barry Down

Your team were very helpful
Mandy Hamblett

The arrangements were quick and your staff helpful.
Mr Bahadur

Its a breath of fresh air not to be badgered by estate agents and i think Housenetwork seem to do this.
Sara Gale

Great, fast and effective service! A lot more efficient than other estate agents we have dealt with.
Nicki Richmond

I like the online questionnaire.
Carys Rees

Very impressed
Tina Vaughan

No problems with your service
Mr & Mrs Plumb

I'd say congratulations were in order to you! Your website is good, your communications are excellent- I don't think I have ever had an estate agent respond in such a timely fashion to an enquiry, and I have been dealing with many recently whilst searching for a property. Your system of instant emails is excellent, and your do-not-reply and subsequent online forms is most efficient. I also like that you bother to send a reminder of viewing both to the vendor and the potential buyer.First class service - and I did also actually say all this to the vendor. By contast, there are two other estate agents whom I contacted initially on the same day as you, who unbelievably have STILL not replied. The norm seems to be about 2 days to respond to an email, so you are well ahead of the field. I am absolutely certain that there are very few who would dare ask potential buyers for their feedback and opinion of their service! I'm sure anybody buying through you will subesequently use you when the time comes to sell. Well done. And yes, you can quote me, providing you do not quote my name please.
Asked to be unnamed.

Was impressed with the informative emails and contact before the viewing.
Rachel Drake

It was a very straightforward and quick process. Thank you.
Eleanor Tierney

Professional and quick to respond
Suzi Lauder

Professional service, quick response to setting up a viewing. Thanks
Mr A Barnett

Efficient & quick arranging of appointment to see property.
Victoria White

Love the way you work!
Aalia Malick

Very quick response
Mrs Alison Knight

Very impressed - wish I had known about you when I was selling my property!
Janet Crowe

Good responsive communication
Susan Connolly

Seems very efficient.
Mrs Stockwell

Easy to organisie a viewing and staff were very helpful thanks
Elane Heffernan

We do not know much about your services but were impressed with the speedy service
Mrs Barbara Maxwell

Was happy how house network followed all conversations up with an email.
Preeti Kirpalani

So far, housenetwork has been very useful, I like the email updates and how easily accessible you are. I also called up housenetwork and found the person I spoke to very friendly.
Daniel Morris & Jenny Jones

Very quick response, love the email thing, very convenient, and the fact that we could go round on a Sunday when most agencies are not working was a definite bonus. Thanks
Sally Preece

An excellent service with a wider range of properties than the local agents. We will use the service again as we continue to look for a suitable home.
Kathleen Mcluskie

Very quick to book a viewing.
Mrs Young

We would definitely consider using the housenetwork to sell our property when we need to - being shown around by the vendor is a much more useful and insightful experience!
Nicola Meurer

You guys are very prompt & efficient
Mark Powell

Good customer to arrange and reschedule veiwings without any hassle.
Aalia Malick

We found Housenetwork very efficient.
Mr And Mrs Dunn

Very efficient; I like it.
Brian Medd-sygrove

This is the first occasion I had worked with Housenetwork and I was impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the viewing was arranged.
Mr Mullis

Very impressed with your service...prompt and professional. If and when we decide to sell, we will certainly consider your House Network.
Mrs Gwilliam

First time we have used this system but it seems to work fine. Staff are helpful and emails are prompt. We believe this concept will evolve further.
Michael Mclean

Your services was greatly praised and recommended by the vendor of 28 Stratton Road. We have found it friendly and helpful. Thanks
Lousie Elliott

We found your representatives very quick to respond with efficiency.
Terry Simons

Housenetwork has been great. We asked to view at very short notice and this was arranged. From the interaction we have had with Housenetwork we are very happy.
Mr T Enticknap

Good response to my initial enquiry and efficient in arranging an appointment.
Julie Corcek

Really impressed with the speed of response and efficiency of booking a viewing.
Mike Summers

So far our experience with you has been fantastic, so much so we decided to sell our own home with you. The only negative is that one of the times I phoned to arrange a viewing, one of the call handlers couldn't find the property and asked if they could call me back. They did very quickly with the information I needed, so all was good again. Hopefully we sell our home soon!
Siobhan Davies

The response and customer interaction is excellent - especially the use of e-reminders to confirm the time and datel
Mr Howells

System works well for us - well done. 
John Cunliffe

You kept me well informed and are very easy to contact if I need to.
Alison Pruden

We have never used Housenetwork before but have found it very user friendly and would look to use the agency in a house sale.
Rachel Richardson

Like your web entry. Like the efficiency of your appt to view system. This is our first contact with you and we have been impressed.
Peter Hughes

First time we have viewed a property using the House Network, it seems like a very innovative way of doing things
John Cunningham

Good, efficient, helpful. We will probably use you when we sell.
Susan Lovell

On this first use I found your system easy to use, speedy and precise. Would be happy to use you again.
Mr Tatchell

I think Housenetwork is a good idea. I liked the quick and easy way to view a home without having to answer a million questions. I got through to someone by phone quick enough and had instant call backs when requested. No dislikes..
Sara Welsman

So far working with the housenetwork has been great. I get to meet the actual house owners who can then answer honestly about their house and the area. I don't need to meet with a lying estate agent who is going to say anything to try and get a sale. AWESOME!!
Andrew Morris

Interesting first experience. Very smooth service, so quite impressed actually. Good choice of preferred mortgage broker too - they were extremely polite when I said I didn't need assistance due to property not being right.
Oliver Bridge

Love it! The way marketing should be in an Internet age!
Anwar Mahmood

Very easy to do business with
Alice Bonnell

Excellent quick & efficient and very friendly
Alison Schmeinck

Nothing bad about you so far. A quick answer to my request and also the "live chat" -- very helpful.
Daniela Mahu

Seems a simple process so far, and very much in ours and the vendors hands, with so much going via the internet thease days this way make sense. pleasent experience so far
Adam Cox

Really liked the service - would use housenetwork if decided to sell.
Stacy & Andrew Winstanley

you have done a great jodb so far. You contacted me 4 or 5 times by email and phone before the meeting. I have to say I think I prefer viewing places like this, its a good system and feels more personable. I mean I get to meet the vendor and you keep in contact which makes me feel like you are doing a good job not like some othe agency firms that I could mention. I hope I can view a few more through you or maybe make a move on this one. Thanks Kind regards Neil
Neil Rowland

Quick and efficient, Thanks.
Jo Barnfield

I found you very helpful particularly when we got lost.
Gail Jones

Very organised and prompt
Sheena Wallis

Very efficient service, may consider using Housenetwork in the future.
Mr Openshaw

Nice and easy to make the appointment very good system in place
Gillian Jubb

I thought you were very efficient, very polite and courteous and helpful.
Melanie Sinclair

Had no problems with house network, you seem very helpfully. Impress on how quickly you got us a appointment, other estate agent don't seem to call back.
Samantha Withers

Good service, happy with it overall.
Gill Birkett

Excellent and professional site which does a wonderful job of combating the negativity that many buyers and sellers share around typical estate agent practices.
Adrian Purser

Very efficient. Would probably use you next time we sell.
Barbara Seabrook

Very efficient service
Mary Kirkham

I was really impressed with how quickly a viewing was arranged for this property.
Liz Elbro

Good to be shown around by someone who lives there.
Rachel Ferrario

The service has been fantastic, would definitely recommend the service to my friends and colleagues.
Mr Arnold

Very proactive and helpful emails
Jane Jackson

Thank you, I will be using your company again in my search for the right property
Suzi Kravitz

Very impressed with what we have experienced with House Network and would glady be involved with them again.
Roy Davis

This is the first time I have used the site - I think the experience has been good.
Mr Surti

Very helpful - especially with the mortgage advice. 
Mrs Jessica Harvey & Mr Harvey

Very good system and certainly a way of selling I would consider using in the future.
Keri Thompson

Great service. Wish I'd known about you before I signed on dotted line with another agent!
Anna Tee

It is efficient and user-friendly.
Peng Zhou
No doubt the house network approach is very professional. Such a great service. Thanks very much .
Mr Mohammed Ullah
I find your service very good. You keep in contact with the potential tenant, which is not always the case with other agencies I dealt with. Good job.
Monica Mabiki

Fine, efficient.
Susan Lovell

I liked getting emails about the viewings.
Jennifer Ellul

House Network were quick to respond to my enquiry and everything was arranged with the minimum of fuss! Well done!
Mr Jonathan Wright

Liked being able to book the viewing online, made it easier for me, as I use the internet regularly.
Louise Thompson

The service was/is very quick & friendly
Alison Hounslow

I felt the service was great. Quick to get a viewing booked with constructive information. From a buyer's initial discussions with the company I was impressed, especially as the people I spoke with did not give the usual Estate Agent patter!
Mr Charlwood

Email communications are great!
Anita Pailing

Good communication.
Steve Elliott

I think the service was fine and have no thoughts as to how to improve it.
Miss Pavitt

Very useful and easy to use service.
Emily Stidwill

House Network very efficient and professional.
Danielle Hunter

I found meeting the vendor great as I was given precise information with regards to neighbours, any recent repairs, bill levels etc.
Nicola Ryan

Fantastic service, very efficient company with great customer service. So good that we have now decided to sell our property with them.

