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The Perfect Combination - Service & Saving

With Housenetwork, you get the benefit of instructing an agency in the UK's top 100 (out of 13,000), one to one personal service, total support through to completion, and all for a low cost price by an award winning estate agent!

Being established for 10 years and learning from our clients daily, has improved the service and innovated estate agency. We are hugely proud of our statistics and believe they speak volumes. We urge you to compare ours to any other agent before you make a decision - we simply cannot be beaten on success and overall value for money.

Our reviews and testimonials prove our method of selling not only works but makes the whole process a happier and more pleasant experience. Any business is only as good as the people that work for them - ours are great!

Most Successful Online Estate Agent - Live Statistics

When selecting an estate agent you need to trust them to act in your very best interests and deliver high quality service at all times. You also need to know how successful the estate agent is at selling homes. With this in mind we are delighted to detail below our Real-Time Statistic Counter.

Thousands of Testimonials

Hopefully, from reading our website you will understand how important we regard our service level. Our statistics prove how successful we are at selling properties, but it is also important for potential clients to read comments posted by our vendors - we are very fortunate that our loyal customers do this in their thousands - click here to read more.

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