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Our Current Top 8 Negotiators

Our Negotiators take responsibility for the service we deliver and are assigned to ensure you have one person to speak to for help and advice. They are based in our Headquarters and are office based so do not go out on appointments. All members of this team are highly regarded and the only way to judge who is the best performing is based on client testimonials - the below eight slightly edge ahead currently:-

Great News! - Everyone gets a dedicated Negotiator

As standard you will always be assigned a Personal Negotiator no matter what selling package you select. No need to pay extra for a service that we regard as a fundamental part of our high end service.

The decision for you is whether to use our standard service or upgrade to the Premier Negotiator (included within Premier & Star Buy packages). The above table sets out what each service includes, but the best way to determine whether you need the Premier Negotiator is the attention to detail you require. Our premier negotiators will be guaranteed to call you at a date and time that suits you. The pre-arranged call will be offered on a weekly basis and if we fail to call, then you receive a full refund on your selling package upfront cost.

The Personal Negotiator is a superb offering and will still ensure the one to one contact our clients expect and require, but the Premier Negotiator simply guarantees this. The choice is yours!

Premier Negotiator comes with a money back guarantee

No estate agent can guarantee a sale for you, as there are too many external factors that can affect a transaction. However, we can guarantee you a certain standard of service.

Every week you will be emailed to select the best date and time for a weekly call from your Premier Negotiator. If you do not receive a call then we will refund your complete payment. We are so confident that even if we miss one single weekly call, the refund is processed for you.

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