It seems like a good way, and it's good that the Vendors are able to answer questions there and then rather than wait for an agent to find out and come back to us.

Pam Scanlan

Great service with prompt responses from who ever i spoke to on the phone.
Imran Master

Good system very easy to use efficient for both viewer and vendor.
Paula Kench

There was nothing to dislike about Housenetwork
Aileen Goodwin

We liked your communication system and we have no criticisms, should there be a need to sell a property in the future we would have no hesitation in using your expertise.
Mr Boot

Great system, worked really well.
Katie Sutton

Good service - thanks
Sarah Le Grice

Nothing to add here. Great service so far
Eugenie King

Prompt callback after submitting online, viewing also arranged very quickly
Stephen Williams

I did not find any problems using this service. I found it very useful to get reminder e-mails regarding the viewing and knowing who the vendors were before arriving at the property.
Sabrina Palmer

Easy to deal with and straightforward, and haven't been pestered continually - good service!
Gemma Moorhouse

Very efficient. We would seriously consider selling through you if there is a next time.
Barbara Seabrook

The responce was quick and agents very helpfull and professional and would recommend yourselves Many Thanks Phil Le Juge De Segrais
Phil Le Juge De Segrais

You deliver very quickly, this is a great way to give feedback and most conventional estate agents have been tortuously slow to deal with. We're cash buyers but we've often felt thatvthey cannot be bothered! thank you
Catherine Holmes

I like how you send reminders to people reminding them of the property, location and viewing details. This is something which is missing from some of our high street estate agents.
Mr Sodhi

Very quick and efficient!
Abi Fowles

Great service from house network.
Mrs Ashritha Roy

We really liked your company and your style and approach and the care you took in booking a visit and gathering information for the vendor. We will certainly consider using you for our next move.
Giulia Quintarelli

It has been a pleasant, efficient experience. (no badgering/hassling that we have experienced from certain other agents)
Claire Gautam

I liked using Housenetwork, arranging the viewing was quick and easy, I also liked the emailed confirmation and reminder
Mrs Pinkard(on Behalf Of Mother)

Very good to deal with.
Jane Prout

I'm actually impressed with your service and feedback and i am going to seriously consider putting my house on the marked with HN. Its really important to be speedy and wanting to contact people for viewings and feedback, you've done this so far in my experience, keep it up!
Claire Leppard

The viewing you arranged was good as I always think the owner knows best. 
Mrs Janet Dennehy

Very smooth process thanks
Tiffany Rogers

Excellent marketing of the property, very slick and great details and photos. No dislikes. I will definitely use in future if I am selling my property.
Mr Chee Song

Very good dealing with yourselves very accommodating to our need to view the house at short notice!
Lee Colkin

The Housenetwork website is excellent and I thank you for the efficient and helpful service that you provide. Will in in contact again shortly. Judith Devons
Judith Devons

Good quick service and arranging viewing like all online service
Vicki Osborne

Like the concept it works well, Phil
Philippe De Susanne

Communication was good and very quick, I was impressed with the service we received
Ms Joann Campbell

Very prompt and business-like attention on the phone - I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick it was to arrange a viewing.
Martin Taylor

Great concept
Sarah Mcguinness

No problems encountered!
Sarah Glienke

So far impressed with your prompt communication after months of talking to other estate agents this really is an refreshing experiance. Thank you for keeping me informed on this property.
Mary Roynon

Speedy service, and viewing was arranged quickly and without fuss. Good to get a text to confirm the viewing, with all the details including the postcode. Can't think of any improvements needed.
Fiona Coffey

Great experience - return phone call was quick and your agent was efficient and polite.
Helen Claire Evans

First time im working with housenetwork and im impressed with the quick response of dealing with the things and the online feedback idea is quite good.
Michael Onalaja

Call back to confirm appointment with vendor was useful.
Arshia Mahmood

Quick and easy communication.
Gabriela Dvorakova

Great service and good to be shown round by owner for information and interesting history. Quick responses and communication . We would go through this site again.
Sian Greenfield

Everything worked well - no complaints. I liked being emailed the details of the viewing. 
Mark Harrison (on Behalf Of His Mother)

Quick, efficient and good follow up.
Monica Cummings

Nothing to dislike so far, I am afraid!
Emma Thomas

I felt that the viewing booking was organised very professionally and the e-mail confirmation very well organised.
Mr Yates

Perfect. Would use you to sell next time. Slightly less personal but estate agents calling me all the time is annoying
Joanna Walls

Very easy to use and well organised company
Denise Macher

Good service. Like this idea! 
Krish Lakshmipathy

The house network is great as you get to speak with the vendors directly. It is also very prompt, which is great. Keep that up!
Veronique Fricke

A good experience.
Sarah Harnett
Good service all around - can't fault it.
Mr Newman

Very good service, straight to the point.
Gemma White

We were very impressed with how efficient you were - we only expressed our interest on Friday evening, had received a call by Saturday morning and had viewed the property by Sunday evening! This is the first time we have dealt with an internet Estate Agent, and have been impressed so far. An excellent quantity of photographs to look at!
Jennifer Trenchard

Very efficient at arranging viewings. Good process to follow as always have a point of contact through the emails and website.
Mr Cobb

I have found Housenetwork to be a very good experience so far.
Scott Lindsey

So far so good , house network do seem to be very professional and organised, only good comments from us and the house owners
Tracey Harrison And Chris Gregory

Found the service professional & easy to use.
S Sawhney

The service provided was efficient.
Mrs O'halloran

Email confirmation of the viewing with the full address of the property is great as the websites only show the road and some of the postcode.
Matthew Fortune

I thought the whole process of booking a viewing with you was very easy and efficient
Kelly Hill

Very efficient service in booking of viewing and great the vendor does the viewings as they could answer all questions immediately, rather than waiting for an agent to get back to you.
Simon Brown

All good from my experience
Mr Kevin Wright

Very good - thank you
Simon Whitehead

We have no problem with the way you work, it's easy and simple
Stewart Carter

Very impressed with the way the viewing was arranged and the right information was supplied in a timely fashion.
Paul Jackson

Good experience.
Uzma Jung

Very helpful, and efficient.
Lucy Budd

Making it possible to see the property at no notice was much appreciated especially as we were not previously registered with you
Diana Neophytou

The service was excellent, no issues. We hope that housenetwork comes up with more properties in our area for us to view them.
Alpi Patel

The process of booking a viewing was straightforward and quick.
Helen Shutt

Quick response to viewing request. Generally very helpful
Jason Dodds

Everything worked well, very quick and all information was received and presented well.
Tammy Allen

Was pretty happy with the service and like the idea of feedback via the internet.
Mrs Boski

Like the way things are backed up with email - efficient service.
Jane Brentley

Your employees were very helpful
B Halil

First time I have used an online feedback system and I like the simplicity of it.
Liz Atkins

Very good communication. Due to my job I am not able to answer my phone during the day, but I appreciated the messages left for me and I thought everything was dealt with very swiftly. Thank you
Katie Notman

All positive - can't even think of any constructive critisism. So far so good. Good Luck for the future. Pauline Pilkington, MBE.
Pauline Pilkington

Details of property well presented & accurate. Organised viewing efficiently & encountered no problems
Nigel Ruggins

Great service, responded straight away to my email contact - very prompt service well done not many are so quick to reply to contact!
Deb Chisholm

