FREE Instant Valuation

Rather than be dictated to, we believe that our clients should have the freedom to choose their own marketing price. We perform weekly analysis to ensure that your property is at the right price. However, if you need extra help, we offer our valuation tool below to give you an approximate market value.

It's impossible to know what your house will eventually be sold for as it is a bartering process. It is ultimately in the hands of the person who buys your home, among other factors.

How Do I Value My House at a Good Price?
Once you have used our free house valuation tool, it is advisable to take a look at similar houses in your area. This will help you decide on the price you should market your house at. If you want a quick sale, then put your price at an amount significantly lower than those in the same area.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The software will analyse your property price based on the condition of when you purchased. If you have extended or improved the property you will need to add this to the price given. This is a basic outline and if you wish to firm the valuation up, please contact us on 0845 199 1000 or 01245 249110.