It is great that you can offer your services from far away and I will use you myself. 
Freddy Davarzani

Easy and prompt service
Louise Rogers

No complaints, you've been better than some of the local agents.
Patrick Stewart

Our dealings with you so far have been impressively efficient - so congratulations on that!
Susan Ware

Good all round
Christopher Bowles

Very easy to work with, no negative feedback! Thanks.
Jo Unadkat

Good alternative to estate agents
Aaron Sarson

I was happy with our communication so far.
Daniella Christian

Quick and efficient at booking the viewing at short notice.
Sarah Edwards

Very well organised
Paul Ramage

Very good service, prompt, good communication and everything ran very smoothly.
Frances Shatwell

Very impressed, no complaints.
Ailsa Mole

Great so far! Excellent communication, great opening times and easy to access services.
Carl Shuttleworth

No complaints, great service and information throughout.
Mr & Mrs Cross

Good service - like the idea of online feedback & have never dealt with an estate agent before who asks if you think the property is well valued.
Karen Porter

A really good idea I hope takes off as it benefits both sellers and buyers.
Rachna Jhala

Overall good experience. Well organised.
Mr Hepburn

Your communications have been very helpful, polite and responsive. I am more than happy with your performance, thank you.
Mr Martin

Impressed with communication. From the first email wishing to view the property your response was very quick and arrangements were made accordingly. This is a service we had not thought of using ourselves but maybe one for the future.
Mark George

So far, I like Housenetwork. You've been prompt to call me, and your colleagues are very helpful and polite on the phone.
Rosalind Ogden

I've found Housenetwork extremely efficient and fast. I thought there photos, descriptions and virtual tours were better than you see with other agents and the speed at which they arrange/call you back was amazing. From never hearing about you before, I have little doubt in my mind that I will be suggesting you to others and using you in the future when it's time for us to move (this being our first time buy)!
Chris Jennings

A really sensible approach to being an estate agent. I think people use the Internet more and more rather than going to a shop/looking in the paper. Great idea! :)
Mrs Brown

Your company was very efficient and I was impressed with the way you emailed to confirm the appointment and asked for feedback via online link.
Mr Colledge

First time I have used housenetwork, I was initially sceptical but was very impressed, I would consider to use again as both seller and buyer.
Roger Mills-hicks

Excellent system, fast and sufficient

The ability to feedback at my convenience is a great feature, and the suggestions of where to park and directions from the vendor were a nice touch in the viewing email.
Paul Hewitson

I like that you confirm the viewing by email before we are due to view. I like that you don't call for feedback but email so that we don't feel rushed and can give as much as possible. I have had a very positive experience with Housenetwork and I would certainly enjoy working with you in the future.
Mark Tank

Very good service so far.
Irene Thalassinou

Positive & easy process.
Mr Deane

So far house network has been very good and quick to contact and respond
George Rhodes

A great way to sell a house and if our house hadn't already sold I would be signing up with you. I am fed up with myself for going down the traditional route of estate agents who promise the world and deliver lies and spin and take an enormous fee for doing so.
Mr Brookes

Very good service, would use myself
Julie Tatam

Prompt and good communication backed up with a good reminder email system.
Mrs Gray

i thought it was an easy process and i much preferred meeting the vendor rather than an estate agent. i don't know how smooth things would have went further down the line if i had wanted to put in an offer, but it was good to talk with the vendor who in my opinion always offers a much more realistic discussion of the property.
Devlin Paterson

Happy with the service. Liked the reminder email with directions and info on parking.
Mrs Barnet

The staff are very friendly and helpful. Like the way that you dont have to speak to just one member of staff, all members are aware of your situation, what property you are interested in etc. The viewing process is so much better than other estate agents.
Gemma Wllliamson

The service was very good.
Chioma Anaba

Liked being able to speak to someone on the phone and not being made to feel silly about my questions. Don't think there is anything to improve and we hope to put our house on the market with yourselves very soon.
Leonie-faye Bunting

I think providing feedback like this via email is a great idea, I've never experienced this format before but think it works well.
Laura Taylor

From a buyers point of view I found the process easy to use. I would be happy to use you again in the future. I used a conventional estate agent to sell my house. I wish I had known about your serviced and saved an extraordinary amout of money. 
Mariam Mcquaide

Really liked the emails confirming and reminding me of the viewing. This system of feedback is also nice as you don't feel pressured into making any comments.
Mrs Nicholson

The Housenetwork is a brilliant idea & i can't think of anything that would improve your services. We will be in touch as soon as we are ready to market our 2 properties as we are impressed with what we have read & the communication we have had so far.
Janet Carter

Very efficient service, no suggestions for improvement
Alyson Davies

Housenetwork have been good.
Petra Johnston

Very efficient.
Helen Rutter

Professional - no problems.
Claire Wilkinson

Easy and hassle free to arrange. Thank you.
Jo Unadkat

Liked email contact as opposed to the usual pestering phone calls that you get with other agents.
Rachel Lee

Charlotte Richards

Very straight forward and easy to deal with.
Emma Trump

All fine - very efficient. Good communication.
Mrs V Everrett

This seems to be a very good, accessible, flexible and efficient system.
Lydia Chant

The photos are very accurate and of a good standard. When we requested a viewing, our request was dealt with very efficiently. We were sent a reminder about our appointment and feedback was asked for very promptly
Mrs Gill Richardson

Very straightforward!
Adrian Le Cuirot

Very good all round. Good calls and attentive service.
Mr Simon Pratt

We thought your service was excellent. It seemed only a matter of minutes from requesting a viewing to it actually being booked and confirmed. We were a bit unsure about being shown around by the vendor, as that can be uncomfortable at times, but the vendor was great and it was actually nice to have someone who knew the property so well and was completely honest about what had been done with it and knowledge of the surrounding area. At this point not a bad word to say!
Roger Hunt

The service we have received has been great - thanks.
Mrs Rai

No problems experienced. Polite and prompt communication. I'll certainly recommend the service but cannot make any comment on the commercial aspects as not a client - will consider should I move again. Thank you
Michael Howard

Good service and very prompt at making appointment
Suzanne Tomlinson

Wish we had known about you when we were choosing an agent - Love how you send emails to confirm and that we can feedback on the web - will give you a call if we still need an agent when our current one is at an end.
Helen Harley

I like the online system of operating. I think it works well.
Claire Rogers

Very good
Mrs Catherine Smith

No problems with housenetwork, efficient
Gaminder Singh

Impressed with the speed of your response to my rightmove interest. 
Gemma Drury

Very prompt arrangement of the viewing, and a good feedback page. We're only just starting out on house hunting, so it's all quite new, but impressed so far.
Mrs Elliot

I'm more than happy. Email has been much easier. I wish all agents were like this!
Hannah Hathaway

I found your service very efficient, you contacted the owner very promptly and set up a viewing almost immediately .
Mr & Mrs Clifton

Fast response, very helpful
Maria Iglesias

Great sharp service, - no problems.
Lisa Samuels

Very good service, would certainly consider you in future.
Glen Ingham

Good communication & updates.
Jenni Eaton

The service was excellent.
Mrs Ros Clarke

Nothing negative, so far. Appreciate the quick and efficient response from your operators.
David Candasamy

Good communication - many thanks !
Zena Pike

Very pleased with the communications so far - very efficient.
Rebecca Keith

Process of booking and confirming the viewing was simple and hassle-free.
Laura Fidge

A good service. Easy to arrange a viewing.
Adrian Withers

Easy to contact and arrange viewings with. Good e-mail contact kept throughout once the viewing had been made.
Mark Jacques

Efficient service.
Catherine Maguire

Very efficient - thank you
Nikolatta Chartaloupa

Great that we didnt have to spend time making phone calls, all done by email, and the viewing reminder was good,
Jane Keating

Edward Bevan

Good communication, and I appreciate all the viewing details being confirmed by email.
Gareth Temple

Very fast and efficient service. Considering using them in the future.
Stuart Lodge

The viewing appointment was very quick and Sian was very helpful - thank you. 
Jacquline Stevens

The service we have had from housenetwork is very good, no problems.
Sarah Hamnett

Very good!
Anna Brundrett

Only had one dealing with you, but that went smoothly and the gentleman I spoke to on the phone was pleasant and helpful.
Sharon Wicks

Very speedy service
Andrea Kerrison

Brilliant - you kept in regular contact, answered the phone quickly when I had queries, etc. Very professional.
Guy Sawtell

Fast, efficient and responsive. I was impressed.
Sarah Feneck

House Network were very efficient.
Sam Pickett

Mrs Northcott

We like the format of housenetwork, and the lower costs. We will look to use this in the future.
Anish Malde

Quick service in arranging viewing. Thank you.
Mrs Jean Mano
I have found housenetwork to be highly efficient and am impressed with their speed of response.
Sue Guy
I have to say that all the staff I have spoken to and helped to arrange the viewing have been very efficient and helpful. I would say - keep up the good work.
Heidi Sadler
I had never heard of the company before I found this house listed on Rightmove. Viewing request was dealt with promptly both in terms of response and booking the viewing in. Communication was good, like the web-based feedback option too.
Andrew Ody
Although sceptical about setting up a viewing through an internet company, I can see the benefits of having a viewing presented by the vendor. All in all, an easy process. Many thanks.
Mr Barry Cuthbert
Very quick in organising the viewing.
Shutan Zhou
You are very professional and helpful.
Igor Mariash
very quick and efficient service
Sarah Spencer

Very efficient
Carla Jordan

Great service. Very prompt and good electronic communication
Tipu Hanif

Good efficient service
Iain Murgatroyd

Found The House Network very efficient and we liked being shown round by the owner.
Alison Donaldson

You have been efficient - thank you
Sean Mathias

You seem efficient and the vendor said they liked your service.
Mr Bowes

We liked the way you asked for our feed back and the response to our request to view the property was quick. Keep it up cheers
Raj Brahman

Great communication. Plenty of emails eincluding reminders about the viewing. Prompt phone all response after initial email sent.
Carole Carlile

Helpful and quick.
Amy Pearce

I was satisfied with dealings undertaken with Housenetwork.
Jill Darby

I have been impressed with the efficiency of your organisation and particularly like being able to contact you via the internet and email.
Nicola Santamaria

Very easy process, and the sales team were helpful and pleasant.
Carolin Baggs

Seemed to work well - efficient and responsive, very pleasantly surprised
Mrs Helen Mott

Great service
Angela Carr

To be frank, our interaction with you has been great with timely feedback and alerts. We even requested for an early viewing than scheduled and that was organised in a matter of few minutes. Its been great working with you on this property till date. If this offer goes through, we will use your other services as well as we are pleased with what you people offer and the way you offer it.
Rakesh Jena/lipika Das

They were 100% wonderful.. Showed us around and very friendly
Heba Keshk

Very good. We are using housenetwork for our mortgage and insurance etc when we find a property
Laura Hinson Yates

It is good to be able to conduct mostly by email which is much easier for people who cannot easily answer the phone whilst at work during the day.
Danielle Fidge

Very fast with arranging viewing and email confirmation. Will consider you when putting our house on the market.
Mr Tim Price
Staff are very helpful.
Gemma Wlllimson
Very impressed by the website and level of service.
Julie Hacon
You did a good job, fast at contacting the vendor and arranging a viewing.
Mr Ritchie
Not pushy. I always like that.
Sarah Willmott
Very efficient
Dawn Long
Very easy process.
Claire Ridley
I thought it was all very easy and liked things being Internet based.
James Rockey
Very prompt reply to my initial request about the property. Reminders about the viewing and specific information - the vendors name and to knock on the door. I told the vendor I was impressed with the service of the site.
Tania Gifford
We have been that impressed by Housenetwork and the feedback from the vendor was so positive that we have already recommended that a family member of ours looks into selling through Housenetwork.
Matt Richards
We have no issues or complaints with house network with regard to arrangements for the above property.
Mr David Ringwood
So far, the service from you guys has been spot on! A refreshing change! Thank you
Mr Ash Hussain
We were really impressed by how quickly you responded to our initial enquiry
Laura Hamilton
The communication was clear and every effort was given to supply me with the appointment I required.
Nick Cooper

So far so good, housenetwork has been really efficient.
Swagata Mukherjee

First time to view a property with yourselves - didn't realise an email 'reminder' had been sent, but you also informed my husband by phone, thank you.
Mrs Ward

I think House network system is very efficient in process of buying. Impressed.
Sang Jun Kim

Fast and efficient service with regards to viewing and response. i'd be very happy to deal with housenetwork again, and in the future (when we have a property to sell) would consider using.
Mrs Ramirez

Pretty efficient. Sent emails to confirm viewing for a reminder and to give directions. Also requested feedback - more than some of the estate agents around here do!
Rebecca Wakefield

Keep doing as you are doing and I am sure more and more people will use House Network
Kevin Brooker

Easy online service to use. I have never experienced your company before but I can see this is a good way that people can sell and buy their property's
Louise Bowman

Easy uncomplicated, a good service.
Carol Norrington

Thank you for arranging the viewing so promptly
Tiffany Jones
All very easy and quick responses which was great-often don't get that with estate agents!
Lucy Hutchings And Olivia Naylor

Very good service from your organisation
Mrs Carol Clisby

Quick to communicate with us to arrange or re-arrange viewing times
Mr And Mrs Stone

Happy with Housenetwork.
Peter Barber

Everything went well.
Mr Gary Hagerty

No negative feedback about the estate agent.
Tony Blanch
Very efficient, organised a viewing at a time to suit me, loved the fact that they kept me on the phone while double checking with the vendor that the time was suitable. Efficient in both email and follow up phonecall which I missed but clear message left. Wish I'd put our house on the market with you, instead of paying exhorbitant fees through our estate agent. Absolutely loved the virtual tour and photos of each room, I should have known exactly what the property was, and shouldn't have been surprised about the layout of the first two rooms. I will be keeping an eye out for future properties with housenetwork, thanks.
Karen Howells
over all great experience
Mr and Mrs Way
Photos of property are really good and show it in a good way which helpedme decide to view
Sian Timoney
I am surprised by you pricing and when my current arrangement ends would be interested in using your services especially as there has been more follow up and prompt contact than with other more traditional agents.
Helen Tonkin
Liked the quick response to our interest. Will definitaly use you again thank you
Mr Richard Bennett
Haven't come across Housenetwork before. Seems to be very efficient and provide a good service.
Mrs B Hunt
I had no dislike, you was very efficient
Mrs Lena Francis
Excellent communication. Very well presented house.
Claire Smith
Great idea sending reminder emails.
Donna Butler
I found your site very easy to use. The arrangements for our viewing were made quickly and the confirmation communication was clear and prompt. Sorry, can't think of any improvements to suggest.
Mrs V Gale
To be honest I’m very impressed at the speed and courtesy shown. We have been perusing the Right Move web site for quite a while and have contacted a few vendors in the local area through the links provided. Housenetwork is the first vendor to respond. This speaks volumes about Housenetwork but also that your competition is just not trying or helping their clients to sell.
Simon Allbert
Happy with your service thank you.
Mr Mark Jukes
I thought u were very good very informative.
Mr & Mrs Thomas
I had not used Housenetwork before but must say I am impressed so well done.
Tony Yates
I am pleased with the service by House network and the professionalism and also thank you for the efforts for arranging this viewing.
Mr Naresh Dadlani
A great fresh new approach to selling homes
Katherine Stearne
Housenetwork were great and kept in contact regularly. Very professional, good firm that I would happily use again.
Nicola Bain
Mrs Deborah Hopkinson
I found everyone I spoke to to be very efficient and professional.
Melissa Turpin

The viewing was arranged in an efficient way and it went well. I particularly liked the fact that several photos and a video were available to see for this property
Ivonne Solis-trapala

Happy to work with house network again no problems
Victoria Richardson

You are doing a great job and I was impressed with the prompt replies from you.
Leena Riaz

First time i have dealt with housenetwork, so far very impressed.
Carmel Devereux

Prompt polite and cooperative. Managed to arrange a viewing despite our own property not yet being on the market - against the vendor's stated preference. In terms of the presentation of the property for sale your service was excellent - the photographs and description and in particular the floorplan enabled us to arrive at the property with a clear view of what to expect.
M Robinson

Thought they were very efficient and it was a nice change to meet and be shown round by the vendor
Miss Yasmina Green

Good service so far - the reminder emails and property details are great
Sarah Plumb

It was fine. All arrangements worked perfectly.
Mr Tilotson

Simple process to arrange viewing that doesn't rely on waiting for phone calls.
Constance Kerali

Have found the service to be very professional and friendly.
Rachel Casiday

Excellent communication from housenetwork on enquiring about arranging a viewing of the property. Like the e mails, as other agents can be overly pushy on the phone, which for me is offputting.
Helen Gridley

Great hassle free and convenient service. I would definately consider selling my property through Housenetwork.
Allison Rothwell

An interesting and efficient way of doing business. Makes a change. Well done.
Mrs Dainty

Like the way you keep in touch.
Mr Griffths

No complaints. Calls were returned relatively officially and staff very friendly
Jo Davis

No problems - very efficient, professional and helpful.
Karen Miller

Good service, helpful agent. No suggestions
Mr Prem Griffith

Professional service provided and friendly, helpful staff.
Shivani Vaidya

Great service
Andrew Fraser
Great concept!!
Mrs Cindy Kirkland
I have been extremly impressed with all aspects of your service. I wish i knew about you when i was selling my property as i woud have definately used your services.
Maureen Smith-cruickshank
Good service, everything went to plan. Like the idea that things can be booked on line. Thanks
Sam Shutterworth
Timely response, not pushy, informative website and brochure
Felicity Kelly

So far including the handling of the conditional offer I had accepted on Coppice View in Weavering and including this viewing you have impressed and right now I am contemplating advertising my house with you.
Mr Andy Mills

Very quick to respond and efficient.
Samantha Heywood

It's very good that you provide room plans, as not all agents do that I have dealt with!
Mrs Karen Kirk

The whole viewing process worked perfectly.
Marius Van Zyl

Very good and efficient. I'll certainly keep you in mind when coming to sell myself.
Nina Wilde

We have been very impressed with the process House Network employ in their dealings and would recommend them to contacts in the future. We are considering talking with you about mortgage arrangments as well, as we have been thoroughly pleased with all contact we've had. The e-mailing system is a refreshing change and has a laid back feel to it - no pressure - which is paramount when searching for a dream home. :)
Tammy Watts

Very positive experience. Vendor full of praise too. Will consider next time we sell.
Alex Sullivan

This is the first occasion that we have used Housenetwork and so far the experience has worked efficiently.
Ros Thomas

Excellent prompt service.
Mrs Karen Henson

Very good service, easy to use. I wish I'd sold my house through you!
Mr T Benstock

It's an excellent service. I've been very impressed.
Rebecca Smith

I was actually quite impressed. You were very quick to respond to our email enquiry and communications via email were swift and efficient.
Ben Jones

I found Housenetwork very efficient and helpful and the lady I spoke to on the phone was very pleasant. Thank you.
Mrs Mary Atherton

A lady responded to my interest by phone very promptly.
Mrs D Tomlyn

Very good, efficient, very helpful!
Mrs Brookes

I was plesently suprised by your company, we were a little wary of an online (and not local) estate agent at first but you were more prompt at organisation than some more tradtional agents that we have dealt with.
Gerard O''donnell

I quite liked directly meeting the vendor when viewing the property - this gave me first hand impressions about the previous owners and had the freedom to make my own observations while not being directly scrutinized by an estate agent. A very smart way of moderating property viewings by Housenetwork! Thank you.
Dr Boyko Gerov

All ok, no problems, very pleased.
Ian Mcsteen

Polite and friendly staff members.
Jennifer Batchelor

Thank you for your assistance
Andrew Skidmore

Very quick on the uptake
Ernest Humphry

I thought you were fantastic. This was the first time I had come across you and I am very impressed by the concept and how well it seems to work.
Lisa Maree

Very efficient. I had no trouble at all so I cannot make suggestions for improvements.
Karina De Souza

Very very fast and professionsal service.
Mrs G Hutton

Our experience was positive A viewing was arranged quickly for a Sunday and good directions were provided.
Mrs Carmen Payne

Process has worked very well for us so far.
David Oliver

Good response to a short notice viewing and good contact about details of viewing etc, good follow up too. 
Christine Allen

Very efficient, quick to respond and organised. Lots of photos of the property and the brochure is good.
Lisa Lim

No previous experience with this way of property dealing, but proving to be quite an impressive and efficient way. Like it. Thank you.
Danny Ho

The process of setting up a viewing and leaving feedback was great
Belinda Lunnon

Very helpful and efficient, very impressed.
Hannah Wareing

No comments, everything was absolutely fine. Thank you for your assistance
Sue Cousen

Impressed with the level of service from house network. Following a request to view property a prompt confirmation email sent was sent to me. Confirmation of viewing was received both via telephone and email with details of vendor and directions to property. A reminder email about viewing was also received with details on how to cancel providing a professional service both to myself and vendor. Have not received this level of service from any other company thus far so thank you!
Micheala Langley

Very helpful staff nice and friendly and informative
Julie Keen

Liked the swift call back following my first email enquiry about a viewing.
Graeme Phillips

My experience of working with house network was very good and I felt I received good service. I have no criticisms to make at this stage.
Jane Marsh

Mr J Hammonds

So far you have been very prompt and professional
Mr D Howick

Prompt response - clear emails
Claire Sower

You got back to me quickly, and sent emails when asked and gave me reminders of appointments. I do not have anything negative to say
Emma Reed

Painlessley easy way of arranging a viewing, prompt feedback request, certainly something I would suggest to friends and family. Regards Akash
Akash Puri

Your Service was great!! You were quick of the mark with emailing us and keeping us informed and your staff phoning us was extremely courteous, efficient and helpful. Top Marks allround!!
Joachim & Marian Gamper

Myself and my partner find working with housenetwork has been very easy. The members of staff that we have contacted have been very pleasant, friendly and very helpful. We also found that all the details on the website about the property were very helpful, and the photographs of the property are very good. Thank you
Gemma Williamson

House Network have been very helpful and prompt in contacting me - very pleased with the service. Many thanks!
Nicki Piper

Very efficient . Shame I didnt use house network for my sale
Victoria Chew

All fine, thank you.
Rona Wagstaffe

I liked the service which was efficient and the use of an automated service is clearly cost effective for the Vendors.
Peter Moss

This is our first time we have dealt with yourselves, we found you very helpful. We would recommend you to our friends and family.
Mrs Linda Collins

Very efficient service - thank you!
Wendy Kewley

Housenetwork were very efficient in their communication and the process of arranging a viewing was quick and easy.
Suzanne Ross

You are so efficient!!
Rachael Bampton-smith

No problems, very helpful and efficient.
Karen Miller

Cant fault service, 2 phone calls and a email hours after contacting the company via the website l
Neil Porter

Ease of making appointment is good
Paul Fisher

It was smooth and easy using your service
James Stevens

I like the concept of Housenetwork - I had not heard of it before viewing this house via the internet. I wish I had before putting my home up for sale via an estate agent. The charges are more favourable that the 1% fee I will be charged.
Beverley Williams

Quick to arrange viewing
Scott Bradley

Effective and prompt service, thank you.
Andrew Kerry

Pleasant staff and efficient in their manner.
Tim Bown

Very efficient, online system works well for us as busy workers who cannot often make contact during office hours. Good information was given - about the property / directions / extra information about parking was great, also exactly how to find the property.
Louise Wakefield

No issues at all, arranging the viewing was very simple, professinonal, quick and easy.
Sally Kelly

Very convenient and efficient use of the Internet. Save lots of calls back and forth. Thanks.
Kay Li

Housenetwork have been good. It feels better to cut out the 'middle man.' I prefer being shown around a property by the people who actually live there. It was useful to have the email reminder for the viewing as well.
Claire Humber

Very impressed with customer service and speediness of viewing booked. Willo definitely consdisder using
Emma Higginson

Been very happy so far! Thanks Housenetwork :)
Julian Simmons

Loved the online factor... Much easier!
Miss Amie Williams

Very impressed with the efficiency and friendliness of all I came in contact with, hope this continues during further contact!
Trudie Ching

So far so good. Not had any problems been very easy to arrange a viewing, plus a great deal of information available on your website about each property is very helpful. thumbs up from me...
Julian Simmons

Fine, very efficient, everything worked very well.
Mr And Mrs Henry Johnson

I like the way the whole process went through. It was very useful.
Abhishek Kumar

Very happy with the few dealings i have had with Housenetwork.
Jo Ardern

A pleasure working with House Network.
Ashleigh Joubert

No complaints, all very efficient
Mr S Newberry

Well organised. Easy to use. Liked the reminder emails and phone calls.
Gemma Gregory

No problems, good communication.
Mr Mike Porter

Great and efficient service - really beneficial to thousands of estate agents hounding you!!
Helen Clements

First time we've worked with you. We have no complaints or suggestions for improvements. We are overall satisfied with the service
Angela Otero

Mr Fox

Having most of the process done online is practical and allows for more flexibility.
Lydia Farina

No problems, thought you seemed honest and willing to help us with the purchase as much the buyer with the sale. I like not having to deal with sleazy real estate agents, they are a nightmare.
Jane Mossman

Very impressed with the speed that the booking was made.
Catherine Hill

Very good photos and honest appraisal of the property on offer
Mr Richard Milne

House network are very efficient. I do like the confirmation via email with the property that is of interest and the feedback form is ideal and gives the potential buyer a bit of time to think about the property without feeling pressure from agents constantly calling (or 'harassing) Thank you House network
Antonina Camuglia

Its a nice easy system without a pushy estate agent
Emma Bowen

Very prompt response, much appreciated
Liz Wallace

great! v quick and not constantly pestered with phone calls!
Michelle Gibbons

Very supportive and smooth communication via phone. I am satisfied with the service. Thank you
Kazuko Takashima

Worked well, like the online feedback form so can fill out in your own time. Good with confirmation emails and appointment reminders
Lucy Heap

To deal with Housenetwork was very easy & smooth communication. I liked the concept.
Mr D Patel

Arranging appointment was easy, and the on-line communication saves time for all.
Mr Paul Haley

All good, easy to use!
Gary Fullbrook

It was straightforward and easy to make a viewing appointment. I would use them again.
Joanna Owen

Requested viewing on the day which was arranged. Email was sent with confirmation. Very impressed with the prompt service and customer service
Tony & Jinder Thind

Has been very smooth and straightforward - thank you
Shona Buchan

Great site very informative, I will keep looking
Janet Mayers

Very efficient, quick to respond, nice its by email as no hastle with phone calls can just reply at my leisure. Very good. Would consider using but tied into estate agent for now.
Sarah Turnock

Service from Housenetwork was fine, thank you.
Charlotte Abbott

Excellent phone call service. At first, found it a bit strange dealing with an HQ rather than a local estate agents, but your system seems to be working very successfully at the moment. Thanks
Ed Godden

An efficient and professional service that is delivered in a friendly and approachable way. Many thanks
Steve Newlove

A totally different approach which in our experience has been good and efficient.
Mrs Chettle

I was impressed with the emails confirming my appointment and the reminder email, plus I like the fact that I have been able to write my thoughts in respect of the above property, rather than a phone call which doesn't really allow you to say what you really feel.
Mrs D. Blagg

Very efficient, thanks
Helen Commander

I like the feedback form and the email updates. To be honest, a good experience! No problems.
Mr Vincent Dineen

System worked fine - really straightforward and, best of all, no irritating sales people trying to make you go and see other properties way out of your price range whilst viewing the one you wanted to see.
Kieran Mitchell

Housenetwork is great. Prompt response and the information is very helpful. Thank you very much.
Esther Chan

I have been impressed by the good communication, clear information and straightforward approach from Housenetwork, particularly when I first rang to enquire about viewing the property. Inspires confidence that this would continue in any negotiations etc.
Julie Phillips

I love the business model. So nice to be shown around the house by the owner rather than an Estate Agent.
Andy Cockburn

The whole process works very smoothly and has been well thought out. So much so that I have decided to sell my property through yourselves
Vicki Keen

Very impressed with Housenetwork, loved your marketing, quality of the photos, virtual tour etc, - even your feedback request is great. I would definitely like to use you when I am ready to go on the market. 
Alison White

Found the service to be good/impressive.
Emma Kingsley

Good photographs and good service
Elaine Squires

Very good, efficient service - thanks!
Ciaragh Hubert

Communication has been good.
Melvin Sevant

Very efficient, I wish i had sold my house through you now!!!!
Mr Tony Soothill

Great and efficient service.
Ed Green

Housenetwork have been very helpful
Susan Melrose

I actually found you the best to work with as you were not too pushy like other estate agents.
Mrs K Moorekide

I liked the swift call back and the fact that i was sent emails to remind me of the viewing etc.
Laura Weller

Very efficient way visiting properties
Simon Warren

Great customer service from yourselves to date!
Lorna Archer

Very quick response. Very professional service.
Emma Price

Great, always someone ready to answer the phone and any queries. Ashley has been very helpful. Clear, descriptive details and floorplans. Good follow up phonecalls for feedback.
Mr T Shillitoe

Very professional and easy, no issues.
Miss Gemma Frisenda

i thought you were very efficent and quick to respond to my e.mail your description of the property and photos taken was excellent they stood out very well.
Sharon Benfield

I found House Network efficient, they returned to me within an hour of my contact with a viewing time/date and also followed up the viewing online for my views.

I am really impressed with the service received by yourselves, prompt courteous and professional. Many thanks
Suzann Wadcock

I found House Network the most efficient organiser of a viewing to date! All information provided was sharp, detailed, easy to read and apart from having trouble printing off as the page was too big it was all superb! I am considering using you to sell mine!
Anna Altana

Seems very efficient and honestly, nothing negative so far!!
Dr. Asim Suleman

Really quick and clear details and arrangement of viewing. Easy to contact and ample reminders to remember! Brilliant!!
Allison Grundy

Great being able to organise everything online and get email reminders!
Sara Sharman

Experience to date very good.
Y Cummins

Love Housenetwork - if we decide to go on the market we will definately come on with you! Simple, easy and no typical estate agent attitudes.
Julie Pilbeam

I think you were very organised and well planned. It was easy to get in touch and the appointment was sorted quickly.
Mrs Austin

First viewing with housenetwork, professional service.
Mrs Nugent

They have been very good so far we would certainly use you to sell our property
Dominic Roberts

This is the first experience of an "online" estate agent and it was clearly very efficient.
Carol Greaves

Quick response to online enquiry, arranged viewing promptly, so far, so good. 
Stephanie Boarer

They were very helpful, especially when I could not find the property.
Mrs A Brian

We thought you were very professional and prompt in responding to arrange the viewing for us. All the information provided in relation to the property was helpful.
Mrs Tracey Grimes

A bit new to this site, but impressed so far... I prefer to do this sort of thing over the internet, as it allows me to proceed at my own convenience; I'm not keen on being pestered with new properties that don't interest me, or being hassled for my opinion about a viewing minutes after looking around! Will probably use the site when selling.
Andrew Simpson

Nothing to add, many thanks for your help with arranging the viewing.
Mr Cwerner

The agent was very helpful in firstly being available outside normal working hours (it was 5pm or later when I called), secondly in arranging such a prompt viewing, thirdly in efficiency and knowledge, and finally had a great telephone manner. No complaints at all.
Mr D Geddes

Very easy to arrange viewings. Quick feedback and response to confirm viewing.

Good system - very good communication and helpful call centre staff.
Ruth Witherspoon

I found the property through RightMove and after emailing to request a viewing I was quickly contacted and an appointment set up. Very efficient.
Richard Goodlad

Easy Transaction, hopefully it will also be so right through to exchange of contracts.
Gary O'riordan

Very professional service.
June Carlaw

I had a positive experience with Housenetwork. This is the first time I've used your services and your service team were very swift to respond to my enquiries. I also appreciate being able to leave feedback online as this is easier to do during my working day than using the phone. 
Anna Kokkinozis

Excellent way to sell - wish we knew about this before we put our house on the market. We shall mention this to friends who are considering selling.
Holly Evans

First time working with you. On a positive, we really like this feedback format, - an excellent way to inform vendors as well as offering clarity. We would certainly use your services in the future.
Mr P Try

Fast and effective service and we are considering going this way whith our house sale.
Lisa Beck

Very easy to work with you - thanks
Dawn Attwood

Quick efficient service. Recommended!
Gary Kitchen

Good idea. Like internet property sites.
John Greenstreet

A great experience using the House network, very quick and clear instructions.
Craig & Sarah Mchugh

Really prompt contact, and very quick to arrange a viewing. Thank you.
Nicholas Watts

The website was very clear and it made a nice change not to be hounded by estate agent calls trying to push properties that you aren't interested in.
Claire Tisch

We liked being able to go round the property by ourselves, and having the owners there to talk about the house and area.
Ana Dixon

Actually really impressed with the service / company and liked that I met the vendor rather than an estate agent. Anne
Anne Parker

You seem very efficient. If anything, I've received too much rather than too little communication from you.
Peter Davis

Very fast and efficient :)
Yvonne Wall

Excellent service
Victoria Linney

It was very straight forward.
Miss Sophie Roberts

Thank you for arranging viewing at short notice.
Mr Khan

Very efficient
Susan Wicks

i am happy with your service so far thank you
Steven Lancaster

No improvements needed
Gayle Hough

Different concept but liked the quality of response.
Mihir Shah

Good communication with arranging the viewing. Seen your e-mails and very competitive rates which could be something to consider in the future. Best Regards, Charlotte & Graham
Charlotte Smith

An interesting and effective concept in house selling.
Fiona Smith

Timely and efficient so far - no constant phone calls and an easy to use website.
Neil Wakefield

You were excellent and would consider using you myself
Tonia Waterman

Very timely and efficient service provided. Many thanks!

Lots of information on the website and plenty of pictures to give us a good idea of what the house was like before we visited.
Trevor Gannon

Your response is amazing. You worked between the vendor and buyer to make things happen. Your communication was very helpful, without being pushy - a true facilitator role.
Nauman Rashid

I have only had limited exchange with Housenetwork but the speed of responding to requests is worthy of praise. Hopefully will have more good things to write about if I view more properties through you.
Kiran Chotai

You were very efficient in contacting me to arrange a viewing and gave me all the information I required. Thank you.
Fiona Davies

A positive experience all round.
Alice Bradbury

There is so much bad service from estate agents these days, so to get one that does everything it should, is good, it's surprising how many don't even reply to emails.

David Shelley

All good and professional.
Nicola Crompton Hill

Polite, efficient staff who were willing to ask the landlady for something extra, i.e. an earlier viewing date.
Kim Gregory

Was a good service, thanks.
Massimo Frisina

Very good service, nice to do online
Georgina Matthews

Service excellent as always. Thanks for your patience, we will be viewing many proprties before we decide i think. 
Stephen Peace

Service is great and did not get hassled to view other houses etc. The way forward for selling and buying I think!
Andrea Squires

We thought Housenetwork were efficient and quick.
Mrs D'silva

I only recently was involved with the selling of my mother's home, and the estate agent we used was a real nag. You guys don't nag. A friendly e-mail is great after a viewing, giving us (Mostly me!) time to think and no pressure, although my fiance did feel a little neglected that we didn't get a nagging phonecall!!
Victoria Linney

We really like the fact that you only contact us when it is about a prperty we are interested in and not call us and pester us constantly like others.
Miss Emma Parker

All contact with you has been very satisfactory. We have no complaints and thank you for a friendly and helpful service.
Mr And Mrs David And Anna Glen

Good working with you, excellent communications. Thanks for including the full address & postcode of the property - not all agents do this and it does make life a lot easier.
Mr Baynes

Very easy and logical process
Dean Morris

An efficient system that seems to work well.
Peter Williams

Your agency is the best I have dealt with so efficient just as I would do it. I really appreciated you sending details intructions how to ge there perfect and having the feedback online instead of harassing me on Monday am at work as others do is brilliant - full marks. I'd use you to sell a property and would recommend you as you must be efficient at that too. I never normally give praise like this, so this is truthful. I am so fed up with agents who don't email me the viewing time and details like you did, then moan when I miss one out or get lost! Thanks I hope this is helpful and if you have anything that might work for me, do send it.
Jane Raftery

Actually, a far better experience than I expected.
Michael Swan

We were very happy with your service. Communication was swift and friendly and we are considering using House Network for our own sale.
Mrs Teresa Smith

Efficient service, reminder text message was appreciated / useful Good information provided on the property in advance. Not too much but also not too little. Easy to use service
Tom Mountford

All good, no issues
Mrs N King

Hello - This was our first experience with house network and we were very impressed with the efficiency. Most agents, even with a high street presence will ask in the first instance if the vendor needs an agent present at the viewings so to have to do it yourself is not particularly onerous. We thought you offered excellent service and great value for money and would use you ourselves in the future. Best regards
Alison Goldsmith

An interesting property marketing solution. Follow up and response to our original enquiry was prompt and access to information about property was concise and easily accessible.
Mr Solinski

I was impressed with the whole operation and thank you for making my viewing so easy.
Kathryn Jessop

I cannot fault your part in the process so far, so all I can say is that it has been enjoyable to deal with your staff. They have been both friendly and courteous. Thank you.
Sabbir Mohammed

Very impressive and certainly a company I would recommend and even use myself
Karl Williamson

Everything was fine, prompt response to request of a viewing and I like the e-mail reminder. Thanks
Darren Burnell

No complaints! Well done!
Kate Andrews

So far House network has been great..considering using them myself.
Michelle Parker

All good, liked the reminder email with good details.
Phil Glover

- Far easier to arrange viewing than with other estate agents
Philippa Brown

No suggestions for improvement. All was positive.
Deborah Jackson

Service was very good and certainly would use you if we needed estate agent to sell for us
Mrs Taylor

We are happy with the service and have no negative feedback
Claire Mahoney

No dislikes, your team where very helpful and quick in arranging a viewing
Tracy Leon

I have nothing but praise for the system you have at House Network, it is fast and effective and I think if we decide to sell in the future, we shall come to you.
Alison Lewis

We would be very happy to deal with yourselves again. Thank you
Angela Reid

I was surprised - I did not think it would work. Turned out to be very efficient!
Neville Pollard

Nothing to say all was good.
Edith Lewis

Sorry can't add any criticism as service is excellent.
Sarah Reid

This is the first time I have come across Housenetwork. I was initially sceptical that an online service would function so smoothly and efficiently, but I was proved wrong. It has been such a hassle free experience - and refreshing not to be dealing with an estate agent! I would definitely consider using Housenetwork for a sale in the future.
Sophie Gregory

Very polite and friendly on the phone and very efficient in booking our appointments.
Sadiya Manzoor

First time that I have used an online estate agent service and the experience was a good one. The process was very simple and easy, the operators were clear on the phone and followed up calls promptly.
G Ferguson

A great experience as you get to meet the vendor first-hand. No bad feedback so far.
Kirsty Spence

Speedy responses to viewing enquiries and queries.
Paul O'Neill

Smooth system via email and helpful assistant when booking viewing.
Kate Patterson

The service provided was of a good standard as we received relevant information about the property and the viewing was arranged within a short period of time.
Mrs Patrice Murphy

Thank you the viewing was dealt very quickly and your emails very useful.
Mr D Fisher

hi could not fault the service that i have received from you. very impressed.
Mrs Woolstencroft

Helpful staff on the telephone. Personally I like the online format such as the appointment reminder and the feedback forms.
Mrs Helen Kragiopoulos

I think House network is very professional and quick to organise thing when you need. Very efficient in their work.
Syed Raza

I think house network is the future of buying and selling houses - very impressed - Liz
Elizabeth Johnson

Thought you were great and very effiecient thanks
Louise Fielding

Great communication. Fast to arrange a viewing - excellent service!
Miss C Ayres

Prompt and efficient service. No criticisms.
Mrs Warvell

Excellent and speedy service, especially by contacting the vendor straight away whilst holding on the phone so an appointment can be confirmed immediately.
Mrs Dones

Excellent service, and I like the way of viewing without the agent. I will be contacting you again when I find another property on the website. Thanks

So far, I like everything! A great service.
Dr Michael Watson

House network are very good in my view.
Ms S Hunter

Everything went smooth and seems your team is very well organised
Dr Hamouda

Very good service, prompt and efficient, would think about using you ourselves when ours goes up for sale.
Mrs Dodsworth

Efficient response and detailed instructions on arrangements for the viewing.
Julie Marlton

Very helpful, especially on phone.
Mrs Thorne

Thanks for the prompt communication and help.
Samita Singh

Very good communication and contact. Will consider using you if our agent does not sell our property.
Mrs L Riskey

Efficient and friendly staff - no complaints and the praise deserved.
Mrs Anderson

All good, quick response and hassle free, so all thumbs up from me!
Lee Suttey

Very good communications with regard to setting up a viewing. Looks like a great serice you have set up. Thanks Shaun and Debbie.
Mr S Matthews

Liked system of requesting a viewing online and then you phoning me to sort out. Person I spoke to was very professional. Will definately consider your company if we put our house up for sale.
Lindsey Denton

Very impressed with the customer services and efficientcy of house network. We are consider using you as a company for our property.
Mrs Ingham

Great to work with you guys. I love this methodology of using the web to this extent.
Mr Hamza Jamil

Wish I had known about you when I recently sold my property! Nothing can be improved in my opinion, very efficiently run with good information & photo's of the property.
Iris Laity

A proffessional service, not pushy in any way. I would use the company again, well done.
Michelle Ahern

Very quick response arranging viewing and like the messaging service to the phone. Much better than a high street estate agent!!!
John Lacey

A very efficient and speedy service.
Jackie Shelton

Good service, quick speedy response, actually the best I have had so far online. Thanks.
Grant Burke

As a viewer it was simple to use and arrange a viewing.
Mr Evans

Loved the online feedback. Much easier than trying to catch an estate agent. I often miss calls or forget to respond to voicemails due to work pressures. Thanks
Ellen Cherry

Very pleased with House Network for the good work and fantastic information.
Eva Stavrou

Fast response to requests was appreciated.
Philip Eastwood

I really like the way Housenetwork uses emails for appointment schedules and feedback: it makes things easier than having to use the telephone all the time and worrying about missing the call.
Elizabeth Richards

The house network system has worked perfectly well for us.
Rachel Marshall

We were impressed with the efficient booking of viewing and the request for feedback.
Fiona Morris

Really great so far thanks. Fast response to our interest.
Lisa Lindsey

I found House Network to be very efficient and all went well with our viewing.
Jean Clavey

Prompt arrangement of viewing
Sandra And Alex Paskins

The online service benefits from quick responses and set up to provide customers with as much information as possible via email. This enables the customer to digest the information in their own time. The availability of having someone to talk to via phone is also useful.
Miss Julie Cheung

I was impressed with how easy it was to book and the subsequent correspondence I received via email. A very professional service, thank you.
Isobel Quinn

Very helpful staff who dealt with our enquiry promptly & effectively - good brochure & functionality of the site.
Colin Atyeo

Happy with the response time and booking
George Evans

The whole process was quick and efficient. Thank you
Jo-anne Fisher

I was quite impressed with the speed of service and the reminder email you sent. Thank you for your help.
V. Allen

House Network responded quickly to my email request for a viewing and arranged it brilliantly. Thank You!
Janet Maw

Good communication, no problems changing appointment times. good experience, no criticisms. Thank you.
Mrs Warren-Armes

Housenetwork is simple and straight forward to use and,without the need of the agent at the viewing, talking to the vendor you get all the answers to your questions concerning the property there and then.
Jonathan Mills

This is an interesting approach to house selling. We have found it fast, efficient and informative. The presentation of the aspects and details of the property is very good. Any arrangements made were fulfilled without difficulty.
Paul Walker-Smith

I don't think there are any negatives we can suggest about working with house network so far. E-mails and calls have been answered promptly and all stages in the viewing process are backed up with reminders etc. Information about the house we viewed was extremely accurate and the range of photos and angles really gave us a good flavour of what we could expect at the viewing.
Luke Surrey

So far our experience with House Network has been good. We agree that the internet is the future and hope that your forward thinking works well for the future.
Mrs Fiona Goodsell

Staff on phone very helpful and polite. Viewing arranged quickly.
Lucy Johnson

Quick and well organised response to our interest in the property, no complaints.
Tim Mason

Great - phoned once, viewing arranged straight away. Person on phone was friendly and efficient. Email communication was swift and relevant. Keep up the good work. You're the best online agent I've dealt with.
Mr Victor Barzey

This internet facility is far better than anything I have been offered by any other agent. Thank You
Mitch Turner

Our contact with the house network was prompt efficient and helpful. Many thanks.
Jennifer Hudson

very good description of property and virtual tour helped..... and lots of photos and floorplan made us choose to view property
Maureen Watmough

This is my first introduction to your organisation (or any other similar) having only engaged with estate agents in the past. Initial impressions are very positive. There is an air of efficiency and ease of service provision which is quite refreshing. I will be looking at your offer for vendors if I am likely to put my house on the market, hoping that it is a much more affordable yet successful way of experiencing the whole house sale/purchase business. Having endured painful experiences in the past, integrity of the organisation is paramount to me!
Anne Renshaw

Very good network based system. Efficent and quick to respond to my queries.
Steven Johnson

I think your presentation and system is very efficient.
Mr Bayes

I think Housenetwork is a great idea as many estate agents don't bother showing you around. I'd never heard of you before seeing a sign for this property but would definitely recommend.
Joanna Lofts

We are used to dealing directly with the estate agents when doing viewings but this alternative worked quite well and does allow you to get your questions answered quickly as the vendor is there. It was relatively easy to arrange a viewing and the customer service staff were friendly, helpful and pro-active.
Gary Vanderwalt

Great service! Never had arranged a viewing same day of enquiry, in the weekend and at this time! Were amazed! The idea of using the owners as guides is more than great as normally the agents have no idea at all about the property and the works done to it. If we ever sell house we will deffinetly use you as the idea is the best ever! Thank you so much!

We were impressed with the efficiency of the veiwing booking. The service from House network so far has been excellent. Mr Hurst

It was good, really organised and helpful.
Anna Semmens

You seem to be very organised and helpful.
Mr P Wade & Mrs C Allum

Very prompt phone call to arrange viewing after initial email enquiry.
Anthony Meloy

Overal a pleasant experience, professional customer service and quick communication via email which was much appreciated in my case as I'm always at work and therefore unavailable on the phone.

Excelent presentation, veiwing was hardly required, so many photos I felt I knew the property before I got there.
Colin Heald

Brilliant, so easy and efficient, being shown around a house by the owner is a much more pleasant experience than dealing with cold and abrupt estate agents that we have had in the past!
Sarah Dinsdale

Excellent - prompt contact and very efficient! I would certainly consider using Housenetwork should the need arise. Very easy to use...
John Haselden

This is my first experience of the not so 'traditional' Estate Agent approach and I liked it! Helpful and professional.
Arvind Singh

Great communication and easy to use website.
Jane Green

The system of on line agents seems to be a good one as it allows the buyer to see the vendor and ask the detailed questions that the vendor would know. The viewing was arranged quickly and efficiently so great job on the agents behalf. Communication is very clear and sent in good time. Good service so far.
Ross Allen

Very easy to arrange viewing and efficient email confirmation system. A pleasure to deal with you, thanks!
Lucy King

Very impressed with whole system, plenty of info available online and also the reminder about the viewing was a good idea.
Harry Pitt

Easy to contact HN - I did so by email and you phoned me even before I printed out the request. Viewing was arranged very quickly. Directions to the property were very helpful. First time I have responded to a HN ad - but first impressions count and they were good.
Colin Greengrass

Very efficient company, the confirmation emails are very good and great for working people who cannot take personal calls in work time.
Mrs Brown

Very easy to arrange veiwing - we called and viewed on the same day
Josie Emberton

Found your website very useful and appreciated not having to entertain ill informed estate agents whilst trying to make a very import and serious decision.
Rodger Sale

Love the idea of this, and have not seen before. All ran smoothly and would not have any suggestions for improvement. In fact once the house we are selling comes off the Estate Agents contract at the end of Sept we will be transferring it over to you guys.
Emma Copsey

Very easy to work with. Doesn't feel like some if the pushy estate agents we've dealt with in the past!
Mr & Mrs Aujla

Love the emails - don't feel hassled by phone calls, I can respond in my own time Thanks!
Carolyn Bayley

So far so good. Have now seen your service from both potential buyer and now vendor perspective. Impressed by notification of appointments and property details produced online. Also like your logo and boards etc-eye catching, nice colours.
Carole Roberts

I like the way the way that we were able to book a viewing immediately and without a fuss. The operators have all been very helpful so far. I also feel that the feedback following a viewing system is very good as it allows us to communicate our honest opinions at this stage to the vendor.
Rosemarie Jeszke